0.5 to 1.7 cu.yd per Minut Capacity Blower and Hydraulic Bulkheads and Doors by seomajesty


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									0.5 to 1.7 cu.yd per Minut Capacity Blower and Hydraulic Bulkheads and Doors

                              This configuration JYJ blowers will find wide range of applications
                              and usage. Whether that your activity involves commercial or
                              residential landscaping (mulch and wood chips) In addition to the
                              standard range of turbines and kits—Romanet SARL, also designed
                              number of highly customized solutions of Hydraulic Bulkheads and

whether you replenish playgrounds (wood chips) for a municipalities or you are involved in ground
erosion control on construction sites (compost/wood chips).— the JYJ design will prove to be very

With an OD of 15 to 28 inches for an 6 inches OD outlet, the 4 models JYJ 400, 500, 600 or 700
allows a great numbers of options - as far as a solution is concerned. Light trucks for urban
environment, dedicated 27 Tons tipping semi-trailers or self powered containers for roll-off and
hook arms systems, those are few of them.

Running in parallel, the double turbine is driven by a
hydraulic motor of 1 to 2 cu.in/rev of displacement. Rotating
at 4500 rpm, air velocity will vary from 90 to 230 miles per
hour for a operating pressure 0.01 to 55 psi. Yielding
between 0.6 and 1.9 cu.yd/min at 140 ft max.

The turbines design ensure an excellent suction of the
product and mix with the airflow, while ensuring perfect physical integrity of the wood chips or
mulch—for pre- served products quality and minimum of dust during the operation.

An auger guarantees optimum feeding and efficiency of the system. We recommend a 20 to 40
GPM at 2500 PSI hydraulic power unit to run this configuration. Versatile, powerful, reliable and
cost efficient, the mulch bark blower will optimize your assets and increase your productivity and

Pressure: Please note that unlike compressor driven systems, the JYJ blower work on a airflow
principle—to preserve product quality. The operating pressure only results from the pressure losses
in the flex hose: friction and product flowing around.

Hydraulic Bulkheads and Doors -

 Throughout the years, Romanet’s team has been helping customers to find effective and reliable
solutions—for their needs.
Following example describes a “moving bulk- head” on a agricultural trailer. Instead relying on
gravity or adding a complex moving floor — the trailer was fitted with moving bulkhead
(powered by hydraulic cylinders) designed to be pushed back When the equipment is not used for
wooden pellets and wood chips bulk delivery—for an extended period of time—the door is
by the original equipment door. The fully hydraulic equipped one is hanged and stored on
a frame . ward - in order to keep the material to be handled in contact with the rear door. The auger
combination ensure fast and interrupted feeding of the turbines.
                                                    The constraints of this design were to use an
                                                    existing equipment (agricultural trailer in that
                                                    case), to circumvent the problems associated
                                                    with trailer tipping (Low height buildings, utili-
                                                    ties lines) in order to get as close to building as

                                                      Precitechenvironment an universal pneumatic
                                                      conveyor kit for bulk deliveries of wood chips,
                                                      mulch bulk delivery and mulch.The modular
design allows the user to convert virtually any dump Truck blowers, semi trailer or agricultural
trailers to transfer biomass solid fuel or landscape protective covers.

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