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Always be There
for Others
In Tough Times, the Tough                                             Guest:
Get Going
                                                                      Ray Williams
Search Engine                                                         Member for
Optimisation Strategies                                               Hawkesbury
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 8   Always be There for Others:            Information Technologies          46      Teeing Off into History:
     How Jim Taggart Built a
     Successful Financial
                                       28   Internet Marketing Using
                                            Search Engine Optimisation
                                                                                      A Historical Account of Leonay
                                                                                      Golf Course
     Planning Career                        Strategies                                Larry Woldenberg
     Larry Woldenberg                       Bruce Gow

                                                                              48      There’s a Story Behind Every

     Publisher’s Guest                 30   Back Up your Business,
                                            Collaborate and Get Outdoors
                                                                                      Great Diamond of the World
                                                                                      Larry Woldenberg

34   Ray Williams, State Member
     for Hawkesbury
                                            Political Agenda                  50      Penrith Panther Corporate
                                       32   Political Agenda with
                                            Alex Hawke:
                                                                                      Boxes Get Plenty of Take-Up
                                                                                      Larry Woldenberg

     Regulars                               Jobs for Australia

     Business Advice                        Business Chamber
                                                                              52      Don’t be a Sheep…
                                                                                      Get Ahead of the Competition…

14   Six Ways to Lead Your Business
     Through Troubled Times
                                       38   Ryde Business Forum –
                                            Supporting Businesses in
                                                                                      Use SEC Consulting to
                                                                                      create a strong future for your
     Scott Tyler                            Sydney’s Fastest-growing                  organisation
                                            Business District                         Steve Kavanagh

16   Motivating People to Produce           Sabrina Ferguson
     Shahram Mehin
                                                                              54      Come to Brothers Café in Bella

                                       40   Chamber and Ausindustry                   Vista for that Family Feeling

20   Building Capacity
     John Watters
                                            Assist Hills Business to Move
                                                                                      Larry Woldenberg

                                                                              56      New to Australia: the Four-

22   Sponsoring International
                                       42   Chamber’s 8th Annual State of
                                            the City Address
                                                                                      minute, $2 Workout that
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     John Glover                            Roman Dechnicz                            as a 45 Minute Jog
                                                                                      Michael Walls

24   The Light Bulb has Switched On!
     Barry Knowles                          Features                          58      Use Bartercard to Promote
                                                                                      Your Business through

44   In Tough Times,
     The Tough Get Going
                                       18   Strengthening Your Competitive
                                            Edge: Western Sydney
                                                                                      Inflatable Events
                                                                                      Larry Woldenberg
     David Milne                            Manufacturing Week 2009
                                                                              66      Classifieds
     Telecom                           36   Family Accommodation Project
                                            for Westmead Children’s
26   Lower Costs + Increased
     Productivity = Higher Profits          Hospital Needs Your Help          GWP M a g a z i n e
                                            Larry Woldenberg
     (Easy if you know how.)
     Darren Read

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                        Dmitry Greku - Editor and Publisher - GWP Magazines                        Shahram Mehin
                                                                                                   Roman Dechnicz
                                                                                                   John Glover

    The Hit List Project –
                                                                                                   Steve Kavanagh
                                                                                                   John Watters
                                                                                                   David Milne
                                                                                                   Barry Knowles

    Your Marketing has
                                                                                                   Darren Read
                                                                                                   Bruce Gow
                                                                                                   Sabrina Ferguson
                                                                                                   Michael Walls

    Never Been Better
                                                                                                   Nicole Baines

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4   GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   5
                Suzy Balogh - Ambassador for Norwest Advertising and GWP Magazines, Gold Olympic and Commonwealth Games Medalist

    Growth Through Adversity
     I have now been living in Sydney for two              in Belarus and San Marino and the World        Please take advantage of the corporate
     issues of GWP Magazine; doesn’t time fly!             Championships in Slovenia. Let’s hope          sponsorship packages and bring your team
     This time last year I was still smarting from         that my current good domestic form sticks      along for a morale-boosting, team-building
     the disappointment of having missed out on            around for those events.                       event that is exhilarating, empowering,
     qualifying for the Australian Olympic Team                                                           explosive and also for an awfully good cause.
     going to Beijing and dealing with the realisation     I am also hoping that the “Shooting for a
     that I would be unable to defend my Olympic           Cure” charity event that Dmitry, his GWP       Best wishes and take it one target at a time.
     title. But now, one year on, I can truly say that     Magazine and I are hosting in August also
     through adversity there is growth.                    runs to plan. It is shaping up to be a very
                                                           entertaining day and a great fundraiser for
     I have assessed, learnt and am improving.             the Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer
     I’m loving Sydney and the diversity it offers.        Research. We have restructured it a little
     I’m also appreciating my in-car navigation            with conscientious hardworking Corporates
     to its fullest. My “Hitting Targets” Team             in mind; instead of a morning shoot and
     Building business is developing nicely and            luncheon, we have swung it around so that
     after a forced year of not being able to shoot        a day’s work can occur before taking part
     for Australia I am very eager to compete              in the corporate teams shoot, followed by
     on the world scene again. This year I have            an auction, entertainment and dinner —
     three official international competitions on          all whilst taking in the beautiful vistas of
     the Olympic Trap circuit — World Cups                 Western Sydney Parklands.

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                                                                                                                                      Ryde Business Forum

    GWP Magazine’s Alliance Partners


6   GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
       Extraordinary Event for
    Superwomen & Men in Black

Shooting for a cure
Fundraising Event to support                                                  Hosts
primarily the Breast Cancer and
also Prostate Cancer Research
in Australia.
                                                              GWP M a g a z i n e

The event is aimed at being an opportunity for                BUSINESS
team building, staff morale, networking, business             Resource&Lifestyle
promotion and generally just having a good time.

The afternoon will commence with a corporate team
clay target shoot under the supervision of Suzy
Balogh, Olympic and Commonwealth
Gold Medallist followed by a dinner,
charity auction and entertainment.

Bring Your
Sydney International
Shooting Centre, Cecil Park

Thursday 27th August 2009
3pm - 9pm

Shoot your Day out froM $120 pp                                            Supporters
Sponsorship Packages from $1,250
(Includes 5 people shooting + dinner)
Shooting - $120 per person
Dinner - $150 per person                            For more information on tickets and sponsorship packages:
Shooting + Dinner - $250                                   info@gwpmagazine.com.au | 02 8831 8313
                                                                         GWP Magazine | Issue 22 | January / February 2009   7
8   GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                                                        GrEAT AuSTrAlIAn BUSINESS PEOPLE

  be                                              There


  How Jim Taggart Built
  a Successful Financial
  Planning Career                                                          By Larry Woldenberg

      Everyone knows these are hard times.        turbulence. How did Jim manage such a
      But how many financial planners can         feat? This is his story.
      say they’ve lost only one client over the
      last 12 months? Hard yakka is a term        “I came from a poor background,” Jim
      used for trades people, but hearing         explained. “One brother died and my father
      Jim Taggart’s story makes it seem           left our family when my other brother and
      equally applicable to this successful       I were very young. School didn’t seem
      financial planner.                          appropriate when my mother was a single
                                                  pensioner and we were receiving Smith
                                                  Family food parcels. So I quit school and
  Waiting in the Norwest foyer of the Taggart     took labouring jobs because they paid the
  Group, I was pleasantly surprised by the        most money.
  warm greeting of a man head of a large
  insurance brokerage and financial planning      “I soon learned that if you didn’t provide
  business. It was no small achievement           for yourself, you’d end up with nothing.
  creating a base of 6000 clients all happy       Work gave us food and shelter. We lived
  with his services in a time of financial        in Ermington.

                                                           GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   9
                                                                                                    “But I also knew I needed to improve myself,
                                                                                                    so I went to night school and got my School
                                                                                                    Certificate, and went on to teachers college.
                                                                                                    English was my Achilles Heel, but I managed
                                                                                                    with a lot of help from my teachers to get
                                                                                                    through Catholic Teacher’s College.

                                                                                                    “I worked in clubs and played sport, so I had
                                                                                                    a lot of rough edges for academia. I’ll always
                                                                                                    remember Brother Ambrose Payne who
                                                                                                    never failed to inspire me to persist with my
                                                                                                    studies at Catholic Teachers College.

                                                                                                    “I guess the major influence in my life,
                                                                                                    however, was Carol whom I met in my
                                                                                                    second year of college. We’ve been married
                                                                                                    for 32 years, and it’s been her steady support
                                                                                                    at home that has buoyed me up through all
                                                                                                    the hard times.

                                                                                                    “When I finished teachers college I ended up
                                                                                                    teaching for 12 years in Catholic Schools and
                                                                                                    found that a privilege. But I then wanted to
                                                                                                    better ourselves and decided to opt out for a
                                                                                                    career as a financial adviser. I also went back
                                                                                                    to studying this time at University and studied
                                                                                                    Commerce, majoring in Financial Planning.
                                                                                                    Now I’m in the last stages of completing
                                                                                                    my Doctorate in Business Administration
                                                                                                    through Southern Cross University and have
                                                                                                    a diploma in General Insurance as well as
                                                                                                    being a Certified Financial Planner.

                                                                                                    “Constant study is not a chore when you love
                                                                                                    what you’re learning. Once the challenges
                                                                                                    are over, you see the beauty in what you’ve
                                                                                                    accomplished. You can never be too smart.
                                                                                                    Consequently, I’ve always tried to become
                                                                                                    proficient in whatever I endeavour to do.”
                                                                                                    When I asked Jim how he got started, his
                                                                                                    story could serve anyone beginning a career.

                                                                                                    “When I started off on my own, Carol and
                                                                                                    I worked for ourselves from Day One. That
                                                                                                    was in 1987. Carol doubled as my personal
                                                                                                    assistant and a mother at home while I
                                                                                                    worked. Fortunately, Prudential at that time
                                                                                                    did all the administrative work and I could
                                                                                                    concentrate on getting clients. But how to
                                                                                                    get those clients? That was the question.

                                                                                                    “I had to knock on doors, so that’s what I
                                                                                                    did. I went out every day and walked building
                                                                                                    sites. Housing was growing at leaps and
                                                                                                    bounds at the time, and all the tradespeople
                                                                                                    needed income protection and insurance.

                                                                                                    “My academic background actually helped
              Jim Taggart with representatives from Asteron & Aviva who were joint winners of the   because I was better prepared to explain
                               Plan For Life Life/AFA Company of the Year 2008.                     things and had the necessary social skills.
                                                                                                    So 5-6 days a week from 7am to 4pm I
                                                                                                    would seek out tradespeople and have a
                                                                                                    chat about their situations. This is where I

10 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                                                                                                            GrEAT AuSTrAlIAn BUSINESS PEOPLE

                         Jim Taggart and other members of the 2008 AFA National Board with the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP,
                                                on 20 August 2008 at an AFA information luncheon.

cut my teeth. Then I had to go out again at        walked the building sites and found certain       General Insurance licences. This put a solid
night and re-visit them in their homes in order    tradespeople were still working albeit under      foundation under Advisor conduct, behavior
to actually do business. Back then, all sales      shelter. This included plumbers, electricians,    and disclosure.
were commission-based. With bills to pay           tilers, plasterers and the like.
and 4 children, I had to perform. Not working                                                        “This came in wake of the 1994 legislation
was never an option.                               “I’m a very determined person and I’m             which made Superannuation compulsory
                                                   blessed to be able to turn that into good.        and gave us the opportunity to talk to small
“While the first 12 months were tough,             Anyone can steer a ship in calm waters.           business people with 2-3 employees. By this
extremely hard in fact, by that year’s end I had   When things are good, they’re good for            time (1994) we had some 2000 clients with
over 200 clients which slowly accumulated          everybody. But it’s when you’re challenged        small and medium-sized firms.
and grew. By this time I had equaled what I        by life and its potholes that you have to
had been earning as a teacher.                     navigate the landscape to the best of your        “Now (1994) momentum was building on
                                                   ability. And sometimes that’s easy, but           momentum and over the next 10 years
“The tradespeople, too, were fantastic. They       often it’s very difficult. However, it’s the      we bought a couple of agencies and an
responded with gratitude for they had a need       potholes that change who you are and who          insurance business.
and I had the solution.”                           you become.
                                                                                                     “Our business continues to grow with
When I asked Jim about the competition             “The biggest change came in 2001-2004.            referrals, but we are also strategic in the way
within the insurance field, he admitted            That’s when the Australian Financial              we collect and help our clients.
there was plenty but with one major                Services Reform Act was legislated and
difference. “When it was pouring rain I still      we got our Financial Planning and Life &          “Now, having been in business for 22 years,

                                                                                                               GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   11
     we have a reputation. We are also active in          active every day with your family and                “It’s important to note that in the current
     charity and community works. The values in           acquaintances, you keep your cup full.”              crisis, if the strategy you have implemented
     life we demonstrate in our business as well.                                                              is appropriate, then you need to stick to your
     There are no mixed messages. Our business,           I asked Jim how he handles the present               guns. Constant monitoring, however, is needed
     after all, is about trust.                           financial crisis for all his clients. He answered:   in reviewing according to your goals.
                                                          “At a local level we believe the appropriate
     “We currently employ 14 people. Getting the          asset allocation and coverage should                 “We’re very lucky that when people come here,
     best from people is a primary goal because           reflect the client’s own personal needs, goals       they generally stay with us. They genuinely
     we are awarded in so many ways when                  and objectives.                                      believe that we give people confidence. Even
     we do that. Our staff has been extremely                                                                  last year one side of our business grew by
     loyal and supportive in helping both                 “So regular contact is a necessity and we            24% and the other by 8%.
     myself and the business to achieve its goals         make ourselves available to reflect upon
     and objectives.                                      and change, if necessary, our clients’ current       “We had a lot of death claims. And when you
                                                          portfolio mixes, so they will be appropriate to      go to their families the money won’t bring
     “The richness of life is people. By being            their circumstance.                                  back the loved ones, but that they’re provided
                                                                                                               for leaves you with a very quiet but smiling
                                                                                                               heart. When you consider the importance of
                                                                                                               this you can understand why Life Insurance
                                                                                                               makes up 50% of our business.

                                                                                                               “We also try to come up with new and
                                                                                                               imaginative ways to obtain finance to further
                                                                                                               assist our existing and new clients. By the
                                                                                                               time this magazine goes to press we will
                                                                                                               probably have launched a mortgage and
                                                                                                               leasing concept called ‘no commission’.”

                                                                                                               I asked Jim what was the greatest challenge
                                                                                                               for him? The answer: “Getting the recipe
                                                                                                               right between home and work. This industry
                                                                                                               is very difficult. But I’m learning to delegate
                                                                                                               and do what I’m best at — seeing people.”

                                                                                                               One thing Jim finds is that there’s never a
                                                                                                               break in the workweek. “I still work 60-70
                                                                                                               hours per week with all the meetings, study
                                                                                                               and work. I could have been smarter but the
                                                                                                               context of my life made it that way. Carol
                                                                                                               wanted to be a good mother, and she and I
                                                                                                               agreed on me being the provider.

                                                                                                               “Now we’re empty-nesters and memories
                                                                                                               bring regrets. Some of the memories have
                                                                                                               blank pages and you can’t redress them.
                                                                                                               While on the one hand, our business has
                                                                                                               material benefits, there is another side of
                                                                                                               sadness attached to that.

                                                                                                               “However, our 4 children have been
                                                                                                               absolutely wonderful in so many ways.”

                                                                                                               “Decisions were made to sacrifice but at the
                                                                                                               end of the day our marriage was the most
                                                                                                               important thing for Carol and I. Her belief
                                                                                                               and fidelity helped tremendously. Now our
                                                                                                               children are our best friends.

                                                                                                               “Carol made it possible for me to maximise
                                                                                                               my time. Her parents have also been a great
                                                                                                               influence. They instilled in us a sense of every
                             Jim Taggart with Lyn McMorran who is the President of the                         day purpose in having our feet on the ground
                                    New Zealand Institute of Financial Advisers                                in helping people. Bill (Carol’s Dad) would say
                                                                                                               ‘success or failure leaves subtle clues.’

