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            SPITFIRE                                         NEWS
                                                                                                                                Summer '05

      F O R T H E L AT E S T C O M M U N I C AT I O N S A N D I . T. N E W S , V I E W S A N D I S S U E S
                                                                                                                            02-03 NEWS
                                                                               “Our aimfrom enable you
                                                                               to benefit
                                                                                          is to
                                                                                                                            All that’s new and improved in
                                                                                                                            the world of Spitfire
                                                                               technology in an applied
                                                                               and cost effective way

                                                                                                                            04-05 COMMS
                                                                                                                            E-mail on the move, Avaya’s new
                                                                                                                            launch and BT 21 Century Network

     SPECIAL OFFERS ON SDSL                                                                                                 06-07 I.T.
     CONNECTION CHARGES                                                                                                     The WEEE directive in action and
                                                                                                                            how to guard against a Virus

     SPITFIRE ARE PLEASED TO                connection cost of £450.00 plus VAT.    reliability of the core BT network at
     ANNOUNCE A LIMITED SPECIAL                2Mb SDSL is ideal where clients      the same time as utilising Spitfire's
     OFFER ON CONNECTION COSTS              require high upstream bandwidth,        account management, billing and
     FOR SDSL.                              whether for use as part of a Virtual    customer service.
                                            Private Network (VPN), or commu-          The monthly rental of Spitfire
        For a period of 3 months all 2Mb    nicating with suppliers or cus-         2Mb SDSL is £229.00 per month, a
     SDSL connections have free connec-     tomers where large amounts of           saving of 34% compared with BT
     tion, a saving of £450.00. 1Mb SDSL    data are being transferred.             Retail (BT Business Broadband
     connections have a half price con-        Spitfire SDSL is provided via BT     Advanced 2000 - current installa-       08 BACK OF THE CAB
     nection charge of £225.00, while       Wholesale IPStream infrastructure,                                              Tourism Australia stays in touch
     512Kb and 256Kb remain on a full       allowing you to benefit from the        Cont’d on page 03                       with Spitfire

        Spitfire has had confirmation that effective from 15th March 2005 our Cisco VPN Security
        Specialization partnership with Cisco has been renewed. Cisco said "Spitfire has again
        met the resource requirements for a VPN Security Specialization and has continued to
        demonstrate that they are qualified to sell, install and support customers with their VPN Security
        Specialization in UK. Cisco values the ongoing commitment and expertise that Spitfire has
        demonstrated and looks forward to continuing our relationship."
        Customer Services                  020 7501 3030            Sales            020 7501 3000
        Partner Services                   020 7501 3150            Accounts         020 7501 3050
        After hours Duty Manager           020 7627 3333                                                                         6-7 SBBC, PONTON ROAD
                                                                                                                                     LONDON SW8 5BL
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       02      NEWS                                                                                                                 WWW.SPITFIRE.CO.UK

                                                                                                                          NUMBER RANGE FOR

                                                                                                                          From 1st June a new number
                                                                                                                         range will be released covering
                                                                                                                          both inner and outer London
                                              LINX                                                                          which will be pre-fixed by
                                                                                                                                 020 3xxx xxxx.
                                              Graham Lewis

