49 Graduation Associate Degree and Certificate Requirements

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					              Graduation/Associate Degree and Certificate Requirements 49 (661) 722-6300

Associate Degree                              their degrees must possess in common          No course may be counted as meeting
                                              certain basic principles, concepts, and       both a GE requirement and a major
Requirements                                  methodologies both unique to and shared       requirement in any District degree.
(Title 5, Section 55063)                      by the various disciplines. College
    Graduation from Antelope Valley           educated persons should be able to use        Requirements:
College with the associate in arts or         this knowledge when evaluating and            A minimum of 3 semester units in Areas
associate in science degree requires the      appreciating the physical environment,        A, B, C, D1, D2, E and F to total a
completion of a minimum of 60 semester        the culture, and the society in which they    minimum of 21 units.
units, see requirements 1 through 6.          live. Most importantly, GE should lead to
    Antelope Valley College awards            better self understanding.                    Area A - Natural Sciences
the associate in science degree or the            Courses or a combination of courses           Courses in the Natural Sciences
associate in arts degree to students who      which meet GE philosophy and objectives       are those which examine the physical
pursue majors offered in the following        will:                                         universe, its life forms and its natural
divisions: Business, Computer Studies             1. Provide an introduction to basic       phenomena. To satisfy the GE requirement
and Economic Development; Health                      concepts, principles, and method-     in natural sciences, a course shall be
Sciences; Language Arts; Math, Science                ology of study common to a given      designed to help the student develop
and Engineering; Kinesiology, Athletics               discipline;                           an appreciation and understanding of
and Dance; Social and Behavioral                  2. Lead to better self understanding      the scientific method, and encourage
Sciences; Technical Education; and                    in relationship to the physical       the understanding of the relationships
Visual and Performing Arts. In the course             environment, culture, economy         between science and other human
description section of this catalog, all              and society;                          activities.
courses that apply to the associate degree        3. Provide an opportunity to examine      Select at least 3 units
or certificates are designated as (AVC).               values while proposing solutions       ANTH 101
    The completion of an associate in arts            for major social problems; and,        ASTR 101
or an associate in science degree does not        4. Provide a breadth of knowledge          BIOL 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 110,
ensure that a student can transfer directly           and experiences which contribute         120, 165, 170, 201, 202, 204, 205
to a four-year college or university.                 to a well-rounded education.           CHEM 101, 102, 110
Students interested in transferring should      • Courses in natural science present         ELTE 101
refer to the Transfer Requirements section        critical thinking and problem solving      ERSC 101
in this catalog.                                  methods. These courses also explore        GEOG 101, 101L, 102, 102L
                                                  the relationship that exists between       GEOL 101, 102
Application for Graduation                        people and science;                        PHYS 101, 102, 110
     Antelope Valley College awards             • Courses in the social and behavioral       PSCI 101
degrees three times annually following            sciences focus on people as members
the fall, spring and summer semesters.            of society. These courses should          Area B - Social & Behavioral Sciences
Students must apply for graduation                promote appreciation of how societies         Courses in the Social and Behavioral
to earn their degree or certificate.              and social subgroups operate.             Sciences are those which focus on people
Applications are due by October 15 for          • Courses in the humanities present         as members of society. To satisfy the
spring/summer graduates and by April              the cultural activities and artistic      GE requirement in social and behavioral
15 for fall graduates. Applications can be        expressions of human beings. These        sciences, a course shall be designed to
completed online, or students can print           courses help students in developing       develop an awareness of the method of
the application from the AVC website at           aesthetic understanding and the ability   inquiry used by the social and behavioral and mail in. After review, a          to make value judgements;                 sciences. It shall be designed to stimulate
preliminary evaluation will be sent to the      • Courses in language and rationality       critical thinking about the ways people
students’ myAVC e-mail account showing            present principles of languages which     act and have acted in response to their
the progress toward the degree. Students          lead toward logical thought, clear        societies and should promote appreciation
will receive information on participating         and precise expression, and critical      of how societies and social subgroups
in the annual commencement ceremony               evaluation of communication;              operate.
