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         IT Consulting and Staffing Firm Case Study
                                                              90 DAY RESULTS: COMPREHENSIVE BRAND DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING STRATEGY

                                                                                            IT CONSULTING AND STAFFING FIRM CASE STUDY

        Startup company, in business for approximately 6 months at time of consultation

        Company provides IT consulting and staffing services, primarily highly specialized personnel with expertise in project
         management, database design and administration, web technologies, and application development

        Projected first year revenues (prior to consultation): $250,000

        4 employees (2 direct, 2 contracted)

The Client Company had been reasonably successful in leveraging relationships that the Owner had developed during his prior work
history, but had not developed any means of growing the company’s client list outside of this limited group of contacts. This
limitation meant not only a finite potential for growth, but it also posed a significant threat to the company’s revenue stream and
existence in the short term, as it current projects were due for completion within the next 6- 8 months.

100% of the company’s was subcontracted by of one of several primary vendors working on a large scale public sector project. This
positioning was also as cause for concern to the Owner as the Company had no direct leverage to transition into new projects after
the completion of its current endeavor.

Petro Consulting was retained to assist the Client in developing a sales and marketing program to pursue new projects and clients to
help develop short term business potential and long term stability and growth.

Analysis of the Client Company concluded that it had the following key strengths:

     Expertise: The Owner and each consultant was an established expert in their respective areas; each with significant
      educational accomplishments and work histories. The Owner continued to work full time in his functional area on the
      Company’s current project and had positive relationships and credibility with the primary contractor, the indirect client, and
      his peers. Day to day business operations were delegated to a friend, who worked full time at the company’s office.

     Small Size: The Company was small, new, and had limited resources. Competitors would view these factors as inferior,
      however, these were positioned in the developing brand as strengths; leveraging the Owner’s established reputation as
      promoting a personalized, hands-on approach to client relationships.

     Growth Potential: The industry and the Company’s position allowed for growth to come from 3 key areas:

                 New Clients: including public sector projects, private sector projects, and primary and subcontractors on existing

                 Actively Engaged Consultants: The majority of IT consultants are contracted through an enormous variety of
                  small, third party firms. The Client Company had the opportunity directly employ these consultants that were
                  currently on a project and shift billing.

                 Transfer to New Projects: Most of the projects that the Client Company was working on would set the
                  framework for new, related projects. For example, if a current project involved development of a complex

PETRO CONSULTING, LLC                                                                                              1|P A G E
                                                             90 DAY RESULTS: COMPREHENSIVE BRAND DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING STRATEGY

                                                                                             IT CONSULTING AND STAFFING FIRM CASE STUDY

                  database, the resulting product would require ongoing support, further development, and was often the
                  cornerstone of a larger development project. The Company’s current position offered the advantage of direct
                  expertise in developing the core system that would be of significant value to these related projects.

Using this information as themes, Petro Consulting helped the client to develop a comprehensive brand image and redevelop its
website to promote these strengths. The new web design started with developing pages that defined each of the company’s
strengths and how it had applied its specialized expertise to a variety of projects. Content was carefully crafted to incorporate
specific headings and keywords to help better position the site with search engines. The new Company logo, formatting and color
themes were also used to develop a consistent brand image for brochures, business cards and other marketing collateral.

Petro Consulting then helped the Client to utilize the new brand to develop a bid packet and register as an approved vendor with key
public sector agencies and begin receiving RFPs for upcoming projects. Developing a comprehensive brand and template in advance
with this intention resulted in rapid vendor approval and, in conjunction with the current project references, helped to establish
immediate brand recognition and credibility. The template also helped to ensure that the single-person office staff could promptly
and effectively respond to new RFPs without significantly increasing workload.

A marketing campaign was also created to target other consulting firms and develop partnerships for both sourcing and providing
specialized personnel for partner contracts and leveraging partnered resources to fulfill RFP requirements. Elements of this
campaign consisted of development of a list of small to medium IT consulting firms in the U.S. and Canada and creating a mass
email, targeted direct mail, and telephone follow up formula. Again, these elements were specifically crafted to allow the single-
person staff to efficiently and effectively manage the campaign.

The current staff was provided with business cards that were developed under the new brand and encouraged to casually distribute
them to other consultants. This was done to accomplish two goals; developing a greater sense of pride and company identity with
current employees and to target currently engaged and dissatisfied consultants working under other firms. It was routinely
acknowledged that many on-project consultants were eager for an opportunity to gain even a modest increase in the percentage of
the billing rate that they received. Potential for this was intentionally not communicated and the endeavor focused simply on pride
and brand recognition.

Within 90 days, Petro Consulting was effective in achieving the following, targeted results through the development and
implementation of it Brand Development and Sales and Marketing Solution:

         The Client Company retained 3 new actively engaged consultants from competitive firms, resulting approximately $24,000
         per month in new revenue, adding new, specialty areas of expertise, and strengthening the Company’s brand recognition
         and leverage for transfer to new and ancillary projects.

         The Company established partnerships with 10 small to medium consulting firms in the U.S. and Canada. This provided the
         Company with access to an average of 15 new consultant requisitions per month through partner contracts and access to
         hundreds of specialized consultants. One partner relationship was leveraged to qualify to submit a bid for a project that the
         Company would otherwise not qualified for due to time in business and size.


PETRO CONSULTING, LLC                                                                                               2|P A G E
                                                              90 DAY RESULTS: COMPREHENSIVE BRAND DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING STRATEGY

                                                                                            IT CONSULTING AND STAFFING FIRM CASE STUDY

         The Client Company was successful in placing an existing consultant into a new, ancillary project that was starting as an
         offshoot from the current project. The Client Company was approached in advance of an RFP going out on the basis of its
         experience. This also provided the opportunity to backfill the consultant’s position, adding approximately $8500 in revenue.

Petro Consulting utilized the following in the development of this solution:

         Adobe Creative Suite: web development, marketing collateral, logo design

         Microsoft Access: development of a CRM database template for use in managing sales activities

         MS Office: automation of the email marketing campaign

All elements of this solution were developed and implemented with Petro Consulting staff and existing Client Company staff.

PETRO CONSULTING, LLC                                                                                              3|P A G E

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