     FOREWORD                                 Spitfire have passed a major milestone in the development of our ISP
                                              service by joining LINX - the London Internet Exchange, the World's
                                              largest independent IP exchange. All the major UK ISPs and many
     Since the last issue of Spitfire news    European and International ISPs are members of LINX. It is estimat-
     there have been some interesting         ed that over half of the Internet's routes are available through LINX
     developments within the industry.        and traffic peaks at 55Gigabits per second!
     In particular, the announcement by          Internet exchanges are where ISPs hand over traffic to each other
     BT of their plans for the replace-       through what are known as peering agreements. Spitfire has set up
     ment over the next five years of         peering agreements with many other ISPs and content providers such
     much of their existing infrastruc-       as Google, the BBC and Microsoft.
     ture with a new 21 Century network          Being connected to LINX reduces the number of hops that traffic
     based wholly on IP (internet proto-      has to take to reach its destination which increases download speeds
     col) technology.                         to users and also adds resilience to our own network. To increase
        BT’s plans fundamentally under-       resilience even further Spitfire connects to the LINX in two separate
     pin the rise and rise of Voice over      places on two separate physical infrastructures composed of Gigabit
     IP, which after some years on the        Ethernet switches from two different vendors.
     fringes of the telecommunications           In addition to technical facilities LINX provides a forum for ISPs to
     world is rapidly becoming the dom-       discuss issues such as combating spam and representing the UK ISP
     inant technology of the future.          industry to Government regulators.
        Spitfire enthusiastically embraces
     these changes, which we believe
     will bring substantial benefits to our
     customers and endorse the devel-
     opments we have made in our own
     company over the last five years.
                                              SPITFIRE'S ISP TEAM
        Progression being an ongoing          It has been a busy period for Spitfire's ISP team.
     process we are pleased to
     announce in this issue our new
     membership of LINX and the               We have opened a second facility
     expansion in both our ISP and LAN        for our network infrastructure
     teams detailed opposite. Both            linked by dual optical fibres to our
     these teams have been placed             existing facility providing us plenty
     under the general management of          of room for growth and expansion.
     Graham Lewis, who has had exten-            We have replaced one of our mail
     sive previous experience within the      servers with a more powerful
     industry including management            machine to handle the increased
     positions with Olivetti, BT and          volume of mail and made significant
     Globix. The consequent new com-          changes to our network architecture
     bined IP Networking group demon-         to increase resilience. In addition we
     strates our commitment to provid-        have added a second circuit con-
     ing our customers with a holistic        necting us to BT’s ADSL network
     solution to their telecommunica-            This past year has seen a period
     tions requirements.                      of growth in our IP Team as Graham       Systems in October and Nils              Improvements to the service will
        For those requiring a respite         Lewis replaced Peter Walker as           Petersen from the Danish ISP          continue. In mid-November we
     from the technological onslaught,        General Manager IP Network               Cybercity in January. Additions to    changed over to a dual power supply
     Andrea Carroll relates her return to     Engineering last July and we have        our LAN team include Michael          infrastructure for all our existing
     old fashioned horse power in the         added several more members of            Richardson a former under 21 bas-     equipment at Redbus. We have
     African bush and a case of wine is       staff to the support team. Tim           ketball player for England who        also completed trials for an
     up for grabs on page 4.                  Meredith and Mel Slade have joined       joined us from The Evangelical        Anti-Virus mail filtering service. This
                                              the team having previously worked in     Alliance last October and Andy        was introduced, as a direct result of
                         HARRY BOWLBY         our Customer Services Department,        Goodwin from Evesham Technology       requests from customers for this
                    Joint Managing Director   Paul Hoar joined us from Cisco           who joined us in February .           service and has been a great success.
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     WWW.SPITFIRE.CO.UK                                                    CALL SPITFIRE ON 020 7501 3000 or e-mail sales@spitfire.co.uk                  03

                                              Andrea Carroll, senior sales consultant with Spitfire shares her memories
                                              of an unforgettable horse-riding safari in Botswana