12 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                                                                                                       GrEAT AuSTrAlIAn BUSINESS PEOPLE

                                                              Jim with his wife Carol

“Her parents were extremely caring and not        a Director of Cumberland Industries which     Rugby League Club and the Norwest
afraid to remind you about what is right or       employs disabled workers. He has been         Polecats. You have to wonder how he finds
wrong in any relationship. Bill would add:        the President of the Hills Chamber of         time to sleep?
‘There are only 2 ways to do things — the         Commerce and has been on numerous
right way and the wrong way. How do you           school boards. He helped set up years 11      When it comes to recommendations
want to do it, Jim?’                              and 12 at Gilroy College as well as setting   for anyone starting up in business, Jim
                                                  up Marion College at Annagrove. He was        recommends the following:
“And Bill was always there if you needed          Chairman for TAFE for West Sydney for 5       • Surround yourself with the best people who
him. I’ve had 2 heart attacks in the past year.   years which supervised 100,000 students         will challenge you and tell you the truth.
I’m very grateful for friends and family.”        and 10,000 teachers.                          • Believe in yourself
                                                                                                • Never take people for granted
That Jim had a heart attack is no mystery if      He is currently the National President of     • Let people know and feel that you care
you look at his life in more detail. Besides      the Association of Financial Advisors and       about them
the long work hours and the continuing            chairs their Education Committee. He also     • Be yourself, but be your best self
study, Jim’s community work staggers the          continues to teach. He teaches “Insurance
imagination. Here are some of his roles.          and Risk” at the School of Accounting         It’s hard to imagine Jim Taggart will ever retire.
                                                  at UWS Parramatta. Meanwhile, he              Business Resource & Lifestyle salutes such a
For 12 years he was Chairman of Salvation         still finds time to be actively involved in   staunch supporter of Family, Community and
Army’s Red Shield Appeal. He is currently         Sporting Clubs such as the Hills Junior       6000 clients. G

                                                                                                           GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   13

                           Scott Tyler, Managing Director - International Institute for Business Excellence

    Six Ways to Lead Your Business
    Through Troubled Times
       Strong leadership is required to navigate          4. Empathy                                          4. Challenge the process. Leaders
       a business through the current cloud               Having the ability to relate well to customers      continually probe, push and challenge the
       of uncertainty. Successful business                and colleagues is a key quality of a strong         status quo. Strategies that worked in more
       leaders have a knack for identifying               business leader.                                    predictable market conditions rarely work
       market opportunities before others                                                                     during times of economic turmoil. Challenge
       and manoeuvring their organisations                5. Social Skills                                    how you are currently delivering your service.
       to prosper from them. So what are the              Successful business leaders can be very             Is the market demanding something different?
       qualities of a successful business leader?         persuasive and engaging. They focus on              Has purchasing behaviours changed?
       How would such a leader respond to the             building and inspiring a team to help achieve
       current economic climate? This article             their goals.                                        5. Model the Way. Leaders have the courage
       hopes to provide insight into the answers                                                              to make unpopular decisions and gut calls.
       to both these questions.                           Now that we have looked at the five                 They inspire risk taking and learning by
                                                          qualities of successful business leaders,           setting the example. Exhibit the behaviours
    The purpose of this article is two-fold. Firstly,     let’s now look at how such a leader would           that you expect your team to adopt.
    it is to share the five key leadership qualities      lead their business through periods of
    most correlated to business success, and              economic uncertainty.                               6. Make sure your employees know they
    secondly, to share six ways to lead your                                                                  are important. Leaders use every encounter
    business through troubled times.                      Six Ways to Lead Your Business Through              as an opportunity to evaluate, coach and
                                                          Troubled Times                                      build self-confidence. Encourage loyalty
    Leadership Qualities           Correlated      to                                                         through appreciation. Reward behaviour.
    Business Success                                      1. Set only a few clear, general goals as
                                                          business strategies. Keep things simple but         I hope this article has provided some insight
    There are five leadership qualities that have a       focused. Have a plan and make it clear to all       into the qualities of a successful business
    high correlation to business success:                 employees. The people whom we employ                leader and how they would approach
    1. Self-Awareness                                     have a special need for us to put everything        navigating their business through times of
    Strong leaders have an acute self-                    into perspective for them. As Jack Welch            economic uncertainty. G
    awareness. They are typically self-confident,         once said: “Anyone can steer the ship but it
    openly acknowledge their strengths and                takes a leader to chart the course.”                If you would like some help modelling
    shortcomings and usually a have healthy                                                                   your leadership style to those described in
    self-deprecating nature.                              2. Inspire a shared vision. As a leader, you        this article, call the IIBE NOW. One of our
                                                          need to inspire your team to share your vision      senior consultants is on stand-by ready to
    2. Self-Regulation                                    and to focus them on your plan and objectives.      discuss your unique needs and how our
    Successful business leaders have the innate           Leaders make sure people not only see their         various Leadership and Executive Coaching
    ability of self-regulation. They place a lot of       vision, but also live and breathe it too. Their     Programs can help your business.
    value in trustworthiness and integrity. This          energy and optimism is contagious.
    is often reflected in their ability to effectively                                                        IIBE
    deal with ambiguity.                                  3. Enable others to act. It is critical to          p | 1300 309 171
                                                          empower your team so they may make                  e | info@iibe.com.au
    3. Motivation                                         an active contribution. Provide your staff
    Business Leaders are often champions of               with the support and resources they need
    change and have an unparalleled drive for             to achieve their goals. They should also be
    achievement. As a result they often appear            held responsible and be accountable for
    to have a knack for recruiting and retaining          their actions. Leaders find a way for the
    talent to help achieve their goals.                   team to win.

14 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                                      GWP M a g a z i n e P R E S E N T S



                    the most immediate
                       &    effective way
              to improve the performance
                of your organisation is
            to increase the performance
          &   productivity of your people .

                 THE PERFORMANCE EDGE

           The GWP Magazines, IIBE and LMA have come
         together to offer a unique Leadership Development
         Program that links directly to your corporate strategy.
        The Performance Edge Program sets workplace goals
        for learning & performance improvement and provides
          ongoing coaching post completion. The program
        provides measurable results and an identifiable return
                           on your investment.

         Create exceptional results through people
      Contact the IIBE NOW on 1300 309 171 for further information.

Ph: 1300 309 171                                                                        GWP M a g a z i n e

Email: info@iibe.com.au                                                                 BUSINESS

                                                                            GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   15

                           Shahram Mehin - Leadership Management Australia (LMA)

    Motivating People
    to Produce
       People in leadership positions often
       speak of the need to motivate people.
       This implies that you do something to get
       people to work harder.

    The reality is that no one ever motivates
    anyone else. Real motivation is internal.
    It comes only from within. However, as
    a leader with a better understanding of
    the principles of human motivation and
    the desires and situations that move
    people to action, you can create a
    climate that encourages the development
    of motivation and maximises individual and
    team performance.

    So what is gaining that edge to be able to
    get your people to be self-motivated worth
    to your organisation?

    Self-motivation does not develop in a
                                                                                   The Performance Edge workshop
    vacuum. Rather, it is generated in the
    context of a comprehensive, continuous
    training and development plan. When               Traditional Methods of Motivation            Incentive     motivation      is     positive
    your team members experience the                  The most common forms of motivation          reinforcement - that is, reward for desirable
    exhilaration of improving their skills and        in business and industry are based on        behaviour. This is the foundation for the
    abilities, their self-motivation increases.       what is called the Law of Cause and          motivational and incentive schemes for
    In turn, their desire to grow and develop         Effect or the Principle of Reinforcement.    employees in many organisations. Under
    as individuals and within their roles             The organisation rewards the behaviour       the incentive system, special rewards,
    increases dramatically.                           it wants to continue and interrupts the      incentives and benefits are offered in
                                                      reward process or provides penalties for     return for certain desirable behaviours.
    People act in order to gain benefit or to         the behaviour it wants to eliminate.         The first weakness inherent in the
    avoid a loss. Because understanding                                                            incentive system is that withholding the
    and insight precede change, to gain               Fear motivation is negative reinforcement    reward becomes a form of punishment.
    some understanding of what is currently           and relies on the willingness of people      Although incentive motivation avoids
    motivating employees and business                 to submit to pressure. Individuals must      some of the disadvantages of the fear
    leaders, the L.E.A.D. survey is a great           decide that the benefits of remaining in     motivation, the improvements are less
    source. Better understanding what benefits        the group and suffering the punishment       than satisfactory. The greatest weakness
    employees seek to gain and what losses            offset whatever losses or damage the         of the incentive system is that the
    they want to avoid enables you to improve         punishment inflicts. Fear motivation tends   promised reward that motivates the
    on the job performance thereby increasing         to teach what not to do, rather than what    workers today may not motivate them in
    their work satisfaction even more.                should be done.                              the future.

16 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                                                                                                                                       BuSInESS ADVICE

Attitude Motivation                                   • Offering additional training or development       What is happening in May?
The most effective system of motivation is              to the team members                               • LMA is currently accepting enrolments for
based on the satisfaction of individual needs.        • Being aware of some of your team                    the May intake for a Cert IV in Business
Become sensitive to the needs of the people             members’ important personal goals                   (Frontline Management) - to find out how
you wish to motivate and help them fill their         • Taking note of some action demonstrating            you could upskill and develop your key
ever-expanding appetites for achievement,               initiative and express your appreciation            people for as little as $400 per person,
additional responsibility and independence,             for that action to the person                       contact Shahram Mehin on 8875 7938 or
self-expression and a sense of belonging. No          • Finding ways to let the rest of the                 smehin@lma.biz
two people are motivated in exactly the same            organisation know who is doing a good
way. True motivation comes from within and              job and why
is the responsibility of the individual. You can,     • Improving the work area to make it more
however, create and direct it toward improved           attractive and worker-friendly
personal productivity on the job.                     • Making a point of speaking personally to          For a complimentary needs and gap analysis
                                                        those that have been absent as a result of        contact:
Key elements to consider when adopting                  illness or vacation                               Stig Falster
attitude motivational strategies;                     • Learning about some of the interests your         t | 02 8875 7938
• Everyone’s need for self respect                      people may have outside of work.                  m | 0400 441 666
• Employee’s need to belong                                                                               e | sfalster@lma.biz

                                                Industrial Relations Workshop at Gordon 18th March 2009

• The need for social and financial status            Summary                                             To enquire and enrol in our open programmes
• Security                                            In essence there are two distinct ways an           contact:
                                                      organisation can influence motivation. It           Leyla Mehin
Helping people to see how their needs are             can either be through traditional cause-and-        t | 02 8875 7938
being met through productive work on the              effect, Carrot-and-Stick approach, or it can        m | 0400 418 123
job builds the satisfaction derived from doing        be through attitude motivation which can            e | lmehin@lma.biz
the work well and receiving reasonable and            require more upfront effort but builds long-
fair compensation.                                    lasting values that allow the employees to          To find out about utilising our facilities in
                                                      become self motivated.                              Gordon and upcoming seminars contact:
Developing a Motivational Plan                                                                            Shahram Mehin
In previous articles we discussed the                 Special Thanks                                      t | 02 8875 7938
principles of setting goals and how to kick-          A Special Thank You to John Law from                m | 0400 418 070
start the business in 2009. Now you need              John F. Law and Associates for an                   e | smehin@lma.biz
your team to have a full tank of emotional and        informative and interactive session on
motivational content. Here are some options           Industrial Relations held on 18th March.
to consider setting some goals around:                There was great attendance from a variety
• Understanding what each team member                 of businesses and we raised $255 for
  would like to achieve from their roles on a         LifeLine Western Sydney. G
  personal level

                                                                                                                  GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   17

    Strengthening Your Competitive Edge:
    Western Sydney Manufacturing Week 2009
       The NSW Department of State and               technology, innovation for manufacturing,          Manufacturing Lunch at the Mt Druitt TAFE
       Regional Development (DSRD) and the           integrated web site design, financial              on Tuesday 19 May. This popular event is
       Greater Western Sydney Economic               sustainability, and positive business building.    a forum for prominent businesswomen
       Development Board are hosting Western         Each event is designed to provide pertinent        leaders to share their thoughts about their
       Sydney Manufacturing Week from 18 to          information and sound advice.                      careers in manufacturing.
       22 May 2009.
                                                     The Leaders Forum headlines Western                On 19 May the Macarthur Innovation and
                                                     Sydney Manufacturing Week 2009 with                Manufacturing Cluster hosts an event
    Western Sydney Manufacturing Week offers         the theme Survival Strategies in Turbulent         about writing a successful tender. This
    a wide range of workshops and seminars           Times. The forum (which is held at the Castle      practical workshop for companies seeking
    designed to help small to medium enterprises     Grand in Castle Hill on Monday 18 May,             new business opportunities is held in
    develop and grow their businesses in these       starting at 5.30 pm) includes an industry          Campbelltown.
    turbulent economic times.                        panel discussion featuring leading Australian
                                                     industry and Government speakers.                  The NSW Department of State and Regional
    Why manufacturing?                                                                                  Development and the CEO Institute is
    Sydney’s West is home to a great diversity       Topics for discussion include survival             hosting a breakfast function on 21 May,
    and concentration of manufacturers — from        strategies manufacturing companies can             which looks at positive opportunities arising
    small one-man operations through to large        use to grow and thrive during the current          from the global financial crisis. The keynote
    multinationals with extensive advanced           economic downturn.                                 speaker is business trainer, consultant and
    production facilities.                                                                              humorist John Lees.
                                                     The forum is hosted by the Greater Western
    These include large-scale steel producers,       Sydney Economic Development Board, the             Site Visits
    high-tech electronics manufacturers and          leading advocate of business growth in             Western Sydney Manufacturing Week
    biotechnology firms working at the cutting       Western Sydney.                                    traditionally includes a number of site
    edge of Australia’s scientific development.                                                         visits with leading manufacturers. This year
    It is this diversity of industry which gives     Organisers anticipate up to 250 managers           is no exception.
    Western Sydney a winning economic edge.          and owners of small to medium enterprises
                                                     operating in Western Sydney will attend            Site visits are an opportunity to inspect
    Western Sydney is a hub of smart                 the forum.                                         some of the more interesting businesses
    manufacturing — such as advanced                                                                    contributing in the manufacturing sector.
    product development, information and             The focus of Western Sydney Manufacturing
    communications technology (ICT) and              Week events include the global financial crisis,   Companies and institutes opening their doors
    biotechnology.                                   the rapidly changing industrial and human          include ANSTO, Machinery Automation and
                                                     resources market, and improving market             Robotics, Amcor and Linfox.
    Manufacturing in Western Sydney is               intelligence. The week features workshops
    successful because of the capabilities of        designed to inspire manufacturers to be at         Site visits are a regular and popular part
    its highly skilled workforce, the existence      the forefront of innovative thinking.              of Western Sydney Manufacturing Week;
    of efficient supply networks, its capacity to                                                       those interested in taking part should
    add value to customers, and its success in       Other topics include staying ahead of              register early.
    the global market place.                         the pack, developing new market and
                                                     business opportunities, and adopting a             This year is expected to be the best yet with
    This year’s Western Sydney Manufacturing         flexible, innovative approach to all aspects       1,200 attendances expected for the week. G
    Week events examine opportunities arising        of business.
    from the rapidly changing industrial and                                                            For a complete list of speakers, site visit
    human resources market, improved market          Redefining business processes and models           locations, event venues, and start and
    intelligence and the benefits of adopting more   to gain a strategic advantage are discussed,       finish times, go to www.smallbiz.nsw.gov.
    prudent financing and funding strategies.        as is restructuring and embracing more             au/westernsydney or call 1300 661 539 for
                                                     prudent financing and funding strategies.          more information about Western Sydney
    Speakers also look at the advantage of                                                              Manufacturing Week 2009.
    embracing new technologies and creating          The importance of adopting new tech-
    partnerships to secure contracts in the          nologies is analysed along with collaborating
    global economy.                                  and partnering to secure global contracts.

    The events cover topics such as supply chain     Other Western Sydney Manufacturing
    and logistics, information communications        Week highlights include the Women in

18 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                  Western Sydney
                  Manufacturing Week
                                       Strengthening your competitive edge
                                                                                    2009                18 – 22 May
   Western Sydney Manufacturing Week 2009 has something for every manufacturer
   seeking to stay competitive. The program, which runs from 18 to 22 May, features
   site visits, workshops, seminars and special events.

                               To register for an event and programme details
                                  go to www.smallbiz.nsw.gov.au/gwp
                                             or call 1300 661 539

                                           Western Sydney Manufacturing Week 2009 is coordinated by the NSW
                                           Department of State and Regional Development in partnership with the
                                           Greater Western Sydney Economic Development Board.

