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									                                      Biome Zoo Design:
                            A Scientific and Geographic Webquest


A large, environmental organization has hired our class to study and
design 8 Biome zoos for the preservation of species and the enjoyment and
education of visitors. This organization would like to bring people to their
zoos to educate the public about Biomes and the interdependence of living
organisms and the environment.

The Task

Each study team will choose a world biome (Rainforest, Temperate Deciduous Forest, Boreal Forest or
Taiga, Chaparral, Grassland, Savannah, Desert and Tundra) and make a presentation to the organization's
Board of Directors recommending the proposed location of the biome zoo, the animals and plants to be
included, a comprehensive design of the facility and an economic feasibility study based on access,
transportation and available lodging.
The Process          Each study team will:

Conduct research on their Biome using the Internet Resources provided, and any other library
resources, focusing on animal and plant species’, climate and weather, one endangered
species, and the benefits inherent in the selection of the host city. Research notes will be

 Make selections of plants (at least 5 types) animals (at least 3 large and medium sized animals and 3 small animals), and 2
birds to include in their Biome Zoo. Each group must also include an endangered species that is from their Biome.
 Choose the appropriate geographic location in or near a city that can provide not only access, but transportation and lodging.
Factors to consider are: political stability (safety), an international airport, public transportation, a variety of expensive to
inexpensive lodging, and other points of interest to the zoo visitors. (Numbers 1-3 should take 2 weeks or 6 class sessions. Each
student’s research notes and participation will be given points at the end of this research phase.)
 Design a zoo for your plants and animals on large graph paper using colored pencils. Consider the animal needs and
requirements and those of your visitors. Scan the finished drawing into your Power Point presentation. (This should be done as
homework during the 2nd and 3rd week of the project)
 Create a Power Point presentation of their proposal that includes a description of the biome, its plants and animals, the basic
design of the zoo and the reasoning behind their selection of the host city (this should include factors
related to accessibility, transportation, lodging, etc.)
 Give an oral presentation to the Board (Teacher and Librarian), using their Power Point presentation.
Each student must have a role in the presentation. (Number 6 should take ½ week or two class sessions

 Open-note Exam (Number 7 should take 1 class session after a review period)


        Blue Planet Biomes
        Earth Floor Biomes
        Introduction to Biomes
        World Biomes
        Biomes - UC Berkeley
        Biomes
        Earth Observatory - NASA
        Zoo Designs

        Zoos Worldwide

Each student will be given up to 20 participation points based on the rubric below.
Each student will receive up to 20 group-points based on the PowerPoint Rubric.
Each student will receive up to 10 points for their zoo design
Each student will receive up to 20 individual points based on the Presentation Rubric.
Each student will earn up to 30 points based on a project-ending, open note examination based on all of the

                                          Participation Rubric

        Excellent                   Good                         Fair                     Poor

The student is actively
                          The student stays         The student is only       The student is rarely
and creatively
                          involved in the           partially involved or     involved or negatively
involved in the
                          planning, research        reluctant in the planning, impacts the planning,
planning, research
                          (including notes) and     research (including notes) research (including notes)
(including notes) and
                          completion of the         and completion of the     and completion of the
completion of the
                          project and its           project and its           project and its
project and its
                          presentation.             presentation.             presentation.

The student misses
                          The student misses 2      The student misses 3 class The student misses 4 or
one or no class work
                          class work sessions.      work sessions.            more class work sessions.

       20 points                 15 points                   10 points                  5 points
                                                 PowerPoint Rubric

        Excellent                   Good                        Fair                          Poor

                          The Presentation covers
The Presentation
                          almost all of the topics The Presentation covers       The Presentation barely
covers all the topics
                          outlined in the           some of the topics           covers the topics outlined
outlined in the
                          "Process" section and     outlined in the "Process" in the "Process" section
"Process" section and
                          generally relates         section but information is and information is poorly
relates important and
                          important and             somewhat vague and           organized and
interesting information
                          interesting information uninteresting.                 uninteresting.
about each.
                          about each.

The Presentation
                          The Presentation shows The Presentation shows
shows an excellent                                                               The Presentation shows
                          a working knowledge       only a passing knowledge
knowledge of                                                                     only a passing knowledge
                          of PowerPoint is fun to of PowerPoint, is
PowerPoint is exciting                                                           of PowerPoint, is
                          view and generally        uninteresting to watch and
and fun to view and                                                              disorganized and conveys
                          helps viewers             conveys little to the
enhances the viewer's                                                            very little information of
                          understanding of the      viewer's understanding of
understanding of the                                                             interest
                          designated Biome.         the designated Biome.
designated Biome.

       20 points                 15 points                   10 points                      5 points
                                           Oral Presentation Rubric

          Excellent                    Good                        Fair                          Poor

                             The student is            The student demonstrates
                             knowledgeable about       only a basic knowledge
The student is well          their topic and is able to about their topic and has
prepared, poised, and able convey their information trouble conveying their
to convey their information in an organized manner. information in an               The student is unable to
in a lucid and organized     Their presentation is     organized manner. Their make an oral presentation
manner. Their presentation fairly thorough in scope, oral presentation is not       using the Power Point as
is thorough in scope, and is and is supported by the synchronized with the          support.
well-integrated with the     Power Point               Power Point presentation
Power Point presentation.    presentation with only a and there are a number of
                             couple of timing and/or timing and/or
                             technological glitches.   technological glitches.

         20 points                   15 points                  10 points                      0 points


Each student is responsible for attentively listening, taking notes and learning about each Biome that is
presented in the class. We will conclude this project by taking an open-note exam based on all of the
Biome Zoo presentations.

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