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					Col           Columbia No. 1 Fire Department

                     Department Operations
                      Guideline Reference:         036
                      Response:                    N/A
                      Subject:                     Computer-Internet -Copier-Fax
                      Revised:                     April 1, 2006

36.01          PURPOSE
To provide an outline of acceptable guidelines for computer usage at the Columbia No. 1
Fire Department. These guidelines also cover internet access via the wireless network
provided at the Columbia No. 1 Fire Department, regardless if on a department owned

36.02           POLICY
It will be policy of the Columbia No. 1 Fire Department to make at least one computer
available to members to access department operational guidelines. Computer access at
the department is a privilege and should not be taken for granted. Following guideline
will be followed when using a department computer or accessing the internet via wireless
network at the station.
         1.     Keep the computer room clean and organized at all times

       2.     No drinks near any department computer equipment.

       3.     Department computers are for department operations. There will be no
              downloading of games or programs without proper approval.

       4.     There will be no viewing or downloading of any offensive material, this
              includes but is not limited to distasteful jokes, sexually based pictures
              jokes, nudity, religious based material, distasteful jokes, pictures etc.

       5.     Allow others to get on computers do not stay on for long periods of time
              knowing others are waiting

       6.     Non members are not permitted usage of department computers. If a non
              member brings a wireless computer to the station and accesses the
              department’s wireless system, the person allowing the non member in the
              station is responsible for what that person is viewing.
7.    Charging to department phone bills will not be permitted, regardless if the
      member intends to reimburse the department back. If caught doing so
      you will be removed from the computer and disciplinary action will be

8.    No non department owned hardware including printers, scanners, web
      cams etc., may hooked up to department computers without permission.

9.    Harassment via a computer will not be tolerated. Sending harassing e-
      mails via the Columbia No. 1 Fire Departments computers or will not be tolerated.

10.   If a computer is not functioning appropriately, DO NOT attempt to repair
      it without permission to do so.

11.   If downloading personal information, download to an external stick or
      drive. DO NOT download to the department computers hard drive.

12.   Laptop computers will not be removed from designated areas without

13.   Current settings on department computers will not be changed without

14.   Department printers and copiers will not be abused. Printing and copying
      personal information will only be done with proper permission. This
      includes utilization of the departments fax machine.

15.   Utilization of the department fax/copiers or printers will only be with
      permission. Any one making a long distance fax with permission will
      reimburse the department the price of the fax.

16.   Prohibited computer uses include, but are not limited to:
      a.     Extensive personal use of the internet for any non fire
             department- related purposes
      b.     Unauthorized downloading and distributing of copyrighted
             materials (e.g. music, pictures or other proprietary information).
      c.     Downloading or copying music, including music obtained legally,
             for non fire department purposes.
      d.     Unauthorized reading, deleting, copying, modifying, or printing of
             electronic communication of another user.
      e.     Using the departments electronic connections for private gain or
             profit (e.g. online gambling, personal business, etc.).
      f.     Instant messaging through public service providers. (e.g. AOL,
             Yahoo, MSN, etc.).
               g.     Personal software, which allows peer to peer communications
                      between people. (e.g. online chat, KaZaA file sharing, etc.).
               h.     Soliciting for political, religious or other non-fire department uses
                      not otherwise authorized
               i.     Non-fire department related streaming media (e.g. listening to
                      internet radio stations).
               j.     Using department computers for political purpose, including
               k.     Sending or forwarding, chain letters, or mass mailings.
               l.     Theft and /or forgery (or attempts) of messages or electronic
               m.     Using, accessing, or transmitting pornographic or sexually explicit
                      materials, offensive threatening, racial, or hate language or images.
               n.     Engaging in any form of harassment, whether sexual or otherwise,
                      or sending any unwelcome personal communication. It is the
                      perception of the recipient that prevails, not the intention of the
               o.     Uploading any type of material web sites not endorsed by the
                      Columbia No. 1 Fire Department.

               a.   Between the department and its firefighters and other individuals
                    using the electronic property or electronic communication systems,
                    the individual user has no expectation of privacy.
               b.   By using the department’s electronic property or electronic
                    communications system, each user acknowledges that the
                    department may monitor all such uses.
               c.   The department does not monitor the content of department
                    electronic property, electronic communications or internet access
                    as a routine matter, but reserves the right to do so without

       18.     Firefighters should be aware that they are responsible for any information
               that they generate or distribute through the electronic system or on
               department equipment.

36.03          RESPONSIBILITY
Computer access is a privilege. It will be the responsibility of all members to exercise
the appropriate control dictated by his or he rank in the implementation of this guideline.
Members will not abuse the department’s computer system or internet access.

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