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                      APPLICATION FORM
                  University of Wisconsin - Madison

   Please turn this sheet into the PRSSA mailbox on the 5th floor of Vilas by Tuesday,
                                  October 13 at 8:00 p.m.

         Bateman is a national case study competition, sponsored by PRSSA, where
chapters from universities and colleges across the nation create a national public relations
campaign and compete against each other. The competition is designed to allow students
to gain experience and use certain skills needed for public relations problem solving.
Teams will start preparing the campaign in the fall of 2009, meeting one-three times a
week at a set time/place. Plan on meeting more as the campaign nears as well as putting
in out-of-meeting hours.
         By participating in Bateman, students will gain experience in creating a “real
world” public relations campaign. They will also be held to a higher standard as many
PR professionals view Bateman membership as an indicator that the student is among the
best at their university.
         This year, our client will be the 2010 U.S. Census. Due to the widespread campus
involvement during the 2008 election, our goal is to really reach out to the campus
population. College students are considered one of the HTC (hard to count) groups as
they do not know if/how they fill out a census form. They also would like us to reach out
Madison and it’s surrounding communities to emphasize the fact that the new form is the
shortest in history, taking only 10 minutes to complete.

        Applicants will fill out the attached form at the back of this packet. After all
required forms have been turned in the director will email possible candidates to schedule
interviews. Interviews will take place the week of October 19. They will be conducted
by the Bateman director and the PRSSA president. The faculty advisor and PRSA liaison
may also be present. The interview will last about 10 minutes and dress will be business
casual. Teams will be announced via email following interviews.
        Each team will be comprised of 4-5 members. Depending on total interest, there
may be more than one team. Ideal Bateman candidates will be creative, energetic, hard
working students who have sound critical thinking and problem-solving abilities and
solid PR skills, especially writing. Familiarity with social media and graphic design is a
plus. It is essential candidates have the ability to work in a group and on one’s own. A
good sense of humor and willingness to have fun is also a plus. As of now, members will
not receive credit for participation, but they will receive a letter of recommendation from
the director specifically tailored to each member.

1.) Preparing for Bateman will be an academic yearlong journey. The deadline to send in
our campaigns will be in March. If you plan on studying abroad in Spring 2010, you are
not eligible to compete in Bateman

2.) Every meeting is mandatory. If you have a conflict with a meeting time, you must
notify the director(s) ASAP. Failure to do so will result in member being penalized.

3.) If a team is selected for the final three, the competition will be held during finals week
of the spring semester (May 13-14). All members of the selected team are required to
attend the competition. Please make arrangements with your professors as soon as your
spring 2010 schedule is finalized.

4.) Competing in Bateman will give team members a vast amount of experience. Not
only will this experience look great on a resume, but all members will receive a
personalized letter of recommendation by the director at the completion of the campaign.

If selected for the 2009-2010 University of Wisconsin-Madison Bateman Case Study
Competition Team, you agree to:

      meet all requirements
      attend all meetings
      fully participate in a respectful and collaborative manner with other team
       members and with advisors
      dedicate my time and talent to the identified campaign project
      complete work on phase one Bateman project responsibilities in December 2009,
       including the holiday, as needed
      work on the Bateman project evaluation and book in March 2010, including
       spring break as needed
       participate in 2010-2011 Bateman team recruitment
      attend the final national presentation in May 2010, as needed.
                                 APPLICATION FORM

Please print legibly or type:

Personal Information
Name                                                   ______________________________

E-mail address                  ____________________Phone:______________________

Local address                                                  ____ Zip

Permanent (home) address                                                       ___________

__________________________________________________________ Zip

Academic Background
Major                                         __________________________________

Minor/Concentration                                    ____________________________

Expected graduation date                ___________________________

Public Relations Experience
Check one: Did you pay your PRSSA dues in:               Spring 09 OR ______Fall 09?

List any public relations experience you have had, whether it is internships or
extracurricular activities. Include the name of the organization, dates you worked
there/were involved, and a brief description of the duties. Please write on a separate
sheet and attach to this form.

Rank order 1-7 your ability in the following areas, with 1 being your strongest and 7
being your least strong skill.

Quantitative Research_______            Organization______          Qualitative Research

Graphics         Writing        ___     Planning                          Editing_______

Which one of the following statements best describes your approach? (check one)
         “I am creative.”                      “I have big ideas.”
           “I am methodical.”                      “I am detail-oriented.”
           “I thrive under pressure.”              “I’m always the first one finished.”
Public Speaking:
Describe any experience you have had with presentations and public speaking (you may
include classes)

Time Commitment:
Estimate hours per week you can devote to this project:

Fall                            Spring
For spring: list any conflicts on your time and flexibility (work, other classes, prior

Personal Statement:
Explain in 250-300 words why you would like to serve on the Bateman Team. Include
your first impressions about the client. Type, print and attach your statement to this form.

I hereby realize Bateman will require a large amount of time and commitment from
me. By signing this form I agree to the terms and conditions previously stated.

Signature: _____________________________________________________________

  Please turn this sheet into the PRSSA mailbox on the 5th floor of Vilas by Tuesday,
                                 October 13 at 8:00 p.m.

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