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       Building the Curriculum

                                 10 March 2010
                                                           BO’NESS PUBLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL
       What is our Current Position?
                           Values                                             Totality of the Curriculum                                            Learning and Teaching

Wisdom, justice compassion integrity                       Positive Ethos promoted in assemblies, special events, shows,       Active Learning being developed through the school
UNICEF Rights Respecting School Level 1                    visitors                                                            Verbal/Written feedback given
    Working towards Level 2                                Range of curricular areas taught in school                          Learning intentions, success criteria shared
    Working towards accreditation as a Fair Trade School   Developing interdisciplinary topics being taught                    Collaborative/Cooperative learning being developed
                                                           Personal achievement promoted and celebrated in and out of          Pace/Challenge
                                                           school                                                              Appreciation of learning styles

                Experiences and Outcomes                   Responsible Citizens                       Confident Individuals                                Entitlements
                                                           UNICEF                                       Link between Rights &
Auditing of literacy, numeracy and Health and Well-Being   Fair Trade                                          Responsibilities •A good broad general education in place
through the curriculum                                     Prefects                             Celebration of achievements •Awareness at some stages of Scotland’s place in the world
                                                           Play Leaders/Buddies                Generally positive relationships
Current school developments:                                                                                                   •Eco initiatives in place
                                                           Restorative Play Mentors
•Reading Champions              •Curiosity Bags                                                                                •World of Work Day
•Big Writing                    • Story-Telling Week                                   Learner
                                                           Successful Learners                       Effective Contributors
•Library                        • Money Week
                                                           Improved attainment in                Enterprising Schools - Gold
•Mathletics                     • Restorative Approaches   literacy & Numeracy                                       Award
                                                           Independent learning                  Team working experiences
                                                           Development of
                                                                                                            Community Kids
                     Personal Support                                                  Principles                                                          Assessment

Good transition arrangements in place:                     Most principles are taken into consideration in current             Formative Assessment being taken forward through Teaching
• Nursery - Primary 1 •Primary 7 - S1                      curriculum but it is under review and being developed in line       and Learning Communities- all teachers members.
Good working relationship with Play Away Playgroup         with National and Local Authority priorities:
                                                                                                                               Summative Assessment - course based tests/assessments
Very effective multi-agency working to support the most    • Literacy • Health and Well-Being • Numeracy                       NATIONAL ASSESSMENTS being used
vulnerable pupils and families
                                                                 BO’NESS PUBLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL
       Where do we want to get to?
                             Values                                                 Totality of the Curriculum                                              Learning and Teaching

Wisdom, justice, compassion, integrity                           There will be a strong focus on core literacy and numeracy             •Learning will be relevant, cooperative, active and fun. Pupils
Successful accreditation at UNICEF Rights Respecting School      skills                                                                 will be offered wide and varied learning experiences (subject
Level 2 and as a Fair-trade School                               Health and Well-Being will continue to be promoted                     to resources!)
Pupils able to transfer skills learned successfully beyond the   throughout school life                                                 •Learning will be taken outdoors
classroom and into the playground (Restorative Approach)         Other curricular areas will be delivered through a relevant            •Assessment for Learning will form the basis of quality
and local community to positive effect.                          context to the pupils of Bo’ness Public School.                        teaching practice throughout the school

                  Experiences and Outcomes                       Responsible Citizens                     Confident Individuals                                  Entitlements

Full engagement and planning around Experiences and              Respectful and Responsible        All pupils will be physically and    The four capacities will be embedded in the ethos of the
Outcomes in 8 curricular areas relevant to school                pupils with an appropriate        emotionally fit and well, able to    school
improvement plan priorities decided on through full              understanding of global ethics    pursue a full and active life        Pupils will be equipped with the skills to form positive
consultation with school stakeholders                                                                                                   relationships and have healthy, happy and successful working
                                                                                             Learner                                    lives.
                                                                 Successful Learners                         Effective Contributors

                                                                 Self-motivated pupils who think   Pupils will have a key and leading
                                                                 creatively and seek to maximise   role in decision-making in school
                                                                 their learning                    life and the curriculum and make
                                                                                                   meaningful contributions to local
                     Personal Support                                                        Principles                                                          Assessment
Development of individual ‘learning logs’ to track
achievement/learning                                             The key principles of challenge and enjoyment, relevance,       Assessment will be informative and relevant to the needs of
                                                                 personalisation and choice and progression will be prioritised, the child
External barriers to life-long learning and well-being will be   and depth coherence and breadth will be developed over the
challenged and needs met                                         next three years.                                               Assessment will take into account multiple intelligences and
                                                                                                                                 the whole child
       How are we going to get there?                                         ‘Homestart’                                                                 Year 1
                           Values                                                    Totality of the Curriculum                                         Learning and Teaching

Rights and Responsibilities within our local community         Whole school interdisciplinary topics on Bo’ness and its place         C.P.D. focus on Cooperative Learning
                                                               in Scotland involving parents and the wider community.                 T.L.C. - Year 2 Success
Increased respect and value for the local community and its                                                                           Learning intentions,
townspeople                                                                                                                           Learning Walks,
                                                                                                                                      Development of peer learning opportunities

                 Experiences and Outcomes                      Responsible Citizens                       Confident Individuals                              Entitlements

Full engagement through planning Expectations and              Take ownership of a project to     Share knowledge understanding
                                                                                                                              Review of Curriculum timetabling to address priorities:
Outcomes in:                                                   support the needs of the town      and skills with peers and other
• Languages and Literacy                                                                                                      •Numeracy
•Health and Well-Being                                                                                                        •Health and Well-Being
•Mathematics and Numeracy                                                                Learner                              •Social Subjects - Bo’ness
                                                               Successful Learners                     Effective Contributors
•Social Subjects                                                                                                                                 Financial Education
                                                               Gaining meaningful knowledge of Extending ‘Community Kids’                        Practical Live Skills
4 School working groups                                        the town of Bo’ness                Project
                                                                                                  Links with other groups - ‘Bonnie

                      Personal Support                                                       Principles                                                      Assessment

Promoting local events/clubs/activities to gain wider access to • Relevance                                                           • T.L.C. Year 2
learning activities for all pupils.                             • Challenge and enjoyment                                             • N.A.R. - utilise appropriate strategies
Liaise with community groups and Active Schools Coordinator • Breadth                                                                 • Continued use of Summative and national assessments as
                                                                • Personalisation and Choice                                          appropriate

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