from Student Development during                 • Courses or a combination of courses
spring term. While participation in the                                                     Select at least 3 units
                                                  in the performing and visual arts          ANTH 102, 103, 112, 140
commencement ceremony is encouraged,              and physical education provide both
it is not mandatory and does not indicate                                                    BUS 101
                                                  theory and practice;                       ECON 100, 101, 102, 110
the completion of a degree or certificate.       • Courses in foreign language include        GEOG 105, 106
                                                  substantive content of the culture of      HIST 101, 102, 104, 105, 107, 108,
1. General Education                              the relevant country;                        109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 118, 119
   Requirements                                 • Ethnic studies and multicultural           POLS 101, 103, 200, 201, 202, 203
    General Education (GE) is designed            courses are offered in at least one of     PSY 101, 201, 211, 212, 217, 218, 219,
to introduce the students to the variety of       the required GE categories.                  234, 236
means through which people comprehend                                                        SOC 101, 105, 110, 111, 112, 115, 120
the changing world. It reflects the           Courses which emphasize occupational
conviction of AVC that those who receive      competency do not meet GE objectives.
50      Graduation/Associate Degree and Certificate Requirements

Area C - Humanities                              and analytical thinking requirement       MGT 212
    Courses in the Humanities are those          include oral communication, mathe-        MUSC 107
which study the cultural activities and          matics, logic, statistics, computer       POLS 202
artistic expression of human beings.             languages and programming, and            PSY 211, 215
To satisfy the GE requirement in the             related disciplines.                      SOC 105, 110
humanities, a course shall be designed             BUS 113                                 THA 239
to help the student develop an awareness           CA 103
of the ways in which people throughout             CIS 101, 111, 141, 157                 2. Proficiency Requirements
the ages and in different cultures have            COMM 101, 103, 107, 109, 112,              Proficiency requirements exist for
responded to themselves and the world                114, 115, 217, 219                   the areas of Reading, Writing and Math.
around them in artistic and cultural               ENGL 102, 103                          Students must demonstrate competency
creation and help the student develop              GEOG 201, 205                          in each of these areas in order to be
aesthetic understanding and an ability to          MATH 102, 102A and 102B, 115,          eligible for the associate degree.
make value judgements.                               120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 150         A. READING
Select at least 3 units                            PHIL 101, 110, 201                         Eligibility for College Level Reading
 ART 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 110, 113,                                                       (AVC assessment) or Completion of
                                              Area E - Additional Breadth                     READ 099 with a minimum grade of
   130, 131, 132, 140, 145
                                                 Courses in this area are designed to         “C” or “P” (Pass).
 CHIN 101, 102
                                              expand the acquisition and utilization      B. WRITING
 COMM 114, 214
                                              of knowledge in GE and/or self under-           Completion of ENGL 101 with a
 DA 101
                                              standing. Courses must be taken from a          minimum grade of “C.”
 DFST 101, 102, 105, 201, 202
                                              discipline not previously selected.         C. MATHEMATICS
 ENGL 102, 113, 221, 225, 226, 230,
   231, 233, 234, 235, 236, 240, 242,         Select at least 3 units                         Completion of MATH 102 or higher
   244, 246, 248, 250, 252, 253, 256,          From areas A, B, C, D2 or                      or CIS 121 with a minimum grade of
   257, 259, 260, 265, 270, 272, 274,          HD 100, 101, 103, 105, 198                     “C.”
   279                                         HE 101, 120, 201
 FREN 101, 102, 201, 202, 203                  LIB 105, 107                               3. Major and/or Area of
 FTV 101, 103, 107, 108, 201, 251, 261         NF 100, 110, 150                              Emphasis Requirements
 GER 101, 102, 201, 202, 203                   Any DA activity course(s) from DA              Students must receive a minimum
 HIST 115                                        101-205, except DA 101, 107A-C,          grade of “C” or better in all required core
 LATN 101, 102, 201                              108, 109 and 111                         courses and the specific courses listed as
 MUS 101, 105, 111, 131, 186, 189,             Any PE activity course(s) from PE          program electives in order to qualify for
   201, 202                                      101-180, or up to 4 units for military   the degree or certificate.
 MUSC 102, 103, 107                              experience                                   Major requirements may be satisfied
 PHIL 105, 106, 108                                                                       by: (Title 5, Section 55063)
 PHOT 107                                     Area F - Diversity Studies                  A. Completing specific major require-
 SPAN 101, 101HL, 102, 102HL, 120A,               The primary focus of courses meeting        ments listed in the AVC catalog,
   120B, 201, 202, 203                        the Diversity Studies requirement will                           or
 THA 101, 102, 103, 110                       deal, in depth, with non-dominant groups    B. Completing requirements for the
                                              in the State of California and the United       Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree.
