Of Mice and Men by xiangpeng


									Of Mice and Men
    Adult Issues
    Three issues in Of Mice and Men
         that are serious are:
   Racism
   Mentally Handicapped People
   Misogyny
   Racism has existed throughout human history.
   It may be defined as the hatred of one person
    by another -- or the belief that another person
    is less than human -- because of skin color,
    language, customs, place of birth or any factor
    that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that
    person. It has influenced wars, slavery, the
    formation of nations, and legal codes.
   The most notorious example of racism by the
    West has been slavery, particularly the
    enslavement of Africans in the New World
    (slavery itself dates back thousands of years).
   This belief of racism was not "automatic": that is,
    Africans were not originally considered inferior.
    When Portuguese sailors first explored Africa in the
    15th and 16th centuries, they came upon empires and
    cities as advanced as their own, and they considered
    Africans to be serious rivals.
   Over time, European powers began to plunder the
    continent and forcibly remove its inhabitants to work
    as slave laborers in new colonies across the Atlantic,
    Africans came to be seen as a deficient "species," as
                     The N-Word
   Stemmed from Latin word “Negro” and the Niger River in
   Exactly when the word “n-gger” became an offensive insult
    is unknown.
   However, we do know that it was already considered a huge
    slur in 1837 when Hosea Easton wrote The Condition of
    Colored People of the United States: and the Prejudice
    Exercised Towards Them.
   Easton stated that the term is used with the intent to
    deliberately make black people feel inferior.
   Today the word has the same connotations; it is considered
    one of the most hateful words in the English language.
   Many people agree that there are at least two modern
    definitions of the word. There is an extremely
    negative one and there also is another “affectionate”
    one used among the black community.
   “N-gga” became more widely spread due to the
    emergence of hip-hop and rap music in the 1970s and
    1980s, and thus a new movement, using “nigga” in a
    positive way, emerged (Judy 214).
   It is an unspoken rule that black people can freely say
    “n-gger”, especially in a familial way, because it
    expresses a common history and oppression that
    binds this community together.
   White people, however, because they originated the
    word and spread the use of it in a derogatory manner,
    cannot use it under any circumstances.
   Now, of course, this is not the view of every person.
    Many believe that it should be wiped from the
    vocabulary of every individual, regardless of race.
    Mentally Handicapped People
   The term "mental retardation" used to be a medical
    diagnosis. Now it means something very negative:
    we use to term to tease and belittle each other.
   The shameful connotations over the last few decades
    are in part due to the use of "retarded" as an insult
    among younger people.
   This may in turn have contributed to its replacement
    with expressions such as "mentally challenged" or
    "intellectual disability".
   Both adults and children with mental retardation may also
    exhibit the following characteristics:
   Delays in oral language development
   Deficits in memory skills
   Difficulty learning social rules
   Difficulty with problem solving skills
   Lack of social inhibitors.
   Misogyny means “woman-hating.”
   Terms like slut, whore, ho, tramp, trick, and
    tart stem from misogyny.
   Slut is a pejorative (mean) term for a person
    who is deemed sexually promiscuous. The
    term has traditionally been applied to women
    and is generally used as an insult or offensive
    term of disparagement. (N-word for women.)
               Double Standard
   If men have several sexual partners, they are
    “players” or “studs.”
   If women have several sexual partners, they
    are “sluts” or “tarts.”
   Why the double standard?
       Evolution
       Jealousy
       Power
While we are reading the book…
 Please do not use the “n” word.
 Please do not call people “retarded.”

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