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									 Medical Air Services Association (MASA)
 Could Save Your Life And Eliminate Financial Loss!
• Think youʼre covered? If itʼs not MASA
  think again.
• Protect your family and loved ones.
• Avoid catastrophic financial loss.
• We answer your familyʼs call for help.
• Become a member today.
• Only $1 a day for all these benefits below!

 What Is MASA?
 Medical Air Services Association is an international association founded over 35 years
 ago dedicated to providing life-saving emergency assistance from home or while
 traveling. This plan is designed to protect members against catastrophic financial loss
 when emergencies arise. One simple toll-free number gives you access to a team of
 professionals and all the benefits listed below. It's ideal for getting to Nassau from the
 Out Islands or getting to the best place in the USA or Canada.

 The Membership Provided With MASA
 Offers The Following Exclusive Services:
• Emergency Air Transportation                  • Minor Children Return
• Emergency Travel Expense                      • Mortal Remains Transportation
• Helicopter Transportation                     • Organ Retrieval
• Commercial Transportation                     • Organ Recipient Transport
• Ground Ambulance                              • Vehicle Return
• Recuperation / Repatriation                   • Return Of Membership Fees
• Return Transportation                         • Escort transportation
• Non-Injury Transportation

                                                  See next page for even
                                                  more benefits... or call:
                                                  Nas: 393-5048 • GB: 351-5122
               Why Should You Join MASA?
             • While traveling MASA will fly you back to your home to your doctors and your records.
             • One simple toll-free phone call allows you access to experienced professionals in your
               time of need.
             • Our team is always on duty 24/7/365.
             • Family protection and peace of mind.
             • Pre-existing conditions are covered after 90 days.
             • No claim forms. No deductibles.
             • MASA not only can save your life but will save you from catastrophic financial loss.
             • The worldʼs oldest and finest prepaid emergency assistance program.
             • Extremely affordable – less than $30 a month!
             • Bring your college children home if an emergency occurs.
             • Access to the best hospitals in the world.
             • MASA works for you whether at home or traveling overseas.
             • MASA is specially-designed to be the best solution for any kind of medical emergency that
               can strike at any time or any place including: if you or your loved-one just had a medical
               emergency, a car accident or a heart attack.

               In A Real Medical Emergency!
               When seconds count...
             • Who is going to arrange for the air ambulance?
             • Who has $10,000+ sitting around to pre-pay?
             • Who is going to arrange the ground ambulances?
             • Who is going to help transport you to the best hospital? one?
             • Who will help make sure the medical personnel is ready?
             • Who is going to take care of the countless other arrangements that need to be taken care
               of during an emergency?

              Only MASA are the experts that handle emergencies on a daily basis. We have over 35
              years of experience! Don't trust what can go wrong with patched-up services that don't
              specialise! Instead, we give you peace of mind.

Call MASA now:

Email: oburrows@medairservices.com
Nassau: 393-5048 • Freeport: 351-5122

Village Office Suites, Suite #75, Village Rd

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