Area D - Language & Rationality               States. These groups of people are defined
    Courses in Language and Rationality       as African-American, Hispanic, Asian-       4. Electives
are those which develop for the student the   Pacific Islander, Native American and
                                                                                              The remaining number of units (up to
principles and applications of language       Women. Courses meeting the Diversity
toward logical thought, clear and precise     Studies requirement will deal with more     60) are considered electives. Any course
expression and critical evaluation of         than one group. Courses will deal with      that has already been counted toward (1)
communication in whatever symbol              one non-dominant group in comparison        the general education requirements, or (2)
system the student uses.                      to the dominant group or other non-         the major, cannot be used as an elective.
                                              dominant group(s). Issues of racism and
Select 3 units from (1) and select 3
units from (2)
                                              sexism will be explicitly covered.          5. Grade Point Average
1. English Composition                        Select 3 units                                 Requirement
   Courses fulfilling the written              ANTH 112                                      A cumulative grade point average of
   composition requirement shall be            BUS 212                                    2.0 (“C” average) is required.
   designed to include both expository         COMM 114, 217, 219
   and argumentative writing.                  ECON 110                                   6. Residence Requirement
   ENGL 101                                    ENGL 250, 252, 253, 256, 257, 259             Of the required 60 units, “at least
                                               FTV 201, 203                               12 semester…units must be completed
2. Communication and Analytical
                                               HE 201                                     in residence at the college granting
                                               HIST 110, 111, 113                         the degree.” Title 5, Section 54000 et
   Courses fulfilling the communication (661) 722-6300      Graduation/Associate Degree and Certificate Requirements                                   51

seq. Title 5 of the California Code of        Math and Sciences - Option I:                      PSY 101, 201, 211, 212, 215, 218,
Regulations is available at http://ccr.       The following area of study allows                  219, 233, 234, 235, 236 and in the Antelope Valley         students to take courses that will prepare         SOC 101, 105, 110, 112, 115
College Library.                              them for possible majors within the many
                                              fields of Science, including the Allied       Arts and Humanities - Option III:
7. Requirements for Two or                    Health field, Nursing preparation, Health      The following area of study allows
                                              Sciences, and related fields. Courses in       students to take courses that will prepare
   More Associate Degrees                     mathematics emphasize mathematical            them for possible majors within a variety
   To be eligible for multiple associate                                                    of liberal arts disciplines. Courses in
                                              and quantitative reasoning skills. Courses
degrees, a student must complete all                                                        arts and humanities promote critical
                                              in the sciences examine the physical
graduation requirements for each degree.                                                    thinking and emphasize the cultural,
                                              universe—its life forms and its natural
                                              phenomena —allowing students to learn         humanistic, and artistic expression of
Liberal Arts and Sciences                     about the methodologies of science as         people throughout the world, past and
Degree: Option I, II, or III                  an investigative tool and to understand       present. Students will learn to evaluate
    This degree will provide students with    the influence scientific knowledge has on       and interpret how people have developed
an opportunity to earn an AA degree in        society.                                      aesthetically to the world around them.
