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Sunday_ 7th Dec


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									18th PHA CONFERENCE, USP campus, Suva; DRAFT PROGRAM (15th October 2008)

Date          Name of Event                                      Location                     Contact Person
All of PRS    Early European Maps and USP Students’              USP Library Foyer            Serge Tcherzekoff & Patrick
week 1-6th    Archaeological Posters                                                          Nunn
All of PHA    Exhibit of Brett Hilder’s Pacific Art Collection   USP Library Foyer            Max Quanchi & Libby Fong
       th  th
week 7 -12
6.00pm Wed. Museum Talk by Fergus Clunie                         Fiji Museum, QE II Drive,    Vika Koro and Sagale
10th Dec.                                                        Suva                         Buadromo

Sunday, 7th Dec.
7.30am         PHA FIELDTRIP TO BOUREWA Pick Up participants from USP Bus Stop
               (opp. Cost U Less), Peninsula and Tanoa.
5.00pm         Fieldtrip participants Return from Bourewa.
5-8pm          Registration, USP

Monday 8th Dec
8-8.30                                                            Registration
                                                                  U8 or N111
8.30-9.00                       Welcome by PTC and with Korova (Drs Marama Tauira and Paul Geraghty) N111
9-10.00                                   Plenary 1       Patrick Nunn: A Shock to the System N111
10-10.30       Break                                                                            Comments/Notes
10.30-12.30    S1 The Golden Shrub: Kava, Aporosa, Maciu         S2 Anthropology, Race and      Teaching History Workshop,
               & Sekove FSTE PG Seminar Rm                       Encounter in Oceania N111      Christine, Susie, Tevi, Max
               1. Fergus Clunie, Yaqona, and the Returning       Christ Ballard and Elena
               Dead                                              Govor, Text, Image, and the
                                                                Encounter: Miklouho-Maclay's
                                                                1879 New Hebrides Sketches,
             2. Nancy Pollock, Contemporary kava use in         2 Ian Campbell, Notes on
             historical perspective                             Radcliffe-Brown and the
                                                                Application of Anthropology
             3. S. Sotheeswaran, Toxicological evaluations of   3 Alan Davidson, Tasiu
             kava drink                                         Charles (Charles Fox) and
                                                                Identifying with Melanesians:
                                                                a Missionary Anthropologist or
                                                                a Missionary with an Interest in
             4. J. D. Baker, Potions, pills, and products:      4. Bronwen Douglas, Race
             Developments in kava marketing and                 and Encounters in Oceania:
             consumption in Hawaii and the Mainland US          Science, Agency, and the
                                                                Vacillations of a 19th-Century
12.30-2.00   Lunch                                              Option 1. Meeting of Cultural Heritage and Management (Fale)
2-3.30       S1 The Golden Shrub: Kava, Aporosa, Maciu          S2 Anthropology …cont..
             & Sekove cont.
             5. Ratu Sela Rayawa, Yaqona: Wine of the land      5. Karen Fox, Wāhine in the
                                                                House: Māori Women as
                                                                Members of Parliament in New
             6. Paul Geraghty, When I was a lad…                6 Helen Gardner, Lorimer
             observations on the prevalence of social yaqona    Fison: Anthropology and
             drinking in Fiji’s history                         Conversion
             7. Maciu Tomlinson, Kava in Fiji from the          7 Elena Govor, Nikolai
             Perspective of a Foreign Anthropologist:           Miklouho-Maclay's Racial
             Ideologies of Stasis, Practices of Change, and     Studies in Oceania:
             Vice Versa                                         Continuity or Innovation?
3.30-4.00     Break
4-6.00        S1 The Golden Shrub: Kava, Aporosa, Maciu          S2 Anthropology …cont..
              & Sekove con.
              8. Meredith Filihia, Kava: Indigenous Tongan        8. Hilary Howes, These
              Political Concepts                                  Papuans Throw all our
                                                                  Beautiful Theories out the
                                                                  Window': Disentangling
                                                                  Indigenous Agency in
                                                                  Nineteenth-Century German
                                                                  Accounts of New Guinea
              9. 11. Sekove B. Degei, Yaqona and Methodism        9. Spencer Leineweber,
              in Fiji                                             Rituals of Place and Race:
                                                                  Sacred Chiefs and American
                                                                  Missionaries in Hawai'i, 1815-
              10. Aporosa et al. Kava: “The Golden Shrub” – 10. Andrew E Robson,
              open forum/ kava session.                           Missionaries and other Early
                                                                  Observers in the South Seas
                                                                  11. Serge Tcherkézoff, The
                                                                  French Invention of Polynésie,
                                                                  Océanie, and Mélanésie, 1756-
5-6.00                Option 2. Meeting of Cultural Heritage and Management Venue (Fale)
6.30-8                                     Cocktails, USP Host TBC