                                             The     horse-riding     safari   in   transported to the next camp along     was to avoid lions and not move
     Cont’d from page 01                     Botswana promised some of the          the Tuli trail, we set off into the    accidentally into any of the great
                                             most exciting game viewing in          wilderness just after 5am. The         herds of elephant the area is
     tion charge £595.00).                   Africa, a unique experience on         early mornings were a shock at         famous for. Things didn’t always
        Spitfire's service includes a full   horseback for those with a spirit      first, likewise the nights spent in    go to plan and the third day ended
     range of related consultancy serv-      of adventure and it certainly          the tents. The first few were rela-    in a chase downhill by a matriarch
     ices. Our aim is to enable you to       didn’t disappoint!                     tively sleepless due to two factors;   and two brave baby elephants for
     benefit from new technology in an          The Matshatu game reserve,          the ominous sounds of wild ani-        being far too inquisitive.
     applied and cost effective way. Our     known as the ‘Land of the Giants’,     mals in the distance and an over-         Afternoons typically involved a
     range of services include every-        was the area to be explored when       active imagination! However after      trek out to one of the various
     thing you would expect from a           last November I arrived with my        a few days the exercise soon           ancient archaeological sites, offer-
     business ISP:                           sister Linda, wide eyed, at Fort       caught up with me and I’d end up       ing an insight into the cultural his-
     * Free static IP address as stan-       Jameson camp. Following a rather       falling into a deep slumber. I was     tory of the reserve. One afternoon
        dard.                                shaky flight into the Tuli Block and   happiest on the last few nights        this was substituted for a brilliant
     * Optional domain and web hosting.      a serious lecture about safety, I      sleeping out under the stars, whilst   game drive allowing us to see lions
     * A range of e-mail options.            was ready to meet the group            carefully avoiding the monkeys in      and a leopard from the relative
     * VPN support & management.             and my trusty steed. After the trial   the trees above.                       safety of a jeep. It was a great
     * Full consultancy services.            ride, when most of us stuck               Mornings consisted of riding        opportunity to view the predators
     * A wide range of available equip-      strangely close to the guide, armed    around 40km at varied paces, tai-      we were always trying to avoid
        ment - pre-configured or for you     with a bullwhip and gun, I decided     lored to the movement of the           whilst on horseback. However,
        to configure.                        that maybe I didn’t need a horse       game, galloping along the dry          being on horseback made this
     * 24 x 7 support available.             that insisted on being out at the      riverbeds, jumping trees dislodged     safari a totally different experi-
     * TotalCare available on all            front and settled with a lovely        by elephants and descending the        ence. Better to be galloping along-
        ISP services.                        young horse called Sonny, my new       steep banks of the Limpopo river.      side Zebra and Wildebeest across
     Please call Spitfire sales              best friend.                           We often stopped along the way to      the open plains than sitting watch-
     on 020 7501 3333 for more                  Each day we arose to the early      let the horses graze under the         ing them trot by. For me this
     information or to place an order.       morning excitement generated by        huge riverine trees viewing Eland,     aspect of the trip was definitely the
     (BT costs as per www.bt.com website     the awakening life in the bush.        Impala, Wildebeest, Zebra and          highlight and something I will
     correct at time of going to print)      Then, after packing essentials to be   Giraffe. In dense woodland the aim     never forget!
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       04               COMMUNICATIONS                                                                                                          WWW.SPITFIRE.CO.UK