one of three major areas of study: math       Select a minimum of 18 units from the         Select at least 18 units from the
and sciences; social/behavioral sciences;     following courses:                            following courses:
or arts and humanities. It is designed for        Choose at least 6 units from courses         Choose at least 6 units from courses
students who wish to explore different            listed below:                                listed below:
disciplines (subject areas) before deciding         ANTH 101                                      ART 100, 101, 102, 103, 104
on a definite major program prior to                ASTR 101, 101L                                DA 101
transferring to a four-year university, or          BIOL 101, 103, 104, 110, 120, 201,            FTV 101, 107, 108, 201, 203
for students who may not be planning                   202, 204                                   MUS 101, 105, 201, 202
to transfer but wish to earn a degree in             CHEM 101, 102, 110, 120                      MUSC 102, 103
a particular area of study that interests            ERSC 101                                     PHOT 107
them.                                                GEOG 101                                     THA 101, 110
    Students planning to transfer to a               GEOL 101, 101L, 102                       AND at least 6 units from courses
four-year university are cautioned that              PHYS 101, 102, 110, 120, 211              listed below:
this degree may not meet all of the lower            PSCI 101                                     CHIN 101*, 102*
division requirements for transfer into          AND at least 6 units from the                    ENGL 221, 222, 225, 226, 227, 230,
a particular major; however, through             courses listed below:                              231, 233, 234, 235, 236, 240, 242,
careful educational planning with a                  MATH 115, 125, 130, 140, 150,                  244, 246, 248, 250, 252, 253, 256,
counselor, this degree would offer a                   160, 220, 250                                257, 259, 260, 265, 270, 272, 279
solid foundation in the transfer process.                                                         FREN 101*, 102*, 201, 202, 203
Students should consult with a counselor      Social/Behavioral Sciences - Option II:             FTV 201, 203
for specific information regarding their       The following area of study allows                  GER 101*, 102*, 201, 202, 203
intended major at the university of their     students to take courses that will prepare          HIST 115
choice.                                       them for possible majors within the                 LATN 101*, 102*, 201
                                              fields of Psychology, History, Sociology,            PHIL 105, 106, 108
Degree Requirements:                          Political Science, and related disciplines.         PHOT 107
Requirements for the Liberal Arts and         Courses in the social and behavioral                SPAN 101*, 102*, 201, 202, 203
Sciences Degree (Option I, II, or III) may    sciences explore a variety of theories,
be satisfied by completing a total of 60       perspectives, and experiences as to how       TRANSFER NOTES: All courses listed
units comprised of the following:             people have behaved and continue to           in the options above are transferable
 • a minimum of 18 core course units          behave in response to particular times,       to CSU/UC and may be applied to the
   chosen exclusively from one of the         places, events, and societies. The courses    appropriate areas of the CSU General
   options listed below. Student must         are designed to stimulate critical thinking   Education Breadth and the UC General
   receive a minimum grade of “C” or          and encourage students to evaluate how        Education (IGETC) patterns. Those
   better in all required core courses in     societies and social sub groups operate in    courses marked with an *asterisk can only
   order to qualify for the degree;           the world.                                    be used for Foreign Language proficiency
 • 21 units of AVC/General Education          Select at least 18 units from the             listed in IGETC section “Language Other
   (GE) requirements; and                     following courses:                            Than English.” These courses may also
 • enough elective units to complete the            ANTH 102, 103, 112                      be used for CSU GE Breadth Humanities
   required balance of 60 total units.              AJ 206                                  credit Area C-2.
No course may be counted as meeting                ECON 101, 102, 110
both a GE requirement and a major                   GEOG 105                                Students wishing to transfer to the
requirement within the Liberal Arts &               HIST 101, 102, 104, 105, 107, 108,      California State University system
Sciences Degree.                                     109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 119      must select additional General
                                                    POLS 101, 103, 202, 203                 Education courses from either the “CSU
52        Graduation/Associate Degree and Certificate Requirements

General Education pattern or from the                    ESL 039, ESL Skills Building 3                   coursework designed as a pattern
“Intersegmental General Education                        ESL 040, ESL Vocabulary and                      of learning experiences intended
Transfer Core Curriculum (IGETC)”                          Pronunciation 4                                to develop certain capabilities
pattern listed in the Transfer Information               ESL 043, ESL Grammar 4                           that may be oriented to career or
section of this catalog.                                 ESL 048, ESL Reading and Writing 4               general education, or 2) a designated
                                                         ESL 049, ESL Skills Building 4                   sequence of courses consisting of
Students wishing to transfer to the                      ESL 058, ESL Reading and Writing 5               12 or more semester units (or 18
University of California system must                     ESL 059, ESL Skills Building 5                   or more quarter units) of degree-
select additional General Education                      MATH 020, Managing Math Anxiety                  applicable credit coursework. These
courses only from the “Intersegmental                    MATH 021, Math Study Strategies                  certificate programs will be consistent
G e n e r a l E d u c a t i o n Tr a n s f e r C o r e   MATH 050, Arithmetic                             with the mission of the college, meet
Curriculum (IGETC)” pattern listed in                    MATH 050A, Arithmetic-First Half with            a demonstrated need, be feasible, and
the Transfer Information section of this                   SAS                                            adhere to guidelines on academic
catalog.                                                 MATH 050B, Arithmetic-Second Half                integrity which may be developed by
                                                           with SAS                                       the Chancellor, the Academic Senate
Credit Courses Not                                       MATH 060, Prealgebra                             for California Community Colleges,
Transferable/Not                                         MATH 070, Elementary Algebra                     or other appropriate statewide bodies.
