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									ASSIGNMENT NO# 1

               PRESENTED TO:
               SIR SAMI

               PRESENTED BY:
               MUHAMMAD FARRUKH
               MUHAMMAD BASIT
               KHER MUHAMMAD
     In todays electronic age, the role of IT is becoming
increasingly significant across all areas of our business. Quite
simply we need the best systems, innovative technical
solutions and people developing them to stay ahead.
          In today’s fast changing and uncertain business env-
ironment, information has become a strategic resource, critical
to integrate and optimize all other resources. It is a source /
enabler for strategic advantage in some industries while it is a
strategic business necessity in others. Increasingly,
organizations, which lack capability to strategically utilize
information, are risking their prosperity, growth and survival.

          Investments in information management are double
edged. There are many failure stories resulting in disasters,
while quite a few organizations have reaped enormous
benefits and value creation from the same.

           Consequently, managing information is now more a
business issue than technical. Business managers cannot
delegate critical information management decisions to
“techies”. Most of the strategic IT initiatives have more
business content and less technical content. Further, IT
outsourcing, Grid Computing, Web Services and information
pervasiveness are also pointing towards increased
responsibility of business managers towards information
management. Managing information and associated resources
is increasingly becoming an essential requirement for effective
business managers, whether they like it or not.

          Pakistan is one of the few, fortunate countries in the
world, rich in natural resources, with plenty of human talent
and creativity complementing this wealth, waiting to be
discovered. Once the available human potential is put into
practice, the country will be well on its way to success and
prosperity. The only and perhaps the toughest adversary
blocking a bright future for the country, is the immensely low
rate of literacy. Since the inception of Pakistan, education has
always been given a backseat by successive governments. The
present educational scenario in Pakistan is, however
improving and not as disappointing as it is portrayed.

          The word IT is being used like a cure-all mantra, a
charm, a symbol of worldly prowess, an indication that one
has arrived, an emotional feel-good, an educational cutting-
edge, and much more. It is surreptitiously sprinkled in talks to
impress, win respect and an argument.

            Like all other countries, Pakistan has not remained
immune to the ongoing IT revolution in the world. Ask any
high school student in Pakistan that what his future plans are
and the chances are that an overwhelming majority will say
that it will go into IT, whatever that means. The trend,
however, is an ample proof that IT is seen as the in thing
without which the dreams of prosperity could no more come
true, and for a genuine reason.
           IT has left no niche of human life untouched today
be it industry, trade, publishing, accounting, graphics,
advertisement, movie-making, or otherwise routine office
work. The increasing demand for IT related exposure and
experience for jobs of all descriptions as visible from the 'Help
Wanted' advertisements in the national dailies have made even
the least discerning job seekers to realize that upgrading their
computer skills is a must to get even a half decent job. Not for
nothing the word IT has become an unending refrain to ensure
a job placement today, a situation which will become a must in
the near future.
           This realization has resulted in the massive demand
for the IT education in the country which is clear from the
mushrooming of institutions in every nook and corner of the
urban centers in Pakistan. These IT institutions offer an array
of certificates, diplomas and degree courses. Basically the IT
institutions in Pakistan can be divided into three primary
classes — the government institutions, private institutions
with foreign affiliations, and the totally locally owned and
operated institutions.

         The IT phenomenon has taken Pakistan like a storm,
which poses many questions about the quality of IT education,
imparted by these institutions and its relevance to the local job
market. The basic question is, are we producing enough IT
professionals to meet the demand and secondly, and more
importantly — what is the quality of work force that we are
          Apart from all the above advocacies of IT education
in Pakistan, it would not be wrong to say that the IT institu-
tions of Pakistan have also created some confusion in the
market. What is IT? Is it computers and computers only? No,
indeed not. Rather it would be more correct to say that the
word IT – Information Technology, has actually been
transformed into IM – Information Management with the
passage of time. The market as well as the IT institutions of
Pakistan needs to realize that, either they are producing
business managers or they are producing computer workers.
Today’s dynamic era demands an amalgamation of both and
that would not be a business manager or a computer
professional but that would be an Information Manager.
                 E-Database Technology :-
E-Database Technology Web Services is a privately funded
hosting company aiming to facilitate businessmen. It provides
unmatched facilities, technical expertise, and customer support
for business' mission-critical Web applications. Through the
data center, any company can have immediate access to one of
the most rigorously engineered IP networks in the world,
coupled with the reliability, scalability, and security. E-
Database Technology's Data Center allows its costumers to
concentrate on the content and applications for your Web
business - not on the details of managing data center facilities,
network connectivity, and security. The state-of-the-art data
centers give flexibility to customers to administer and access
data, delivering the performance, security, and scalability that
a serious Web business requires.

