How To Hide Files In A Calculator by AmitChaudhary10


									How To Hide Files In A Calculator?

Having read the title of this post you may be wondering if it’s really
possible. Yeah! It is possible. As the word suggests, it’s a calculator
with a safe which is capable of storing and keeping your files and
folders safe. The safe calculator looks just like the default calculator
in Windows and in fact it can even perform calculations just like any
other calculator.

The default code/ pin for the safe is ‘123’. So, to unlock you need to
type ‘123’ in the calculator and press on ‘MS’, now the calculator will
enter into safe mode. Here you can change the default pin if you want by
clicking on ‘New pin’.

Now click on ‘+’ and then ‘=’ to confirm and enter into the safe to
browse and choose the files you want to hide. Click on ‘Store’ once
you’re done.

Download Safe Calculator

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