                                                         MATH 070A, Elementary Algebra-First              Such programs are usually less than
Applicable to the Associate                                Half with SAS                                  two years in length and may or may
Degree and Certificate                                    MATH 070B, Elementary Algebra-                   not lead to an associate in arts or
Programs                                                   Second Half with SAS                           science degree. Courses taken in these
   Effective Fall 1988, selected credit                  MATH 080, Plane Geometry                         programs at AVC will apply toward an
courses shall not apply to the associate                 READ 095, Basic Reading                          associate degree.
degree and certificate programs.                          READ 097, Intermediate Reading                   To avoid delays in completing your
   Students who enroll in credit                         READ 099, Critical Reading and Study         certificate of achievement, it is important
courses not applicable to the degree                       Skills                                     that you recognize that many courses are
or certificate can use these credits                                                                  not offered every semester (including a
for eligibility purposes, i.e., full-time                Academic Support Courses:                    very limited summer school offering).
status, intercollegiate athletic status                  CT 050, Sewing Basics                        Note how certain designated courses are
and financial aid status. In the course                  EOPS 060, Enrichment Class                   offered on a rotating basis (either fall or
description section of this catalog, these               LAC 098, Math for Nursing                    spring) and develop your educational
courses are designated as: Credit course                 LAC 099, Dosage Calculation                  plan very carefully. Required courses that
not applicable to the associate degree                   ENGL 061, Grammar and Mechanics              are rarely offered or potential problems
and certificate programs. Grades will                    ENGL 062, Basic Writing                      should be discussed with the appropriate
not count in calculating the GPA when                    ENGL 063, Vocabulary                         division dean as early in the planning
received in credit courses not applicable                ENGL 064, Spelling                           process as possible.
to the associate degree and certificate                                                                   Filing for Certificate Programs:
programs. All courses that do apply to                   Certificate Programs                             An application for a certificate must
the associate degree or certificates are                 (Title 5, Section 55070, 55072)              be filed in the graduation office of the
designated as (AVC).                                         At Antelope Valley College (AVC)         Student Services Building. The certificate
   The list of credit courses not applicable             there are two types of educational           award will be posted to a student’s
to the associate degree and certificate                  programs which lead to certificates of       permanent record. Certificates can be
programs include:                                        achievement.                                 awarded at the end of the fall or spring
                                                          1. There are programs that lead to          semesters. While participation in the
Basic Skills Courses:                                        certification or licensing by agencies    graduation ceremony is encouraged,
ENGL 095, Developmental Writing                              other than AVC, usually state or         it is not necessary to attend to receive
  Skills                                                     federal agencies, after an examination   a certificate. Certificates are mailed to
ENGL 097, Basic Composition                                  or further training. Such programs at    students. Early filing of the certificate
ENGL 099, Intermediate Composition                           AVC usually lead to the associate in     application is highly recommended.
ESL 018, ESL Reading and Writing 1                           arts degree as well.                         Resident Requirement:
ESL 019, ESL Skills Building 1                            2. There are programs that lead to              All certificate of achievement pro-
ESL 020, ESL Vocabulary and                                  Certificates of Achievement from         grams require a minimum of 12 units
  Pronunciation 2                                            AVC (see list on next page) that         completed in residence at AVC with a
ESL 023, ESL Grammar 2                                       have been reviewed by the Academic       minimum of 9 of those units completed in
ESL 028, ESL Reading and Writing 2                           Policies & Procedures Committee,         the certificate coursework.
ESL 029, ESL Skills Building 2                               the Board of Trustees, and the               Grade Point Average:
ESL 030, ESL Vocabulary and                                  Chancellor’s Office. These certificates        All certificate of achievement pro-
  Pronunciation 3                                            are comprised of 1) a minimum of 18      grams require a minimum GPA of 2.0
ESL 033, ESL Grammar 3                                       or more semester units (or 27 or more    (“C” average) unless otherwise stated.
