CTU prepares for a challenging future by yantingting


									CT News

                                                                                          CLERICAL-TECHNICAL UNION OF
                                                                                           MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY

Volume XXXIV, Issue 11                           Organized and Independent since 1974!                             November 2009

Health care
In recent statements in the State News,
some MSU faculty and administrative
representatives have said that unions
are working with the faculty to come
up with health care recommendations.

While the unions have discussed and
will continue to discuss any ideas that
could benefit members, it is inaccurate
                                               October 28—Newly elected CTU leaders were installed at the October Membership
to say we are participating with the           Meeting. Right to left: President Deb Bittner, Director Walt Peebles, Treasurer Jan
faculty in making recommendations,             Wallace, Audit Committee Member Suzanne Good, Director Norma Teague, Director
according to Wayne Cass, President of          Janet Roe-Darden.
the Coalition of Labor Organizations

                                               CTU prepares for a
at MSU. The unions have a different
process for representing members.

                                               challenging future
“Unions have represented their members
at MSU for over 35 years through the
collective bargaining process and will
continue to do so,” Cass said. “The re-        CTs made two decisions at the end of       us navigate through the economic and
cent State News article on health care         October to help strengthen our union       political quagmire.
that has caused much concern among our         in the face of uncertainty over the
members is misleading and does not at          economy, rising health care costs and      Finances
all reflect the status of our negotiations.”   other challenges.                          Seventy-one members attended the
                                                                                          next night’s membership meeting (our
The agreement on health care between           Election results                           first quorum since June 2008) and
the nine unions of the CLO and the             One hundred ninety-three CTs went to       voted 60 to 2 in favor of transferring
University, covering approximately             the polls October 27 to elect leaders      $125,000 from our Designated Fund
5,400 staff employees, that has been in        who will represent us over the next        to operations.
effect for the past 12 years is currently      few years:
under discussion between the parties.             President: Deb Bittner 172, no 21       Previous Treasurer Jeannine Lee said
                                                  Treasurer: Jan Wallace 176, no 17       that the transfer was necessary at this
“Our members can be assured that                  Three Directors: Walt Peebles 155,      time because of arbitration costs and
their unions talk to a wide range of              Janet Roe-Darden 154, Norma             unanticipated expenses resulting from
interested parties as they prepare for            Teague 152, invalid/blank 4             water damage to our building.
health care bargaining,” Cass said.               Audit Committee: Suzanne Good
“Considering the interests of all the             181, no 7, invalid/blank 5              The decision positions us, finan-
stakeholders when we negotiate is very                                                    cially, to continue defending our
important, but just because we’ve dis-    Each of the newly elected officials has         rights under the contract in the imme-
cussed the subject with retirees and a    prior leadership experience in the CTU          diate future.
                 Unions continued on p. 6 and should be well equipped to help                           Layoffs continued on p. 4
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                                                       General Membership                   employees. Call Brian at 517-795-9432
   Editorial Policy: The CT News is the                  Meetings in 2010                   or email ambienthvac@hotmail.com.
voice of our union. It is our vehicle for         Quarterly Membership Meetings
communicating, on a regular basis, the is-                                                  Ride share:
                                                  in 2010 will be held on Wednes-
sues that confront us as workers. Through
this newsletter we explain union policies,        days, January 27, April 28, July 28            Capital Area Transportation
show how dues are spent, and explain the          and October 27. Times and loca-           Authority offers a ride sharing ser-
views and actions of the elected leader-          tions will be announced as avail-         vice called Clean Commute that sev-
ship for evaluation by the members.               able. Meetings begin at 5:20, but         eral CTs are using. Contact Clean
   The CT News is the voice of the mem-
bership. We welcome articles from mem-            the doors open at 5 so come early         Commute toll free (877-921-POOL),
bers and stories about members.                   to socialize. These meetings are for      locally (517-393-RIDE), by fax (517-
   While contributions are welcome, they          making decisions about the Union,         394-3733), or website (www.cata.org/
should be constructive and contribute             asking questions and receiving            cleancommute/index.html).
positively to the welfare of our union.
   We will accept no attacks on any union         updates about Union activities.
leader or member. We will accept thought-                                                   FREE: Advertise to your colleagues
ful discussion of all related issues in the        Executive Board Meetings                 in the CT News. Contact Cheryllee Fin-
letters section, and reserve the right to re-       1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 5:15              ney at ctnews@msu.edu. The CT News
ply to those that seem to reflect a misun-                 CTU Office                       accepts ads from CTs on items for sale
derstanding of the union and its policies.
   Direct ideas, letters, questions and
                                                      All members welcome.                  and/or services provided by CTs and/
comments to Cheryllee Finney.                                                               or their household family members.

