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					Salesforce Practice

     Bodhtree Introduction
     Bodhtree CRM Practice Overview
     Bodhtree Credentials
     Case Studies
     Partner & Certifications

Bodhtree Overview

   Bodhtree is an IT Consulting and Services Company providing Implementation, Integration,
    Customization services for SaaS Applications, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence and
    Information Management Practice areas

   Headquartered at Hyderabad , we have our offices in United States and United Kingdom,
    serving customers in NA , Europe, MENA, SE and APAC.

   Extensive experience in multiple end to end implementations, maintenance , migration,
    integration, support & end user training projects.

   Partners with Oracle,, Microsoft, Redhat, SAP, Intel

   Experience in other SaaS based products and Cloud Computing technologies

   Technology spread includes Java, .NET, xml, BPEL, SOA, Oracle Apps, Seibel, Oracle DB, web
    services, Flash, Apex , and so on.


    CRM Practice
Bodhtree Consulting Ltd

Bodhtree CRM Story
 …creating success stories                    …offers a full basket of services      ...operates across technologies
 • Over 30+ successful engagements in last    • Business and Technology Consulting   •, Oracle CRM,
   2 years;                                   • Customer Operations Roadmap and      •   Complimentary Technologies
 • More than 90% of engagements involve         Strategy                             •   CTI Solutions , BPO
   development & implementation               • Package Evaluation                   •   Reporting & BI
 • Over 95% of work done offshore             • Implementation / Rollouts            •   Integration Middleware
 • 90% of projects completed in time          • Upgrades                             •    Shell Scripts, Java, EJB, J2EE, JSP XML,
 • Strong Alliances with Oracle, SAP,         • Support and Maintenance                  J2ME

 …has world class consultants                 …leverages the CRM CoE                 …operates in multiple verticals
 • Consultants trained and experienced in     • Framework for knowledge              • Banking and Insurance
   packages                                     management                           • Communications & Media
 • Experienced resources, Mix of technical                                           • Hi-tech & Manufacturing
                                              • Methodologies and artifacts for
   and functional profiles                                                           • Logistics
                                                accelerated execution
 • Certified Administrators,
                                              • Infrastructure for solution          • Pharmaceuticals
   Developers & Consultants
                                                evaluation and pre-validation        • Life Sciences & Healthcare

 …delivering value to customers

                      End-to-End CRM Offerings
                      Across Verticals

                                         Financial                                                         Energy &                           Media and
                                                          Hi Tech           Healthcare       Pharma                             Telecom                        Life Sciences
                                         Services                                                           Utilities                         Publishing

                                                                    <         C      O   N     S       U   L    T       I   N      G      >
                                                                           CRM                     CRM                        Change
                                          CRM Strategy                   Roadmap                                            Management                     Training
Building Blocks

                                                                                                                                                                               Customer Process Outsourcing
                                                                                                 Functional &
                                         Quality         Custom               Resource                                Project                SLA               Cost
                                        Assurance     Delivery Model         Management                             Management            Management       Optimization

                                                                    <     T E C N O L O G Y                S E R V I C E S >
        Parameters Services Processes

                                          Standardization                                        Metrics,                                         Resource
                                                                        Service Level                                   Sharing of best
                                           & Continuous                                       Measurement &                                      utilization &
                                                                        Management                                        practices
                                           improvement                                          Tracking                                         optimization

                                              Scoping &                                                                                           Production
                                               Package              Implementation            Global Rollout                Upgrade               Support &
                                              Assurance                                                                                          Maintenance

                                            Scope            Cost              Time          Quality       Productivity          Communication              Risk

Bodhtree CRM Practice :
Industry Vertical Spread

                                     Strategic Engagements
                                                                                       Business Process Re-
                      Industry        Scoping       CRM Roadmap   Package Evaluation
 Financial Services                                                                          
 Communications & Media                                                                      
 Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences                                                             
 Healthcare                                                                                  
 Energy & Utilities                                                      
 Hi Tech                                                                 
 Manufacturing                                                                               

                                    Operational Engagements
                                                                                       Production Support
                      Industry     Implementation     Rollout         Upgrade
                                                                                         & Maintenance
 Financial Services                                    
 Communications & Media                                                                     
 Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences                                                            
 Healthcare                                                                                 
 Energy & Utilities                                    
 Hi Tech                                                                                     
 Manufacturing                           