Tuesday 9th Dec.
8-9.00                   Breakfast Meeting of ICOMOS, PARBICA, PIMA, FALE 1
8.30-9                                   Registration U8 or N111
9-10.00          Plenary 2      Stephanie Lawson, The Pacific Way : A Critical Assessment
10-10.30      Break
10.30-12.30   S1 The Golden Shrub cont.                         S3 Pacific Islanders at War
              12. Lynda Newland, The Socio-Economic             1. Louise Marie Matai’a-
              Impact of Kava Consumption                        Milo,
              13. S. G. Aporosa, Yaqona and Education, A        2. Anthony Yeates,
              Clash of Cultures
              Aporosa et al. Summing Up of Kava Session         3. Melani Anae,
                                                                4. Adam Marre
12.30-2.00    Lunch
2.00-3.30     S4 Pacific Sports Convenor: Robert Dewey &        S5 Cultural Heritage and
              Mohit Prasad N111                                 Management, Anita Smith &
                                                                Meretui Ratunabuabua FSTE
                                                                Seminar Rm
              1. Mohit Prasad, Magiti Soccer’ - An Absence      1. Anita Smith,
              Forgotten: Pre-1938 Soccer among Fijians as
              2. Robert Dewey, The Union itself may no longer   2. Meretui Ratunabuabua,
              be viable’: Manu Samoa in the Era of              tbc
              Professional Rugby.
              Possible third speaker                            3. Malietau Malietoa tbc
3.30-4.00     Break
4.00-5.30-    Pacific Sports Panel: Convenor, R Dewey,          S6 Decolonization in the
              Opening Remarks: Filipe Tuisawau, N111            Pacific: Chris Waters & Jon
                                                                Ritchie FSTE Sem Rm
              1. Sitiveni Rabuka/Tuki Cokanauto                 1. Christ Waters
              2. Barrie Sweetman/Graham Eden                    2. Jon Ritchie
              3. Vilikesa Mocelutu/Dan Lobendahn                3. Sam Kari
              MATCH FOOTAGE:
              1964 – Fiji v. Wales – short highlights
              1973 – Tonga v Australia –
              2007 Rugby World Cup – Fiji v Wales and Fiji v
              South Africa
              Photos/Documents for Display on Walls
              1938 – 2008 – 70th Anniversary of first NZ Maori
              Tour to Fiji –
              1964 – Fiji Tour of Wales
              1973 – Tonga Victory over Australia
5.00-6.00     MEETS                                           ICSPI (A. So’o & K. Nero)       PMB (E. Maidment & L.
                                                              Or 12.30 to 2.00. N111          Fong) Or 12.30-2.00 Library.
6.00                                       Buffet dinner: Home.

8.30-9.30       BREAKFAST MEETINGS FOR ANY OTHER GROUP Library Conf. Room              Post-graduate Student Forum
9.00                  Sports & Social Fixtures (To be confirmed with Robert & Mohit)
6-7.00                   Public Talk, Fergus Clunie, Museum, Cakobau Rd., Suva
7-8.30          Buffet Dinner hosted by PHA and Museum Coordinator: Vika Koro & Sagale