      Simone Kemp

     The terrific growth in the use of                  box. Software is also provided for        stylus and includes personal digi-         The Nokia 6820 folds out to pro-
     e-mail has made it a vital part of                 synchronising address books and           tal assistant (PDA) functionality       vide a full ‘qwerty’ keyboard with
     business communications. We now                    schedules with the user's PC              with software for maintaining a         colour display making e-mail writ-
     find that many of our customers                    desktop system.                           built-in address book and personal      ing and SMS texting easy. Folded it
     want access to their e-mail commu-                    The BlackBerry uses 'push'             schedule.                               is compact and stylish, weighing
     nication while on the move and sev-                technology so that e-mails are               Spitfire is now able to offer the    only 100 grams.
     eral solutions to this requirement                 sent to the device without the user       Vodafone Prosumer Webmail                  Like the BlackBerry it operates
     are now available from Spitfire.                   having to check manually. When an         BlackBerry for single users. The        on GPRS networks with triband
                                                        e-mail is received the BlackBerry         Prosumer package costs £17.02           access for international use. While
        One of the first devices produced               alerts the user with a tone and the       plus VAT per month and the rental       it does not have the BlackBerry's
     for mobile e-mail access is the                    message plus attachments can be           includes 3Mbytes of GPRS down-          PDA features it does have all the
     BlackBerry from Research                                     opened and viewed on            loads per month.                        latest mobile phone functions
     In Motion Ltd. The                                                the BlackBerry's              Packages for five user small         including camera for still or video
     BlackBerry uses soft-                                              colour      display.      business groups or 20 user enter-       image capture and playback.
     ware that forwards a                                              General     Internet       prise groups with business soft-        Bluetooth and infrared connections
     user's e-mail from the                                            browsing is also           ware and server are also available.     are also provided.
     user's individual e-mail                                          possible using the            As an alternative to the                Please note all mobile phone
     account or a corporate                                            BlackBerry.                BlackBerry my personal favourite        contract invoicing and usage can be
     e-mail address through                                               As well as e-mail,      is the Nokia 6820 which Vodafone        included in Spitfire's single month-
     a wireless network to                                             the BlackBerry can         is now offering with e-mail access.     ly bill for your fixed line and
     the BlackBerry where it                                           also be used as a          Unlike the BlackBerry the Nokia         mobile call/data traffic. Spitfire's
     is stored for reading.                                            mobile phone using         6820 does not use 'push' technolo-      billing format is designed to be
     Outgoing e-mail goes                                             GPRS networks with          gy so users have to check if mail is    clear and easy to understand mak-
     directly      to      the                                        international roam-         waiting. This can be an advantage       ing communications cost manage-
     addressee from the                                               ing access possible.        in controlling call costs because if    ment simple.
     BlackBerry but a copy of                                         The BlackBerry has          roaming abroad for example, fre-        For more information on the range of
     the e-mail also goes to                                          a full 'qwerty' key-        quent automatic checking for            mobile communication solutions
     the user's home e-mail                                           board used with a           mails could prove expensive.            from Spitfire call 020 7501 3136.

    Spot the difference and WIN a CASE OF WINE



               SP ITF


                                                                       (please circle the six differences on the picture above)

    Spitfire is giving away a case of wine to the lucky winner of this month’s spot the difference competition.                    Tel
    Simply send your completed spot the difference entry to the address below or fax it on 020 7501 3131
    by 30th June 2005. The winner will be the first name drawn out of the hat.                                                     E-mail

    Spitfire Spot the difference, 6-7 SBBC, Ponton Road, London, SW8 5BL
    Please contact me for a free Spitfire Comms check    Yes   No
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     WWW.SPITFIRE.CO.UK                                                      CALL SPITFIRE ON 020 7501 3000 or e-mail sales@spitfire.co.uk           05