Bodhtree’s CRM Implementation

              PLAN               DESIGN            DEVELOP                                       DEPLOY
          Executive    Project    Business
          Workshop    Planning    Process
                      Session     Reviews


                                  Report of
                                  Findings                                   UAT       no      Freeze
                                                                            Iterate?        Configuration

                                               Integrate &                                                  Project
                                                 Extend                                                     Wrap Up

                                                                                            Migrate Data
                                                  Data Mapping & Testing

                                                 Curriculum Development                       Training


     Bodhtree Introduction
     Current Engagements with Cisco
     Bodhtree CRM Practice Overview
     Bodhtree Credentials
     Case Studies
     Partner & Certifications

Partnership with
   Strategic Partnership’ with including Global Marketing agreement, the
    master teaming agreement to provide strategic consulting, integrate and implement
    complex solutions to clients
   Joint Marketing efforts along with EMEA for accounts in the Gulf/MENA
   Training partner with for Internal consultant trainings and customer
   Regional Systems Integrator and Select Partner
   Poised to soon be Global Systems Integrator with
Bodhtree Practice Snapshot
   Strong practice with over 40 associates and ramping up continously.
   Over 20 certified Consultants, Developers and Administrators
   CoE for SaaS and cloud computing
   Bodhtree leverages its solution deployment expertise and CRM competency to provide
    customized solutions using, enabling higher returns on investments for
   Optimized methodologies for implementation, support and enhancement
    projects to deliver high quality solutions at optimal costs

Bodhtree –
Value Proposition

                                      FACTS                                 Bringing in Value >

                    • The leaders in hosted CRM market

                    • is the first billion dollar   The Bodhtree – value
                      Cloud CRM Company.                           proposition is aimed at bringing in value
                    • rocketed from ranking
                                                                   to the customer in the following areas –
                      22 to 12 in terms of total CRM revenue
                    • More than 77000 customers                    • Leverage Bodhtree Delivery Model for
                      worldwide and growing !                       a faster, more cost efficient
                    • CRM Practice has critical presence in        • Leverage’s flexibility
                      Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals,          and implementation methodology to
                      Telecom , High Tech, Life Sciences            deliver enterprise scale agile CRM in
                                                                    minimal time

                    • Strong Domain Knowledge
                                                                   • Leverage Bodhtree’ strong Domain
                    • Leveraging CRM implementations in             knowledge to deploy industry specific
                      large organizations
                                                                    solutions through’s
                    • Pioneered the Offshore Delivery Model         AppExchange Marketplace
                      and has been successfully deploying it
                      for the last decade

Leveraging Mutual Strengths’s value proposition
                                                       Bodhtree Value proposition
   Focus on Adoption & Business Success
                                                          Offshore Delivery Model
     –   Visual, Iterative, Business-Driven Solution
                                                            –   Reduces Project Implementation Lifecycle
                                                            –   Lower TCO (Total Cost of ownership)
     –   Education, Adoption, Enablement
                                                          Domain Knowledge
     –   Define Success Criteria & Benchmarks
                                                            –   Experience in varied domains ranging from
   Minimize Risk
                                                                Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare , Life Sciences,
     –   Inclusive Subscription, no Hidden                      Media, Communications, Hi Tech , Energy &
         Infrastructure or Upgrade Fees                         Utilities etc.
     –   Adoption: Iterative Functional Deployment &        –   Huge expertise in Industry specific best
         Training                                               practices and large scale implementations
     –   Value: Emphasize Time-To-Value                     –   Trained and Certified Resources
   Leverage Know how                      Large scale CRM deployments
     –   > 1,000,000,000 Application data points            –   Over 30 successful CRM deployments in the
     –   > 2,000 Consulting & Education Data Points             last 2 years with over 60% of work done
     –   Internal + Customer Shared Best Practices              offshore
   Drive Continual Business Improvement                  Bodhtree Quality Assurance
     –   Market Driven, Responsive                          –   Highly robust and tested processes in place to
     –   Frequent Upgrades & Frequent, Incremental              ensure defect free delivery
         Increases in ROI                                   –   Quality Adherence
     –   Always be State of the Art

