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					          St Agatha Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting
                 Minutes for Monday January 18, 2010

Attendance: Theresa Bellchambers, Christina Puhacz, Lucie Moreau, Iva Wiens,
      Diane Martel, Dawna Halat, Lucy Borges, Liza Tilander, Andrew Assad, Roland
      Henning, Beth Marshall, Barry Gibbs, Colleen Reel, Maureen Kelly, Barb
      Senarega, Mary Rafter, Sandra Rozier-Flynn, Anne O’Neill Alexander, Marie
      Silva, Darquise Leroux, Geri Grindal, Michelle Del Zotto


      Approved (Barry Gibbs, 2nd by Theresa Bellchambers)

 3. APPROVAL OF December 7, 2009, 2009 MINUTES
      Approved (Beth Marshall, 2nd by Michelle Del Zotto)

 #7 Correspondence/New Business)
     Frances Vyriotes spoke at the meeting. She is a representative from McCarthy
       School Uniforms.
     They are a school uniform provider to schools all across Canada.
     She has worked at McCarthy’s for 14 years.
     McCarthy’s provides uniforms to almost 500 schools across Canada.
     Our School Board has mandated that all elementary schools are to be “all dress
       code” by 2011.
     The colours are navy and white.
     Some schools are doing it differently, i.e. by adding a school emblem
       embroidered on sweaters, shirts, etc..
     Some schools are considering the dress code to be more formalized.
     The major benefits of having a school uniform is:
              Enhance school safety;
              Prevention of theft;
              Reduction of violence;
              Reduction of gang activity;
              Significant cost savings;
              Less peer pressure;
              Encourages true academic focus. It instills values of discipline and
              Encourages strong school spirit and pride;
              Major time savings.                                                Page 1 of 5
          St Agatha Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting
                 Minutes for Monday January 18, 2010
       Ms. Vyriotes passed out a pamphlet which has a price comparison and gives
        pricing on uniforms.
       Why use McCarthy’s? McCarthy’s provides the right quality. They create
        uniforms that can be worn comfortably and be used and abused. The uniforms
        are durable. They fit well and are comfortable. They have double seams, elastic
        waists and are easy to take care of and clean.
       Their golf shirts and sweats are all in style.
       McCarthy’s has a good return policy. 30 days with some flexibility.
       If there are manufacturer’s defects, i.e. broken zippers, seams undone, etc.,
        they will replace them.
       You can order the clothes by either going to the store directly, going online,
        telephoning in your order or they do provide a mobile store as well.
       McCarthy’s offers scholarships.
       McCarthy’s also offers assistance to those less fortunate who may have
        problems coming up with the money to pay for the uniforms.
       McCarthy’s give a donation of cash back back to the school. It is generally
        around 5%. That is given out annually.

     Skating for classes have started today and will continue until March 25 th.
     The skating is at Scarborough Village. It is free with the exception of the cost of
      two TTC tickets.
     We will start collecting skates to provide to students who do not have skates.
     There was some discussion about collecting used helmets as well but
      ultimately it was decided that it was not a good idea. Helmets actually lose
      safety value with wear and tear and age.
     We will have Scientist in the School in January and February.
     Family Literacy Day is on January 21st but we have teachers out on that day so
      we will have it on the 29th of January instead. We are also having a pajama day
      that day as well.
     The Minister of Natural Resources is scheduled to attend the school on January
      26th to present to the grades 3-8. It will be a media event.
     The School Board has asked us if they can have some of the students from St.
      Agatha appear on the OPHEA video. This video is regarding bullying and will
      be shown to students from grades 4-6.
     It was a plus that we were asked to be featured in this video because we are
      very receptive to this and the fact that we are a bilingual school. Mme. Leroux
      stated that the Board is getting a good sense of our school and who we are,
      what we do and our high expectations.
     Carnavale is scheduled for the week of February 8th. A schedule is going out to
     Reptilia is also coming to the school for several classes.
     There will be French public speaking competition during that week.                                                    Page 2 of 5
          St Agatha Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting
                 Minutes for Monday January 18, 2010
       The French public speaking will go to the Board in early March.
       A puppet show “Concerned Kids” is coming to the school on February 16 th. The
        cost was $150.
       Family Day is on February 15th.
       Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) is on February 16th.
       Ash Wednesday is on February 17th.
       Report cards are going home on March 2nd.
       Some classes will be participating in the Arctic Games at Neil McNeil on
        February 11th.
       March break is from March 15th to the 19th.
       We have a PA day on March 5th for parent/teacher interviews.
       We were not one of the schools chosen for all day kindergarten.