Thursday 11th Dec.
8.30-9        REGISTRATION
9-10.00                              Plenary Speaker Jie-Hyun Lim
                Competing Historiographies: Trans-nationalism and Nationalism in East Asian
                                          Historiographies N111
10-10.30      Break
10.30-12.30   S7 Photography, Film & Imaging in Oceania,       S8 Institutions of
              Max Quanchi U8 (Big lecture theatre)             Confinement, Jac Leckie N111
          1. Nicole Peduzzi Charles Kerry’s historical      1. Jac Leckie
          postcards of the Pacific
          2. Tobias Sperlich Models and photographs in      2.Adrian Muckle
          colonial Samoa
          3.Lissa Mitchell, Select view; the exotic in      3. Safua Akeli
          photographs of New Zealand landscape and flora
          4. Max Quanchi and Hannah Perkins                 4. Christine Weir
          Picturing the Pacific; The Queenslander 1890-40
12.30-2   Lunch
2-3.30    S7 Photography cont. U8                           S9 Depopulations Explained
                                                            & Repopulations, Judy
                                                            Bennett N111
          5 Rebecca Conway, Camilla Wedgwood’s
          fieldwork photos; Nauru and Manam Island,
          6 Deborah Waite Shield imaging in colonial and 2.
          post-colonial photography, Western Solomon
          7 Jean-Louis Boglio and Max Quanchi Capt         3.
          Brett Hilder’s sketches – an artists view of the
          Pacific shipping world
3.30-4    Break
4-5.30    S7 Photography cont. U8                          S10 Representation,, Hugh
                                                           Laracy N111
          8 Clive Moore Tulagi; imaging the British        1. Nicholas Goetzfridt,
          empire in the Pacific
          9 Joyce Evans Missionaries, cannibals and        2. Rhys Richards,
          deckhands; missionary photographs of Northcote
          and Norman Deck – Solomon Islands early 20th C
          10 Antje Lubcke Oh, if I could make you see      3. Julian Treadaway
               the things I see; photograph albums of NZ
               Presbyterian missionaries in the New Hebrides
6.30-8.30      Reception: Australian High Commission, Princess Rd. Tamavua, Suva (PHA
               members armed with preferred drink!)

Friday 12th Dec
8-9.00         Breakfast Meetings Any Other Groups.
8.30-10        PHA Biennial General Meeting N111
10-10.30       Break
10.30-11.30                                      Plenary 4
                 Ron Crocombe, Stretching Pacific History, forwards, backwards, sideways and
                                               inwards. N111
11.30-1.00     S7 Image and Photographs cont U8                 S11 Asia and the Pacific, Paul   S12 Our sea of Connections,
                                                                D’Arcy & Haruo Nagayaka          Kealani Cook and Alice Te
                                                                N111                             Punga FSTE Seminar Rm
               11 Max Shekleton Being British in French New 1.Paul D’Arcy,                       1. Kealani Cook, Natives,
               Caledonia; a visual record                                                        Nations and Empire: Re-
                                                                                                 evaluating the Empire of the
               12 Ian Conrich The Queen, Childhood and the          2. Haruo Nagayaka,           2. Alice Te Punga, ‘Holding
               1950s; NZ on film                                                                 back ocean barriers:’ Maori,
                                                                                                 the state and the deep blue sea.
               13 John Sullivan Criss-crossing the Pacific;         3. One other
               picturing the early years of air travel in Oceania
1-2.00         Lunch
2-3.30         S7 Image and Photography cont. U8                    S13 Pacific Minority         S14 Religious History,
                                                                    Communities, Grant McCall,   Marama & Kambati, FSTE
                                                                    Agnes Hannan N111            Sem. Rm.
               14 Karina Taylor, Pacific photographic               1. Grant McCall,             1. Polly Camber,
            collections in the Pacific Research Archives,
            Australian National University
            15 Lorenzo Brutti Visual crystallizations and       2. Agnes Hannan,                2. Marama Tauira/Kambati
            social transfers in the use of images in a French                                   Uriam
            Anthropological Museum
            16 Ismet Kurtovitch Building an historical          3. John Spurway, The power      3. Linda Newland
            phototheque of New Caledonia; what is it used       of myth: the true nature of
            for?                                                Ma’afu’s post cession rule in
3.30-4      Break
4-5.30      S7 Images and Photographs cont. U8                  S15 Pacific Updates, Sam        S16 Performance &
                                                                Alasia and Brij Lal FSTE        Recreating, Allan Alo N111 or
                                                                                                U8 tbc
            17 Catherine De Lorenzo TBA                     1. Sam Alasia, Solomon              Allan of OCAC to advise.
                                                            Islands, 2. Fiji Brij Lal, 3.
                                                            Tonga Ian Campbell,
            18 Brian Gilkes TBA                             4. Vanuatu Howard Van
                                                            Trease,5. N Caledonia
                                                            Bronwen Douglas & Adrian
            19 Isabelle Amiot TBA                           6. Samoa Asofou So’o, 7. NZ
                                                            Alice Te Punga
6.00-9.30                Conference Dinner and Closing at USP or PTC (TBA)
                             (PHA Member armed with appropriate spirit!)

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