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									                                                     A 10 % booking discount applies until July 1, 2011– first minute
             APPLICATION FORM                        prices!!
  1st International Oldtimer and Youngtimer
                    Festival                                                EXHIBITOR DATA:
            September 23-24-25, 2011                 Company name:
         Papp László Budapest Sportaréna
                     Hungary                         Contact person:
                                                     Address (ZIP code, town):
Please, return your application form to the
organizing committee (by e-mail, post or fax )       Street, no:
Flattini Kft.                                        Country:
Bábakalács utca 10.                                  Telephone:                Fax:
2330 Dunaharaszti                                    Internet:                 E-mail:
Hungary                                              Tax ID:
Fax:                                                 Bank account number :
Tel: +36/209 504-356                                 Company registration number:
E-mail:                    Remarks:
Ordered exhibition space: (min. 6 m2 available)      Chosen type:       Area (m2) Price (HUF/€)
A1: Row stand (9 m2)      HUF 9 100 /m2 32.50
A2: Row stand (9 m2)      HUF 11 500/m2 41.00
B: Row stand (9 m2)       HUF 12 200/m2 43.60
C: Row stand (9m2)        HUF 13 400/m2 47.85
Larger stands can also be ordered.                   * Stand rent includes separator walls and equipments. The
A surcharge applies for the following:               description of stand equipment is available int he further
Head stand (near the entrance)               + 15%   explanations. If you require a stand with larger floor space,
                                                     please indicate your exact need on the application form (m2 +
Prices above do not include VAT (currently 25%).     type)

For restorers* (int he case of at least 20 m2 ):      * It will be possible to present a complete restoration at your
HUF 4 500 /m2 16.10 €/m2*                            chosen stand area.
*Please, indicate your company data on the application form above and in the remarks row mark: RESTORER

Chosen m2, price:

Date:                                                      Stamp and signature:

Oldtimer Sale                                                         Type of car:
It will also be possible to sell oldtimers car during the festival.
Location: outdoor, outside deck (the route from the ticket desk)      Year of manufacture:
 HUF 4 000 / day / car (this amount includes entry to
the festival for one person)
Each additional own vehicle: HUF 1000 / day                           Licence Plate Number:
                                                                      Owner’s name:

                                                                      Vehicle Price:

                                                                      Please send a photo to the following e-mail address:
HUF 3 500 / day / motorbike (this amount includes entry to the
festival for one person)

                                                                      Private vehicle collectors will receive a free place upon the
              PRIVATE COLLECTORS                           20 m2      organizer’s invitation ( Max. 20 m2)
Vehicle make:                                                         Owner’s name:
Type:                                                                 Engine size:
Year of manufacture:                                                  Output (KW), (HP):
Exterior colour:                                                      VIN:
Interior colour:                                                      Licence Plate Number:
Acceleration:                                                         Classification:
Extras:                                                               Fuel (gasoline, diesel):
Insurance: ( name of insurer, type of insurance, premium )
                                                      PRESENTATION OF CLUBS:
Oldtimer Clubs can get free stands.
Application does not in itself mean that the space will be allotted mandatorily.
The decision about stand allotment will be taken after August 1.
The club will receive the organizer’s affirmative or negative reply after the expiry of the above deadline.
By signing this form, we acknowledge every clause of the special terms of participation, the general participant guidelines, as well
as the event’s technical guidelines, in their versions as may be effective at the time.

Name of the Club:
Contact Person:                                                     Address (ZIP code, town):
Tel:                                                                Street, no:
E-mail:                                                             Country:
Tel:                        Fax:                                    Internet:                        E-mail:

Date:                                                               Stamp and signature:

Every co-exhibitor must be reported. All fees will be charged to the main exhibitor. The fee shall include the charges of the co-
exhibitor’s mandatory registration and exhibitor’s pass. Main exhibitor’s will be fined EUR 500.00 for every unregistered co-

            CO-EXHIBITOR registration:                                                     CO-EXHIBITOR’S DATA
  1st International Oldtimer and Youngtimer
                    Festival                                        Company name:
            September, 23-24-25, 2011                               Address (Zip code, town):
         Papp László Budapest Sportaréna,
                     Hungary                                        Street, no:
                                                                    Tax ID:
Please return your application form to the
organizing committee ( by e-mail, post or fax )                     Company registration no:
Flattini Kft.                                                     Bank account number:
Bábakalács utca 10.                                               Tel:                           Fax:
2330 Dunaharaszti                                                 Internet:                      E-mail:
Hungary                                                                                MAIN EXHIBITOR’S DATA
Fax:                                                              Company name:
Tel:                                                              Address (Zip code, town):
E-mail:                                                           Street, no:
                                                                  Tax ID:
                                                                  Company registration no:
                                                                  Bank account number :
                                                                  Tel:                           Fax:
                                                                  Internet:                      E-mail:

Date:                                                 Stamp and signature:

                                            Exhibited product(s) and service(s)
Please mark the product group with which you intend to participate by putting a cross in the square next to your selected
product group.
Clothing / accessories                                          Complete restoration
Electronics, ignition                                           Bodywork
Tyres                                                           Engine / bycicle spare parts
General car and leather care, car cleaning                      Batteries
Upholstery / leather work                                       Surface treatment
Art and decoration                                              Machine shop
Instrument repair, instrumentation                              Exhaust system sales / manufacturing
Windscreen sales / installation                                 Gearbox repair
Insulation                              Sealant manufacturing
Car paintwork                           Paintwork technology, paintwork supplies
Bearing manufacturing / sales           Tools/Workshop equipment
Oils and lubricants                     Hoisting technology
Connectors                              Transportation / trailers
Books / Catalogues                      Transportation engineering secondary shools
Models                                  Insurance company
Experts                                 PRIVATE COLLECTOR
Club                                    Museum
Antiquities                             Watch / Jewellery

Date:                           Stamp and signature:

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