1099-02_ISH_GWP_HalfPageAd_OL.indd 1                                                                                                 26/11/08 11:40:39 AM
                                                                                                                  GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   19

                           John Watters, Programme Manager - ParraSIP

    Building Capacity

       If we look back to the business                Regardless of any slowdown, skills                To improve your succession planning,
       environment 12 months ago, one of the          shortages still remain below the surface          contact one of the following Local
       most predominant buzz phrases of the           of most businesses. The population of             Community Partnerships in your area.
       time was “skills shortages”. It appeared       Australia is ageing; the time needed to
       that every industry was plagued by a           become educated, qualified, trained or
       lack of suitably qualified employees           skilled has not been reduced significantly;
       which appeared to be hampering                 the global population is not in decline; and
       productivity, efficiency and growth. More      robots or mechanisation have not replaced
       interestingly, a blame game appeared to        humans in one sweeping motion. Adding to
       exist between the various stakeholders,        this is the fact that as Australia’s population
       namely education, businesses, industry         ages and looks forward to retirement, this
       groups and governments. So how did             labour power vacuum cannot be simply
       this happen?                                   filled by young people who are newly
                                                      qualified. Decades of experience cannot
                                                      be simply replaced by someone with
    The causes of such skills shortages are as        numerous pieces of paper or letters; more
    numerous as the number of people with an          significantly, continuity within business and
    opinion on the subject. Some people point         effectiveness suffers.                            Parramatta
    the finger squarely towards governments,                                                            p | 9633 7100
    wishing that more should have been done.          Particularly for medium-large enterprises,        www.parrasip.com.au
    Many take the view that young people are          the time to build capacity is now. Strategic
    apathetic and unwilling to work. Others fault     and competitive advantage foundations
    the education system, claiming that there is      can be laid now and come to fruition
    a mismatch between education and industry         as economic circumstances improve.
    expectations. In any case, most people            Addressing skills shortages takes time and
    are more willing to blame everyone else           for those unwilling to invest, engage and         Blacktown
    without acknowledging their role in this          partner with organisations that can assist,       p | 9853 3247,
    continuing challenge.                             then the chasm of skills shortages that           www.breedcp.com.au
                                                      existed 12 months ago will again appear
    The global financial crisis is extremely unique   and any advantage that may have been
    and is challenging almost every business          gained now will be lost.
    across the country and world. Times are
    testing and many are suffering. Nonetheless,      Building capacity within organisations can        Hills/Hornsby
    if we reflect upon history, the stock market      be seen by some as a cost. But how much           p | 9639 7999
    is littered with economic peaks and troughs.      will it cost your business by not building        www.hillssip.com.au
    Businesses will restructure, reform and           capacity now? Organisations such as
    reposition themselves. Most importantly,          ParraSIP, BREED and HillsSIP can assist
    businesses must acknowledge that they             you to build capacity by engaging with
    cannot look forward without looking in            young people through a variety of tailored
    the rearview mirror. More specifically, will      methods. Capacity building is never a cost;
    businesses have the capacity to take              it is an investment that is critical to the
    advantage of opportunities as they arise if       viability of any business. G
    they haven’t taken a proactive step towards
    addressing skills shortages?

20 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
          Tired of                                                                                        Agen rtising

                                                                                                                   c y Qu

sh                                                                                                                        ality
                                                                                                              out t
                                                                                                                    he       Price

     a         SIG HIC                             N  DING
                                                                                                             Our services include:

                  N                                              Not getting                                 Graphic Design
                                     WEB                                       the r
             DE AP

                                    DESIGN                                                 lts               Web Design

                                                                                                   an        Branding
                                                                    Innovative and creati            t
                                                                   designs that will giv
                                                                                        e                    Print Solutions

                                                                    you maximum im    pact,
                                                                      For creative solutions,
                                                                    contact us for your
                                                                         that will give
                                                                    next promotion or you
                                                                   maximum impact, contact
                                                                    advertising campaig
                                                                  us for your next promotion
                                                                  or advertising campaign.                    XDESIGNS
                                                                                                                     c r e a t I v e
                                                                                                              Norwest - Kellyville
                                                                                                              p | 02 8824 5169

 From Effective Concept to Print... We do it all !
                                                                                                              e | mail@xdesigns.com.au
                                                                                                              w | www.xdesigns.com.au

RECRuItmEnt                                                                                temporary and Permanent

> Office and Administration Staff

> Industrial and Warehousing

> Construction and Engineering

• Privately owned and operated
• Personalised, professional and ethical service
• Competitive, fair and negotiable rates
• Thorough screening, testing and face-to-face interviewing of
  all candidates
• Corporate Member RCSA (40865) and MBA (1838138)
• Five convenient Sydney office locations

Baulkham hills,
Norwest                      BaNkstowN                     Brookvale               east GardeNs          mittaGoNG
p | 02 8824 9100             p | 02 9707 1033              p | 02 8197 3900        p | 02 9114 8700      p | 0433 913 035
e | mail@activepersonnel.com.au                           w | www.activepersonnel.com.au

                                                                                                              GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   21

                           John Glover, Director - Pendragon

    Sponsoring International
       Bizarre as it seems, despite the rise            short and ending up out of pocket when an       outsourced management service. This
       in unemployment, Australia is still              employment relationship goes sour. While        generally comprises of a payroll service (to
       suffering from a severe shortage in              most are urban legends, there certainly         offer benefits such as the Living Away From
       many skilled occupations. Even when              have been incidents where companies have        Home Allowance) and a monitoring service
       having to downsize in one area, many             been burned simply because they weren’t         to ensure that the DIAC requirements are
       employers have requirements in other             aware of what their rights and obligations      being met). The more established firms
       departments that are near impossible to          were. Make sure that you fully understand       should also be able to offer you a full
       fill in a reasonable time, often leaving key     your obligations before you make any            package complete with visa assistance,
       roles open for months on end, resulting          offer of employment. DIAC (Department           negotiation between the potential employee
       in more inefficiencies and further poor          of Immigration and Citizenship) publishes       and the business, employment law advice
       results – it’s a vicious cycle. Although         Information Booklets from time to time,         and ongoing employment management
       the migration program has recently been          stating the requirements. Take the time to      services. Once again, don’t be afraid to ask
       pared back, these changes relate only to         familiarise yourself with these obligations     for references.
       the permanent visa classes. Employers            to prevent nasty surprises later on. If using
       seeking access to the international              an employment management company, find          Moving Forward
       resource pool are still able to apply to         out if they are willing to underwrite some of   If you have roles within your business that
       become approved sponsors under the               the more onerous obligations or how you can     have traditionally been hard to fill, or one that
       Standard Business Sponsor program and            protect yourself against later claims through   you are currently struggling to find a suitable
       thereby be eligible to offer sponsored           having a solid employment contract in place.    candidate for, step out and consider the
       temporary residence visas to suitable            Once understood, the visa undertakings are      international workforce. For a relatively small
       international candidates.                        easy to meet.                                   investment, you could tap into a fresh skills
                                                                                                        pool where you aren’t clamouring against
                                                        The role of the migration agent                 competing employers or getting involved in
    In the past, accessing foreign talent was           Migration agents are there to make your         bidding wars for the right candidate. There
    the domain of the multinational blue chip           dealings with the DIAC as pain-free as          are many thousands of people looking for
    corporations only. SME’s were unsure of             possible. They should know the legislation      the opportunity to move themselves and
    how to tackle this complex beast, and more          thoroughly and be willing to spend time with    their family to our country. Being offered a
    often than not, simply steered away from it.        you explaining the ins-and-outs of the visa     sponsored visa is often their only choice,
    However, with the assistance of registered          classes. Only use an agent registered with      and once secured, their gratitude is evident
    migration agents and the expertise of               the Migration Agents Registration Authority,    in their work ethic with them often going on
    consultants who specialise in this niche            and make sure that your agent is well versed    and rising rapidly through the ranks at their
    area, smaller and medium sized enterprises          in the employer nominated visa classes.         new organisation. Good Luck! G
    are now starting to realise the benefit of          Migration law is a vast and complex area,
    being able to expand their search for talent        and many agents choose to specialise in         Pendragon
    across the globe. The application costs are         only one or two categories. Don’t be afraid     p | 02 9407 8700
    relatively minor, especially when compared          to ask for references - a good agent should     f | 02 9407 8701
    to the returns realised by having the right         be happy to supply you with these.              e | info@pendragon.net.au
    person on board on time.                                                                            w | www.pendragon.net.au

    Know your obligations                               The role of the employment management
    One of the areas of highest concern is the          firm
    obligations that the business bears in order        Employment management firms are often
    to sponsor a visa. There are many horror            able to simplify the process of employing
    stories about companies being caught                international workers by offering an

22 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
 We are here to assist
 so talk to us…
 At Pendragon our aim is to make your life easier by providing a wide
 variety of services to both businesses and individual contractors.

 At Pendragon we are offering you:
 • FREE Visa Assessment & Migration advice
 • Contractor Management Services
 • Salary Packaging Services
 • Recruitment

 Earn More, Worry less
                                     talk to us...
                                     p | +61 2 9407 8700
                                     e | info@pendragon.net.au
                                     w | www.pendragon.net.au

                                     Norwest Central
                                     Suite 203 | 12 Century Circuit
                                     Baulkham Hills | NSW 2153

Do you want to understand how
Australian Immigration works?
Would you like to know how to work
in or migrate to Australia, or do you
know someone who does?                                                  p | +61 2 9407 8788
                                                                        e | info@ozmigration.net.au
Well we have the answers to all of the above and more…                  w | www.ozmigration.net.au
At OZ Migration we offer a no nonsense service with a FREE no           Norwest Central
obligation assessment which lets you know if or how you can either      Suite 203 | 12 Century Circuit
work in or migrate to Australia so you can plan your future today.      Baulkham Hills | NSW 2153
                                                                         GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   23

                           Barry Knowles, Managing Director - Sydney@Work

    The Light Bulb has Switched On!!
    (It only took about 6 years)
       Something mind-blowingly, earth-movingly       were the result of a subjective analysis of       how we had documented the results, and
       amazing happened this month which I just       the service and our clients’ wishes. We           to give our detailed impressions of how
       have to share with you. In the process I       did a client survey, but it didn’t give us the    each short-listed candidate matched up
       have to give my company Sydney At Work         insights we needed.                               to the selection criteria, how they would
       a plug, but that is a fortunate side effect.

                                                      If you want to take the service beyond
       The main point is we can all do things to
       improve our businesses. I don’t know
       whether I’m pleased I worked it out, or
       embarrassed it took me so long.                expectations, you can’t just be driven
    The story is this: We have always been proud
    that our permanent recruitment business
                                                      by the clients’ expectations.
    has been a quality service. Given half a
    chance by the client (some clients are their      In all honesty, the improvements were             perform in the job and why we selected
    own worst enemy when it comes to using            borne out of sheer frustration that despite       them over other candidates.
    recruitment services effectively), we will run    providing a quality service, some jobs were
    a managed campaign. We will go to see the         going sour through no apparent fault of our      Not much change or added cost overall,
    client and the premises, take a full brief of     own. Perhaps we weren’t managing the             but the results were stunning. The clients
    the job (the job description, skills required,    client carefully enough? And in the current      we trialed this new “platinum” service on
    personality required, conditions, etc.), and      economic climate that couldn’t be allowed        were bowled over by the service and the
    then go about the business of searching           to happen.                                       insights and assistance we were able to
    out as many candidates as possible from                                                            provide. How satisfying is it to get “We
    the marketplace and our database.                 So what changes did we make?                     have been really impressed by what you’ve
                                                      • We scored the “long list” candidates           done for us” comments from your clients
    We will log responses, read all the resumes,        against the selection criteria at the          without having to prompt?
    telephone a “long list”, set up interviews          telephone interview stage and prepared
    for a selection of those telephoned and             a detailed report. Not more work than          So, in summary, my revelation is simply this:
    conduct face-to-face interviews. Finally,           before but more visible.                       Quality isn’t enough. Visibility of process;
    we will produce a recommended short                                                                demonstrated added value and creating
    list complete with profile notes and              • We had two people share the interview.         conditions where you, the supplier, are seen
    assessments for each candidate of how               No extra questions, no more time spent         as an integral part of the solution, are key to
    they match the selection criteria. This             overall, but now we had two people’s           providing that “Wow” factor that will help us
    is then followed up by making interview             impressions to talk through and compare,       get through the next few months. G
    arrangements, helping with negotiations on          rather than one person handling the
    conditions and salary, and follow up until          whole campaign.                                Sydney@Work
    the job is offered, accepted, and the person                                                       Suite 201, 12 Norwest Central
    starts and settles in.                            • We transferred our combined impressions        Century Circuit, Baulkham Hills 2153
                                                        into the candidate’s Personal Profiles and     p | 02 9680 2051
    Now that, by anyone’s yardstick, is a quality       agreed on the shortlist.                       f | 02 9680 3051
    service and beats most of our competition.
    But we realised there were things missing,        • We introduced a detailed report to back
    things which, without substantially changing        up existing email and phone contact and
    the service, we could improve upon. I wish          personally presented it. We were able to
    I could say the improvements we made                explain how we arrived at our conclusions,

24 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                                          Exclusive Business Saver
    Challenging times call
       for great offers!
 Unite all Business Communication devices and save!
 Includes mobile handsets, PDA, soft phones                                                                                   BuSINESS CoNNECT
 and all other IP devices.                                                                                                        GuaraNTEE
                                                                                                                           If the system we provide
                                                                                                                             does not do what you
 • Latest NEC Phone system includes                                                                                         wanted it to do we will
   - 4 handsets (on $39.95 per week plan)                                                                                replace it with a comparable
   - Voicemail                                                                                                              system of your choice7
   - Music on hold facility
   - Auto attendant, never miss a call

 • Free Intra fleet calls
   - Voice calls made from a Telstra Business FleetSelect
     Plan service to any other mobile service on the same
     account are FREE
     - no charge, no flagfall (minimum of 5 mobiles)

 • Free SMS
   - On certain plans to all Telstra mobiles
 • Mobile handsets included, free untimed calls

 • Great additional discounts
   - Up to $1,000 off standard install
   - Up to 14% discount of your total Telco spend per month
                                                                          Telstra Business Phone Systems from
   - Government subsidies apply - Please call us for details              $39.95 per week
 Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for details.

                                                               BlackBerry® Bold TM
                   0 upfront
  on a $45 BusinessMobile Select plan
                                                               • Compatible with the Next GTM network
                                                               • Stunning display & elegant, stylish design
 and $29 BlackBerry Individual Solution                        • Wireless email, calendar, web browse,
       email plan for 24 months5                                 tasks and built in GPS
                                                               • Send and receive unlimited email4

Specialist you can trust with your business
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                               Call your Account Executive for details 1300 721 400
                                                                                                              Exclusive to Business Connect Pty Ltd
                                                                                                                Suite A16, Level 2 | Lexington Corporate
                                                                                                          24 Lexington Drive | Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

                                                                                                                  GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   25

                            Darren Read, Managing Director – Vodafone Business Centre Norwest

    Lower Costs + Increased Productivity =
    Higher Profits (Easy if you know how.)
       I really enjoyed reading the March/April        nothing for this brokerage service. Obviously      conformation of price and the installation
       issue of Business Resource & Lifestyle.         the saving is relative to your size. I had great   date. In doing this, the customer can have
       The helpful articles included: “A Federal       fun recently with a mobile bill that came to       all the information in front of them to sign
       Government and Bank-Led Recession?”,            one million dollars every two months!              the contract on the spot. The company
       “Ten Ways to Survive the Downturn”,                                                                estimates the productivity saving is about
       “Doing Business in Tough Times”, “Slam          On the question of productivity, we need to        $1200 per installation as the salesperson
       Dunk the Downturn”, ”Surviving the              look at what else that little device in your       only has to visit the client once. They also
       Storm” and “Doing More with Less”. Is           pocket or handbag can do besides making            have reported a 15 percent increase in
       there a theme there I wonder?                   phone calls. According to a 2007 study             successfully closed sales.
                                                       conducted by research firm Woolcott, 40
                                                       percent of office workers are bored with           For another company it was issuing their
    In this article, I would like to give my own       the desk bound nature of their jobs and            workforce with blackberry handsets. We
    contribution to the subject of “recession          feel the situation affects their productivity.     identified that this major law company was
    proofing” your business. I want to offer           The research also showed that 44 percent           very email reliant, but their lawyers were
    you more than just good advice; I want to          of workers want a job with the flexibility to      often calling the office to request important
    give you a contribution that goes straight         spend at least half the working day out of         information to be read out over the phone or
    to your bottom line. Because any money             the office, and they want a smart handset          sent to the court house. We advised them
    that you can save off your fixed overhead          and support from management to do it.              that a Blackberry handset could effectively
    costs, without expending any effort or time,                                                          be used to transfer information that was
    is straight profit. “Cold-Hard-Cash” as they       The research also showed that 59 percent           not needed in a printed form to their staff
    say. I also want to offer some practical           of office workers believe mobile working           and read during breaks in the proceedings.
    advice on increasing productivity.                 is critical to the future success of the           We also ensured that non-camera phones
                                                       businesses they work for. By harnessing            were issued to people involved in family
    Phone accounts are one of those areas              the mobile email capabilities of your              court proceedings. They have found that
    in a business that nobody wants to know            mobile phones and other devices, your              this simple change has freed staff up to
    about. They are “just there”, too hard to          business gets a mobilised workforce that           concentrate on the core business and
    work out, too confusing to decipher. But           is productive anytime, anywhere. And               saved costs in couriers.
    because the telecommunications market              every mobile email user gains additional
    and technology changes so quickly, there           freedom in their routine resulting in better       Add all of that together and you get a recipe
    is always room for improvement - with              job satisfaction.                                  for profit. Let’s have a chat some time, and
    significant cost benefits. We all know about                                                          let me work out exactly how much we can
    Mortgage Brokers and Insurance Brokers,            With     the     continual   advances    in        boost your profits by. You won’t regret it. G
    but Telecommunications Brokers are no              miniaturisation and the increases in Mobile
    less important, especially if they can take        data speeds you can take your desktop
    on the burden of working out the best              to your clients. We have helped countless          For a free needs assessment and bill analysis
    phone deals, free of charge.                       companies mobilise there workforces.               service, contact the Vodafone Business
                                                       One example is a kitchen company that              Centre on 1800 333 638.
    I have seen countless small businesses             now designs customer’s new kitchens
    whose combined landline and mobile phone           using their laptop with CAD programs at
    bills came to around $2000 - $3000 a month         the client’s house. They then email off
    (before we sorted them out and began               the design using a laptop mobile modem
    managing them properly), who now enjoy             known as a VMC card. The head office
    savings of around $1000 a month. That              checks the design and pricing including
    saving is straight profit, as we charge them       availability of stock and then email back a

26 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
Global coverage
Local knowledge
At the Vodafone Business Centre we understand business. We know that many of
our clients are doing business globally as well as having a strong local presence.