     AVAYA LAUNCH IP OFFICE VERSION 3                                                                                MARCONI
     Tom Fellowes
                                                                                                                     STUMBLES AS BT
     Avaya have recently launched ver-           The IP Office also offers an
     sion 3.0 of their leading IP based       excellent upgrade path for Index                                       ROLLS OUT 21st
     telephone system, the IP Office.         customers via the Index Media
     Building on the success of earlier       Gateway. This gives clients an                                         CENTURY VISION
     versions the most recent software        opportunity to take advantage of up
     level delivers further integration       to date technology without replac-                                     Harry Bowlby
     with IP and enhanced functionality.      ing their entire telephone system.
        The IP Office offers an outstand-        Spitfire have a variety of special                                  Marconi, the British telecommuni-
     ing set of telephone features, com-      installation offers for clients mov-                                   cations equipment manufacturer,
     bined with true IP functionality. This   ing premises, upgrading their tele-                                    has recently announced large
     allows a wide range of applications,     phone system or wishing to                                             scale job cuts following it’s exclu-
     from being used as a first rate tra-     update an old Index system                                             sion from the supplier list for BT’s
     ditional PBX to a full converged IP         If you would like to                                                new 21st Century network. Paul
     system. Where clients want to            discuss up-grading or                                                  Reynolds, CEO of BT Wholesale
     upgrade their phone system to take       changing your sys-                                                     commented that Marconi had pro-
     advantage of new technologies,           tem please give the                                                    vided a good product offering, but
     while still requiring a full range of    Sales or Account                                                       had failed to compete on price with
     telephone services the IP Office         Management                                                             the chosen vendors from Fujitsu,
     provides an excellent solution at an     Team a call on                                                         Huawei, Alcatel, Cisco, Siemens,
     extremely competitive cost.              020 7501 3000.                                                         Lucent, Ericsson and Ciena, many
        Some of the features delivering                                                                              of whom had been prepared to
     real business benefits include net-                                                                             supply at a loss for the prestige of
     working between sites; connecting                                                                               involvement in the project.
     home workers via IP phones on                                                                                      BT’s new network to be deployed
     broadband (no phone charges                                                                                     over the next five years will make
     between sites); call centre functions                                                                           full use of the latest IP or internet
     to improve customer service and                                                                                 derived technology to provide con-
     productivity (no more missed                                                                                    verged transit of voice and data.
     calls and orders); and advanced                                                                                 The network will use MPLS (multi
     voicemail. There are also a                                                                                     protocol labelled switching) to pri-
     range of CTI (Computer                                                                                          oritise traffic as appropriate and
     Telephony Integration) applica-                                                                                 ensure quality of service for video
     tions including unified messaging                                                                               or voice.
     and Phone Manager, all of which                                                                                    The new network should trans-
     are designed to improve the serv-                                                                               form customers’ ability to make
     ice you deliver to your clients and                                                                             fuller use of the benefits of Voice
     improve internal efficiency.                                                                                    over IP and related technologies
        Avaya have also launched new                                                                                 such as SIP discussed later in this
     ranges of IP and Digital phones to                                                                              newsletter. In particular this
     work with version 3 software. The                                                                               should include cheaper telephone
     5600 series IP phones provide the                                                                               calls, lower line rental costs and
     flexibility and future proof technol-                                                                           internet access, improved net-
     ogy expected from IP technology;                                                                                working between sites and
     the 5400 series digital phones                                                                                  advanced applications such as per-
     deliver improved styling combined                                                                               sonal numbering.
     with a rich set of digital features at                                                                             As with any new disruptive tech-
     a cost effective price.                                                                                         nology, benefits to customers are
                                                                                                                     matched by winners and losers
                                                                                                                     within the industry, so Marconi
                                                                                                                     is unlikely to be the last to fall by
                                                                                                                     the wayside.
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       06       I.T.                                                                                                                      WWW.SPITFIRE.CO.UK

                                                                                       TOTALCARE – A SERVICE TO
                                                                                       BE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED.
                                                                                       Normal business hours today vary enormously and are becoming more
                                                                                       extended as our customers’ expectations change. As a result of these
                                                                                       changes the demands upon your telecommunications needs have to
                                                                                       change in order to keep pace with customers’ needs. The technology
                                                                                       employed has kept pace and has become more reliable with fibre optic
                                                                                       technology and fully electronic telephone exchanges.
     “A good exampleallows users to chat, talk, share
     Messenger which
                     of SIP in action is Microsoft                                        Unfortunately, on occasions things do go wrong and careful considera-
                                                                                       tion needs to be given to the level of cover provided by BT on your
     video, swap pictures and play games with other                                    telephone / broadband lines.
     online users.
                         ”                                                                The table below shows the options available and the levels of cover
                                                                                       they provide:

                                                                                        Service Type: • Analogue Lines • ISDN 2e

                                                                                                             Standard Care                  Total Care

                                   THE WAY AHEAD                                        How soon will I      Before 1700 hours              Within 4 hours
                                   FOR VOICE OVER IP                                    get a response?      on the next working day.       24-hours, 7 days per week.

