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               PRODUCERS vs DIRECTORS

Directors handle creative aspects of a project, Producers handle the
business aspects.

Directors are the Captains of the ship, Producers purchased the ship
and put it on the ocean.

There are creative Producers and business-minded Directors (as well
as Producer/Directors), but in general, the work is separated.
                  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER

Often a credit given to the main financier(s) or person who brought on
the money (ie: a funder like the UK Film Council or Scottish Screen ) or
any big name person who helped get the film financed (e.g. Robert
Redford is the Executive Producer on Motorcycle Diaries).

If a member of your family funded your short film, then by rights, Mrs
Mildred Jones, your rich aunt, might be your Executive Producer

The UK / USA / most of Europe are all producer–led industries. The
Producer owns the copyright to the project and usually has a
production company to make the project (but not always, one can work
as a Producer for another company).

A Producer SELECTS material that might make a good film then finds/
hires writer(s) and later a director to fulfill that material. The Producer is
there from the start of a project, from the initial idea right through to
years later when film sales are made and the film is recouping’all its net
profits – this can be years after the movie is made.

Projects are often writer or director-led but sooner or later will need a
Producer to raise finance and own the product. A finished film’s
copyright is usually owned jointly by the Director and the Producer.

The Best Picture Academy Award is a Producer’s prize.

Official title given to finance and production partners - increasingly
films are made by one, two or more partner countries or organizations.
(Russian Ark had approx. 27 international co-producers)

If you want money from another country to make your film you will have
to enter into a Co-Production agreement. They are typically tied in with
Rights to that territory.
                      ASSOCIATE PRODUCER

A ‘Gift’ title (and sometimes a fee)! Often given to someone who has
given something to the production or brought something to it without
which the film would not have been made
•   An up-and-coming producer who shadows the producer ;
•   A line producer who did far more than their duty and deserve more
    than LP credit;
•   Anyone who arranged an important favor -- a special location, an
    actor appearing, or some special element of the production.
                       LINE PRODUCER

Responsible for line items on your budget. A specialist position
particularly necessary if you are to have a BOND (completion bond or
Guarantee), the Bond Company will need to see a bonafide budget done
by a bonded line producer.

Line Producers are answerable to the Producer, but a sound knowledge
of production practices, costs, services and deals are CRUCIAL for the
Producer to know and should never be left solely to a Line Producer.
                   PRODUCTION MANAGER

Answerable to the Line Producer, also generates most of the
production paperwork - often sets up and runs the production office
during a shoot - can hire ‘runners’ and other junior staff for the
production such as Production Coordinators. Does not stay employed
by the project after the film is finished.

Script development can be the longest part of a film’s journey. Many
story / script editors may be hired during the development period and
many organizations involved (i.e. Sundance).

Again, for a Producer, an understanding of script terminology, genre,
use of script editors, budgets for script work etc. are vital to managing
the project. In the end, almost every financing decision hangs on the
genre of your film, its quality and its market value.

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