  With Vodafone’s        Stay in touch with             E-mail anytime                    Get the best
   global network          your business                with Blackberry                 rates and latest
     in over 130         when you are out                or Microsoft                     mobiles with
   countries, you           of the office                Mobile Office                    Vodafone’s
  can make calls                                           solutions                     Business plans
                         Vodafone Mobile
      like a local        data and internet             Keep your team                 Let us ensure
    from virtually      connections with the           in contact with the            your mobiles are
  anywhere in the        Dell Mini laptop or            office when they              working for your
         world           mobile USB sticks               are on the road                 business

With the Vodafone Business Centre’s local knowledge and strength
we ensure your business is ahead of the pack for savings and
                Because we know it’s more than just mobiles…
                            It’s your business.

                           Vodafone Business Centre Norwest
              Tel: 1800 333 638   Suite 402,12 Century Circuit   Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

                                                                               GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   27

                            Bruce Gow, Director - Search Engine Guy Pty Ltd

    Internet Marketing Using Search Engine Optimisation
    Strategies: Five things to do to recession-proof your
    business online.
       The current economic decline has                    that is easy to read and gives benefits           Qualified Professional - see http://
       witnessed both major and small                      to the visitors. This will include two or         www.searchengine-guy.com.au/google/
       companies around the world tumbling                 three USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions)         adwords-qualified-professional.html
       out of business. Using the right Internet           and Third Party Testimonials from happy
       Marketing combined with effective                   clients. Finally, take away the perceived       Then target keyword phrases that don’t
       Search Engine Optimisation strategies               risk of dealing with your company by            cost a fortune and have been missed by
       can help you and your business to not               offering a rock solid guarantee.                your competitors.
       only survive recession, but to flourish in
       all economic times.                              3. Measure everything. If you’re spending          As Business Coach, Scott Tyler pointed
                                                           money on advertising, measure every             out in his past GWP article “Business
                                                           ad for effectiveness. If it’s not converting    Lessons      from      Past    Recessions”
    Most commercial website owners don’t
                                                           sales, dump it. No sense spending money         ....”Companies      increasing   marketing
    fully utilise the fantastic marketing
                                                           that doesn’t generate a return. Install         expenditure during a downturn experience
    opportunities that well-built and attractive
                                                           Google Analytics and use the Google             more benefits than those that maintain or
    websites are capable of producing. They
                                                           Website Optimizer (GWO).                        cut their marketing budgets.”
    are essentially nice looking electronic
    brochures for their current clients, instead
                                                        The GWO (no, it’s not a mixed-up acronym for       This is a good time to stand out from the
    of being lead generators to source new
                                                        my name!) is a fantastic tool for measuring all    rest. Remember, effectively constructed
    business for their owners.
                                                        of your ads or pages components, from the          internet marketing is cheaper than other
                                                        colour of the graphics to the positioning of       media including TV, radio, newspapers and
    Now let’s make this absolutely clear — the
                                                        the copy. Here are some of the elements that       direct mail. So grow, don’t reduce, what
    objective of any website should be to make
                                                        it can test at the same time or individually:      you’re doing online.
    the owner money. This should happen by
                                                        • Headline and sub-heads
    enticing the visitor to take some sort of
                                                        • Calls to action                                  But you don’t have to hire me. Just go do
    action by way of contacting you by phone
                                                        • Assurances and guarantees                        it with expert advice from a reputable SEO
    or email, placing an order, or opting in to
                                                        • Images                                           firm, and you will reap huge gains in these
    receive a newsletter to grow your database.
                                                        • Forms                                            slow economic times. G
    Most people will go to a lot of expense
                                                        • Copy
    developing a website and then they ignore
    it. That’s like having a huge billboard in the
                                                        4. Go out and get focused traffic and
    middle of a forest.
                                                           relevant links pointing to your website.
                                                           Register and submit articles to submission      Search Engine Guy Pty Ltd
    Here are some things you can do to
                                                           directories, network on the social media        33 Bella Vista Drive,
    recession-proof your internet marketing:
                                                           sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Stumble       Bella Vista NSW 2153
    1. Make sure that your website is search
                                                           Upon, etc. Get links on all of the free local   p | 0417 251 911
       engine friendly. It’s no good having
                                                           directories and Google Maps. Get listed in      e | bruce@searchengine-guy.com.au
       a great-looking site if it is invisible to
                                                           the Yahoo Directory and worthwhile paid-        w | www.searchengine-guy.com.au
       Google and other search engines. Some
                                                           inclusion directories. This is not a time
       unfriendly choices are websites that
                                                           to get conservative. Your competitors
       are all flash, in frames or graphic heavy.
                                                           probably will, and it is to their detriment
       Google can only read text, so give it and
                                                           and to your benefit.
       your visitors something to read!

                                                        5. Get a Google Adwords Campaign set
    2. Remember that it’s the copy that sells.
                                                           up by an accredited Google Adwords
       Focus on provided interesting content

28 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                                                                                                                         ONT CE

  Run your business
                                                                                                                      2 M PRI

  from the CBD whilst
  staying close to home
  A Servcorp Virtual Office® provides your business with the professional facilities and
  services you need close to home and in the CBD. For as little as $450 per month, your
  business will enjoy over $1,500 worth of professional services.

  ▪   Dedicated receptionist
  ▪   Local telephone numbers
  ▪   Professional business addresses
  ▪   Meeting rooms
  ▪   Time-saving IT solutions
  ▪   Four days per month complimentary use of a day office

  T | 02 8875 7700
  W | servcorp.com.au

 101 Miller Street North Sydney | 201 Miller Street North Sydney | Nexus Norwest
 Avaya House North Ryde | MLC Centre | BNP Paribas | 44 Market Street | Chifley Tower


                                                                                           GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   29

    Back Up Your Business, Collaborate
    and Get Outdoors
    Ways to change the way you do business
       An inner-city Marketing Communications           an internet connection. Your information        With a wireless, office staff can move their
       Agency was struck by the recent Sydney           is encrypted before it is sent ensuring it      laptops into a meeting room to make a
       electricity blackout five minutes before         is safe.                                        presentation with ease. Unsightly masses
       an important tender submission.                                                                  of blue and grey cables disappear and trip
                                                        The hard-working company could have             hazards are eliminated.
       As the deadline passed, days of gruelling        simply gone anywhere with a working
       work were wasted as a result of the              internet connection, logged on and              Wireless technology adds an extra
       phone and server crash. Even though the          retrieved their tender.                         dimension to office usability and can
       work had been completed, there was no                                                            improve the way you use your expensive
       way to lodge the online tender.                  Real Time Collaboration                         metres of rented office space. Outdoor
                                                        How much time do you spend meeting              areas can be used as meeting rooms,
       This frustrating event which saw the             colleagues, sending files and gathering         providing an inspiring setting.
       company miss out on an important                 feedback?
       opportunity was completely preventable                                                           Wireless technology is also great for PDA
       with some simple yet critical office             With collaboration technology, you can invite   users who can have phones diverted at
       technology that can be supplied by               another team member to work with you on         entry to the office.
       GlobileNet.                                      the same document at the same time across
                                                        a shared platform, facilitated online.          These new office technologies provide
                                                                                                        real opportunities for saving time, money

       How safe is                                      Imagine you are working on a pitch, tender
                                                        or article with a colleague in another office
                                                                                                        and working more closely in real time with
                                                                                                        colleagues. They are simple to install and

       your data?                                       or company. Instead of making changes,
                                                        saving and naming another version and
                                                                                                        highly cost-effective.

                                                        then emailing it across to your colleague for   After the scare of the blackout, our
                                                        comment, you can both work on the same          Marketing Communications Agency has
    New     communication      technology     is        document whilst talking to each other in        ensured they have their new technologies
    dramatically changing the way we work,              real time.                                      installed, so they don’t miss out on the
    how we store information, how we deal                                                               next tender. G
    with external colleagues and even where             The potential for creative collaboration
    we work. There have been significant                and time saving is enormous. With this
    advances over the last few years that are all       collaboration technology the days of
    geared towards saving small and medium              missing files and numerous versions of          If you would like information on how these
    size businesses their two greatest assets –         the same document clogging server space         technologies can support your business,
    time and money.                                     are obsolete.                                   please contact GlobileNet for an obligation
                                                                                                        free consultation.
    Achieving Security of Information                   Our inner-city company would have
    Could you retrieve your data after a                completed the document much faster to           GlobileNet is a communications technology
    break-in?                                           begin with, as they wouldn’t have been          solutions provider. With over 20 years
                                                        waiting for colleagues to come back with        experience they specialise in delivering
    Being able to retrieve data is the ultimate         final comments.                                 telephony, IP networks, online back-up,
    security concern for any business. Installing                                                       wireless, facility management and system
    an online back-up system is a cost effective        Wireless Flexibility                            design and maintenance.
    way of storing your data in a secure and            What could you achieve if you weren’t
    remote location.                                    chained to your desk?                           GlobileNet
                                                                                                        p | 1800 79 GNET (4638)
    An online back-up system ensures that your          Wireless technology gives freedom to the        e | sales@globilenet.com
    data is safe in the event of a fire, flood, theft   desk-bound worker, since they no longer         w | www.globilenet.com
    or blackout, giving you piece of mind. It can       need to be in the same place everyday to
    store up to 10 versions of files and allows         complete their work.
    you to retrieve your data or recover lost files
    anywhere and at anytime; all you need is

30 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   31

                           Alex Hawke, Federal Member for Mitchell

    Political Agenda with Alex Hawke:
    Jobs for Australia
       Small businesses in Mitchell employ the         In addition, the Coalition will provide more        Ensuring every Australian has the opportunity
       bulk of our local workforce. It is therefore    support to family businesses seeking                to work is the single most important
       necessary that small business receives          advice during these tough economic times,           objective of Government, and must be the
       the right treatment from government             and an online one-stop-shop would ensure            top priority of economic management. The
       to help them through these difficult            all federal, state and local business forms         Coalition believes well paid, skilled, secure
       economic times.                                 were available on the one website, making           jobs depend on enterprise, along with low
                                                       it easier for operators.                            taxes and incentives that make it easy for
                                                                                                           businesses to invest in people.
    The Coalition is committed to maintaining          These Coalition measures will get
    our strong and vibrant small business              government out of the way and allow local           Jobs for Australia is an initiative of the Coalition
    community and has developed a six-point            small businesses to weather the financial           to make sure we leave no stone unturned in
    Small Business Action Plan to give them            storm and keep locals in their current jobs.        our efforts to protect jobs and create new
    the support they need to lead Australia’s          This is in direct contrast to Labor’s initiatives   opportunities for Australians. I encourage you
    economic recovery.                                 for small business.                                 and your colleagues to have your say about
                                                                                                           the jobs crisis at www.jobsforaustralia.com.
    I have been working with Malcolm Turnbull          The Rudd Government’s spending sprees               You can share your experiences and ideas
    and the Coalition to offer the right support       have contained no measures to protect small         through this online forum.
    to small business in Mitchell. Our action          business from the economic downturn. Only
    plan will increase small business cash             Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition can get          Already we have received many worthwhile
    flow, cut taxes and make it easier to keep         the conditions right for small business, so         practical suggestions like assisting cash
    employees on the payroll.                          they can remain profitable and keep local           flow by getting the government to pay their
                                                       men and women employed.                             bills on time and business incentives such
    The Coalition understands small business is                                                            as accelerated depreciation deductions.
    the most critical part of our local economy        In order to ensure we get the best input from
    – the source of local economic growth,             local business, I am hosting a Mitchell Jobs for    I hope to see you at the Mitchell Jobs for
    innovation and job creation.                       Australia Forum on Monday, 4 May, 11am at           Australia Forum and at the Sydney Hills
                                                       the Crowne Plaza in Norwest Business Park,          Business Chamber Lunch which follows.
    The Coalition’s action plan offers a financial     so I can hear your ideas on how to maintain         Please register for the forum and lunch at
    lifeline to struggling local small businesses.     and create jobs in our local economy.               www.sydneyhillsbusiness.com.au.
    Eligible struggling small operators would
    be allowed to claim back up to $100,000 in         Our special guests for the day are Steven           I look forward to hearing from you with your
    tax paid in the three previous years against       Ciobo MP, Shadow Minister for Small                 ideas. If you are unable to attend the Jobs
    the tax value of any loss incurred this and        Business, and Senator the Hon. Michael              Forum, please email me directly with your
    next financial year.                               Ronaldson, Shadow Special Minister                  thoughts at alex.hawke.mp@aph.gov.au. G
                                                       of State. These two important Shadow
    Plus, local businesses with 20 or fewer            Ministers will be joining me to host the
    staff would have the Commonwealth                  Mitchell Jobs for Australia Forum. The              For more information about the Coalition’s
    Government pay 3 per cent of the                   feedback we receive from you as a local             plan for small business or the Jobs Forum,
    Superannuation Guarantee Contribution              business will be taken directly to Canberra         please contact Amy in my office on
    this year and 1.5 per cent next year.              and will help build policy for the future.          (02) 9899 7211 or amy.houston@aph.gov.au.

    These initiatives will help boost cash flow
    and reduce the costs of employing people.

32 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
Something to
think about…
We’ve just launched a range of wireless business grade internet connectivity solutions using
our private spectrum, which is now available in selected areas in Sydney and Melbourne.
We’re guessing that you probably have an existing contract, but if you spend a couple of
minutes reading this information, hopefully we’ll become part of your consideration set
when your contract comes up for renewal.
There are many advantages being wireless, but we’ll let you discover that for yourself.

how we meaSure up
1   privately owned, secure wireless spectrum                              2 guaranteed 99.99% service level agreement
    Unlike public spectrum solutions, where a number of                        Our Best-In-Class service levels, and network
    competing technologies and service providers operate, our                  redundancy, mean we can deliver a business internet
    3.5GHz private spectrum is interference and congestion free.               service with virtually zero downtime.

3   total flexibility on speed and service                                 4 carrier grade Quality of Service (QoS)
    Customise your solution with speeds from 2 to 10Mbps.                      With a standardized IP network, we’re able to ensure
    Choose Symmetric which supports equal bandwidth for                        time-sensitive data has priority, ensuring you can run
    uploads and downloads, or Asymmetric, which forfeits                       VoIP, video conferencing and other real-time data
    bandwidth available for uploads – so you can download more.                applications concurrently.

the difference
Unwired versus other wireless providers (using Public/Class licensed spectrum)

Unwired                                                                  Others (Public/Class licensed)
3.5GHz                                                                   5.4/5.8GHz
                                 •	   Fully	managed	by	Unwired                                            •	   Uncontrolled	frequency	band
                                 •	   Interference-free	spectrum                                          •	   Service	prone	to	interference
                                 •	   Guaranteed	speed	and	reliability                                    •	   Speed	and	reliability	dependant	
                                 •	   Low	end-to-end	latency                                              	    on	free-for-all	wireless	environment

                          Time                                                                    Time

For more information please visit our website unwiredbusiness.com.au.
To check your coverage or if you have a specific question, email us on
businessservices@unwiredaustralia.com.au or phone 1300 029 209

                                                                                                          GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   33

                                               Publisher’s Guest

           Ray Williams                        State Member for Hawkesbury
                                               with Dmitry Greku, Publisher/Editor, GWP Magazine.

