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					NURS 193 Preceptorship                                                            Renton Technical College
Syllabus                                                                         LPN Program Winter 2010

LOCATION                                    Preceptorship site varies

TIME                                        Day or Evening shift (night with instructor approval), as arranged
                                                  by your preceptor

INSTRUCTOR:                                 Neil Foltz, LPN, RN, BSN, MN
                                            Cell: 206-795-3469
                                            Phone:425-235-2352 extension 2392
                                            Office: H-101-F; Office hours: Tuesdays 1500-1600 and by

DIRECTOR OF NURSING:                        Heather Stephen-Selby RN, MSN, ARNP-BC
                                            Director / Dean Allied Health
                                            Renton Technical College
                                            3000 NE 4th St Renton Washington 98056
                                            Phone 425-235-2352 (5552)

CLASS WEB PAGE              

   In the course, the student will experience a more realistic and intensive clinical experience that
    will enhance the student’s employment readiness as a Licensed Practical Nurse. The student is
    expected to practice at the novice level of a Licensed Practical Nurse including areas of
    organizational skills, decision-making, delegation, and accountability while functioning more
    independently as a member of the healthcare team. The student works under the guidance of a
    preceptor. The preceptor is an LPN or RN currently employed at the clinical facility. Renton
    Technical College (RTC) will provide each preceptorship facility a packet containing guidelines
    and expectations for the preceptorship experience. The instructor at RTC provides oversight for
    the experience. The student will complete a minimum of 72 hours of preceptorship experience at
    the assigned facility. The student will complete the experience in 8-12 hour shifts over a two-
    week period for safety (no double shift-16 hour-shifts without prior arrangement with the
    instructor and preceptor). At the end of the experience, the student will complete an evaluation
    of the preceptor and the preceptorship site, and the preceptor will complete an evaluation of the
    student. The student will e-mail the Student’s evaluation of the facility to the instructor and
    submit the preceptor’s evaluation of the student (hard copy). The student will be evaluated on
    problem solving skills, leadership skills, organizational skills, professionalism, and the ability to
    work well with other members of the healthcare team. Each student reports to his/her preceptor
    at the beginning of the designated start of the shift, and completes the entire shift at the facility.

     Roles and responsibilities of the LPN/RN
     Professionalism in the Workplace
     Organization of Care and Management of Multiple Clients
     Care Management in a Variety of Settings
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NURS 193 Preceptorship                                                        Renton Technical College
Syllabus                                                                     LPN Program Winter 2010

This course is entirely and exclusively focused on developing critical thinking as a professional practical
nurse in the application of professionalism, leadership, and practical employment skills in the
preceptorship experience. This course will prepare effective practical nurses to obtain practical nursing

By the end of this course the student will:
    Provide safe and competent care within the scope of practice for a licensed practical nurse
    Demonstrate critical thinking skills in the application of the nursing process
    Provide basic assessment and care data to the RN
    Assist in development of a nursing care plan
    Assist in applying nursing interventions under the direction of the RN
    Assist with discharge planning and teaching for at least one client.
    Identify community resources appropriate for the client after discharge.
    Deliver culturally competent nursing care to diverse client populations
    Demonstrate proficiency in medication administration, including knowledge of drug action,
   indications of use, adverse reactions/side effects, and dosage calculation
    Demonstrates the ability to document findings and care given in a clear and legal manner
    Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills: listening, speaking, and writing
    Demonstrate essential computer skills to work in the healthcare field
    Demonstrate effectiveness as a team member including delegation of nursing tasks and
   supervision of unlicensed assistive personnel
    Demonstrate skills in problem solving, goal setting, and prioritizing
    Practice within a legal and ethical framework consistent with state regulations,
    the Nurse Practice Act, the ANA Code of Ethics, and accepted standards of nursing practice
    Identify health concerns where registered nurse intervention is indicated
    Demonstrate the ability to be successful on the National Council Licensing Examination for
   Licensed Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN exam)
          Demonstrate professional work standards such as timeliness, cooperation, responsibility,
   consideration of others, good hygiene practices, and appropriate dress.

     Discussion
     Print Information
     Individual Assignments/Evaluations
     Practical Application

Students who complete this course in a satisfactory manner will be given a grade of Satisfactory (S).
Students who fail to complete this course in a satisfactory manner will receive a grade of Unsatisfactory
(U) and will not graduate.

