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From: Russ Valentine [MVP−Outlook] (russval_at_mvps.org)
Date: 05/21/04

Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 17:22:48 −0500

You are correct. Windows XP Fax has many shortcomings, not the least of
which is that it won't work with many modems still in common use.
Modem incompatibility is not apparent during installation or the initial
setup. It only becomes apparent when you try to send or receive a fax. The
Fax Service will dial or will answer an incoming fax but then fail with any
of a number of unhelpful error messages such as "Line is busy," "There is no
answer," or "Reception error." There will be nothing in Event Viewer to give
a clue as to where the problem might lie.

These errors have been nearly impossible to track down. To do so requires
enabling both PSS and debug logging of fax transmissions, both of which
require fairly extensive registry changes. For the time being, the best
advice is to attempt to use XP Fax only if you have a modem that is listed
on the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List and using the latest drivers.
Or, if you're into being a guinea pig, I can send you the logging

Russ Valentine
"tjdarth" <tjohn1@airmail.net> wrote in message
> Every now and then the Fax monitor opens to receive a fax. It answers the
> call and after a minute or two I get the error: An error occurred while
> receiving the fax. When this occurs I look in the Archive for all incoming
> faxes directory, but do not find any exceptional report? Am I correct in
> assuming that this is just one of the shortcomings of Win Fax, or can
> something else be done to try to trace this issue for resolution? I am
> currently running this product from the win−xp SP2 OS.Thanks in advance .
> . . Tom Johnson

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