   DG: Ray Williams is the State Member        RW: There is a total lack of confidence           It is vital that any government, regardless of
   for Hawkesbury in the NSW Legislative       currently being experienced by the large          political persuasion, provide leadership in
   Assembly. Ray has been a member of the                 majority of businesses right           order to provoke sustained investment and
   Liberal Party for fourteen years, serving                  across NSW. While this             business confidence in these challenging
   in many positions in local branches.                          is obviously due in part to     times. While governments around the
   He is my first guest representing the                             the current economic        world are implementing stimulus packages
   NSW State Government.                                                uncertainty,       the   in order to sustain employment, the NSW
                                                                         political indecision    State Government has become completely
   As we all know, the economic                                          by the NSW State        disengaged with the economy and is
   situation in the State is arguably                                    Government in not       demonstrating a clear misunderstanding
   the worst in the country. So,                                         providing any form      of the most basic principles of sound fiscal
   today I would like to ask Ray to                                      of stimulus for NSW,    and economic management.
   clear up some important points                                       years prior to the
   for the whole State business                                       international collapse     NSW has the highest rate of taxation of any
   community. Ray, what do you feel                                  has exacerbated the         state in this country. This, combined with a
   is the most important issue                                         situation.                negative net migration population of almost
   effecting businesses                                                                          23,000 residents, equates to 70 people
   in NSW at this                                                                                per day leaving this State to Queensland
   time?                                                                                         and Victoria. This mass migration was
                                                                                                 caused largely through a lack of available
                                                                                                 and affordable housing in Sydney and the
                                                                                                 outer suburbs. NSW had the worst rate of
                                                                                                 housing approvals in the last month than
                                                                                                 in any other month in the recorded history
                                                                                                 of this country. These problems were not
                                                                                                 caused by the global economic crisis, but
                                                                                                 were part and parcel of the failed policies
                                                                                                 of our NSW State Government over more
                                                                                                 than a decade.

                                                                                                 Rather than undertaking responsible
                                                                                                 measures to correct this situation and
                                                                                                 stimulate the housing market, the State
                                                                                                 government opted instead for a horror mini
                                                                                                 budget of increased taxes and cancelled
                                                                                                 major infrastructure programs. The
                                                                                                 increase in taxes and the slashing of the
                                                                                                 $50 back-to-school allowance punished
                                                                                                 consumers (those who still reside in NSW)
                                                                                                 and the businesses which provide their
                                                                                                 employment. NSW creates two thirds of
                                                                                                 Australia’s GDP, yet the NSW economy has
                                                                                                 been in decline for the past decade.

                                                                                                 Despite almost 500 people a week leaving
                                                                                                 our state, our unemployment rate is 6.2 %,
                                                                                                 higher than any other state in this country.
                                                                                                 A vibrant housing market and a strong

34 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                                                                                                                           PuBlIShEr’S GUEST

economy go hand-in-hand, the direct              11,400 jobs were lost in February alone.         DG: Let’s try to look into the future – What
and indirect consequences of retractive          A large majority of the jobs lost were           would an O’Farrell - Liberal/National State
housing growth and a diminishing                 from businesses in Western Sydney.               Government do to promote business
population impact on virtually every             The Centre of Full Employment and                investment in NSW post 2011?
business in NSW.                                 Equity study shows 76 Sydney suburbs
                                                 – the vast majority in Western Sydney            RW: History clearly shows the Liberal/
DG: It’s a very tough time for the majority of   – are already on red alert because they          National Parties’ record of responsible
businesses. How do you feel the businesses       are at high risk of job losses during the        economic       management       when      in
in Sydney Metro Area are coping with the         current economic downturn. It comes as           government has been sound. We
current economic climate?                        no surprise, therefore, that the failure by      believe that in order for NSW to
                                                 the NSW Government to implement any              encourage investment and to provide the
RW: There’s no doubt businesses are              sustainable stimulus package across              foundations for sound economic growth,
doing it tough and the next year will            this State is already costing a significant      a government must provide an effective
certainly be challenging. While Australia        number of NSW jobs.                              tax and regulatory regime, a genuine
may remain slightly more insulated than                                                           partnership with business and the
other countries coming to terms with the         DG: It’s a simple idea – If you need to          provision of critical infrastructure – not
global collapse, the business people I           sell something, you need to promote it.          the current inertia displayed in all three
have spoken too are bracing themselves           What should the NSW State Government             areas. We will evaluate the existing
for an uncertain year ahead. However,            be doing to promote and encourage                drivers for, and barriers to, growth and
the parallels between different industries       business activity?                               innovation in the sector, especially those
is interesting. The Chifley Centre in the                                                         caused by government policies and
heart of Sydney was home to Babcock              RW: While most people in NSW would               practices, that has seen investment decline
and Brown. Several coffee and sandwich           consider Sydney to be the gateway to             right across NSW.
shops recently bursting at the seams are         Australia, during the past decade we have
now almost deserted due to the loss of           consistently lost major events to our sister     In government we would create an
800 employees within that building alone.        states of Victoria and Queensland. The           environment where private enterprise will
Real estate agents, on the other hand,           recent announcement that Tiger Woods             respond positively, innovatively and with
are busy keeping up with the high demand         has been enticed to Victoria is one case in      ingenuity to the challenges within this
for rental accommodation and the influx          point. Similarly, if NSW is to compete on the    State. The role of government is to provide
of first home buyers in the lower end of         world stage, it must have clearly defined        the foundations for competitiveness and
the market.                                      goals and direction for future growth.           prosperity, and the role of business is to be
                                                                                                  competitive and generate the prosperity
In the outer suburbs of Western Sydney           The NSW Opposition recently proposed             that underwrites the living standards
many businesses recently received                a 15% cut in pay roll tax given NSW              of every citizen. While maintaining and
their yearly land valuations and were            businesses already face the highest taxes        enhancing existing industries, we will
astonished to discover land tax increases        in the country, with a typical business          foster the development of new growth
of between 15% and up to 98% had been            facing payroll tax bills 13% higher than the     industries. This provides an opportunity
applied. This was in direct contradiction        national average. Effective tax initiatives      to grow the State’s economic pie by
to the Valuer General’s previous                 such as this are fundamental in promoting        diversifying our industrial base and
predictions at the beginning of this year        NSW as the most investment friendly state        harnessing the increasing skills of our
that land prices remained lower this year        in Australia, something it cannot boast at       community. For those in government,
than last. Ignoring this, they still pushed      this point in time.                              it’s meant to be about maximising public
ahead with increased land valuations                                                                 value, just as those in business, are
on commercial property, pushing land             We believe NSW businesses, their                 maximising the private value – different
taxes higher and thereby contributing to         employees and their families need help           roles for government and business, but
further pressure on businesses and the           in these challenging economic times              roles that are linked and can only be
risk of retrenchments.                           and a 15% cut in payroll tax for 2009            achieved together. The NSW Liberal/
                                                 is one practical way for the NSW State           National Parties believe that by having
Western Sydney is a vital component              Government to help. This initiative would        clear goals and direction and a
in the overall economy of NSW. The               help keep people in jobs by easing the           determination to return transparency
population of Western Sydney is just under       financial pressures faced by some 30,000         and accountability to government, NSW
2 million people. The Western Sydney             NSW businesses currently struggling in           status as Australia’s ‘Premier State’ can
economy is fuelled by a labour force of          this economic downturn. A one-off, 15%           be restored.
more than 900,000 people working for             across-the-board cut would reduce NSW’s
151,000 actively trading businesses. Any         effective payroll tax rate to 4.89% making it    DG: I would like to express my appreciation
increases in taxation at this point in time      one of the lowest in the nation. A willingness   to you for your time and sharing your
only amplifies the risk of staff reduction       by the NSW Government to make a high-            thoughts on such important issues. I wish
and there is strong evidence this is             profile, billion-dollar investment in NSW        you all the best in your political career.
unfortunately happening.                         business, could have a positive effect
                                                 for NSW businesses overall outlook and           RW: Thanks Dmitry, it’s a pleasure and
According to official ABS figures, 37,100        confidence. It’s a welcome policy initiative     congratulations    on     this   remarkable
people have lost their jobs in the last          and one we continue to encourage the             publication which is proving so beneficial to
six months or almost 200 people a day.           NSW Government to embrace.                       the NSW business community. G

                                                                                                          GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   35

    Family Accommodation Project
    for Westmead Children’s Hospital
    Needs Your Help                                                                                                         By Larry Woldenberg

       One of Sydney’s leading Institutions is
       the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. It
       serves as a teaching hospital for both the
       University of Sydney and the University of
       Western Sydney and conducts children’s
       clinical research, focusing on translating
       research into medicine.

    The hospital has a bed capacity of 339 and
    employs a staff of 2500. At the moment,
    there is a chronic need for extended family
    accommodation to serve the child patients.
    With this in mind, Parramatta Mission
    is contracting to supply 6 badly needed
    2-bedroom apartments just 30 metres from
    hospital’s entrance.

    Westmead Hospital strongly supports
    the project. Childhood illness can be
    surrounded by fear and uncertainty. A
    child’s well-being will improve if the family
    feel confident and relaxed about the illness.
    Having the immediate and extended family
                                                                        Wesley Apartments Development for Parramatta Mission
    nearby is a tremendous support of the
    healing process in children. That’s why this
    $2 million project is so important.             there’s a shortage of rooms or there is no      set-up and not expensively furnished.
                                                    room for extended family members because
    The Parramatta Mission has already              only single rooms are available.                 “When the apartments open for occupancy
    borrowed $1.3 million to fund the purchase                                                      in October of this year, we plan to make
    of the apartments and has a Development         “We want to offer a space with Play Stations,   them available at a low price of $300 a
    Application currently before the Parramatta     a bath for the kids and cooking facilities      week which is less than a normal rental
    Council to do a $700,000 renovation of both     where more than just the immediate family       apartment in Westmead.
    the interior and exterior of the building.      can stay. Grandparents, cousins, etc.,
                                                    could all come and help and this would          “We really hope that people will respond to
    This will enable the families of children       be an opportunity for Mums and Dads to          our Fund Raiser. Otherwise we will need to
    patients from Regional NSW and Inter-           receive plenty of support.                      service the bank loan which will force the
    State to be with their loved ones at both                                                       rental to go up to conceivably $600 a week
    the Children’s Hospital and the larger          “For many children throughout NSW,              - something we all wish to avoid.” G
    Westmead Hospital if rooms remain               Westmead Hospital is the only place they
    available. However, the focus will be on        can receive the special treatment they          Anyone wishing to contribute can
    the children.                                   need. Kids with leukemia need 6-month           contact the Parramatta Mission directly
                                                    treatment programs. Organ transplants           on 9891 2277 or go to the dedicated
    Parramatta Mission is profoundly qualified      take 6-8 weeks. Radiation therapy patients      website www.parramattamission.org.au for
    to oversee the project. Currently, they         need daily treatment but can often be           more information.
    manage the only motel in Westmead, the          outpatients. So they could conceivably stay
    Wesley Lodge, which consists of 59 rooms.       with their families in this new facility. The
    One of its managers, Dianne Hart, General       same goes for kidney dialysis patients.”
    Manager tells of the need: “Right now the
    existing accommodation for children’s           Parramatta Mission’s CEO, Chris Bertinshaw,
    families can’t cope with the demand. Either     describes the new accommodations as well

36 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
               Wesley Apartments
                                           a sanctuary for
                                            your family at
                    Westmead Children’s Hospital
             Help Parramatta Mission raise $2M to provide a safe haven for families with sick children.

                                To contribute towards this life changing program go to
                              www.parramattamission.org.au and click on Donor Central.
                             Follow the prompts to make a donation or ring 02 9891 2277

                                                                                 119 Macquarie Street
                                                                                Parramatta NSW 2150
Wesley Apartments                                                        www.parramattamission.org.au

Cnr Hawkesbury Road and Hainsworth Street Westmead NSW            Transforming Lives
                                                                                      GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   37

    ryde Business Forum – Supporting
    Businesses in Sydney’s Fastest-growing
    Business District                                                                                                                   By Sabrina Ferguson

       The “tough economic times” which have                                                                                                   RBF Board:
       hit in particular the retail, hospitality and                                                                                           Sabrina Ferguson,
       finance industries are also hitting service                                                                                             Charles Kilby,
       providers of all sizes - printers, caterers,                                                                                            George Papallo,
       stationery... you name it. You may have                                                                                                 Elizabeth Webb,
       lost a client or two, or your regular clients                                                                                           Andrew Bland
       and customers have cut back on their                                                                                                    (Chairman),
       spending with you. You need to find                                                                                                     Andrew Hill and
       more customers in order to survive and                                                                                                  Lyn Clark-Duff.
       then thrive.

    A solution? Join your local business
    association or Chamber of Commerce. In
    the heart of Sydney’s north, Ryde Business
    Forum (RBF) is an umbrella Chamber for local
    Chambers as well as having a strong member
    base of its own and provides a catalyst for
    businesses of all sizes and industries through
    its events and other services.

    If you think Chambers of Commerce are a
    bit fuddy-duddy, think again. The modern           It’s not all doom and gloom in     (l-r) Andrew Bland (RBF), Bruce Goodwin (Janssen-Cilag
    Chamber is a strong business tool you can          the economy - PM Rudd tells        Australia), The Hon Kevin Rudd MP, Maxine McKew MP
    use to improve your bottom line. A year’s          RBF members there are bright       (Member for Bennelong), Chris Jones (North Ryde RSL
    membership is cheaper than advertising in          times ahead.                       Community Club) and Cr Vic Tagg (Mayor of City of Ryde).
    a newspaper, and you will be promoted to
    other members through a variety of means.          attend as many functions as possible, to get       Supported under RBF’s umbrella are the
                                                       out there and meet your fellow members.            Armenian, Eastwood, Epping, Gladesville,
    “We give our members the opportunity to            Savvy members come to as many events as            North Ryde/Macquarie Park and West
    expand their network in a number of ways.          they can, so you will see familiar faces and       Ryde Chambers of Commerce, potentially
    These include monthly networking events            get to know other people’s businesses - as         giving hundreds of business people the
    which are free to our members and first-           they will get to know yours. Even if you talk      opportunity to get to know each other. There
    time guests, keynote speaker luncheons,            to someone who isn’t in the market for your        are around 12,500 businesses throughout
    educational marketing, HR and IR breakfasts        services, they will probably know somebody         the City of Ryde, but only a fraction of them
    and an annual business expo. We also               who is and will pass your details on.”             belong to a local business association.
    provide a free news service for members
    through our website and two different              If you’re just starting out with your own          “We’d like to see that change. The more
    newsletters. These are all opportunities for       business, it can be daunting at first              businesses network with local Chambers
    our members, but if you want to grow your          meeting up to 100 new people at one                and RBF, the stronger business throughout
    business, you have to put the effort in,” said     function. Networking isn’t for the shy, but        Ryde will be. We can keep our economy
    Andrew Bland, RBF Chairman.                        as you make friends within your network it         strong if we work together.” G
                                                       becomes easier.
    “We’ve seen a lot of synergy happen                                                                   To find out more, visit
    between members since our inception                “Networking is particularly important for          www.rydebusiness.com.au, email Sabrina
    in 1993,” said Andrew. “We’ve seen                 micro business owners, who are usually the         Ferguson, RBF’s Executive Consultant, on
    businesses of all sizes partner on projects –      boss as well as the sales person. In order         info@rydebusiness.com.au or phone
    anything from running educational seminars         to establish your brand and make people            02 9807 4999.
    together to the design and construction of         aware of what you do, try to attend as
    a new purpose-built high tech facility.            many functions as you can. If you’re part of
                                                       a larger organisation you can pick specific
    “It can take months before you see a return        team members to send to our events as
    on your membership investment, and this is         we cover a range of topics particularly with
    true for any Chamber you join. The key is to       our workshops.”                                                   Ryde Business Forum

38 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                                       TRAINING ROOMS
                                     VARIOUS SIzES NOw AVAILAbLE

                                         > SERVICED OFFICES
                                         > VIRTUAL OFFICE
                                          > MEETING ROOMS
                                           • Parramatta’s leading location for serviced offices
                                          • Professional presentation and image
                                          • Recently refurbished

                                         • Cost effective and competitive pricing

                                        • New ownership and Management
                                       • New offices currently being built, capable of
                                         being tailored to suit your needs
                     u rb

           c us
  rf                                         Contact Elke Small or Sonia Nauzad

                              Suite 3, Ground Floor 30 Cowper St | Parramatta | NSW 2150
                                           p | 02 8835 4900 f | 02 8835 4981
                              e | esmall@focus-serv.com.au w | www.focus-serv.com.au

