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 Wing-Kin Leung
 Director, Product Management
 Cisco IP NGN Vision
                  Connecting Customers with Services,
                        Services with Networks,
                     and Networks with Each Other

                        Small/Medium                      SP
 Consumer               Business          Enterprise      Wholesale

                   IP Next-Generation Network

 Security                      Internet                 Content

                   Voice &
                                             Mobility                 Transport
R&S VT Nov 2006
        Characteristics of an Ideal Network
        Fusing the Best of Today’s Networks and More

                                     Video Delivery
                   Mobility of                              Content
                  the Cellular                            Richness of
                    Network                               the Internet

           Ubiquity/              Next-Generation
           Reliability               Network                    Flexibility of
          of the PSTN                                             Ethernet

                            Bandwidth             Security
                           of an Optical         of a Private
                             Network              Network
R&S VT Nov 2006
        Cisco IP NGN Architecture
                                           Presence-                                   IP

                      Video &     Data       Based          Web         Mobile       Contact
                      Gaming     Center    Telephony      Services      Apps         Center

                                                                                               Operational Layer
                                      Self   Identity Policy Billing     Open Framework
                                                                           for Enabling

                       Service                                            ‘Triple Play on
                      Exchange                                               the Move’
                                                                            (Data, Voice,
                                                                           Video, Mobility)

                        Customer        Access/           Intelligent      Multiservice

                         Element      Aggregation            Edge             Core

R&S VT Nov 2006
                                   Intelligent Networking
        IP NGN: IPv6 a key component

                  Business – Applications - Services
Community                                             Triple play
   grid                                                RFID

                       Adding IPv6 to the Internet
                      Integration and Co-existence

New market                                           Networks in
  places                                               motion

                   Infrastructures for new services
R&S VT Nov 2006
 Internet around the world
       North-America                     Europe                          Asia
    Est. Pop: 331,473,276         Est. Pop: 807,289,020        Est. Pop: 3,667,774,066
 Internet users: 229,138,706   Internet users: 308,712,903   Internet users: 394,872,213
   Penetration rate: 69.1 %      Penetration rate: 38.2 %      Penetration rate: 10.8 %

World Total
Est. Pop (2006):                                                       Middle-East
6.499 B                                                           Est. Pop: 190,084,161
Est. Pop (2050):                                                Internet users: 19,028,40
9.0B                                                             Penetration rate: 10.0 %
Penetration rate
2006: 16.7 %
Target: 22%

  Latin America/Caribbean                Africa                  Australia/Oceania
     Est. Pop: 553,908,632       Est. Pop: 915,210,928          Est. Pop: 33,956,977
 Internet users: 83,368,209    Internet users: 32,765,700    Internet users: 18,364,772
   Penetration rate: 15.1 %
 R&S VT Nov 2006                 Penetration rate: 3.6 %      Penetration rate: 54.1 %
IPv6 - Key driver for Next Generation
Ubiquitous Networking
                  Business                                                   Mobility

                      The Ubiquitous Internet


& Services                                                  e-Nations

Services at the Edge
R&S VT Nov 2006              Higher Ed./Research                                    Government
   Monitoring Market Drivers
    IPv4 address pool exhaustion – 2009-2011?
    National IT strategy
          U.S. Federal – OMB memo called for IPv6 infra in June 2008
          Japan, Korea, China, …
          European Commission sponsored projects (6DISS, u-2010,…)
          Emerging countries IPv6 Task Force, ie: India, Africa,…
    Microsoft Windows Vista & Longhorn releases
    Next Gen. Broadband: DOCSIS 3.0, Quad Play with
    HDTV,…in example: Comcast
    Mobile SP – 3G/4G/WiMax, IP NGN IMS, IP/TV on Mobiles
    Networks in Motion, Sensors networks,…

R&S VT Nov 2006
Key Aspects Reminder
                  IPv6 is NOT a feature. It is about the fundamental IP
                  network layer model developed for end-to-end services
                  and network transparency
                  Deployments of production IPv6 infrastructures are
                  under way, the time has come to move our focus to
                  edge, access and usage
                    6Bone is phasing out, 6NET is closed,…
                  Today’s IPv6 deployment drivers do not rely on
                  uncovering the “future killer application” anymore, they
                  focus instead on:
                     Performing the same as on IPv4 but on a larger scale
                     Operational cost savings or simpler network models
                     when deploying applications
                     Leading the innovation

R&S VT Nov 2006
U-2010 – IPv6 Public Safety Framework
      Bio-Ecological                              Health                            Transportation disaster
                                              Risk Profiles
           Terrorism                              Rescue                                  Natural disaster

