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									                                                             THE ARCHER : 01426 923 549                                                                                     FEBRUARY 2000

Graffiti menace Transport Fake crash for ad
By Daphne Chamberlain
Graffiti is mushrooming all over the borough. If you see
it happening, call 999. That’s official police advice, given
at January’s Finchley Forum.                                             The new automatic ticket bar-
                                                                         riers at East Finchley station
    The same applies to vandal- already happened. In that case,          are now in place and will soon
ism, which is a growing prob- call 020 8209 1212 for Golders
lem in the Church End area. It Green station, or 929 8342 1212           be in operation.
increased there when Victoria for Finchley.                                  However it’s not good news
Park was not locked at night,                                            for customers who live to the
                                    “If you’re out and about, or         west of the area - e.g. East End
though our own Neighbourhood you just can’t remember the
Watch has reported less dam- number of your local police sta-            Road and Hampstead Garden
                                                                         Suburb - and use the footpath to
age in Cherry Tree Wood since tion, dial 020 8200 1212 or call
                                                                         the rear of the station, as the
that has been open all the time. the operator, and you should be
                                                                         barriers will now prevent any
Let’s turn “less” damage into put through.”                              entry from The Causeway with-
none at all.                                                             out a valid ticket.
    A lot of crimi-                                                          Passengers without a pre-         Some of the paraphernalia left after the shoot of
nal damage occurs                                                        paid season ticket will have to       the fake accident in Creighton Avenue.
in the daytime. As                                                       walk all the way round to the High    Photo and story by Martin Earl.
far as graffiti is                                                       Road entrance in order to gain
concerned, it seems                                                      entry to the ticket hall.             A little bit of Creighton Avenue should be flashing across
to be a case of so                                                                Closed gates                 our TV screens in February if the CGU insurance com-
much being done                                                              A gate has been installed to      pany’s shoot on 7 January was successful.
by just a few, but                                                       enable access for wheelchair us-          A fake traffic accident slowed traffic on the road for most of the
those few ruin the                                                       ers, pushchairs and anyone with       morning. Unfortunately, by the time your roving reporter had got
environment for                                                          luggage but, as there are no plans    his camera out the vehicles had been removed!
everyone else.                                                           to employ any additional staff, who       “Why did you choose this
    A spokesper-                                                         will be there to open it?             busy road?” I asked.                 FINANCIAL PROBLEMS?
son from Golders                                                             Many residents have also              “ Because”, they said “we         Free Consultation locally
Green police sta-                                                        voiced concern as the station is      are also filming in a house                 in strictest confidence
tion told T HE                                                           used as cut-through to the High       nearby”.                                   Norman Pampel
ARCHER, “Vandal-                                                         Road and Cherry Tree Wood.                They kindly offered to send          Chartered Accountant and
ism and graffiti are                                                     Customers are urged to put their      a photo for THE ARCHER but                 Insolvency Consultant
crimes. If you ac-                                                       concerns in writing to:               could not do so before our dead-             45 years experience
tually see them                                                          Customer Service Centre, Lon-         line as their film man was off Tel: 020 8442 0117 (ans. phone)
happening, that’s                                                        don Transport, 55 The Broad-          doing a shoot for another part of           or 020 8883 8287
an emergency. Call                                                       way, London SW1H 0BD.                 the same ad in Spain!
us on 999. Obvi-
                                                                                                                                                      Midhurst Butchers
ously, you don’t
use the emergency
number to report Vandalism and graffiti - growing
                                                                         Melissa’s Dilemma                                                              Certified organic meat
something that’s problems. Photo by Edna Hobbs                           By Helen O’Toole                                                                at reasonable prices
                                                                         Melissa Patel is studying GNVQ                                                   Free-range poultry