                                                                        GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   39

    Chamber and Ausindustry Assist
    Hills Business to Move Forward
       Hills businesses will get a much-needed        focusing on bringing in dollars, and this grant   Network being lead by Sydney Hills
       shot in the arm as the Sydney Hills            will provide the Chamber with the necessary       Business Chamber, an expanded offering
       Business Chamber commences delivery            resources to assist the local business            of business networking functions to be
       of a range of new programs. Thanks to          community to do just that. The Chamber            held in and around the Hills, independent
       a $75,000 Federal Government Small             will be expanding the Referral PLUS Team          guidance on banking and finance, marketing
       Business Assistance Scheme grant, local        Program, which is all about businesses            planning, legal and accounting support,
       business owners and operators will now         teaming up with each other for the specific       guidance on leasing, and support services
       benefit from a wide range of low-cost          purpose of increasing sales and referrals,”       for women in business. G
       business development opportunities             said Nicole Baines, Business Development
       being offered right in their very own          Officer for Sydney Hills Business Chamber.        Any business in the Sydney Hills looking to
       back yard.                                                                                       maximise their growth potential, prosperity
                                                      “Through the RPT Program, the Chamber             and sustainability or who requires information
                                                      is providing leadership, a much needed            and advice on issues that are important
    No longer will Hills business owners need to      platform, and the education required for          to them in sustaining and/or growing
    travel out of the area to enjoy educational       businesses to work together and help              their business, should make contact with
    business workshops or to meet with out-of-        each other. The Small Business Assistance         Nicole, Robin or Ashleigh at Sydney Hills
    area providers for one-on-one government-         Scheme has been designed to build the             Business Chamber on 9659 3366 to find
    funded business guidance sessions.                capabilities of the businesses participating      out more about the wide range of relevant
    Costing as little as $30 per session, the local   in funded activities and also of the agencies     services available, or alternatively, visit
    Business Chamber will now be providing            delivering those activities, and that has         www.sydneyhillsbusiness.com.au.
    business owners with the opportunity to           been kept top of mind in everything we are
    affordably gain the essential skills needed       planning,” said Mrs Baines.
    to build robustness and maturity into their
    business during a tough economic period.          Other opportunities available through
                                                      the Chamber under this funding are: a
    “As well as fine tuning their business            new Leadership Development Program,
    management skills, there is a strong need         introductions to out-of-area agencies where
    right now for small business owners to be         required through a Combined Chamber

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                                                                                                                                          GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009                                    41

    Chamber’s 8th Annual State
    of the City Address                                                                                                      by Roman Dechnicz,
                                                                                                   president of Parramatta Chamber of Commerce

       In its eight year and hosted by Parramatta                                                            in    Parramatta.   Our    area’s
       Chamber of Commerce in conjunction                                                                    employment       mix    provides
       with Parramatta City Council, the 2009                                                                significant insight into our
       State of The City Address, held in a                                                                  customer profiles.
       packed Sebel Parramatta Ballroom,
       delivered an impressive while accurately-                                                             As business people, the cost
       grounded view of the landscape upon                                                                   of doing business is one of
       which the success of our businesses                                                                   two issues we are constantly
       resides during these testing times.                                                                   reviewing. The local government-
                                                                                                             imposed cost of doing business
                                                                                                             represents a significant proportion
    Since the Chamber first suggested this                                                                   of the total and it is pleasing
    event over 8 years ago it has served as a                                                                from the Chamber’s view to see
    thumbnail sketch of what the Council has                                                                 Parramatta’s fixed council charges
    done in the previous year, what it intends           Dr Robert Lang, CEO and Cr Tony Issa, OAM           are the lowest of all competing
    to do now and what it intends to do for the          Lord Mayor Parramatta Council and Roman             Sydney CBDs and second lowest
    next 12 months.                                    Dechnicz, president Parramatta Chamber at State       when it comes to all statutory,
                                                                      of the City Address                    operating and municipal charges.
    Today more than ever the business
    community of Parramatta along with                                                                       Vacancy rates for A Grade office
    Council must stand united, stay positive        Parramatta’s Gross Regional Product (GRP)      space in Parramatta is an important
    and be determined to succeed.                   statistics show that companies involved in     indicator to the health of our business
                                                    finance, insurance, property and business      community. Dr Lang reports that this
    We must see problems as challenges,             services produce the most economic             retains a positive outlook, quoting A grade
    challenges that we can meet together            output of all business sectors. These          rental rates of $270 per square metre per
    as a business community with the                companies not only represent businesses in     annum in Parramatta compared with $480
    support of our Council and its Economic         our area, but they bring customers to other    for Sydney CBD.
    Development Team.                               businesses in our area. The Chamber is
                                                    pleased to see prospects for these sectors     Are we not fortunate to live and work in
    Traditionally, the key note speaker at the      remaining strong.                              Parramatta and not elsewhere?
    State of the City Addresses is Parramatta
    Council’s Chief Executive, and this year        Manufacturing is the third largest employer    This year’s State of the City Address
    that fell to Dr Robert Lang. Delivering a       in Parramatta, yet employment in this          was another fantastic get together for
    presentation which shared Council’s vision      sector is predicted to drop. That means        Parramatta’s business community over
    of thousands of additional jobs and the         less significant customers for local small     a wonderful lunch with a wide selection
    need for 30 new skyscrapers housing their       businesses and less employees coming           of beers and wines thanks to the Sebel
    employers, Dr Lang also pointed out that        into Parramatta everyday. The future of        Parramatta. We look forward to seeing you
    a greater level of co-operation is required     manufacturing in our area affects many         all again next year. G
    from the NSW Government if Parramatta is        other businesses as well.
    to realise its potential.                                                                      Parramatta Chamber of Commerce
                                                    While      he    predicts       Parramatta’s   PO Box 139 Parramatta 2124
    In front of 300 local business and community    unemployment rate will increase in line        Level 1 Suite 2, 8-10 Palmer Street
    representatives, Dr Lang made some key          with rises to the national rate, Dr Lang       Parramatta
    points important to businesses in our area.     predicts that Parramatta’s position as         p | 9683 6655
                                                    having a lower unemployment rate than the      f | 9683 6644
    Parramatta Council and the NSW                  nation as a whole will continue. Parramatta    e | info@parramattachamber.org.au
    Government appear to be working well            Council predicts that the largest growth       w | www.parramattachamber.org.au
    together with Parramatta greatly benefiting     in employment in our city by 2025 will
    from the Government’s two CBD’s policy.         be in the government sector with retail,
    This is behind the major shift in government    communications, property and business
    operations to Parramatta, meaning local         services and hospitality following.
    business conditions for those servicing
    these government agencies and their             This is vital information for businesses
    employees have boomed.                          operating or planning to operate

42 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
 Are you looking for a more durable unit with a heavier
 base? Try our top of the range, Deluxe model. It comes
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 with a 5kg weight flat base and 5 years warranty on
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 DPI:                      720
 Ink:                      Dye / Solvent ink
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 Stand Colour:
 Carry Bag:
                           Silver/ Metallic Black
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                           Padded & water proof
                                                                                                    DL Flyer 210x99mm
 Weight:                   7 KG                                                                     Printed full colour 2 sides on 250gsm
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                                                                                                                                        GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   43

                            David Milne, Director - Expo Edge

    In Tough Times,
    the Tough Get Going
       Every news report foretells an extremely
       difficult year ahead. Many businesses are         Well Business
                                                         Expos, of
       assessing how this economic downturn
       will affect their company. This continuous
       media bombardment of doom and gloom
       can be depressing and choke your desire
       to continue the marketing plan you had
       originally envisaged.                             Your office is probably very nice, but how
                                                         many people know you are there? Or know
                                                         what you do? There is no better way to
    It is at this point that you need to stop and        promote your business, and its products
    think - what can I do to ride out this storm?        and services, than exhibiting at an expo. In
                                                         one energetic and fun-filled afternoon you     expo, we have a successful expo too. We
    Taking cover and closing the hatches is              will make contact with more prospects than     are all winners.
    not an option. Whilst you are hiding from            you might otherwise come to your front
    the storm, your competitor will be out               door in months.                                This will be a very competitive year and
    there riding the waves. Those that make                                                             if you are not exhibiting at the Expo, you
    the right strategic decisions will be much           Your booth is your creative blank canvas.      can be sure your competitor will be. Expo
    better placed to take advantage of the               This year we have reduced our booth            Edge has a policy to restrict the numbers
    inevitable recovery.                                 prices which gives you the basic booth         of competitors attending one expo, so be
                                                         shell (your blank canvas) and offers you       sure to book early – we would hate to have
    There are many options that you can choose           the chance to take this canvas and be          to turn you away!
    from to keep your company name visible and           as creative as you would like. Grab the
    at the forefront of everyone’s mind, such as:        visitors’ attention with your own style and    Even though we should all be concerned
    • Newsletters to your customers                      innovative decoration and lure them in to      with the global financial crisis and take
    • Features and placements in business                chat with you. Remember, most of the           appropriate action to keep our business in
      magazines                                          visitors that you chat to could be future      business, the question is not so much “can
    • Newspaper advertising                              clients either next week or in the following   I afford to exhibit at an expo”. It’s more “can
    • Joining Business Chambers and networking           months. Engage them.                           I afford not to?” G
    • Attending networking functions                     There will be some of you that are less
    • Exhibiting at Business Expos                       creative or don’t have the time. The thought
                                                         of producing an eye-catching booth is both     Expo Edge
    All of the above will work, but which                time consuming and mind boggling. Here,        PO Box 7391, Baulkham Hills BC NSW 2153
    one is the most cost effective? Which                at Expo Edge, we can help you again. Our       p | 02 8850 5533
    one will provide over 500 potential                  staff are all experienced Expo Coordinators    w | www.expoedge.com.au
    customers, face to face, in the equivalent           and have seen what works and what
    of your office in one afternoon? Which               doesn’t. We can offer advice, ideas and
    one will then provide a networking                   contacts with our Alliance partners that can
    cocktail party where you can cement                  help you with the printing of your posters,
    relationships made that afternoon? And               business cards, pull-up banners or hiring
    which one will provide individual potential          of plasma screens, furniture or equipment.
    customer information for you to work on              The Expo Edge team is always happy to
    weeks later?                                         help. After all, if you have a successful                    expoedge.com.au

44 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
                     Upcoming 2009
                     BUsiness expos
expo edge is proud to present...

2009 Blacktown Business expo
date: tuesday 2nd June 2009
Venue: bowman hall, Campbell street, blacktown
time: noon until 6pm

2009 Ryde Business & sustainaBility expo
date: wednesday 5 august 2009
Venue: stamford grand north ryde
time: noon until 5.30pm

2009 sydney Hills Business expo
date: wednesday 26 august 2009
Venue: Crowne plaza norwest
time: noon until 7pm

For Further details on other expos being Finalised
go to our website or phone

02 8850 5533

We make                             your business                         look good

                                           Professional Photography for
                                           • Corporate Events
                                           • Head Shots
                                           • Products Shoots
                                           • Location Shoots

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                             Shop 3, 268 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154
                                  Ph: 02 9680 9823 • Mob: 0408 167 919

                                                                               GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   45

    Teeing Off into History: A Historical
    Account of Leonay Golf Course                                                                                     By Larry Woldenberg

       Little did I know when Leonay’s President
       of the Board, Peter Butler, invited me out
       for a round of golf that I was teeing off
       into history. But I soon learnt that there
       was a real story behind the course.
       Here’s an abbreviated account.

    Firstly, we need to tip our hats to the Dharug
    Aboriginals who gathered tool-sharpening
    rocks from the Jamieson Creek which runs
    from Mitchell Pass through the front of the
    present clubhouse. This was, of course,
    long before the Colonials discovered the
    nearby Glenbrook Creek in 1818.

    The course played a role in early Colonial
    transport as well for the Blaxland, Wentworth
    and Lawson Road began construction in
    1813 and eventually ran smack through the
    present day 18 holes.

    A land grant to Sir Francis Forbes, the
    first Chief Justice of Australia, contained
    the present golf course. Back then the
    land was named Edinglassie after one
    of his family estates in Scotland. (And let’s
    not forget that Scotland was the home
    of golf.)

    But we can thank an Adelaide winemaker,          then there were no metal clubs, so 73 was    Leo and Nay by changing the name of
    Leo Buring, for the idea of installing a         a great score.                               the local township from Emu Ridge to
    golf course. In 1902 Leo married Ida                                                          Leonay in 1973. G
    Sobels whom he affectionately called             But WWII put a crimp in things. The course
    “Nay”. After successfully managing 3             closed and re-opened in 1946 as a 12-
    different Victorian wineries, Leo and his        hole course with sand greens where they
    wife purchased the Edinglassie Estate            can still be seen today. Nothing much
    (376 acres) for 2200 pounds in 1914. By          happened over the next 2 decades and the
    combining their names, they came up with         golf club ended up moving to the present
    the name Leonay where the first wine was         day Penrith Golf Club in 1964.
    produced in 1923.
                                                     Meanwhile, Leo Buring had died in 1961
    Leo first conceived of the golf course           at the age of 85 and the property passed
    idea in 1938. A 19-hole golf course was          into the hands of developers who
    designed and opened for play. The extra          wanted to re-open the course. This need      Emu Plains Sporting and Recreation
    hole had a unique twist. Because the             dove-tailed with both the Emu Plains         Club Limited
    course was a lengthy 5700 yards, you had         Sporting and Recreation Club and the         1 Leonay Parade, Leonay NSW 2150
    the option at the end of 8 holes to continue     Golfers Club of NSW that had inherited       p | 02 4735 5300
    on or play hole 9B which returned you to         the course. By combining the 2 clubs a       w | www.emusportsclub.com.au
    the clubhouse. Not a bad idea.                   liquor license could by obtained and the
                                                     friendly terms put forth by the developers
    Par was 70 and the course record was 73. It      enabled the club to re-form in 1968 and
    was held by Don Spence who had designed          open for trading in 1969.
    the course and was one of Australia’s
    leading professionals at the time. Back          The locals in the area paid homage to

46 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
Leona y Golf Course
At Emu Sports Club we can
offer the following facilities:
•   Seminars
•   Training Days
•   Corporate Golf Days
•   Meetings
•   Formals
•   Reunions
•   Christenings
•   Weddings &

Packages                         function                               corPorate
start from                       room hire                              golf Days
• Morning Tea - $6.50 pp         • Board Room - $40                     • Monday - Friday
  Includes tea/coffee biscuits     3-4 hours or $60 whole day             - $35 per person
• Lunches - $11.50 pp              Seating capacity - 12                    Includes 18 holes
  Includes tea/coffee and        • Leonay Room - $90                        Golf and lunch
  assorted finger sandwiches       ½ room or $180 whole room
                                 • Buring Room - $90 ½ room                                             We are here
                                   or $180 whole room

                                 sPecial offer
                                  4 PEOPLE   4 PEOPLE   4 PEOPLE

                                 GOLF CART, GOLF CART, GOLF CART,
                                  18 hOLES   18 hOLES   18 hOLES
                                  OF GOLF    OF GOLF    OF GOLF
                                  & LUNCh    & LUNCh    & LUNCh                                         LEONAy PARADE
                                                                                                            Leonay NSW 2750
                                  $49.99 PP  $49.99 PP  $49.99 PP
                                             Conditions apply - valid to 30/06/09                Ph:   (02) 4735 5300
                                 emusportsclub.com.au                                            E: michael@emusportsclub.com.au
                                                                                                GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   47

    There’s a Story Behind Every Great
    Diamond of the World                                                                                                    By Larry Woldenberg

       “Every diamond has four Cs - carat, colour,    However, there’s one qualification to the      was sleeping,” Sue comments. “Perhaps
       clarity and cut. This basic system has         above. You need to make sure the Certificate   that’s why it’s presumed to be cursed. In
       been used for over 100 years to grade the      originated from a Registered Gemmologist       fact, it has been stolen numerous times over
       quality of diamonds,” explains Susan Cliff     and has been issued by qualified Diamond       the ages. Various parties warred over the
       of Robert Cliff Master Jewellers. “These       Grading Laboratories.                          great diamond.”
       are recognised universally as the four
       principal characteristics by which both        Perhaps one of the most famous diamonds        One particularly amusing story occurred
       the quality and ultimate value of diamonds     is the Koh-i-noor diamond belonging to         in the 18th Century when Nadir Shah of
       are determined. But today there is a fifth     the Royal Family of England. It had been       Persia invaded India and all the treasures
       C - the Certificate of Authenticity. This      bitterly fought over for centuries having      of the Moguls fell into his hands except
       document is not a valuation. Rather, it’s      belonged to various Mughal and Persian         the great diamond. When one of the Mogul
       a description of the stone itself, assuring    rulers. Finally, it was seized by the East     emperor’s harem informed Nadir Shah that
       either quality or origin. By possessing such   India Company and became part of the           the stone was hidden in the emperor’s
       a Certificate, you’re assured of getting a     British Crown Jewels when British Prime        turban, Nadir Shah invited him to exchange
       genuine stone.”                                Minister Benjamin Disraeli proclaimed          turbans. Of course, the hapless emperor
                                                      Queen Victoria Empress of India in 1877.       had no choice but to comply. Later, in the

                                                      Ladies Diamond Ring

                                                                              “Indian legends say    privacy of his tent, Nadir Shah unrolled the
                                                                                 the Koh-i-noor      turban and the gem fell out. It was then
                                                                                    diamond          that the Persian proclaimed “Koh-i-noor”
                                                                                     originally      which means “Mountain of Light”. Hence,
                                                                                     belonged        it derived its name.
                                                                                     to Krishna,
                                                                                    a      Hindu     Other Persian emperors were not so lucky.
                                                                                   God,      and     One descendant of Nadir Shah lost his
                                                                                 was stolen one      eyes to a marauder demanding to know the
                                                                               night whilst he       whereabouts of the diamond.

