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					Security flaw in Opera browser, all passwords, cookies and other info.
can be hacked within a second

From last few days i am doing some tasks over working and manging of
opera Browser
and in the mean time i found a SEVERE and EXTREMLY easy to do hack using
Opera browser
If you are Familiar with working of Opera browser then you must be
knowing that opera
lets you to save you passwords so that you don't need enter again and
again. and opera saves
it in a file named WAND , Also opera used to save all sort of related
info. in a single file
like cookies , last download locations , notes in accordingly named files
and all this files
could be found in...

[your drive]:\Documents and Settings\[logged in user]\Application

Lets suppose your OS is in C drive and admin is current user then your
destination is...
C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile

1. WAND.DAT = This file has stored in all your passwords [ encypted ]
2. cookies4.DAT = this have all authentication sessions + cookies [ all
in one file ]
3. vlink4.DAT = Whole Browsing history !!!

Now the security flaw i am talking is , you can use this files to any
other opera browser. There is none of the security while chaging from one
system to another or from one version of opera to another version. So
anybody who have access to your pc , like your friend , your colleague
etc. can
Copy this file and can further use in there opera to get all of your

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