Thank you
By Deb Bittner                            people don’t have the money to buy
                                          goods and services, or even to pay their
In this season of thanksgiving, every-    bills. Those treading water financially
one should give special thanks for        are afraid to make purchases. As a
unions and add on some hope that we       result, more people are laid off. Tax
grow stronger.                            revenues fall and public workers are
                                          laid off, meaning there is even less
Although most readers of the CT News      money being spent locally. More
will understand and agree with this       people are laid off. The economic cycle
statement, it would be sure to confuse    continues to spin downward.
or even anger some people. The truth
is, however, that our society depends     So, when the union is able to save a
on union strength.                        job, or avoid wage and benefit cuts,
                                          everyone is better off, not just the
You don’t have to be an elected union     unionized worker.                          Of course, we can always do more.
official to see the effects of job loss                                              And the challenges we face will give
and concessions in our area. Many         But unions do more. We work to end         us plenty of opportunity. For example,
                                          the race to the bottom on a broader        we need to be ready to respond to the
                                          scale. [Marcia Kay Hanson]                 threat budget cuts are having on work-
                                                                                     ers and students at MSU, as well as
                                          Historically, we have been the mov-        the rest of the state. Considering that
                                          ing force behind laws that prohibited      we are in the middle of health care
                                          child labor and established the 40-hour    negotiations, we must also be prepared
                                          work week (and weekends!), work-           to resist attempts by the university to
                                          place health and safety laws, the mini-    solve all of its budgetary problems
                                          mum wage, social security, workers’        through these talks.
                                          compensation, unemployment insur-
                                          ance, workplace antidiscrimination         Please watch for events and actions we
                                          laws and guaranteed leave for work-        can take to defend and strengthen
                                          ers to care for ourselves and our fami-    workers’ rights and positions in our
                                          lies when ill.                             workplaces and communities. [Pamela
                                                                                     Sue Newstead]

 Phil Schloop retires                                                                One way labor has always made a dif-
                                                                                     ference in the community is through
 A good friend of CTU, MSU labor          expertise in health care and other         service and donations. The current
 and working people everywhere            matters over the years, and we are         United Way Labor Challenge spon-
 retired recently.                        grateful for his insight and support.      sored by the Coalition of Labor
                                                                                     Organizations at MSU gives us an
 Phil Schloop, Business Manager of        With all of his activism and contri-       opportunity to join with other union
 the International Union of Operating     butions to labor and                       members who share our commitment,
 Engineers, Local 547, was a strong       the community, we                          camaraderie, and teamwork to show
 influence in the formation of the        don’t expect Phil to                       what the MSU Labor Family can do
 Coalition of Labor Organizations at      have a quiet retire-                       to help others.
 Michigan State University.               ment. We wish him
                                          the best in his future                     Just write “CTU” on the department
 We have continued to rely on his         endeavors.                                 line after your department name on
                                                                                                   Thanks continued on p. 6