                                                                                        When will my fault Between 0800 – 1700              24-hours per day
     You could be forgiven if you had           under the auspices of the IETF          be worked on?      Monday to Friday                  7-days per week.
     never heard of SIP (Session                (Internet Engineering Task Force)                            (Excludes public holidays)     (Includes public holidays)
     Initiation Protocol) before now but        who prefer a simple approach to
     this is one acronym that you will          protocol design and encourages          How much will        Included in                    £3.30 + VAT
     hear more and more about as Voice          extendable protocols that do one        it cost?             standard rental                per month per line
     over IP (VoIP) becomes a technology        job very well. As a result SIP is a                                                         or two channels.
     that all businesses need to consider.      text-based protocol very similar to
        VoIP is the technology that allows      HTTP (Hyper Text Transport              Service Type: • ISDN 30
     voice calls to travel over an IP (inter-   Protocol) upon which the massive
     net protocol) based data network           success of the World Wide Web has                            Standard Care                  Total Care
     simultaneously with other data. This       been built. Text based protocols are
     allows businesses to incur the cost        easier to code with scripting and       How soon will I      Within 4-working hours         Within 4 hours
     of managing only one IP network            high level languages which enables      get a response?      from receipt of the fault      24-hours
     rather than separate voice and data        rapid application development.                               being reported                 7 days per week.
     networks. There was a complete             Added to the fact that SIP can be
     article on VoIP in our Summer 2003         used for control of any interactive     When will my fault Between 0800 – 1700              24-hours per day
     newsletter which is available for          multi-media sessions not just voice     be worked on?      Monday to Saturday               7-days per week.
     download from our website                  but video, text messaging and                                (Excludes public holidays)     (Includes public holidays)
     www.spitfire.co.uk                         interactive gaming it is easy to see
        Right now the H.323 telephony pro-      that many industry analysts believe     How much will        Included in                    £2.10 + VAT per channel
     tocol is the one predominantly used        that many SIP "killer applications"     it cost?             standard rental                per month.
     to control call setup and manage-          have yet to be written.
     ment functions for VoIP calls. This           A good example of SIP in action
     protocol was drawn up by the ITU           is Microsoft Messenger which
     (International Telecommunications          allows users to chat, talk, share      Clearly the differences between the levels of cover are such that an impor-
     Union) and as a result is very pre-        video, swap pictures and play          tant decision needs to be made on whether your business would tolerate the
     scriptive and uses binary control          games with other online users.         effects of a prolonged interruption to your telephony services.
     codes meaning that software applica-          All of the market leading vendors      Spitfire strongly recommends that the TotalCare option is put in place on
     tions have to be written in low level      – Avaya, Nortel and Cisco are          all of your lines unless you are confident that your business can cope with-
     languages such as C & C++, making          adding support for SIP in their new    out any of your services for up to 24-hours.
     application development slow.              VoIP products and SIP is widely           To take up the option of TotalCare, please contact our Customer Service
        On the other hand SIP (Session          expected to replace H323 as the        Team on 020-7501 3030 or via e-mail to customerservices@spitfire.co.uk
     Initiation Protocol) is developed          dominant VoIP call control protocol.   Gary Hodsall - Customer Services Manager
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     WWW.SPITFIRE.CO.UK                                                      CALL SPITFIRE ON 020 7501 3000 or e-mail sales@spitfire.co.uk                               07

