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ENEA S.A. (ENA) - Financial and Strategic SWOT
Analysis Review



ENEA S.A. (ENEA) is a Poland based electric energy company engaged in the
electricity generation, distribution, and trading in Poland. The company generates
electricity mainly from coal and hydro power plants.

 The company distributes electricity in the north-western part of the Poland. It is
active in the area of electricity generation through its subsidiary Elektrownia
Kozienice S.A. In addition to electricity generation, distribution and trading activities,
the company and its subsidiaries are also engaged in activities such as construction,
extension, modernization and renovations of power grid and installations; designing,

construction, production and sales of electric devices and equipment; services
related to the maintenance of street lights and low-voltage grids; and transport
services. ENEA S.A. is the parent company of the ENEA S.A. Group, which comprises
of 24 subsidiaries, three affiliate companies and one joint venture. The company is
headquartered at Poznan, Poland.

ENEA S.A. Key Recent Developments…

Feb 16, 2011: EDF Plans To Construct Nuclear Power Plant In Poland
Jun 16, 2010: ENEA Receives Response From Seven Consortia For Construction Of
Generator In Poland
Mar 16, 2010: ENEA Reports Net Sales Revenues Of PLN7.04 Billion In 2009

Table of contents:
1. Executive Summary
1.1 Regional Aluminium Markets 2010
1.2 Aluminium Production, Consumption & Market Size in 2010 vs. 2016
1.3 Major Aluminium Producing and Consuming Countries 2010
1.4 Trends in the Global Aluminium Industry
1.5 Major Drivers & Restraints in the Global Aluminium Market 2010

2. Introduction to the Aluminium Market
2.1 Properties of Aluminium
2.2 Forming and Products
2.3 Aluminium Consuming Sectors
2.4 Product Advantages of Aluminium
2.5 Physical/Chemical Advantages over Other Metals and Alloys
2.6 Advantages of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys
2.7 Benefits of This Report

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