continued from p. 1                        moved out of state
Layoff update                              and the other re-
At the meeting, Contract Administra-       turned to school.
tor Dan McNeil gave a presentation on
the current layoff situation.              McNeil encour-
                                           aged every CT to
Seventy-eight CTs have been affected       prepare for the
by job eliminations since January, he      University’s belt
said, either by having their jobs elimi-   tightening.
nated or by being bumped or displaced
within their structural unit by a more     “Make sure that
senior CT. Thirteen CTs actually have      your skills are CTs Katie Sheldon and Becky Sullivan volunteered to help voters
been laid off. [Ivory Aimery]              updated, your register on election day
                                           resume is com-
Of the 13, seven probationary employ-      plete and your personnel file accu- The union is also very concerned that
ees are gone, leaving MSU with no (0)      rately reflects your work and abilities,” eliminated positions be accompanied
probationary CTs on campus.                he said, emphasizing the importance by a reduction in work.
                                           of being specific about one’s software
                    Of the six addi-       skills on the resume.                     President Bittner told of a long-term
                    tional (nonpro-                                                  CT who, after her position was elimi-
                    bationary) CTs on      McNeil also encouraged members to nated, was asked when she would have
                    layoff, four failed    take applicable typing and/or soft- time to train someone to do her job.
                    trial periods. A       ware assessment tests at Human
                    couple still have a    Resources. By quantifying one’s “What job?” the CT asked and
                    chance to bypass       skills, these tests help CTs avoid posi- promptly contacted her union. The
                    into a position,       tions in which they might fail and CTU is investigating the situation.
Dan McNeil          but the other two      thereby jeopardize their bumping and
                    have failed two        bypass opportunities.                     “Be prepared!”
trial periods, meaning they no longer                                                Health care negotiations between the
have bumping and bypass rights but         Because the layoff procedure is com- University and the Coalition of Labor
can bid on open positions.                 plicated and there are many options to Organizations are in full swing, said
                                           be considered, McNeil said, anyone Bittner. “However, not a lot of infor-
Two of the laid off nonprobationary CTs    receiving a layoff notice should con- mation can be shared at this time.”
decided to pursue other goals. One         tact him immediately.
                                                                                     “University administrators have made
                                                                                     public statements, and we all know that
Thank-you to volunteers                                                              these are difficult times,” she said, add-
A heartfelt thanks for a smooth elec-      Barden, Julie Detwiler, Colleen Drake, ing that we will resist attempts by the
tion goes out to our elections commit-     Dianne Dreffs, Marian Erickson, administration to solve all of its bud-
tee: Chairperson Liz Owen, Brenda          Debbie Forcier, Andrea James, Erin getary problems through our health
Bailey, Kim Smith and Becky Sullivan.      Johnson, Kathy Kirby, Kellie Kolasa, care negotiations.
                                           Jeannine Lee, Angel Loveall, Amy
We also want to thank our efficient and    McCausey, Jeanette Robertson, Janice “Pay attention and be prepared!” she
organized office staff as well as the      Sheffey, Katie Shelton, Stephanie Six, said. “We may need to show our
many CTs who volunteered for every-        and Betty Walther.                        strength before this is over.”
thing from stuffing envelopes and
counting ballots to driving vans and       And last, but not least, we need to        Bittner also addressed the impact of
registering voters. It takes a lot of      thank the CTs who took time out of         state appropriations on the University
people to run our elections each year.     their day to vote. This is how we keep     and the possibility that we might be
                                           our democracy working. Great job,          called upon to mobilize in order to edu-
This year’s volunteers were: Chris         everyone! Thanks for all you do.                   Meeting continued on next page

                                           Helping our animal friends
                                           The local economy has left animal            a number of the requested items (in-
                                           shelters and rescue groups overloaded        cluding dog leashes, office supplies
                                           with family pets that have nowhere           and cleaning supplies) available for
                                           else to go.                                  purchase at great prices from the Ser-
                                                                                        vice Counter. Visit the online catalog
                                           To help address the problem, Execu-          at (universitystores.msu.edu). Faculty
                                           tive Board Director Norma Teague is          and staff members are charged the
                                           coordinating CTU’s Ingham County             “personal use” price.
                                           Animal Shelter donation drive.
                                                                                        Thank you in advance for assisting
                                           Donations, including cash donations,         with this worthy cause.
                                           can be dropped off through mid-
                                           December at the C-T Union Hall, 7:30
                                           a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through
Meeting                                    Thursday, and 8 until 5 on Fridays.
continued from previous page
cate legislators and others about the      If you have a large collection site in
effects the drastic cuts are having on     your building, please call the CTU
higher education and the larger Michi-     (355-1903) for a pickup.
gan economy.
                                           Please note that University Stores has
The meeting also included a discus-
sion about surveys, social activities, a
drive to assist the Ingham County Ani-
mal Shelter, and a “Toys for Tots”
fundraiser. [Helena Marek]
                                                Ingham County Animal Shelter
Doorprize winners were: Karen Jakus
                                                                      Request List
and Mary Canady-Hernandez, $50              The Ingham County Animal Shelter            playpen (steel), cheez-wiz (we stuff it
each; Sally Zetzer, coffee and dough-       is in need of several items.                in the Kong toys and freeze them for
nuts for her department; Joann                                                          the dogs), packages of hotdogs (used
Villarreal, CTU t-shirt.                    Kitty needs: Cat litter (With over 75       to hide the medication for dogs)
                                            cats in the building on any given day,
                                            over 600 pounds of cat litter are con-      Grooming supplies: Oster
                                            sumed each week!), canned cat food,         grooming clippers, Demat combs
                                            dry cat food, stainless steel bowls,        and brushes, pet cologne, pet wipes
                                            litter pans (used and new), litter scoops
                                            (lots of litter scoops!), plastic bags      Adoption supplies: Copy paper,
                                            (recycled grocery bags, used for scoop-     colored copy paper, office supplies
                                            ing litter), rugs (small), cat cozies and   (ink pens, markers, pencils), poster
                                            cat beds, towels, cat toys, scratching      board (small and large), dry erase
                                            posts, cat carriers, large cat cage for     markers, dry erase boards (small and
                                            display at mobile adoption events           medium size)