     TROJAN VIRUSES                                                                                                     “Never install software
                                                                                                                        when you don’t know
     Mark Bull
                                                                                                                        where it came from
     This year has seen a further           has increased and high bandwidth           * Install an anti-virus program and                  work firewall that will pro-
     increase in the number and             means that an unsecured PC is a              make sure you keep it up to date -                 tect all machines on a net-
     sophistication of PC viruses and       prized asset for someone intent on           most commercial AV programs can                    work can be an easier
     Trojans causing havoc with users       spreading viruses or Spam.                   be set up to automatically collect                 to manage and worthwhile
     PCs’ and networks. A Trojan is a          At one time last summer, virus            updates from the vendor’s Internet                 investment.
     program that allows someone else       infestation was the largest single           site. Ensure that the program is set             * Never install software when
     to take control of someone else's      cause of calls about slow                    up not just to scan incoming mail                  you don't know where it came
     PC and then use it to send out         Internet response to the Spitfire ISP        but to protect a computer every                    from - this applies particularly
     hundreds of thousands of Spam          support team.                                time a file is opened.                             to programs loaded from the
     messages whilst at the same time          Whilst the main target of viruses and   * Install an anti-Trojan program                     Internet or sent in an e-mail.
     searching the Internet for other       Trojan programs are PCs running              that will hunt for Trojan programs                 Make sure that your staff are
     victims to infect.                     Microsoft Windows operating system,          installed on your machines.                        aware of the consequences of
        The popularity of broadband         Apple Mac and Unix machines can also       * Install a firewall - many operating                either accidentally or delib-
     Internet has made the spread of        be vulnerable. We recommend that all         systems include firewall func-                     erately installing unautho-
     viruses faster - because broad-        our customers employ the following           tionality built into the operating                 rised software. A firewall will
     band is always on the opportunity      steps to help keep their computers free      system - but for customers with                    not prevent users down-
     to catch an unsecured machine          from infection:                              more than a couple of PCs a net-                   loading malicious software.

     A WEEE PROBLEM?                                                                      The WEEE Man seen on the Southbank in
                                                                                          London, weighs three tonnes, the amount of
                                                                                          electrical waste each person creates in their
                                                                                          lifetime. It is made entirely from products
                                                                                          covered under the WEEE directive.
     Changes in the law are afoot which     (producer responsibility). Private
     will mean that you can't simply        householders are to be able to
     take old PCs, fax machines and         return WEEE without charge."
     phone systems to a dump when
     they are no longer required. In        By 13 August 2005:
     February 2003 the European Union       • private householders will be able
     agreed the Waste Electrical and          to return their WEEE to collection
     Electronic Equipment (WEEE)              facilities free of charge;
     Directive which comes into force in    • producers (manufacturers, sell-
     the UK on 13 August 2005. As the         ers, distributors) will be responsi-
     DTI (Department of Trade and             ble for financing the collection,
     Industry) states:                        treatment, recovery and disposal
        "The Waste Electrical and             of WEEE from private households           However, it may be possible for all               costs of complying with the WEEE
     Electronic Equipment Directive           deposited at these collection             or part of these costs to be recov-               directive, or require customers to
     (WEEE) aims to minimise the              facilities;                               ered from users other than private                make some sort of payment for the
     impacts of electrical and electron-    • producers will be responsible for         householders.                                     disposal of used equipment.
     ic equipment on the environment          financing the collection, treat-                                                               While the payment issue
     during their life times and when         ment, recovery and disposal of           In line with the 'polluter pays' prin-             remains to be resolved, the WEEE
     they become waste. It applies to a       WEEE from users other than pri-          ciple this means that collection,                  directive has already had one
     huge spectrum of products. It            vate householders from products          treatment, recovery and disposal of                effect. The move away from light
     encourages and sets criteria for         placed on the market after 13            WEEE is the responsibility of pro-                 coloured plastic casings for busi-
     the collection, treatment, recycling     August 2005 and;                         ducers and potentially business                    ness machines (the once ubiqui-
     and recovery of waste electrical       • producers will also be responsible       users of products. As a result man-                tous beige) to dark grey is directly
     and electronic equipment. It             for financing the management of          ufacturers and suppliers of IT                     related to the difficulty of produc-
     makes producers responsible for          WEEE from products placed on the         equipment may have to increase the                 ing light colours using recycled
     financing most of these activities       market before 13 August 2005.            price of new equipment to cover the                plastic waste.
spitfire spring 05 doc          1/6/05      12:05 pm       Page 8

