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  GADGETS AND ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR BIKE                                                                        Brian Jeffreys, Twisted Throttle
 You just can’t seem to find the right bag, accessory, or gadget to make your motorcycle riding work. Come hear what the specialists from Twisted
 Throttle have to offer. Twisted Throttle is a leading online parts and accessories store – and they know how to deck your bike out for maximum
 touring comfort and carrying capacity. This seminar will cover such topics as long distance comfort, crash protection, safety, luggage, gadget
 mounting, and maintenance.

 Brian Jeffreys is Twisted Throttle’s west coast representative and has been with the company since 2007. He’s been riding since 2002 and has
 owned a wide variety of bikes, including standards, sport bikes, dual-sports, and supermotos. Brian holds an expert road race license and has
 previously worked as a track day control rider in the northeast.

  ALL ABOUT MOTORCYCLE HELMETS                                                                           Bruce Porter, Arai Helmet Company
 Why wear a helmet? And is this old one I dug out of my attic gonna work? This comprehensive seminar will cover everything you should know about
 modern motorcycle helmets. Topics will include helmet care, life span, how helmets are built to protect, how your helmet should fit, and common
 myths about helmets. Bring your questions and come learn from one of the industry’s most knowledgeable helmet professionals.

 Native Californian Bruce Porter has been riding motorcycles for 45 years, has been working in the motorcycle industry for 30 years, and has
 been working with Arai helmet company for 25 years. He is constantly on the road working on helmet sponsorship programs with top motorcycle
 and auto racers, as well as hosting shows and helmet seminars. Bruce attended his first International Motorcycle Show in 1987, and has since
 attended over 200 shows!

  MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE DEMYSTIFIED                                                                         Doug Quinn, Progressive Insurance
 Deciding which insurance policy is best for you and your motorcycle is one of the most confusing pieces of the motorcycling puzzle. At this seminar,
 you will learn all of the basics about different kinds of policies, what coverages you need and what they do for you, and ways to get discounts on your
 motorcycle insurance.

 Doug Quinn has been a motorcycle enthusiast for over 30 years and enjoys riding during his time away from work. He shares his riding time
 between a 2005 Electra Glide Classic, 1990 Heritage, 2003 Yamaha TW200 Enduro & a 2004 Yamaha 660 Grizzly ATV. Doug has been with
 Progressive Insurance for over fifteen years and in his free time he coordinates many motorcycle rallies and events.

  TOTAL CONTROL ADVANCED RIDING CLINIC                                                                            Lee Parks, Lee Parks Design
 Lee Parks’ Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic helps riders improve their skills in a controlled environment with expert instruction. Lee will walk
 show attendees through the classroom portion, covering how a rider’s actions affect the bike’s ability to maintain traction and control, and how to
 gradually build riding skills. Lee will also present his landmark “10 Steps to Proper Cornering Technology”, proven to make any rider, regardless of
 street or track experience a better, safer rider.

 Chief instructor Lee Parks has been riding and championship racing for over 25 years. He spent five years as the editor and chief test rider of
 Motorcycle Consumer News, becoming one of the top performance-testing journalists in the world. His best-selling book Total Control is considered
 the bible of high-performance riding technique and sells around the world in three languages. Lee is also the president of Lee Parks Design, a
 motorcycle gear and accessory manufacturer.

  GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR TIRES                                                                                        Nick Kapfer, Dunlop
 Tires. One of the most costly parts of your motorcycle to maintain. So how do you get the most out of each set? Find out from an industry
 tire expert who will discuss tire selection, care, and maintenance and how to maximize mileage, improve safety, and achieve higher levels of

 Nick Kapfer represents the central region sales force for Dunlop Tire Co. An avid rider who started out at 5 years of age, Nick can be found both on
 the street or shredding in the dirt.

  FINDING THE PERFECT BIKE FOR YOU                                                             Sue Slate, Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation
  PREPPING AND PACKING FOR LONG                                                      

 How do you know which bike is best for you? Does the bike you’re considering fit your physique as well as your lifestyle and experience level? Join
 seasoned motorcyclist mentor Sue Slate for an in-depth seminar on how to figure out which motorcycle or scooter best fits your wants, needs, and
 budget. Finding the perfect bike will enhance your riding experience immensely!

 Sue Slate has managed to infuse motorcycling into every aspect of her life. She co-founded the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, Inc., a charitable
 networking organization. The WMF also raises funds for charitable missions through many of the activities focusing primarily on eradicating breast
 cancer. Sue also works as a ride coach for Learn2Ride MSF and with Riders of Kawasaki.

  OFF ROAD RIDING                                                                        Van May, Van May’s Academy of Off Road Riding
 In this fun filled seminar Van will cover what you need to know and how to prepare for a safe and memorable off-road riding experience. If you are
 young or young at heart, a first time rider or have years of experience, Van has some riding tips for you. Topics in this seminar include: Assessing
 Risk, Riding Gear - function, fit, comfort, style, Warm-up Exercises, ATV / Dirt Bike Controls, Safe and Responsible Riding Practices, Trail Etiquette
 - Tread Lightly

 Van May has been off-road riding for over 35 years in every terrain imaginable from coast to coast. He has over 18 years of instructing and is a
 licensed Chief Instructor with the ATV Safety Institute and a certified Dirt Bike Coach with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Van runs Van May’s
 Academy of Off Road Riding located in eastern Ohio and most recently in Las Vegas, Nevada. Van is also an accomplished dirt bike and ATV

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