48 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009

                                                2008 Winner - True Local Awards
                                                2008 Winner - Hills Shire Small Business Awards
                                                2007 Winner - Castle Towers Marketer of the Year
                                                2007 Winner - Hills Excellence in Business Awards
                                                2007 Winner - True Local Awards
   A r E        F O r E v E r
                                                2006 Winner - Castle Towers Retailer of the Year

Originally the stone was 186 carats. It’s       of the diamond was instead diminished.          Koh-i-noor diamond, the British would have
hard to imagine this size when you consider                                                     to have given it back.”
that the average engagement ring diamond        But the stone’s history continued to be
is 1-2 carats in weight. Unfortunately for      colourful for the diamond was worn by           Today the Certificate of Authenticity also tells
the Koh-i-noor diamond, Queen Victoria          Queen Victoria as an ornament and through       another bit of information. It should indicate
complained that it had insufficient sparkle.    the years ended up as part of a crown made      whether or not the diamond is a “conflict
So an Amsterdam jeweler was employed            for Queen Mary and another in 1937 for          diamond”. The United Nations defines such
to re-cut the diamond. That’s because           Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) which        diamonds: “Conflict diamonds are diamonds
the more facets a diamond has, the more         she wore for her husband’s coronation. The      that originate from areas controlled by
brilliant (sparkle perhaps) it becomes. The     latter crown ended up residing in the Tower     forces or factions opposed to legitimate and
poor Dane laboured over 38 days as he           of London and was last seen in public           internationally recognised governments, and
cut the diamond down                              adorning Queen Elizabeth’s mother’s (the      are used to fund military action in opposition
to 105 carats.                                             Queen Mother)                        to those governments, or in contravention of
                                                                                                      the decisions of the Security Council.”

                                                                                                           The movie Blood Diamond
                                                                                                            with Leonard DiCaprio well
                                                                                                             illustrated   the    horrendous
                                                                                                             circumstances behind such
                                                                                                             stones. Today people won’t
                                                                                                            buy such diamonds when they
                                                                                                           discover their origin.

                                                                                                      There are plenty more diamond stories
                                                                                                   to tell but Susan is saving those for
                                                                                                another day. More important is the fact
                                                                                                that the people of North and Western
                                                                                                Sydney have a Registered Gemmologist
                                                                                                and Valuer in their midst. He is Susan’s
                                                                                                husband, Robert Cliff, and he is located
                                                                                                at Robert Cliff Master Jewellers in Castle
                                                                                                Towers in Castle Hill. G

Apparently                                                              casket a few years
the pressure to                                                        ago.
perform was too
great as he later                                                   “While the British have     Robert Cliff Master Jewellers
suffered a nervous                                                the Koh-i-noor diamond        Shop 380A Castle Towers
breakdown.                                                    safely locked away, it hasn’t     Castle Hill, NSW 2154
                                                         stopped India from claiming that       p | 02 8850 5400
According to the records, the cutting did       it was stolen and periodically lobbying for         02 8850 7999
not add much to the stone’s brilliance. In      its return,” adds Sue. “Had there perhaps       e | office@robertcliffmasterjewller.com.au
fact, many maintain that the historical value   existed a Certificate of Authenticity for the   w | www.robertcliffmasterjewellers.com.au

                                                                                                          GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   49

    Penrith Panthers Corporate Boxes
    receive Great Interest                                                                                                     By Larry Woldenberg

       Another exciting Penrith Panthers
       season is underway and you can still
       be part of the action. “We’re excited
       with our new Corporate Box packages
       receiving plenty of interest,” comments
       Scott Hudson, Corporate Partnerships
       Executive for Penrith Panthers. “With
       the economy going through its ups
       and downs our Club has responded
       with extra value Corporate Packages to
       provide local businesses more return for
       their investment.”

    Scott is very animated when it comes to
    communicating what great entertainment
    opportunities are available for the Western
    Sydney business community and their
    customers. “Our Corporate Boxes hold up
    to 18 people, and this year we have gone
    even further to make your game-viewing
    experience even more enjoyable.

    “As we move into the season you can now
    purchase either Four-Game Packages or
    Single-Game Packages. This is fantastic
    because you can even choose the games
    you and your customers specifically
    want as well as being affordable for your                             Guests enjoying a game in GWP Magazine’s Private Box.
    entertainment budget.

    “The sporting experience is a great one           “We’ve put a lot of work into improving the      the marketing mix into your budget. It’s still
    to share with your clients, and while the         experience for a Corporate Box holder and        not too late in the season to take advantage
    economy may be slowing, we all know               their guests at Panthers home games at           of this great experience, especially the Four-
    it will turn around at some point and             CUA Stadium. The Jim Beam Party Crew             Game Package option which has proved to
    rebound. And when it does, those who              will be in attendance to interact with your      be quite popular.
    have been looking after their customers           clients as well as prize draws and Q&A’s
    and building stronger client relationships        with an injured player and ex-Panthers           “Our Jim Beam Club Box also provides
    will be the first to benefit. You don’t want to   legend every week. This experience is            an opportunity for businesses to entertain
    let your competitors get the jump on you,         certainly a lot more than watching a Rugby       a smaller client base at a flat rate of $185
    so the exclusive experience we offer is the       League game in a corporate box.                  per person which includes all food and
    perfect opportunity to cement better                                                               beverage. There is a valuable networking
    working relationships.                            “A great point of difference with CUA            element to this package as well as you will
                                                      Stadium is that you are much closer to the       share the same experience with a small
    “This year our Corporate Boxes have               action than other major Sydney venues. This      group of like-minded business owners and
    benefited from the $5 million revamp              only serves to heighten your experience          executives,” offers Scott. G
    we’ve just completed. Our food options            as you receive the luxury of our first class
    have improved significantly with a newly          corporate facility but still get to hear those   If you would like a tour of our multi-million
    expanded commercial kitchen now allowing          on-field big hits.                               dollar facilities or for more information
    us to increase our gourmet footy finger                                                            on specific package details, prices
    food range with additional cold appetisers        “I particularly want to emphasise that           and availabilities, please contact Scott
    and hot dishes. So far we’ve received             businesses can now share a Corporate Box         Hudson from the Sponsorship Team on:
    great feedback about the quality of our           with a partnering business to make it more       (02) 4725 6413, 0418 797 637 or
    new food offerings.                               achievable to fit this important element of      scott.hudson@panthers.com.au

50 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
Turn a great match into an even greate
  experience, with a private or club box.
       With room for 18 guests, your box seats will offer everything you
       need to ensure a fantastic match experience – including delicious
       appetisers, attractive beverage packages, signage opportunities,
       and your own private wait staff.
       On arrival, you will receive superb cold appetisers, followed by
       hot canapés just before the start of the match. You will be served
       by your own personal waiter or waitress, and will also benefit from
       private cleaning and security staff. Plus, you’ll notice that we’ve
       recently upgraded our club’s interior. So you can be sure your
       guests feel right at home, with a sophisticated environment,
       warm service, and state-of-the-art facilities.
       You’ll also get the exposure your business is after, with company
       signage displayed above your corporate box.

        • 1 Game                                              = $2,500
        includes food and beverage package

        • 4 Games (of your choice)                            = $9,000
        includes food and beverage package

        • 12 Games (season)                                    = $20,000
        + cost of food and beverage package of your choice

        All prices include gst.
        All boxes come with free parking, hostess etc.
                                          GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   51

                           Steve Kavanagh, Principal Business Development - SEC

    Don’t be a Sheep… Get Ahead of the Competition…
    Use SEC Consulting to Create a Strong Future for
    Your Organisation
       The Global Financial Crisis will separate       SEC’s expertise, experience, and unique             Industries to support training for people
       “the sheep” from “the goats.” Sheep             facilitation    techniques deliver great            with a disability.
       stand in the field, waiting for things          results – fast.
       to happen. Sheep follow – without                                                                 SEC now has over 60 expert consultants
       knowing whether they will be coming             Some consultants take weeks or months             and a reputation for results. SEC has
       to a great patch of grass or falling off        on consultancy projects. This is not the way      delivered great outcomes for business, peak
       a cliff. Goats are wily. They climb the         SEC works. SEC workshops are focused,             industry bodies, Commonwealth, State and
       mountain to look at what’s on the other         participative and outcomes-oriented. At the       Local Government, and numerous Not-for-
       side. They love to reach the top.               end of the workshop, you get the Strategic        Profit organisations.
                                                       Plan or the Risk Management Plan. You
                                                       won’t have to wait weeks or months.               SEC services
    Right now, many businesses are adopting                                                              Key SEC services include:
    a “wait and see” attitude. They stop any           SEC Consulting                                    • Strategy Planning for the Future in the GFC
    strategic planning. They wait to see which         SEC is a division of Cumberland Industries          (Global Financial Crisis)
    way the wind is blowing to see what                Ltd, led by Professor David Stevens.              • Strategic Planning
    everyone else is doing. They no longer                                                               • Risk Management
    control their future.                                                    Professor          David    • Organisational Effectiveness
                                                                             Stevens         is      a   • Board Governance and Review
    Smart businesses are creating their future.                              consultant           with   • Human Capital and Change Management
    They have a clear direction and strategy. All                            an        international     • IT Consulting
    businesses want to improve their bottom                                  reputation and over         • Engineering and Project Services
    line. Smart businesses are looking at growth,                            25 years experience         • Services for Not-for-Profit organisations.
    new markets, products and services.                                      perfecting            his
                                                                             unique       facilitation   Our clients speak
    The future is there for the taking. What kind                            techniques. David           “SEC has completed a number of strategic
    of business is yours?                                                    has worked on major         assignments for the business and these
                                                                             projects worldwide          have provided significant value and
    This is the time to bring in the extra brains,                           including hospitals,        assistance in developing a number of key
    to engage smart professionals with a track         airports, railways, highways, retail and          initiatives.”
    record of delivering results – to work with        commercial buildings. His strategic planning      Mr Barry Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer,
    you on your business and create the best           has been at board level for a wide range of       CP Mining Management Pty Ltd. G
    future possible.                                   public and private companies.

    SEC can do this for you.                           When David joined Cumberland Industries
    SEC delivers great results. Whether                five years ago, he created a consultancy
    your focus is on Strategic Planning or             division with two unique features:                Free consultation
    a $1m saving to your bottom line. From                                                               If you want to drive growth in these uncertain
    Strategic Planning, Human Capital,                 1. The breadth of its capability and expertise    times, or you just want to improve your
    IT, Risk Management and Financial                                                                    bottom line, give SEC a call 02 8507 6540
    Planning for business and government               2. The opportunity for SEC clients                – the first consultation is free.
    to    Value  Engineering   and    Value               to contribute to “Corporate Social
    Management projects for infrastructure,               Responsibility” - 100% of David’s
    transport,  mining    and  construction               consultancy fee and 25% of other SEC
    companies.                                            consultants’ fees go to Cumberland

52 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
Is the Global Financial Crisis affecting your business?
                              Do you want to drive growth?
                        Get ahead of the Competition?
                                    Improve your bottom line?
                SEC consultants deliver results… whether your business is large or small
     SEC expert consultants will work with you to move you business ahead. We can tailor our services to meet your needs

SEC Services                                        SEC Clients
•   Strategy Planning for the Future in the GFC     SEC delivers solutions for business and government. “SEC has completed a number
•   Risk Management                                 of strategic assignments for the business and these have provided significant value
•   Engineering and Project Services                and assistance in developing a number of key initiatives.”
                                                    Mr Barry Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer, CP Mining Management Pty Ltd
•   Workshop Facilitation
•   Board Governance and Review                     Free consultation
•   Strategic Planning                              If you want to drive growth in these uncertain times, or you just want to improve
•   Human Capital and Change Management             your bottom line, give SEC a call – the first consultation is free.
•   IT consulting
•   Organisational Effectiveness                        Give SEC a call, check out our website
•   Value Management                                   and take your business to the next level!
                                                      www.secconsultants.com.au (02) 8507 6540

                                                                                                        SEC is a division of Cumberland Industries Ltd
                                                                          so when you use SEC’s consultants, you’re also supporting people with a disability.

       Now offeriNg Two New ServiceS
    Installations & Refurbishments
            Domestic Service

                Along with our
        Commercial Industrial Service
    Commercial, Industrial & Domestic                                                          Commercial
      Hot Water & Heating                                                                      Mob: 0418 260 779
        Installation, Refurbishment & Repairs                                                  Domestic
           Plumbing, Drainage, Gas Fitting
              Service is our Speciality
                                                                                               Mob: 0432 805 647
                                                                                                     Emergency after hours only

CHIPS PLUMBING                                                    PTY LTD
                                                                                             Ph: 02 9621 1960

                                                                                                               GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009        53

    Come to Brothers Café in Bella Vista
    for that Family Feeling                                          By Larry Woldenberg

       If you want good coffee and excellent
       service, then Brothers Café in Bella Vista
       is for you.

    “I or my brother always tend to the
    customer’s needs,” stresses Tareq. “Service
    is our biggest calling card.”

    Tareq and his brother, Zaid, opened up
    for business 2 years ago. Zaid was 19
    at the time and Tareq 23 when they took
    this life-altering step. Both had extensive
    work experience in hospitality with Tareq
    having supervised a café within the Hilton
    Sydney for two years and having been its
    chief barista, making coffee for Sydney’s
    corporates and visiting celebrities.

    “We are particularly careful with our coffee,”
    Tareq elaborates. “We try to give our
    customers a unique experience by always
    serving quality coffee and offering latte art.”

    The brother’s commitment for their
    business shows in their 90-hour workweek.
    Open 6 days a week from 7am to 6pm
    Monday through Friday and 8am to 2pm
    on Saturday. “The majority of our clientele
    we know by name,” comments Zaid, who
    runs the front part of the café. “We get lots
    of families and kids as well as the general
    community through here. There’s a dance
    school in the complex and parents often
    come to visit us while their kids are learning
    to dance. Many of our customers I now
    consider friends.”

    “We designed the café ourselves,” Tareq
    adds. “The original structure was an office
    but with Zaid’s creativity and my foresight
    we saw a great opportunity. We opened it
    up so you could sit outside or sit inside and
    still have an open feeling. Our goal was to
    provide an ambience suitable for the area.”

    But don’t think for a minute the café
    business is easy. While the feeling is
    overwhelmingly friendly, Tareq admits it’s
    not as easy as it looks. “It takes a lot of
    sacrifice. Neither Zaid nor I have much time
    for social life and friends. But we do have
    a fantastic support network. They got us
    through many hard times.                          Tareq & Zaid

54 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009

“The sacrifice extends to our family and          into the business from the day we opened.     brother and I get along great. I guess that
those close to us. When we need a hand            We put our customers first and always         translates into a true family atmosphere and
over a busy period our mum drops what             try to give them the best experience from     that’s what we care about.”
she’s doing and comes to help. My fiancée         when they walk in to when they leave. We
and our sister are often here as well as Zaid’s   try and keep our feet on the ground and       As well as the friendly and professional
girlfriend to lend a hand. Our father is our      not to get selfish. We have been extremely    service, the fare is cosmopolitan. You can
mentor and advisor. He keeps us focused           fortunate considering the current state of    order from a full kitchen menu to savory and
on our future. You have to have a passion         the economy.”                                 dessert crepes, wraps, sandwiches, salads,

for this work and enjoy it. That’s what gets      Talking about the recent changes they have    yogurts, health smoothies, gelato, sweets
us through the long hours and the physical        made, Tareq adds: “We have extended           and the like. This is a mere sample of the
toll it takes on us.                              our business to doing corporate catering,     variety offered.
                                                  offering platters to businesses in Norwest
“We work hard to have a place in the              Business Park. Since then we’ve picked up     So if you’re in the Norwest Business Park
Community. We want to be recognised for           some major Corporate Clients like Westpac,    and want a good coffee, a delicious meal
what we provide and do. That’s why we’re          ANZ and Lend Lease. We cater to customer      and personal service, try the Brothers Café.
always here to serve. We pride ourselves on       tastes and have, consequently, changed        You won’t be disappointed. G
the fact that you will always find us at the      our Menu three times since opening. We
cafe ready to assist you.                         have also been honoured to be Finalists in
                                                  the Hills Small Business Awards every year
“We also try and give back something to the       we’ve been open. Maybe this year will be      Brothers Cafe
Community. We never want to take anything         the charm?”                                   Unit A6 24/32 Lexington Drive
for granted. So we support funding drives for                                                   Bella Vista NSW 2153
the Police and Charities. We donate to the        Both Tareq and Zaid have University           p | 02 8814 7267
local Dance School and give a 10% discount        Degrees in Management, a product of           w | www.brotherscafe.com.au
to dance student parents. We even donate          their physician father who always insisted
our tip monies to World Vision to sponsor a       that they complete their educations before
child. It’s all give and take for us.             starting a business. “The biggest obstacle
                                                  was overcoming people’s negativity and
“When we first opened up it was hard. But         proving that we meant business,” says
our commitment to our customers has paid          Zaid. “People told us we wouldn’t succeed
off. We have always put our profits back          in a partnership but fortunately for us, my

                                                                                                        GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   55

    New to Australia: the Four-minute,
    $2 Workout that Delivers the Same
    Benefits as a 40 Minute Jog                                                                                                   By Michael Walls

       Every now and then a new product
       comes along that changes the way an
       industry views its value proposition.