       08      CALL SPITFIRE ON 020 7501 3000 or e-mail sales@spitfire.co.uk


     Tourism Australia is a statutory        sions, but this can be expanded to
     authority of the Australian Federal     128, so it is unlikely that the agency
     Government, governed by a Board         will outgrow the system. "We
     of Directors which is directly          selected the Spitfire tender
     responsible to the Minister for         because it comprehensively met
     Tourism, Industry and Resources.        our needs and I was convinced of
     In the UK, Tourism Australia is         their competence and expertise",
     located at Australia House in the       Tracey explains.
     Strand, London. Last year the              The installation process also
     agency moved offices and it was         went smoothly. "Prior to installa-
     decided to replace the existing         tion they were very supportive and
     telephone system as part of the         were always available when we
     relocation. "We had a range of          needed advice. Spitfire also liaised
     needs which the current system          closely with the office fitters and
     could not provide such as call cen-     other contractors to ensure work
     tre working and unified messag-         schedules were coordinated which
     ing",   says     Tracey    Duncan,      relieved me of that pressure. The
     Corporate Services Manager              actual implementation took place
     Europe for Tourism Australia.           over a weekend and everything
        Tracey selected three telephony      went perfectly."
     suppliers to tender for the con-           In operation Spitfire arranged a
     tract, one of which was Spitfire.       30 channel ISDN service with 15
                                                       channels connected ini-

         We selected the Spitfire tender tially. For current use and
     “                                                 future expansion 100 DDI
     because it comprehensively met (direct dial inwards) num-
     our needs and I was convinced of bers were provided. This
     their competence and expertise included 16 international
                                                       calling numbers so that
      "The proposal submitted by Spitfire    foreign language callers can be
      was clear but far more detailed        connected to staff with the appro-       greater level of cost control and cus-
      than the other two. It also included   priate language skills.                  tomer satisfaction as a result.           Last edition
      a full analysis and breakdown of          To provide a contact centre solu-       Spitfire also provided a 64 user        Competition Winner
      call costs for us because we were      tion Spitfire supplied Nortel's          voicemail package which included
      considering using Spitfire's call-     Professional Call Centre Plus.           fax messaging for 32 users. A             The winner of the last
      billing service. With the analysis     Because it is economically priced        unified messaging solution was            spot the difference
      they were able to forecast the pos-    the Nortel Call Centre allowed           also supplied allowing users to           competition was
      sible significant cost savings we      Tourism Australia to set up a contact    receive fax, voice and e-mail             Katherine McGuinness,
      could make if we were to use           centre solution with only four           messages into one electronic mail         Office Manager at Slater
      Spitfire's call billing", says Tracey. agents. This means enquires can be       box. "We want to be able to use           Maidment who received
         Spitfire's proposal recommended     answered quickly and efficiently. The    unified messaging eventually so           £200 of Thomas Cook
      the use of the Nortel Network's        Call Centre Plus software provides       Spitfire included it in the Nortel        Holiday Vouchers.
      Business Communications Manager        the supervisor with real time per-       system, at present we have
      (BCM) phone system, a converged        formance information and historic        delayed its implementation".
      voice/data solution for businesses     reporting, for example how many            In terms of after sales support         This edition
      providing customers with a choice      calls have been taken and how many       Tracey     says       that     Spitfire
      of either an IP enabled or pure IP     calls have been missed by staff          Technology has been "absolutely
                                                                                                                                THE SPOT THE
      communications. As supplied to         members and so on. This means            perfect. Their customer service           DIFFERENCE
      Tourism Australia the BCM system       measurable performance targets           support is very good and the sup-         COMPETITION CAN BE
      supports 64 digital phone exten-       can be set for agents, providing a       port we have received is excellent".      FOUND ON PAGE 04

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