                                            Dog needs: Collars, leashes and             Cleaning supplies: Rubber
                                            bandanas, toys, (lots of toys), raw         dishwashing gloves, disposable
                                            hide chews, Kong chews, blankets,           gloves, Kleenex, paper towels, laun-
                                            small rugs and linens to lay on, tow-       dry detergent (HE front end washer),
                                            els for bathing, dog carriers, dog          dish soap, Clorox, window cleaner,
                                            crates, stainless steel bowls, puppy        brooms/dustpans, mops
Karen Smith casts her ballot in the CTU

                                                                                       The following CTs have petitioned to
                                                                                       be appointed UR in their districts.
                                                                                       They will be appointed if no other
                                                                                       members from their respective districts
                                                                                       express an interest in the positions
                                                                                       before 5 p.m. on December 10.
                                                                                            District 1 (Administration Bldg.
                                                                                            —Floors B, 1): April Moore.
                                                                                            District 9 (Life Sciences):
                                                                                            Stephen Stofflet.
                                                                                            District 17 (Grounds, Physical
                                                                                            Plant, Wilson, Holden, Case,
                                                                                            Wonders, Duffy Daugherty Foot-
Unions                                      Thanks                                          ball Building): Pamela Sloan.
continued from p. 1                         continued from p. 3                             District 21 (Holmes, McDonel,
few members of faculty doesn’t mean         your 2009-10 MSU Community                      Hubbard, Akers, Conrad, IM
we’ve participated in preparing a list      Charitable Campaign form.                       East): Kim Smith.
of recommendations as the State News                                                        District 29 (Olin Health Cen-
article stated.”                            An ideal way to strengthen the labor            ter, Berkey): Mary Canady-
                                            movement is to get involved in our              Hernandez.
“The University Committee on Faculty        own union.
Affairs can make recommendations to                                                    The following members have been
whomever they choose, Cass added.           Let me take a moment here to thank         appointed to UR positions.
“As a ‘meet and confer’ group they          the volunteers and everyone who made            District 13 (Anthony, Meats
don’t have authority to bargain for fac-    the effort to vote in our most recent           Lab, Engineering): Meagan
ulty and certainly don’t represent the      election. [Monica Klaver]                       Kroll can be contacted at 353-
unions’ voice on health care matters.                                                       9556 or krollm@msu.edu.
Our discussions are moving forward.         I also want to thank those who attended         District 26 (Student Services,
We’ll be interested in seeing UCFA’s        the Membership Meeting to discuss de-           Hort.): Contact Lisa Ingraham
recommendation and look forward to          velopments in health care negotiations,         at 355-3551 or lisaingr@msu.edu.
considering its stronger points.”           workplace climate and other union mat-
                                            ters. Having a quorum at the meeting       District 36 (Linton, Eustace,
Cass added that union leaders under-        meant we were able to conduct business     Chittendon, Marshall, Morrill): Janet
stand the health care environment very      and vote to shore up our operating fund.   Roe-Darden’s election to the Execu-
well and are quite aware of the eco-                                                   tive Board leaves her district without
nomic challenges the university faces.      That vote ensured that our union would     a UR. Interested members in the area
                                            continue to have the financial resources   are encouraged to step forward.
“They’re also committed to represent-       available to spring to the defense of
ing their members’ long-term interests      the contract and our members.              Are you interested in becoming a UR?
by preserving an agreement that con-                                                   Would you like more information
tinues the Labor/Management Joint           With all of the bad news about the         about what the position entails? If so,
Health Care Committee, which reviews        economy and the job market, CTs are        contact URCC Chairperson Colleen
health care costs and makes decisions       showing that we will not bury our heads    Drake (432-6123x162 or drakec@
on employee health care plans.              in the sand. Instead, we are defending     msu.edu) or Vice President Nancy
                                            our contractual rights as well as work-    Gray (353-8632 or grayn@msu.edu).
“This innovative approach to managing       ing to help our families and our com-
health care costs going forward—by          munities weather the storm.
seeking the best value for all stakehold-
ers—contrasts with more conventional        Thanks for all you do for the MSU
approaches that simply off-load addi-       community and the communities where
tional costs to employees,” Cass said.      you live!