Bodhtree Custom
Engagement Roadmap
 • CRM Education                  • Define Purpose             •Business Process           • Application                    • Training & Delivery
 • Industry, Customer,            • Project Planning            Design                      Configuration*                  • Performance Measurement
  Market, Competitive             • Resource Assessment        •Requirements               • System Integration*            • Feedback & Improvement*
  Analysis                        • CRM/Business Strategy       Definition                 • Custom Software                • Growth Planning & Building*
 • Hypothesis Formulation/        • Train/Rollout Strategy     •Process Configuration       Development*                    • New Feature Development*
  Scenario Building               • Sales Effectiveness        •Communication Plan*        • Testing*
 • Technology/Alliance            • Metrics & CSF’s            •Training Plan*             • Data Migration
  Assessment                      • Operating Procedures       •Rollout Plan*              • Tools Development*


   Bodhtree ACTIVITIES

               Pre-Sales              Planning &                       Design &                 Develop &                         Deploy &
                                      Strategy                      Process Review               Integrate                         Support

                                       (10% offshore)               (40% offshore)           (80% offshore)                   (75% offshore) ACTIVITIES

 • Partner Training               • Customer Qualification    •Best Practices Support      •Engagement Mgmt or             • Customer Support
 • Partner Certification          • Sales Support             •Process Consistency          Project Mgmt                   • Technical Support
 • Process Curriculum             • Contract/SOW Support      •Engagement Mgmt or          •Technology Assistance          • Infrastructure Controls
                                  • Strategy Development       Project Mgmt                •Project Reviews & Project      • Upgrade/New Release
                                  • Best Practice Support     •Project Reviews              Sign-off                        Migration - Training
                                  • Resource Planning
                                  • Project Planning
                                                                                                                        * Predominantly offshore activity
ROI and Deployment Timeframes

    Eliminate Provisioning Complexity, Time, Fees
    Visual, Iterative Design Instead Of “Black Box” Customization
    Accelerated Training Facilitates Change Management
    Iterative Design & End User Training Accelerates Adoption

* for more details on ROI calculations please get in touch with

Why Bodhtree?

Customer Satisfaction - On Time, On Budget

   Certified Professionals
     Rich functional & technical talent
     Fixed Bid Projects
     Global Delivery
     Cost Effective, Reliable, Experienced
   Select Partner
     CSAT available on Partner Portal
     >90% CSAT

Specialized Custom Offerings

   Consulting On-Demand – Pay As You Go option
   Jump Start, Fast Track, Enterprise, Tailor Made On Demand packages – Fixed bid &
   Fixed duration, T &M, CTM

Case Studies

Leading Communication
Service Provider in US
 Client                                                                 Situation
    The Client is a leading provider of end-to-end broadband              The client is a leading global supplier of network
     wireless systems that deliver the quadruple play of data,              infrastructure products and services, needed a new sales
     voice, video and mobility to all organizations today. The Client       force solution to meet complex global needs.
     is 100 percent focused on wireless technology, and that focus         With operations in two dozen countries, the company
     enables us to provide a complete portfolio of WLAN, Wi-Fi              required support for multiple languages and currencies as
     mesh, WiMAX (point-to-multipoint), and point-to-point                  well as anytime, anywhere access.
                                                                           Corporate executives were focused on forecasting
    The Client’s end-to-end product portfolio enables partners to          accuracy, which required a common global solution that
     custom-build the wireless solution that fits customers' specific       sales representatives would use more consistently.
     needs. The client’s broadband wireless equipment is used by
                                                                           Because many channel partners drive significant revenue
     enterprises, service providers, carriers, government entities,
                                                                            for the client, they also wanted to better serve and monitor
     educational institutions, healthcare organizations,
                                                                            its partners.
     municipalities and other organizations that need high-
     performance, secure and scalable broadband wireless

                                                                           Employees worldwide benefit from a localized
 Bodhtree Solution                                                 CRM Sales solution and easy access,
                                                                            resulting in increased communication and tracking.
     Salesforce CRM's internationalization options and ease of
                                                                           Executives enjoy the improved forecasting accuracy they
      integration impressed the decision makers.
     Bodhtree successfully deployed Salesforce CRM to more than
                                                                           With CRM, project managers enjoy ease of
      500 users worldwide withing a condensed span of 9 weeks
      helping the client realise RoI instantaneously.
                                                                           24/7 uptime and support provided by Bodhtree