                                               Voice            Sensors           Video          Data
   First      Public     Crisis
Responders Information Management                      Directory           Time       Localization   Management
                                                       services           Synch

                   IPv6 - Common Networking Infrastructure Enabler
      • Secure environment                   • IP Mobility                    • Traceability
      • Bi-directional communications         Ad-
                                             •Ad-Hoc Networks                 • Community of Interest

      Fixed Network Infrastructures                                         Wireless Network Infrastructures
Broadband          Public         Private                                    WiFi         GPRS/3G       Satellite
                                Government                                  Radio          DVB-H
                                                                                           DVB-          WiMax

 R&S VT Nov 2006
       Functional Diagram

     Building is a
   “Smart Building”
    wired with IPv6                                                                                                     IRP
       sensors –                                                                                                    Commander
   accessed by IPR                                                                                                  can monitor
     commander                                                                                                       IRP while
                                                                                  Mobile Command Post               deployed, in
                                    Emergency Site
                                                         Hastily Formed Network           MIPv6                       real time
                                                                                                  IRP Monitoring
connected to     Biometric                    Environmental
  cloud via       Sensor                       Sensor Data
                   Data                                                               Multiple WLAN clouds
 mobile PAN                                     (Modular)
                                                                                   deployed running native IPv6
                                   IRP                                             IRP are MIPv6 user connected
                                                                                    back to IRP network via HA

                             Sensor nodes are
                             Local Fixed Nodes
                             (LFN) attached to
                             PAN Mobile router
                                with NEMO

R&S VT Nov 2006
US IPv6 Summit 2007                                                 11                                             03/27-03/29
                    Scaling the Internet for our Next Generations
                                                          6NET, 6DISS, u-2010 projects
                                                      US DoC RFI                            US Federal
            IPv6 Forum        Cisco IOS IPv6                                              Infrastructure
             Cisco as a         Phase 1 on                                                   Build out
                                                  IPv6 HW FW
             founding           12.2(2)T &         on CRS-1 &                               Microsoft
              member           C12K 12.0S         C6500/C7600                            Windows Vista &
TF IPng                                                                                     Longhorn
                                                     sup720                    6Bone
 WG     Cisco IOS                                                             phased-
           IPv6     E-Japan                                                     out        DOCSIS 3.0
                                            US DoD
6Bone prototype     initiative               memo               US OMB
reation on CCO for                                                                       6VPE Solution,
                                                                 memo          C10K         C4K HW,
                   Cisco IPv6             C12K IPv6 HW                        GGSN 7.0
        customers Statement of              FW on E3                                       Advanced
                                                                C12K E5,                  Technologies
                    Direction                                  SANos 3.0,                     IPv6
                                                               PIX 7.0, C3K

  ’94-96           ’98-99   2000   2001        2003     2004       2005         2006        2007-09

             Cisco Leadership: IETF IPv6, NGtrans, DHCP, MIPv6, v6Ops co-chairs
 R&S VT Nov 2006
IOS IPv6 Support –
Industry Leading Feature Richness …
            Security                   Core Functionality               Broadband Access
  IPv6 standard ACL                                                     Cisco VSA AAA
  IPv6 extended ACL                IPv6 (RFC 2460)
                                                                        Radius AAA (RFC 3162)
  IPv6 IPsec authentication        ICMPv6 (RFC 2463)
  forOSPFv3                                                             PPPoA, PPPoE, RBE and
  IPv6 Firewall
                                   Neighbor Discovery (RFC 2461)        ATM 1483 encapsulations
                                   Stateless Auto-Configuration         DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation
          Integration              Anycast                              (RFC3633), DHCP Relay
                                   CEFv6/dCEFv6                         Stateless DHCP (RFC 3646)
  Configured & Automatic
  Tunnels (RFC 2893)               uRPF Strict Mode                     Generic Prefix
  6to4 (RFC 3056 & 3068)           CEFv6 Switched Tunnels
  IPv6 over GRE/IPv4
  IPv6 over MPLS (6PE)
  ISATAP                                                                MLDv1, v2, Access Group
  NAT-PT Phase I & II (RFC 2765          Cisco IOS                      PIMv2 SM, SSM, Bi-Dir
  & 2766)
  IP over IPv6 Tunnels                   Software                       PIM Embedded RP
                                                                        IPv6 MC over IPv4 tunnels
             Routing                                                    Scope Boundaries
                                  Applications & Management             Static mRoutes
  OSPFv3                                                                BSR
  IS-IS for IPv6                   Telnet, TFTP, DNS resolver, HTTP,
  MT IS-IS                         Ping, Traceroute, SSH
                                   Cisco IP & IP-Forwarding MIBs
  Unicast/Multicast                                                    IPv6 QoS (MQC)
  Policy Based Routing             Netflow for IPv6
R&S VT Nov 2006
        High Capacity Forwarding
        Cisco IPv6 Solution
      Cisco CRS-1
            Up to OC-768 line card
            10GE and GE
      Cisco 12000 Series
            Internet Service Engine (E3 & E5)
                IPv6 Unicast, Multicast, ACL, QoS, 6PE, etc.
                Up tp 3.8Mpps per line card (E3)
                Up to 16Mpps per line card (E5)
      Cisco 7600 and Catalyst 6500 Series
            Supervisor Engine 720, 720-3BXL, 32W
            10Mb/s to 10Gb/s support
            Up to 200Mpps (EANTC report)
            IPv6 tunneling—configured, automatic, 6to4 and
            ISATAP tunnels in hardware
            Hardware based network analysis module
      Catalyst 3750 Series
            L3 hardware IPv6-capable & Release 12.2SE
            IPv6 across Cisco StackWise technology
R&S VT Nov 2006
        Cisco IPv6 Security Solutions