Family                                      Congratulations, Nancy
Resource                                    Nominated by 25 of her staff and
                                            faculty coworkers, CT Nancy Lavrik
Center listserv                             became the eighth recipient of the
The Family Resource Center publishes        Annual Clerical-Technical Recogni-
six topic oriented email listservs for      tion Award at a ceremony held in her
staff, students and faculty:                honor on November 6.

      Adoption for parents who              Dr. Charles and Marjorie Gliozzo
     have adopted or are considering        established the award in honor of Dr.
     adoption                               Gliozzo’s parents to recognize out-
     Breastfeeding for students, staff      standing clerical and technical em-
     and faculty moms who choose to         ployees. The award is presented annu-
                                                                                      November 6—Assistant Vice President for
     breastfeed their babies                ally by MSU’s Human Resources.            Human Resources Brent Bowditch presents
     Eldercare for those who are                                                      CT Nancy Lavrik with the 2009 Clerical-
     caregivers of elders                   Assistant Vice President for Human        Technical Recognition Award.
     Parents for staff and faculty who      Resources Brent Bowditch presented
     have children                          the award to Lavrik, calling her one of   working with the graduate and under-
     Special Need Kids for parents          those “people who really make MSU         graduate students, faculty and staff.
     who have children with special         the place it is—a really great place.”
     needs                                                                            “When Jackie from Human Resources
     Stupar for students who are rais-      Lavrik has worked in the chemistry        called to tell me about the award,”
     ing children while pursuing their      department for 14 years and currently     Lavrik said, “she asked me if I was sit-
     education                              assists the organic chemistry program     ting down. In these uncertain times,
                                            with all of its secretarial needs.        that question can mean good news or
FRC email listservs share resources                                                   not so good news. In this case it was
and information that pertain to folks       Bowditch cited Lavrik’s community         wonderful news.”
who have a particular interest that re-     and public service as well as the high
lates to their family dynamic.              praise heaped upon her by coworkers.      “I’m very fortunate to be part of the
                                                                                      team,” she said. “It has truly been very
The listservs will provide informa-         Lavrik said that she loves her job and    rewarding.”
tion on specific topics such as educa-
tional information, classes, events,
entertainment, etc. Members are
encouraged to initiate dialog and
                                            Union training
pass on relevant facts. The lists are not   Union training sessions for URs,          monthly, help pre-
intended to be a venue for “sales” or       Executive Board members and staff         pare our union
political opinion.                          have covered some highly relevant         leaders to better
                                            topics in recent months.                  represent mem-
All students, staff and faculty are eli-                                              bers and further
gible to be on any of the lists.            In October, MSU Benefits Director         the work of the
                                            Renee Rivard discussed trends in          union in general.
If you want to be a part of the infor-      health care. CLO President Wayne
                                                                                                           Michelle Kaminski
mation sharing, just send an email          Cass followed up with a talk on how
to frc@hr.msu.edu and you will be           those trends might affect us at MSU.
added to the list(s) of your choice.
                                            Labor and Industrial Relations Asso-
FRC provides many programs and ser-         ciate Professor Michelle Kaminski
vices to the MSU community, includ-         spoke with us about workplace bully-
ing information on work/life balance        ing at the November session.
and childcare resources. For more
information, visit www.frc.msu.edu          The training sessions, which are held     Renee Rivard         Wayne Cass

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  union in five colors: white, black,   Suzy Peacock, Janet Roe-Darden,           Patricia Shackleton (432-5665) be-
  ash, dark green and orange (not       Willie Paulsen and Duferia White          tween Monday, November 23 and
  all colors are available in all                                                 Thursday, December 3. Registrations
  sizes). Call 355-1903 or email        Personnel Committee: Chairper-            received after December 3 will be
  ctustaff@msu.edu.                     son Deb Bittner, Nancy Gray, Jan Wal-     considered as space permits.
                                        lace and Duferia White

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