Leading International
University in US
     The client focuses on preparing students for professional careers in
      the applied social sciences. Its faculty, students and alumni are          The Client, a career college, wanted greater visibility into its
      committed to making an impact on society and to results that make           inquiry-generation process to more effectively market to
      a difference in the lives of individuals, couples, families, schools,       potential students and boost admissions
      organizations, companies, and nations.                                     With 11 separate locations, a lack of visibility into the
     The clients institutions applies scholarship to solve social problems       admissions process prevented the college from improving the
      and has always had an abiding concern for diversity and                     process
      internationalism.                                                          Because the amount of time it takes between the moment
                                                                                  someone clicks on a Web interest form and the moment Alliant
 Bodhtree Solution                                                                contacts that person correlates directly with enrollment
                                                                                  success, visibility to real-time information was paramount
    The client chose Bodhtree to implement Salesforce CRM for its ease
     of use and ability to fully integrate with Client’s back-end systems;       The college required a CRM solution that could easily integrate
     the college deployed Enterprise Edition to 101 users with integration        with its PeopleSoft FT system to link marketing, inquiries, and
     to Microsoft Outlook and PeopleSoft FT                                       enrollments
    The college integrates all up-front inquiry generation via vendors,
     direct mail, and the Web site into Salesforce CRM; determined by
     workflow rules, auto-response emails are then automatically
    Dashboards help drive customer success and allow the senior vice
     president of Marketing and Admissions to know exactly how many              With 100 percent visibility into the marketing and enrollment
     inquiries were generated during a given time and where they came             process, the college is beginning to understand the sweet spot
     from Real-time reporting expands dashboard information for                   for the number of touch points needed, which helps the client
     customizable fore casting. With bidirectional integration into               understand what it takes to attract and enroll new students
     PeopleSoft FT on the back end, for student enrollment Alliant users         The college can now centrally and quickly confirm the
     simply click a link in Salesforce CRM; S-controls validate the               effectiveness of its marketing dollars at eleven campuses
     information, which is then matriculated in PeopleSoft; real-time and
     nightly synchronizations ensure information is updated in both

Leading Business Process
Outsourcing Company
 Client                                                                          Situation
    The client is the Global contact centre and International Business              The client - a global leader in software and processing solutions
     Process Outsourcing company and is part of a leading telecom systems             for financial services, higher education, and the public sector—
     integration and IT services company head quartered in India. From                needed a better way to manage leads and coordinate global
     providing telecom integration services to multinationals, Public Sector          marketing efforts
     Units and India's vast defense sector, the client has evolved to extend         Distributed operations and sales processes across 14 global
     its expertise into the dynamic space of Business Process Outsourcing             segments and 50 brands made it difficult to collaborate on
     and RFID.                                                                        opportunities and measure marketing effectiveness
    Apart from 8 regional offices in India, the client has over 60 service          Accurate and timely pipeline views, 360-degree customer
     and support facilities across the country. Internationally, the client is        perspectives, and customized lead management practices were
     present in the US, UK, Singapore and UAE.                                        a dire necessity

 Bodhtree Solution                                                                   Benefits
    The Client selected Salesforce CRM based on Bodhtree’s                           Active usage of Salesforce CRM exceeds 85 percent, for more
     recommendation to centralize customer information and standardize                 accurate and timely business views
     key processes worldwide. The company quickly completed a multi-                  Standard data and processes improve productivity and allow the
     phase rollout of sales, marketing, and customer support applications              Client to present a unified, consistent face to customers
     to 1,000 employees; subsequent deployments have increased the
                                                                                       The company now has improved collaboration on opportunities
     user-base to over 2,000 employees in multiple business functions
                                                                                       representing more than $3 billion in revenue
    Using Apex code, Bodhtree built a custom object to manage all global
                                                                                      In-depth processes managing more than 400,000 leads improve
     leads, customer subscriptions, email opt-ins, customized lead statuses
                                                                                       pipeline oversight and increase conversion rates
     to extend funnel stages, and implemented tailored lead qualification
     processes for different segments for the client.                                 Detailed campaign measurement helps the Client refine its
                                                                                       marketing mix to focus on activities with greater ROI
    Seamless integration with marketing automation solutions delivered
     made it easy to manage email campaigns and landing pages; leads                  Marketers are more accountable and have the data to back up
     were automatically captured and shared in                                         their decisions; available measurements include ROI of total
                                                                                       touches, total responses, conversion rates, total costs, cost per
    Salesforce CRM helping organize campaign programs, tactics, and
                                                                                       closed, and more
     messages for scheduling and measurement purposes