    Threat protection     • Standard, reflexive, extended access control list
                          • Enhanced extended ACL – filtering on routing type
     Packet filtering     • Hardware e-ACL filtering capabilities (CRS-1, Cisco
                            6500, 7600, 12000 etc.) including parsing option headers

  Secure connectivity     • IPv4 dynamic IPsec to protect IPv6 over IPv4 tunnels
        IPsec              with dynamic IPv4 end point
                          • IPv6 IPsec authentication for OSPFv3
                          • IPv6 IPsec tunnel router-to-router, including new
                           IPv4/IPv6 encryption hardware adapter (future)

    Cisco IPv6 Firewall   • Cisco IOS Firewall includes IPv6 from Release 12.3(7)T,
                          12.4 and 12.4T
        Solutions         • PIX 7.0 release
                          • FWSM 3.1 (future)
                          • ASA 5500 series

     ASA 5500 series
R&S VT Nov 2006
        Introducing IPv6 in the Data Center
        using Cisco Solutions
    hosts (initiators)                                       Dual-stack environment
                                  iSCSI                    Integration & Co-existence

                                                                            Cisco dual-stack
                                                                 Users      Firewall & IPsec
                 array iSCSI                                                solutions
                                                                            Cisco WAN
                                                                 WAN        optimizing
                                  IPv6                                      routers
                                                                 Compute   Dual-stack Cisco
                                iSCSI                                      Catalyst
                               router                                      Switches

                                                                           Cisco MDS9500
                                     FC                          Disk/
                                                                           Fabric Switches
                                  fabric            FC HBA
                            Storage                (initiator)
                          pool (target)
R&S VT Nov 2006                             Investment protection
        IPv6 Support in MDS Platforms

R&S VT Nov 2006
      Broadest Platform Support in the

elease 12.0S
sco 12000 Series Routers
sco 10720 Series
elease 12.4/12.4T
                            Cisco IOS-XR
sco 800 Series Routers
                            CRS-1, Cisco 12000
sco 1700 Series Routers
sco 1800 Series Routers    Release 12.2S & derivatives
sco 2600 Series Routers
                           Cisco 72/7300 Series Routers
sco 2800 Series Routers
                           Cisco 75/7600 Series Routers   Cisco Product Portfolio
sco 3600 Series Routers
sco 3700 Series Routers    Cisco 10000 Series Routers     PIX Firewall (7.0), LMS 2.5,
                           (CY06)                         MDS9000 series, CNR 6.2
sco 3800 Series Routers
sco 7200 Series Routers
                           Catalyst 3750/3560 Series      Radar
sco 7301 Series Routers    Catalyst 4500 Series           Mobile wireless, home
sco VT Nov 2006
     7500 Series Routers   Catalyst 6500 Series           networking, IP telephony
        Moving IPv6 to Production
        Running Cisco IOS Software
                                     WAN: 6to4, IPv6
                                     over IPv4, dual stack
                                                                     6to4 Relay
              Dual Stack
                                      Aggregation   IPv6 over IPv4 tunnels or
                                                    dedicated data link layers
                                                                                            IPv6 over IPv4 tunnels

                                                                                                    Data Center

SL,                                                    Dual stack or MPLS & 6PE
                      IPv6 over IPv4 tunnels
                      or dual stack
                                                                            IPv6 over IPv4 tunnels or
                                                                            Dedicated data link layers
                                                                                 IPv6 IX