    Quick Gym is an Australian company that
    has secured regional distribution rights to
    the internationally successful ROM Cross
    Trainer exercise machine. The ROM Cross
    Trainer is destined to usher a new era in
    personal training.

    This engineering marvel has been
    manufactured and sold in Southern
    California since 1990 and is the most
    effective cross training machine available
    in the world.

    The ROM Cross Trainer delivers users            The machine was designed by the                   healthy aerobic fitness, whereas scientific
    the same benefits in four minutes as a          world-acclaimed artist and modern day             studies indicate the same benefits can be
    40-minute jog or gym workout. It is ideal       Da Vinci, John Pitre. The original drawings       achieved by as little as four minutes of
    for busy people and businesses such as          of his concept are still in circulation. In his   high intensity training,” said Quick Gym
    hotels and health professionals looking to      research Pitre said: “I discovered that if        managing director, Michael Allerton.
    add services for their clients.                 the weight declined at precisely the same
                                                    rate as the user’s muscles lost strength,         It combines the three features of a complete
    There are many forms of fitness and             he or she could continue the exercise             and well-rounded exercise regimen - cardio
    strength training but few match the             well past the point when the muscles              training, resistance training and flexibility
    benefits of ROM (range of motion) or high-      normally failed.”                                 training. No other exercise equipment or
    intensity training for convenience, results,                                                      method of exercise achieves that. The
    time and price.                                 Each ROM Cross Trainer has a life span            ROM does all that in only four minutes per
                                                    of over 30 years. At a cost of $22,615            day. ROM Cross Training machines can be
    High-intensity training is recognised by        per machine this represents a daily cost          purchased under a payment plan and are
    fitness experts and in university studies       of just $2.07 or less than a cup of coffee.       delivered fully assembled. G
    as a technique that enables even totally        It is expensive but in terms of time and
    out-of-shape people and seniors to get          convenience the ROM Cross Trainer
    significant aerobic benefits from just four     saves on expensive gym equipment,
    minutes per day.                                memberships, travel and clothing.

    The ROM Cross Trainer engages 44% of all        Michael Allerton, managing director of
    muscle cells whereas walking or jogging,        Quick Gym, says that within 90 days, 92%
    for example, uses just 3.75% of muscle          of people who buy exercise equipment
    cells. One indication of the effectiveness of   stop using it and 88% of people who join          Phone 1300 840 406 for a FREE
    a workout is the amount of muscles used         a health club or gym stop going. The main         educational DVD or enquiries.
    in a workout.                                   reason is time. It takes too long to get there,   w | www.quickgym.com.au
                                                    it takes too long to do it and it takes too
    Marriage of art and engineering                 long to see results.
    The ROM Cross Trainer is the future of
    fitness training for people of all ages,        “The myths that abound around health
    because it fits with busy lifestyles and        and fitness mean some people remain
    negates the need for expensive and rarely       convinced that they need 40 minutes
    used gym memberships.                           of walking or jogging a day to maintain

56 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
  The ROM Cross Trainer
                                                         New to
                                                       A US TRA LIA

            Save time, money and enjoy
        a lifetime of fitness and well being

Same benefits in four (4) minutes as a 40 minute jog

  Designed by world acclaimed artist John Pitrie

    This revolutionary 185kg exercise machine
          engages 44% of all muscle cells

         Phone: 1300 830 406
   Visit www.quickgym.com.au

                                                                      GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   57

    Customer Profile                                                                                                        By Larry Woldenberg

    Use Bartercard to Promote Your Business
    through Inflatable Events
       Many people are unaware of how
       Bartercard can assist businesses to
       promote themselves. And one easy
       way is through Bartercard member The
       Inflatable Event Company.

    “We find Bartercard brings us a lot of new
    customers, because our Rooftop Inflatables
    and EventMen are both effective means to
    promote a sale or to let people know you’re
    there,” comments Rob Waddell one of
    the partners. “Plus, our Bartercard Trade
    Coordinator, Julian Cuff, is like an extra
    sales person for us. He brings us lots of
    new business.”

    For those of you who don’t know what
    Inflatable Events do, they provide the
    eye-catching blow-up clowns, gorillas,
    elephants and the like that populate
    the roofs of Sydney businesses. They
    also do the tall dancing EventMen that
    you see flopping around in the air along
    roadsides. Many probably remember the
    famous Tooheys TV ad with the EventMen
    and the large inflatable schooners. “That
    one ad brought us incredible publicity,”        hours, our product becomes even more            “Service is our specialty, too, for we’ll then
    Rob reminisces.                                 effective. A rooftop inflatable that glows at   design a custom banner and come back
                                                    night has incredible presence.”                 and install it, put in the lighting, and, when
    Rob brings years of innovation and                                                              the normal 4 week promotion ends, we’ll
    experience to the table. Inflatable Events      Rob Waddell and partner Roland Mangan’s         come back and take everything away. Any
    was formed 8 years ago and is an effective      wealth of experience helps as well. “We         required maintenance is included within the
    tool to promote small and medium-sized          know what works, so the first thing we          promotional cost.” G
    businesses.                                     do when a new client phones is to offer
                                                    a site evaluation. We look at visibility        So if you have a sale event, new store
    “The most frequent comment I hear is            and direction to place your promotional         opening, need a boost or just want to
    ‘people don’t know I’m here’. And it’s true,    message. If we see your site branding is        increase your exposure to bring in new
    even on main roads, that people drive to        already very visible, for example, then we’ll   customers, give The Inflatable Event
    work on auto-pilot, not taking in the local     suggest a custom promotional message to         Company a call on 02 9678 9335.
    business terrain. But put an Event Man on       draw customers as opposed to just putting
    the roadside and it’s impossible not to see     up a generic ‘sale’ sign.                       If you would like to know more, please
    the dancing, inflated man. It can’t help but                                                    call Bartercard on 1800 804 800 or visit
    attract attention to the business.              “We’ll actually climb up on the roof to         www.bartercard.com.au.
                                                    see how effective a rooftop inflatable
    “Our promotional product also is highly         would be verses a ground display.
    effective at night as well, because we can      Placement is generally based on the
    install lighting to illuminate the figure. So   best location to provide the greatest
    with winter coming on and shorter daylight      exposure.

58 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   59

                                                             Hitting Targets - the     Each participant gets one-on-one
                                                            latest Team Building       tuition from Suzy.
                                                          and Corporate activity
                                                          in Sydney.                   Come and enjoy a 3.5 hour
                                                                                       session. Includes targets,
                                                        Introductory clay target       ammunition, catering, safety
                                                        shooting is for everyone.      equipment and a Q&A with Suzy.
                                                        Hitting Targets is suitable
                                                         for any ability, fitness or   No licence required, no previous
                                                             mobility level.           experience needed, ages 12+,
                                                                                       public liability insurance included.
                                                                  Includes team        Booking essential.
                                                                   building, staff
                                                                   motivation,         Suzy Balogh also offers motivational
                                                                   corporate days,     speaking specialising in goal
                                                                  networking           setting, overcoming adversity
                                               activities, product launches,           and competing at the top. She
                                               client and staff rewards, women         has presented from boardroom to
                                               empowerment days, family and            paddock to ballroom and tailors her
                                               friend fun days, parties and holiday    talks to the client’s needs.
                                                fun. Gift vouchers available. From
                                                  individuals to large groups.         To book Suzy as your next
                                                                                       presenter, contact her at
                                                   Each session is hosted by           suzy@hittingtargets.com.au
                                                   Suzy Balogh OAM, Olympic
                                                    and Commonwealth
                                                    Gold Medallist.

                                               PO Box 140 Horsley Park NSW 2175
                                               Email: suzy@hittingtargets.com.au          Ph:   0418 417 943
60 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
for Corporates and SMEs from only

 > Web Design & Development
 > Graphic Design
 > Database Integration
 > Search Engine Optimisation
 > Custom Statistic Systems
 > Updatable Newsletters
 > Touch Screen Solutions
 > Administration Systems

     <   02 > 8831 8313
                                    GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   61
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       $4.95 (GST inc.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                              E 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                 |   MAY / JuN
                                                                                                                                                                                  - ISSuE

                                                                                                                                                  usin ifestyle
GWP M a g a z i n e                                                                                                                            GWP

                                                                                                                                                         L                                                                                         GW
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       P M

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ag    azine
                                                                                                                                                 R                                                                                                                       s

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Res si
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Y - ISS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         uE 23

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ourc n
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 |   MARC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            H / AP

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  RIL 200

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              $4.95 (GST

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 t                                                           yle
Never before has a business publication                                         GET 6 ISSuES OF ThE BuSInESS
been so close to business people. Only                                          rESOurCE & lIFESTylE
in the Business Resource & Lifestyle                                            MAGAzInE FOr Only $29.70 P. A.
Magazine, you will find quality articles                                                                                                               JIM       T
provided by real business operators                                                                                                                    TAGsGAR e                                                                           Fredd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          and S y
                                                                                                                                                           be Ther                                                                Publish
                                                                                                                                                        Alway s                                                                   Guest:
                                                                                                                                                        for Other
and skilled professionals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mikha ahar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ray William
                                                                                                                                                                              Tough                                                Member ury
                                                                                                                                                                  Times, the
                                                                                                                                                         In Tough
                                                                                                                                                          Get Going
                                                                                                                                                                  Engine                                                                  JC Tra
                                                                                                                                                          Search           ategies                                                              ve

                                                                                                                                                                   tion Str                                                             Profes l
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Takes ionals
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tough Business in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              the Tr               Times
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      indus         a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            try by vel      a Fede                      Publis
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Guest her’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Storm   Gover ral
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 nmen                           :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Bank       t                alex ha
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                led re and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        cessio         Federa wke
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              n?      for Mitcl Member

Yes, I would like to subscribe to Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine for 1(one)                                           Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

year – 6 issues for $29.70 (GST inc.)                                                                                         Industry (please specify): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Company Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                              I enclosed a cheque/money order for $ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                  Payable to Norwest Advertising
Suburb: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       Post to:
                                                                                                                                  Norwest Advertising
State: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      Postcode: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                  PO Box 7519, Baulkham Hills BC, NSW 2153
Phone:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                                                                                        #

                  Creative video solutions

                                                                                                                                       P   0421 009 392
                                                                                                                                       M   1300 400 187
                                                                                                                                      PO BOX 679
                                                                                                                                      Crows Nest, NSW, 1585

62 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
Stunned at what the economy
has done to your business?

It’s time to recession proof
your business
Call TODAY and ask how...
simply text the word business to 13 TEXT (13 83 98)
                                      ...if you’ve looked before, look again.
or call 1300 BARTER (1300 227 837)
Franchising opportunities available
                                                                 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   63
                                               Want more
                                               from the

                                               Call                ‘Mr Taxman’

                                               24 hr call centre        www.1800taxman.com.au

64 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
taggart    taggart
                                               PTY LTD

 taggartgroup                        PTY LTD
  The Taggart Group Pty Ltd is a General Insurance brokerage providing
  advice and service for:
  n	 Business Insurance           n  Public & Products Liability
  n Professional Indemnity        n  All classes of commercial insurance

 taggartnominees                              PTY LTD
  Taggart Nominees Pty Ltd is a Life Insurance Broker and provider of
  Financial Services & Advice such as:
  n	   Personal & Business Risk Insurance n	 Investment Advice

  n	   Superannuation – Personal and Corporate

     T: 02 9894 9155                PTYnLTD

               The Taggart Group Pty Ltd, ABN 11 003 493 712, holds an AFSL No 245 533.
               Taggart Nominees Pty Ltd, ABN 74 808 036 976, holds an AFSL No 234 973.

 commitment • integrity • excellence • knowledge • vision

                                                  GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   65

              Accounting                                   hAir / beAuty                                    insurAnce                                 orgAnisAtions
                                                                                                 Chegwyn Insurance             02 9604 6166   Sydney Hills Business Chamber
                                                                                                 Business insurance, commercial insurance,    02 9659 3366
                                                                                                 small business insurance, sole traders,      www.sydneyhillsbusiness.com.au
      mclean charge partners                                                                     family owned businesses
         chartered accountants                                                                   www.chegwyninsurance.com.au
                                                                                                                                              Parramatta Chamber of Commerce
               (02) 9630 7144
            p p (02) 9630 7144
                                                                                                            it services                       02 9683 6655
                                                                                                 Shore Consulting              02 8005 1801
              Advertising                             WE COME TO YOUR                            IT Consulting, SQL Design, Development
                                                                                                                                                                           For a society where
                                                                                                 Website Hosting Services
                                                       HOME OR OFFICE                            www.nsitau.com
                                                                                                                                                                             all individuals
                                                                                                                                                                          have opportunities to

                                                       0401 053 654                                                                                                         participate and
                                                                                                                                                                          enhance their quality
                                                                                                                                                                                  of life.

                                                                                                                                              Stilz Fotografika               02 9680 9823
                                                                                                                                              Corporate Events, Head Shots, Products
                                                                                                                                              Shoots, Location Shoots

                                                                                                                                              Chips Plumbing                  02 9621 1960
                cleAning                                                                                                                      Commercial & Industrial Plumbing, Hot
                                                                                                                                              Water & Heating, Gas Fitting, Drainage,
                                                                                                                                              Installation & Repairs, Water Filter Systems.
                                                                                                    migrAtion services                        www.chipsplumbing.com.au

                                                                                                 OZ Migration                  02 9407 8788     PromotionAl Products
                                                                                                 Suite 203 Level 2, Norwest Central
                                                                                                 12 Century Cct, Baulkham Hills 2153          Active Promotional Products
                                                                                                 www.ozmigration.net.au                       Best promotional products at minimal spend

                                                    Customised Staffing Solutions                                                              www.activepromo.com.au          02 8882 9255
                                                                                                 Vaseer Migration Consulting
                                                     Key Benefits:
                                                                                                 Employer Sponsored, General Skilled               video Production
       equiPment finAnce                           • Time efficient – significant reduction in
                                                                                                 Migration, Family, Student, Temporary and
                                                     recruitment lead times                                                                   Trapdoor Productions            0421 009 392
   Mike Hughes & Partners Northwest                • Cost effective – significantly reduce
                                                                                                 Permanent Residency Visa Assistance
                                                                                                                                              PO Box 500
   108/1 Burbank Place                               recruitment expenditure                     www.vaseermigration.com       02 8831 8318   St Ives NSW 2075
   Baulkham Hills NSW 2153                         • You only read relevant CVs of the “best                                                  www.trapdoorproductions.com.au
   www.mhpnw.com.au               02 8824 9666       fit” applicants
                                                                                                       office services
                    gifts                          • All applicants remain in your talent pool                                                           Web design
                                                   • Global reach if required
   A Baskets Delight              02 9879 6184                                                                                                Norwest Advertising             02 8831 8313
   Gifts delivered for any occasion, across the       tel: 02 9894 9648                                                                       Web design, newsletters, database
   Sydney Metro 6 days a week                                                                                                                 integration, custom statistics, web hosting
   www.abasketsdelight.com.au                                                                                                                 www.norwestadvertising.com.au

          grAPhic design
                                                    industriAl relAtions                             Serviced and Virtual Offices
   byDesign Graphics              02 8824 5135                                                              Meeting Facilities
   Specialists in Annual Report                   John F. Law & Associates 02 8850 4477                                                             List Your Business in
                                                  Specialists in Discrimination matters,
   Magazine Design                                                                                  T: (02) 8831 8300
   www.bydesigngraphics.com.au                    Employment Agreements, Unfair Dismissals                                                      Classifieds for $297 per year
                                                                                                    Suite 206, 10 Norwest Central,
                                                                                                    Century Circuit, Baulkham Hills 2153                02 8831 8313
                                                                                                    info@bellavistaexeccentre.com.au               info@gwpmagazine.com.au

66 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009
     Servicing Sydney’s
        * Northwest
           * West
        * Southwest
 Providing General Insurance Solutions
              Since 1949

          CALL Now
for a review of your existing Insurances

PH:   9604 6166

                                           GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009   67
68 GWP Magazine | Issue 24 | May / June 2009

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