     Presently we have $340.00 in unused allocated funds.
     We have a total of unallocated funds in the amount of $8,305.30.
     The question was brought up as to whether we should start allocating some of
      the funds now or wait. It was decided to start allocating some of the funds at
      this meeting.
     There was some discussion to allocate money for school buses.
     It was also suggested that the teachers each receive $100 for classroom
     It was motioned to provide $300 for Carnavale. CPF may actually in the end
      give that money and if that is the case, then we can reallocate those funds at a
      later date. Theresa Bellchambers made the motion and Anne O’Neill seconded.
     Beth Marshall will get back to us to let us know if we received the money from
     It was motioned to provide all full time teachers with $100 for classroom
      spending and $50 for the itinerants and half time teachers. Barry Gibbs
      motioned for this and Geri Grindal seconded that motion.
     It was decided to allocate $700 to Performing Arts. Mme. Leroux will look into
      arranging for that for the students. Beth Marshall made the motion for this and
      Michelle Del Zotto seconded the motion.
     It was motions to set aside up to $3000 for school buses so that every teacher
      is given ½ a school bus for a trip. The cost of this was figured to be closer to
      $2,100. Mary Rafter made this motion. A vote was held 15 approved so
      majority rules and motion was passed. It was decided that any money not used
      from the $3000 set aside will be given back and reallocated at a later date.
     Iva Wiens motioned that the grade 8’s yearbook/graduation be moved to a
      CSAC issue instead of putting it under teacher’s requests. It was decided to set
      aside $500 ($300 for the yearbook and $200 for the graduation). Lucie Moreau
      seconded that motion. Voted on and majority rules and motion passed.                                                  Page 3 of 5
          St Agatha Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting
                 Minutes for Monday January 18, 2010
       Deal with the remainder of the money left in the CSAC at the next meeting and
        possibly allocate more funds. We need to see if the fundraising committee is
        setting up any fundraising activities before the end of the school year.
       $6,600 out of $8,300 has been allocated at this meeting. That leaves $1,700 in
        unallocated funds.
       Barry Gibbs motioned that the remaining funds be allocated at the February
        22nd CSAC meeting. Anne O’Neill seconded this motion.

       The Fundraising Committee has not arranged for any fundraising at the
        time of this meeting. Will follow up at the next CSAC meeting.
       Lisa Tilander brought up an idea for fundraising called “Labels for
        Education” which is done by Campbells. Apparently all we need to do is
        register our school on line.
       It was noted that there are a lot of resources out there to get our school
        grants and such. Fundraising Committee is to look into this further.
       Colleen Reel will send a link to Sandra Flynn that apparently can get the
        school some musical equipment, i.e. drums.
       Liza Tilander stated that she would be available to co-chair the Fundraising
       Mary Rafter will take care of the suggestion box. There was a question as
        to whether to put the box outside or inside. It was decided to put the box
       Andrew Assad – prior to Christmas he distributed a questionnaire to help
        him gather information to assist the Fundraising Committee. The only
        response he received was from Theresa Bellchambers. He will put together
        a draft questionnaire for the next CSAC meeting.
       When that questionnaire has been drafted Theresa Bellchambers will e-
        mail it to all CSAC members.
       Theresa Bellchambers spoke briefly about the Spirit Committee. We have a
        family skate already scheduled for February 28th at Cedarena.
       We will deal with the CSAC letterhead and logo at the next CSAC meeting.
       Marie Silva advised that the $500 communication grant money is a parent
        involvement grant used by the CSAC and/or the school.
       Derek Rosario was not in attendance at this meeting so the issue of the
        school website was tabled to the next CSAC meeting.
       The grade 8’s will be going to Quebec City for their trip. The graduation will
        be at Qsis on June 23rd. The graduation is scheduled to be the same as it
        has been in the past years at St. Agatha. Iva Wiens brings up issues
        regarding the grade 8 school trip and graduation but Darquise Leroux and
        Marie Silva state that the issue has been settled as far as where the trip is.
        Mme. Leroux states that no one has spoken with the office regarding the
        trip. There are 45 children going on the grade 8 trip.                                                  Page 4 of 5
          St Agatha Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting
                 Minutes for Monday January 18, 2010

       Due to the lateness of the meeting, it was decided to move the Strategic
        Renewal Update Materials issue to the next CSAC meeting.
       Put the dress code issue on the next agenda.
       Principal’s Profile has been updated by Geri Grindal last year. Geri Grindal
        will look into it. The profile is due on January 31st.


Next meeting: Monday February 22, 2010 at 6:30 p.m.

Opening Prayer:    Mary Rafter
Closing Prayer:    Colleen Reel
Snack:             Theresa Bellchambers                                                 Page 5 of 5

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