R&S VT Nov 2006                 Enterprise
        More Information

            CCO IPv6

            Cisco IPv6 Solutions

            IPv6 Application Notes

R&S VT Nov 2006
R&S VT Nov 2006
        IPv6 Drivers—Network’s Architecture
                     “Always-on” technologies enable new
                          application environments
 Today, Network Address Translation
 (NAT) and application-layer
 gateways connect disparate
             Internet started with
             end-to-end connectivity
             for any application
                                         Cable, DSL      Global
 Peer-to-peer or server-to-client        ETTH, WiFi,   Addressing
 applications mean global addresses         3G
             IP telephony, fax, video
             Mobility, GRID,
             Distributed gaming
             Remote monitoring
             Instant messaging

R&S VT Nov 2006
 Broadband Home and IPv6 – a Must!
                             Home Networking
                            • IPv6 enables bi-directional reachability for multiple devices, is not intended to
 IP Video                     a single PC
                            • Bandwidth increase and symetric access to generate contents
                            • Easy plug and play

                                               IP Phone & Fax                           Wireless Laptop
                  Printer                                                               • Distance learning
                                                                                        • Video calls
                                  PDA                                                   • MP3/MP4 downloads
Wired Devices
• Streaming Video/Audio
• Print/file sharing                                Broadband                        Triple Play Services
                                                    Internet Access                 • Multiple devices served
                                                                                    in a Home
                                                                                    • Commercial download
                                                                                    • TV guide

                                                                                            Access Point
                                                                                        •   Multiplayer gaming
                                                                                        •   Video on demand
                                                                                        •   Home security
R&S VT Nov 2006                                                                         •   Digital audio
                                   Wireless Gaming
IPv6 Mobility Vision
                                       Office          Independent from the
                                                        Access Technologies
                                                    • Unlicensed Band (WiFi,…
                    Operator                            Personal mobility
                  GPRS, 3G, 4G                          high data rate
                                                        incremental infrastructure
                  Hotspots                          • Licensed Band (GPRS,
                                 The Ubiquitous       3G/4G, WiMax, DVB,…)
                                    Internet            Full mobility
                                                        New infrastructure

                                       Access resources from anywhere –
                    Broadband          always-on
                                          Broadband/Wireless services
       Home                            Applications and Services to become
R&S VT Nov 2006
        Grid/ Virtual Organizations Applications
                  Server fabric
                  Server fabric                                              Cluster Storage
                                                                             Cluster Storage
                   switching                       Catalyst 6500
                                                   Catalyst 6500

                                                                                         Data Visualization
                                                                                         Data Visualization

                                                                   Global grid forum (IPv6 WG)
Business drivers                  A collaboration & resource sharing infrastructure with origins in the sciences
                                  A distributed service integration and management technology
                                  A disruptive technology that enables a virtualized, collaborative, distributed
IPv6 benefits                     Any system can be in any number of virtual organizations with any
                                  number of other systems
                                         Needs uniform address space to avoid proxies & allow end-to-end
                                         security (ie: IPsec)
                                         Addressing ambiguities is unacceptable
                                         Security boundaries ¡Ù    organization boundaries
R&S VT Nov 2006                          Not achievable at massive scale with IPv4
Next Generation Internet: Global Information Grid
(US DoD)

                  Global Information Grid


R&S VT Nov 2006
   IPv6 @Cisco
                  Scaling the Internet for our Next Generations
                                                                6NET project                   Moving IPv6 to

                                IPv6 Forum     Cisco IOS IPv6              US DoC RFI            US Federal
                                 Cisco as a      Phase 1 on              IPv6 HW FW
                                 founding        12.2(2)T &                                   Microsoft
                                                                          on CRS-1 &
                                                                             CRS-1         Windows Vista &
                                  member        C12K 12.0S               C6500/C7600          Longhorn
                         Cisco IOS                                 US DoD sup720
                                        Cisco IPv6                  memo                      Docsis 3.0
                            IPv6                                                    US OMB
   IETF IPng            prototype on   Statement of                                  memo
      WG                                 Direction             C12K IPv6 HW
                          CCO for                                 FW on E3
                         customers                                                C12K E5 IPv6
                                            E-Japan                               HW FW, IPv6
                   6Bone                   initiative     Cisco IOS              on SANos 3.0,
                  creation                              IPv6 Phase 2                 PIX 7.0

      1994 1996              1998   1999      2000 2001     2002    2003     2004       2005     2006-08

                             IETF IPv6, NGtrans, DHCP, MIPv6, v6Ops co-chairs
R&S VT Nov 2006

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