ESL 038, ESL Reading and Writing 3                           quarter units) of degree-applicable (661) 722-6300   Graduation/Associate Degree and Certificate Requirements                       53

                                        DEGREES AND CERTIFICATES
Subject Area                                                   Subject Area
 Degree or Certificate Title         AA-T AS-T   AA    AS   C    Degree or Certificate Title      AA-T AS-T   AA   AS   C
Administration of Justice (pg. 62)               AA              Video Design & Production                   AA       C
Aeronautical & Aviation Technology- (pg. 66)                   Drafting/Computer Aided Design (pg. 152)         AS C
 Aircraft Airframe                                    AS   C   Education- Instructional Aide (pg. 157)       AA       C
 Aircraft Powerplant                                  AS   C   Electrical Technology (pg. 159)                  AS C
 General Aircraft Maintenance                         AS   C   Electronics Technology (pg. 162)                 AS C
Agriculture/Park & Landscape Management- (pg. 70)              Engineering (pg. 166)                            AS
 Environmental Horticulture                           AS   C     Engineering Technology                         AS C
 Landscaping Construction                             AS   C   English- (pg. 169)
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration- (pg. 74)                       English - Transfer                          AA
 Air Conditioning Specialist                          AS   C     English - Non-Transfer                      AA
 Air Conditioning & Refrig. Specialist                AS   C   Family and Consumer Education- (pg. 187)
 Refrigeration Specialist                             AS   C     Child and Family Development                AA
Aircraft Fabrication and Assembly (pg. 78)            AS   C     Clothing and Textiles                       AA
Auto Body- (pg. 90)                                              Consumer Services                           AA
 Collision Repair Specialist                          AS   C     Interior Design                             AA
 Collision Repair & Refinishing Specialist             AS   C     Nutrition and Foods                         AA
 Refinishing Specialist                                AS   C   Fire Technology (pg. 190)                        AS C
Automotive Technology- (pg. 94)                                  Firefighter I Academy                                 C
 Driveability, Emissions & Electrical                 AS   C     Wildland Fire Technology                       AS
 Engine and Drive Trains                              AS   C   IGETC - General Education (pg. 55)                     C
Biological Sciences (pg. 100)                         AS       Interior Design (pg. 213)                     AA       C
Business- (pg. 103)                                            Liberal Arts and Sciences- (pg. 51)
 Business Administration                              AS         Option I - Math and Sciences                AA
 General Business                                     AS   C     Option II - Social/Behavioral Sciences      AA
 Professional Bookkeeping                             AS   C     Option III - Arts and Humanities            AA
Child and Family Education (pg. 109)             AA        C   Management (pg. 221)                             AS C
 School-Aged Child Care                          AA        C     Small Business Management                      AS C
Clothing and Textiles - Fashion Design (pg. 116) AA        C   Marketing (pg. 225)                              AS C
Communication Studies (pg. 119)       AA-T                     Mathematics (pg. 228)                    AS-T    AS
Computer Applications (pg. 122)                       AS   C   Medical Assisting- (pg. 234)
 Computer Networking Core                                  C     Clinical Medical Assistant                     AS C
 Computer Networking Multi-Platform                   AS   C     Medical Assistant                              AS C
Computer Information Science- (pg. 122)                        Music (pg. 237)                               AA
 Business Computer Info. Science                      AS   C   Music, Commercial - (pg. 244)
 Computer Software Developer                          AS   C     Level 1 - General                                    C
CSU - General Education (pg. 57)                           C     Level II - Performance Specialty                     C
Deaf Studies- (pg. 136)                                        Nursing Science-
 American Sign Language                          AA        C     Licensed Vocational Nurse (pg. 306)                  C
 Interpreter Training                            AA        C     Registered Nursing (pg. 289)                   AS
Digital Media (pg. 141)                                        Office Technology- (pg. 251)
 Computer Animation                              AA        C     Administrative Assistant                       AS C
 Digital Photographic Imaging                    AA        C     Administrative Medical Assistant               AS C
 Digital Printing                                AA        C     Office Specialist                               AS C
 Graphic Design                                  AA        C   Photography-Commercial & Photographic Imaging (pg. 258)
 Interactive Media-Web Design                    AA        C     Commercial Photography                      AA       C
54      Graduation/Associate Degree and Certificate Requirements

        DEGREES AND CERTIFICATES (CONT.)                                Local Certificates:
Subject Area                                                            Certificate of Proficiency
 Degree or Certificate Title                           AA AS      C          Locally approved Certificates of Proficiency may
                                                                        consist of one or more courses totaling from 6-17 units
Physical Education (pg. 263)                         AA
                                                                        that lead to an occupationally relevant set of skills. These
Physical Sciences (pg. 271)                                AS           programs are shorter in duration and narrower in scope
Radiologic Technology (pg. 279)                            AS           than the achievement certificate programs of 18 units
Real Estate (pg. 285)                                      AS           or more, and they usually provide instruction related to
 Real Estate Broker                                              C      occupational advancement. They may also meet the needs
 Real Estate Salesperson                                         C      of continuing education for those in an evolving profession
                                                                        or meet a demonstrated local need that is recognized by the
Respiratory Care (pg. 296)                                 AS
                                                                        community and verified by the college.