Leading Consulting firm in APAC
 Client                                                                     Situation
      The Client international is a leading training and business              The Client is unable to have a consolidated view on accounts
      consulting firm providing pragmatic yet dynamic solutions to              and hence not able to up-sell or cross sell, example: Globe
      organizations in Asia. Thriving on domain innovation and delivery         Telecom can be sold 3 types of products catering to their (i) IT
      optimization, The Client has constantly evolved since its inception       Team, (ii) Risk Compliance Team and (iii) VP Finance. This is not
      10 years ago to become the market leader – flaunting global               easily established right now.
      experience, process expertise and regional presence.                      Constant flow of information through emails to update sales
      It has 2 main groups.                                                    team and managers leads to further redundancy / confusion.
      Services include public events like seminars and public                  Issues with people leaving the organization and data being lost.
      registration services, B2B training and                                   Difficulties in tracking due to multiple copies of excel sheets
      Products – External and Internal.                                        floating around.

 Bodhtree Solution                                                          Benefits
 Key factors achieved by Bodhtree:                                          The Client has overcome all the pain points it had while using Sugar
      Optimized the point & click usability for sales teams for faster     CRM.
      data entry and retrieval.                                             Results
      The Client is able to provide valuable information such as income        Consolidation of account information and confidentiality of
      generated from Products ( both in house and Partner) and other             data across divisions.
      associated metrics around it.                                             Ensures continuity of business in case of sales people
      Optimized Sales & Marketing processes.                                    dropping out.
      Enabled maximum data capture by Sales & Marketing so that                Ensures faster-ramp up period for new employees.
      Delivery team gets all info that is needed by them to deliver             Top management is able to see sales cycle in 360 degrees
      maximum customer service. This applies to Sales & Marketing                using custom reports and dashboards.
      team as well.
                                                                                A central database to store the company information.
      Reports & Dashboards serve The Client business objectives in
      terms of metrics & KPIs tracked at each of the hierarchical levels.

Leading US based Venture
Capital Firm
 Client                                                                       Situation
                                                                                 Deal Flow Management System manages the prospect
    The client is involved in providing premier financial analysis and           companies that they look at during the year. Companies come
     corporate finance support services. Their clients include high-              and meet the Venture Capital (VC) management what is the
     growth start-ups, public - traded companies, top-tier venture                level of interest in startup business.
     capital and private equity firms and their portfolio companies,             The Client intended to track the whole calling effort and the
     and leading middle market investment banks. Focus on quality                 related activities that had happened with prospect companies.
     and superior financial modeling expertise and execution has won             The system should update the critical information of a particular
     rave reviews from its clients across various business sectors                company dynamically by connecting to the website Venture
     performance orientation. The Client believes that delivering the             Source which maintains the company’s details.
     highest quality and customized analysis is the most important
                                                                                 System should be able to give the 360 degree overview of the
     aspect of their business.

 Bodhtree Solution                                                            Benefits
     Bodhtree was invited to provide a n implementation solution for             The company benefited from zero infrastructure deployment
      the Deal Flow Management System based on platform                  and maintenance costs.
      and eventually get it certified and showcase on’s            Crystal clear visibility to their sales (Deal Management)
      App Exchange.
                                                                                  Greater transparency in operations and decision making
     The App, by virtue of being hosted on cloud will help the Client in
                                                                                  Data-driven and more timely investment decisions
      faster deployments to its end customers, Customer On-boarding,
      increase productivity, flexibility, be tightly integrated with custom       Reduced time spent on reporting
      processes and add value to the Client’s businesses. It will also            Real-time access to data via web browser or mobile device
      allow the Client’s top management have real time visibility into its        Cost-effective, highly responsive SaaS solution
      customers, track updates using metrics, reports and the


   Bodhtree Introduction
   Bodhtree CRM Practice Overview
   Bodhtree Credentials
   Case Studies
   Partner & Certifications

Partnerships & Certifications

Select CRM Customers

                                                                             Thank you

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8-2-351/N/1, Road No: 2,            210 Hammond Avenue   517 US 1 South, Ste 3069   34 Milbourne Lane, Esher
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