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                 Professional Practice:
                   A Framework for
                              (ASCD, 2007)
                   Charlotte Danielson
Putting the Pieces Together
Essential/Focus Questions
Accessing Prior Knowledge (Find
someone who activity)
Purpose of the Framework
Processing Strategy (Gallery Walk)
“Good Morning Miss Toliver” DVD
Summarizing Activity (Stoplight)

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Essential/Focus Questions

How does Charlotte Danielson’s
Framework for Teaching enhance
professional practice and relate to
GICSD’s goals?

How can you use the Framework to
learn more about teaching and
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    Purposes of Framework
Based on the Praxis III criteria

Applies to experienced as well as novice

Creates a shared understanding of teaching,
helps paint a picture of what “good” teaching
looks like

Provides opportunities for
teachers/administrators/and staff to discuss
teaching using common vocabulary

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“The mediocre teacher tells.
  The good teacher explains.
  The superior teacher
  demonstrates. The great
  teacher inspires.”
- William Arthur Ward
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Domain 1:   Planning and Preparation
Domain 2:   The Environment
Domain 3:   Instruction/Delivery of Service
Domain 4:   Professional Responsibilities

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        Wallpaper Poster
Please work with your
content/position/grade level.
Read the 2 domains assigned and then on
chart paper complete the following tasks.
– Summarize the key components of each
– Include an example
– Create a nonlinguistic representation

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            Gallery Walk
After posters are complete, travel with
group and read each one
With your group either add a graphic,
example, or connection to the poster
Original group present poster with new
       Domain 1: Planning and
Some important elements to include in a
lesson plan and (Hunter,

☺ Purpose, NYS Standards, GICSD curriculum,
☺ Procedure- input, modeling, check for
  understanding, guided and independent practice
☺ Assessment Plan
☺ Resources
☺ Instructional/Environmental Modifications
☺ Time Required
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Domain 2: Classroom Environment
Recommendations for Classroom Practice
 (Marzano, 2005)

 Write a class pledge or promise
 Establish classroom rules and procedures
 Consistently reinforcing norms
 Discovering and incorporating students’
 interest into academics
 Noticing individual accomplishments
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      Domain 3: Instruction
(Marzano, 2005) and (Danielson, 2007)

 Communicating- posting essential
 questions and objectives in the classroom
 Questioning- Bloom’s, explicit, inferential,
 and analytic questions
 Engaging- using technology, providing
 student choice, constructivist approach
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    Domain 3: Instruction

Feedback- use criterion-referenced
feedback and explanations, engage
students in peer feedback, ask students to
Flexibility- “teachable moments”, adjusting
a lesson plan in midstream or pace of

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      Domain 4: Professional
Reflection- journal, post-it notes in plan book,
discussion with peer coach, colleagues, or

Logs and records- PDP timekeeper, parent
contact log, parent/teacher conference log and
forms, grade keeper, skills inventories, ELP

GICSD community- SDM, PBIS, clubs, sports,
summer curriculum, testing coordinator, peer
coach, TIF, content facilitators, Health and
Wellness, etc.
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    Framework in Practice
“Good Morning Miss Toliver” DVD

As you watch the DVD please use the
classroom observation record to write
evidence of the 4 domains.

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Please use the
summarizing tool to
help process your
thoughts (Stoplight)

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                               Gajewski 2010