Welding (pg. 312)                                          AS    C          These locally approved certificate programs do not
                                                                        require Chancellor Office approval, nor can they appear on a
                                                                        student’s transcript. Locally approved certificates are:
Low-Unit Certificates of Achievement                                       • Grounds Maintenance
                                                                          • Office Support Award
Fire Technology (pg. 190)
 Wildland Fire Technology                                        C      Low-Unit Certificates:
Geosciences (pg. 203)                                                   Certificate of Achievement
 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)                            C          These low unit certificate of achievement programs are
                                                                        Chancellor Office approved and can appear on a student’s
                                                                        transcript. These low-unit certificates of achievement are:
                                                                          • Geographic Information Systems
IGETC and CSU/GE:                                                         • Wildland Fire Technology
Certificates of Achievement
(Title 5, Section 55070)                                                Catalog Rights Policy
    A General Education Certificate of Achievement ensures that              Provided that continuous attendance is maintained, AVC
students have a broad background in a variety of disciplines at         students may elect the degree requirements in effect at:
the college and university level in order to appreciate the breadth      1. The time they entered AVC; or
of human knowledge and the responsibilities of concerned and             2. The time they graduate from AVC.
engaged citizens. General Education courses will provide students           A student will lose catalog rights if there is no course
with skills that include the ability to read critically, to write and   notation (Grade, W, I, Pass/No Pass, RD) on the transcript
communicate with clarity, to evaluate and draw well-informed            for two consecutive, regular (fall/spring) semesters. Summer
conclusions and inferences from information gleaned from many           and intersession terms cannot be used to establish catalog
sources, and to access the wealth of technical, scientific, and         rights nor to maintain continuous attendance.
cultural information that is increasingly necessary in our global           Once catalog rights are established, absence related
community. It is through General Education that students gain an        to attendance at another accredited institution of higher
appreciation of how diverse cultures lead us to be more creative        learning shall not be considered an interruption, providing
thinkers with different perspectives and insights from which to         the absence does not exceed two years.
view human endeavors.
    In order to be awarded either Certificate of Achievement            NOTE: The “Catalog Rights Policy” sets forth the criteria
(IGETC or CSU/GE), students must complete a minimum of 39               used for determining the degree requirements under which
units, with grades of “C” or better. No class may be used to satisfy    students may graduate. New students should check AVC’s
requirements in more than one of the five general areas. Courses         online catalog ( for the most up to date
taken at other accredited institutions can be certified by Antelope      version, which may include changes to academic policies or
Valley College. Students should consult with a counselor for the        procedures as a result of new or revised legislation, course
most current requirements. (See pages 55-58)                            prerequisites, or other academic concerns.
• Completing the IGETC Certificate ensures that students planning
  to transfer to a CSU or UC campus have satisfied their lower           Changes in Majors
  division General Education requirements and will not be required          Students changing major will be subject to the major
  to satisfy any further lower division requirements upon transfer.     requirements in effect at the time of the change, but will be
• Completing the CSU/GE Certificate ensures that students               allowed to continue with previously established non-major
  planning to transfer to one the CSU campuses have satisfied their      requirements (general education, proficiencies, etc.).
  lower division General Education requirements and will not be
  required to satisfy any further lower division requirements upon

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