 National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Limited
 National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
(NESPAK) is Pakistan’s premier consultancy organization. Its
international stature is well established and it enjoys the
reputation of being one of the top engineering consultancy
organizations in Asia and Africa and is ranked amongst the
world’s top 200 consulting firms. NESPAK was established in
1973 as a private limited company by the Government of
Pakistan. The objective of its creation was to create a pool of
talented engineers, attain self-reliance in engineering consul-
tancy and replace foreign consultants. NESPAK is registered
with a number of international funding agencies such as
IBRD, ADB, IDB, etc. To date NESPAK has undertaken 2421
projects out of which 2102 are domestic and 319 are overseas

            Information Technology Pakistan:-
Information Technology Pakistan Network holds full capabil-
ities to provide Internet and Intranet solutions for Enterprise
Networking. They provide assistance for individual domains
for corporate / individual Internet servers under Top-level
Pakistan “PK” and with out “PK” Domains. They also provide
facilities to host static and Database websites for customers
who cannot afford a dedicated server. The mission of the I.T.
Pakistan team is to ensure that our customers are successful in
building, deploying, and migrating to Information Technology
           ITP offers various IT related services like, web
development, web hosting, etc. Its website provides many IT
related links. It also strives to facilitate computer users with
their hardware and software related problems.
     The Pakistan Meteorological Department :-
The Pakistan Meteorological Department is both a scientific
and a service department. It is responsible for providing
meteorological service throughout Pakistan to wide variety of
interest and for numerous public activities and projects which
require weather information. Apart from meteorology, the
department is also concerned with Agro-meteorology,
Hydrology, Astronomy and Astrophysics Seismology,
Geomagnetism, etc.
          The Pakistan Meteorological Department website
not only provides weather updates, but also provides forecast
for farmers, flight aviation, marine navigation, etc. The
website features flood, drought and cyclone updates. It also
includes satellite and radar images for latest weather

 The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources
                    (PCRWR) :-
The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources
(PCRWR) has been established under the Ministry of Natural
Resources. Nature has blessed Pakistan with adequate surface
and groundwater resources. However, rapid population
growth and urbanization have placed immense stress on water
resources of the country. The main objective of PCRWR is to
monitor the water quality and to establish a permanent water
quality-monitoring network in the country. The website
features, publications, annual research reports, etc. It also
presents a whole list of the basic water quality standard as
prescribed by WHO. The PCRWR also provides financial and
technical support to universities and research institutes for
collaborative research.

       Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) :-
Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) was founded in 1995
by the Government of Pakistan to facilitate the development
of the local IT industry by extending all possible help to
prospective foreign/domestic investors and software
companies operating in Pakistan.
          The PESB website provides assistance in finding the
right company, there is a comprehensive listing of all member
IT companies. Over 900 companies are presently registered
with PSEB, offering services from data entry to developing
highly integrated software solutions. This website gives
complete information about the major projects taking place in
nationally the field of IT. It also gives information about
various Software Technology Parks (STPs) setup locally. There
is a Resource Material Center for students of IT containing
reports, studies and research carried out on various aspects of
the IT industry are available. There is also a discussion forum
for posting queries and suggestions.

             Pakistan Physical Society (PPS):-
The Pakistan Physical Society (PPS), a body of professional
physicists, was launched in 1989. Its aims and objectives
include among others, promotion of physics education and
research, popularization and creation of wider awareness of
physics and its role in technology and industry. Its activities
include organizing symposia, seminars, workshops and
conferences in physics. This upcoming official website
contains its newsletter, constitution and list of members, a
calendar of events and related links. A members' registration
form is available online, together with relevant contact

      Inter-Islamic Network on Space Science and
Functioning under the umbrella of the OIC (Organisation of
Islamic Conference) since 1987, the Inter-Islamic Network on
Space Science and Technology is an inter-state, non-political
and non-profit making agency. As an independent self
governing institution, ISNET seeks to facilitate exchange of
information and maintains dialogue on the developments in
Space Science and Technologies, initiates joint projects of
Research and Development, as well as renders consultancy
services. Presently the network has ten member states and the
site gives technical and scientific information about each of
them. Furthermore the details of members, statutes of ISNET
and related news are also provided with on the website.

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