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NURS 193 Preceptorship                                                         Renton Technical College
Syllabus                                                                      LPN Program Winter 2010

Preceptorship Schedule
Students must provide the instructor with their preceptorship schedule, including shift and days,
preceptor name, and site/ preceptor contact number. Due: March 10, 2010 by e-mail.

Goals and Objectives for Preceptorship
Students will write their own goals and objectives for the clinical experience. Goals will be broad and
general. Objectives must be specific and measurable. Objectives must be related to achievement of the
goal. One or two goals are sufficient but students must have 2 to 3 objectives for meeting the goal.
Due: March 08, 2010 by e-mail.

Creative Reflective Journal Entries
Students are expected to keep a journal of their preceptorship experience. Entries should be done after
each shift and include information learned from the experience, feelings about the experience, and an
evaluation of whether or not goals were met. Journal entries need to be typed, using the creative
reflective journal format provided. Due: March 14, 20, 26 by e-mail.

Clinical Preceptor/ Preceptorship Site Evaluation
Students will have an opportunity to evaluate the experience and will be given a copy of the evaluation
tool prior to the beginning of the experience. The preceptor will evaluate the student’s performance as
well with input from other staff working with the student. Key areas of evaluation include professional
behavior, organizational skills and knowledge base. Due: March 25, 2010.

Thank You Note
Each student will write a thank you note or card for his or her preceptor(s). Bring the note or card to the
preceptor / facility on the last day of preceptorship.

     Computer access for projects and assignments (see below for locations)
     All materials required for clinical and lab experiences

Dress code will be the RTC clinical dress code, or will be in accordance with the facility (business
casual is the attire for various sites including mental health sites). As in all LPN courses, students are
responsible to understand and observe policies in the Renton Technical College Student Handbook and
the Allied Health Student Handbook. See the handbooks for policies on cheating and plagiarism, both of
which are not tolerated and will result in zeros on the assignment in question and possible expulsion
from the LPN program. The following are two sites with a further explanation of plagiarism and

Arriving at the preceptorship site late or leaving early demonstrates disrespectful and unprofessional
behavior and will not be tolerated. A student may not to be absent form the facility unless prearranged

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NURS 193 Preceptorship                                                          Renton Technical College
Syllabus                                                                       LPN Program Winter 2010

with the instructor and the student’s preceptor. If a student must be absent, he/she will phone the facility
at least one hour prior to the start of the shift to notify the facility that he/she will not be present. The
student will then notify the instructor by e-mail or phone. Absences must be made up if time allows.
Because the experience takes place over only a two-week period, it may not be possible to make it up.
Student absences will be factored into the final grade. Students having difficulty completing
preceptorship site hours due to illness or another emergency must contact the instructor as soon as
possible so arrangements can be made.

Renton Technical College and the nursing instructor want each student to succeed. Students who have
any type of disability that substantially limits the ability to succeed are encouraged to contact the Special
Populations Counselor in Student Services, Bldg. I Room 225. All information acquired during a visit
with the Special Populations Counselor is confidential and is used to help students succeed in their

Internet access and an e-mail account are required for this course. Students who do not have
keyboarding and computer skills are encouraged to go to the the library for assistance. The instructor
will at times communicate with students by e-mail, but will mostly communicate through the class web
page The course syllabus, assignments, handouts,
evaluation forms, announcements, and other information will be provided on the class web page. The
class web page will be updated as needed. Students are responsible to check the class web page
regularly. Students are responsible to obtain and print papers. Though owning a personal computer and
printer will assist LPN students to be successful, ownership is not necessary. The following is
information on computer access and printing policies locally:
          RTC Computer Lab, C-102: Free copies
          RTC library, C: five cents per copy
          Renton Public Libraries (Renton and Highlands): 5 cents per copy
          King County Library System (KCLS) library locations:
            many libraries offer free printing, including Auburn and Algona which offer 75 free copies
            per week
          KCLS Computer booking/printing policy:

NOTE: The instructor reserves the right to alter the syllabus, course content and schedule as necessary.
Changes will be communicated to students in class and through the class web page.

Source for several of the ideas included in this syllabus:
Paul, R., & Elder, L. (2003). A miniature guide on how to improve student learning (2nd ed.).
Foundation for Critical Thinking.

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