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					                          Bear Cub-Jack participates in bear tagging program during research for the Big Bug Show.

                      Jack observing land iguanas in the Galapagos Islands from Vanishing Habitats-The Earth Speaks.

                             Ish, Ca, Bibble, Mr. Greed and a six foot diameter globe from Our Home Planet Earth.

                                                Jack and the Big Brain from the Incredible Brain.
All About Jack
    Jack Branagan's career change from teacher to performer began in 1980. Jack had been teaching fourth grade for eight years when he
decided to become a children's performer. Jack's first program was The Big Bug Show. The following year, he created Our Home Planet Earth.
To date, "Jack Branagan's Earth Matters" also include The Incredible Brain, The Ice Age and Its Mammoth Hunters, It's All in a Drop,
Rainforests, - The Web of Life, and his newest addition Vanishing Habitats - The Earth Speaks.
    Jack's successful career over the past 17 years has accounted for more than 5,000 performances held in more than 1,500 schools
throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and Connecticut. lack is also very proud of his repeat performances held at the
American Museum of Natural History in New York City and The New Jersey State Museum in Trenton.
    Jack's teaching experiences, techniques, creativity, and the ability to understand his young audiences are the key ingredients which help
convey the contents of his programs.
    Vanishing Habitats - The Earth Speaks          This show has been a culmination of the last 15 years of research, travel, and photography.
Jack's curiosity in nature has taken him to many impressive and fascinating habitats. Some of the more interesting habitats visited to create this
show were the Galapagos Islands, the Peruvian Rainforest, Okeefenokee Swamp, the Mojave Desert, Denali National Forest in Alaska, and
white water rafting the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. These spectacular habitats, the unique adaptation of plants and animals that live
in them, and how interconnected they are, will be brought to life in n The Earth Speaks!
        The Big Bug Show could only be performed after meeting with entomologists at the American Museum of Natural History, and scientists
working at the New Jersey State Department of Agriculture; just to name a few of the sources necessary to create this program.
        Our Home Planet Earth required many meeting with members of the Department of Environmental Protection. Jack traveled to
hazardous landfill sights, incinerators, and also took part in collecting acid rain samples to help monitor its effects on the environment. Jack not
only researches his topics thoroughly, he becomes totally involved. This program may be 100% funded by the Clean Communities Program in
your town.
        The Incredible Brain was one of the most interesting and difficult programs to create. Jack met with doctors, chiropractors, and even a
surgeon who works at the trauma center in Washington, DC and specializes in spinal cord injuries. Parents and teachers often comment how
such a complex subject is presented in such a fun and creative way.
        The Ice Age and Its Mammoth Hunters took Jack to Alaska and Canada studying and photographing glaciers. For Jack, meeting with
glaciologists and paleontologists in creating this program, was fascinating. Jack's ability to impart what he has learned to his audiences, brings
both the animals and the people of this time period to life!
     It's All in a Drop clearly demonstrates how Jack immerses himself in his subject matter! To create this program, Jack snorkeled, canoed,
and flew the length of the Delaware River. Boys and girls learn about many of the River's life forms through the eyes of Jack's five year old
daughter, Amanda. Only after taking fish and water bug inventories, touring sewerage treatment plants with water specialists, and meeting with
the Delaware River Water Keeper, was Jack prepared to demonstrate how people's influence on the river can be harmful to our water. Both
students and teachers become acutely aware that what we pour down the drain gets right back into our water supply. This program may be
50% funded by the Clean Communities Program in your town.
     Rainforests - The Web of Life was one of the most interesting and fascinating programs to research and create. To research this program,
Jack traveled to the Peruvian Tropical Rainforest of South America. He spent time with natives living along the tributaries of the Amazon River.
The secrets of the tropical rainforest, its animals, plant life, and native people, will be an unforgettable experience that will touch the hearts and
minds of your students.

                                     Jack collecting a swarm of bees during research for the Big Bug Show.
Ooga and Jack face up to the Woolly Mammoth in the Ice Age and its Mammoth Hunters shadow play.

                                         Jack inspecting sewer pipe during research for It's All In a Drop.

  Sea Lion Sam tangled in fishing net speaks with Terry Terrapin about not eating plastic bags from It's All In a Drop.
The three toed tree sloth was just one of many animals Jack
      encountered in the Peruvian tropical rainforest.                       tree, exposing the thin layer of top soil.
Jack standing in front of the shallow root system of a tropical rainforest

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