Tight squeeze
                                                                         Intermediate Health and Social                                                  Home-made sausages
                                                                         Care at Hendon College. She’s the                                                 (including Boerwors)
                                                                         only disabled person in her class
                                                                         and has trouble taking notes in                                                   2 Midhurst Parade,
By Daphne Chamberlain                                                                                                                                   Fortis Green, London N10
                                                                         class which forms the majority of
Barnet Highways Department believes there is only one                                                                                                      Tel. 020 8883 5303
                                                                         the class-work.
way to reduce the danger at East End Road bridge. The                        Social services are providing fund-
Borough would consider extending the pavements - which                   ing for her to have ten hours support a
                                                                                                                                                              Funeral Directors
would mean that the already narrow roadway would be                                                                   What support?                   Family funeral business - 24 hour service
                                                                         week but currently she is receiving three                                           Arthur W Luck & Sons,
narrowed further.                                                        hours a week. The other students are Melissa Patel                           3 Church Lane, N2 Tel: 020 8883 2429
    East Finchley residents Mr      £200,000 and there was “no           getting fed up with her always asking to photo by David
and Mrs Jenkins of Beresford        accident justification at the        photocopy their notes.                       Tupman
Road have been lobbying for a       moment” for this expense.                When Melissa complained to worker met with the college, only
                                                                                                                                                     Cree Godfrey Wood
safer passage across the rail-          Speaking from the floor, Mr.     the college’s learning support to be told that Melissa was get-                         Solicitors
way. They were at January’s         Jenkins suggested removing one       tutor she was told they wanted ting 16 hours support. Melissa                    Commissioners for Oaths
Finchley Forum to hear the          pavement and widening the            her to be more independent as only knows about four hours of                 Hours: 9.30am to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm.
Council’s response.                 other. The professional view on      she’s planning on doing advanced this support.                                Telephone: 020 8883 9414
    Chief Traffic Engineer Robin    this was that the bridge might be    level next year. So Melissa sought      Melissa tried to change her
                                                                                                                                                      020 8883 9496 & 020 8883 0989
Hodsdon told the Forum that         slewed to one side, which would      outside help from the Disabled course into something with less                        Facsimile 020 8444 5414
alternative suggestions have been   entail expensive structural work.    Association for the Borough of note taking and more computer                 28 High Road, London N2 9PJ
virtually ruled out. He confirmed             Long wait                  Barnet (DABB). DABB got in work, but was told this is not
that the bridge belongs to Lon-         Mrs. Jenkins showed THE          touch with the college and then allowed. Now
don Underground Ltd., while the
borough is responsible for sur-
                                    ARCHER her copy of a letter sent
                                    to Councillor McGuirk from the
                                                                         Melissa got into trouble for go- she is back to
                                                                         ing to an outsider.                 square one and           Alan’s Records
face maintenance and drainage       Highways Department, which                  What support?                has to struggle on
of the road and footway.            reiterates Robin Hodsdon’s               After telling her social worker with her course
          No wider                  statement to the Forum.              about these problems, the social until July 2000.
    Even if LUL gave permis-            It concludes: - “The issues
sion, he has been advised that      of the East End Road bridge
the brick-built bridge could        have been raised on a number of       YOUR LOCAL LOCKSMITH
probably not be extended. At-       occasions, and a solution is not
taching a footway would mean        obvious, given the financial con-           FINCHLEY LOCKS
re-locating LUL cables, which       straints of the council and the                       NO CALL OUT CHARGE
run on the outside of the bridge.   likely objections from London           10%       EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE
                                                                                               FREE SURVEY
A similar proposal some years       Underground Ltd. The road                            DOOR OPENING SERVICE
ago, for the bridge at Regents      narrowing suggestion, whilst far       discount
                                                                                       ALL LOCKS SUPPLIED & FITTED
Park Road and Nether Street,        from ideal, is probably the only        with this      FAST RELIABLE SERVICE
was vetoed by LUL because of        interim solution until such a time       advert        + COMPETITIVE PRICES                             212 High Road, East Finchley,
interference to their cables.       the bridge needs replacing, or
    The minimum cost of in-         money becomes available                  020 8883 0799                                                     Tel: 020 8883 0234
stalling a footbridge would be      through a local development.”         OVER 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE - FIND US IN THE YELLOW PAGES     Open 9.30am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday plus Sunday pm

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