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					                   Becoming a Florist

 Yiselle Dinero


February ,7 2011
 What you need to become a florist?

They are many types of flowers arrangements, some of them are Triangles arrangements,

Balloons arrangements, bouquets and fruits arrangements.

 Over the years a person have seen flower arrangements as a simple thing to decorate

houses, but is not because anyone could use flower arrangements for many occasion

some of them are weddings, birthdays and holidays. Also flower arrangements have made

an extraordinary change as years past, Now people make more flowers arrangements than

years before. Some types are triangles arrangements, Balloons arrangements, Bouquets

and Fruits arrangements which are the most commons and the ones that most people love.

 As more people make the decision of becoming a florist it's what makes the difference

of flower arrangements because as many types of people from different culture made

flowers arrangements each one of them have different form how to do them and they

mixed things on a different way. To become a florist it takes more than just like flowers

it's about hard work and putting effort at anything , some steps to become a florist are:

interest, creativity, dedication organization it's one of the main steps .

  As a florist you have a lot of responsibilities some of them are: making sure that the

flowers are in good condition, watering flowers every single day, making sure that

costumer seen everything in order and clean, unpacking the flowers immediately when

they arrived and maintaining money in a perfectly way to help the job etc. This are some

of the most primly responsibility that a florist should have.

 Another main thing to be prepared to be an extraordinary florist are to have the supplies

necessary to made the arrangements, Some specific things are: Scissors, Floral Tape,

Floral Foam, Floral wire , Pliers, bow and a base etc. Also you would need flowers which
your costumer could pick for the occasion they want the florist may need to give them

some advice of which flowers would look more impressive.

Some of these things people see it as a strange thing, I would make it more specific for


Floral wire: it's to make the floral steam stronger.

Floral Foam: it's green foam that absorbs water and makes flowers to conserve for a

longer period of time.

Pliers: To cut the wired steams of the flowers.

Bow: it’s made for the center of the flower arrangement it’s not necessary but most florist

use it to make the arrangement more elegant.

Why people thought that flowers were just to decorate home?

 People seen flowers arrangements just for home it's how they use to see it years ago but

things have change its not just to decorate your house or make it look more romantic this

is a way of expressing your feelings now people use it at any occasion for example; Baby

showers, wedding and Birthday's. It's a way of showing how to use flowers arrangements

for any occasion and be creative this depends of the flowers they use to express

happiness, sadness or any other feeling.

 That's why flower arrangements aren't only used to decorated home it's to create a new

environment and to describe any feeling also its use to make seen a place more beautiful

and show that with flowers arrangements and decoration anyone could make thing seen

in another level of creativity, As year pass florist have shown to people that this statement

its not true by using flowers for any occasion that's why each kind of flower have a deep

meaning that shows how things have changed.
 Any type of flowers it's beautiful but to create a really impressive flower arrangement

use many types of flowers for example: A bouquet of red roses it's a perfect example of

showing love because red roses means romance and love another one its yellow roses

which are perfect to bring harmony and cheers a balloon arrangement it's most of the time

for a baby shower and it's really important to use pink or blue but it depends if it's a baby

boy or baby girl.

How companies of florist have grown over the years?

 Over the years companies of florist have made an enormous increase one of the main

reasons it's because people have stared to see flowers as a thing to show feelings and to

decorate and make seen thing more elegant. People have being coming up with new ideas

to make deliveries of flowers to any state or place years before this wasn't possible for

any florist because things have made evolution has become more easier to transported

flowers arrangements.

 As years have pass buying flowers arrangements people could buy it at more places and

use the internet there's many websites where they would deliver what people ask for it

that's why it has increase because transporting and having websites have made there job

easier. Also they could give more information about flowers and this helps them to get

more visitors that immediately got surprised of how thing made a change creating

websites it's a hall new environment which gave them publicity.

 The main reason is deliveries this have made people more interested in it over 10 years

internet order have being stupendous for florist but the last 5 years deliveries have made

the biggest change making increase up to a 70% companies of florist thanks to the
technology and websites Florists have an enormous position at the economy of the Unites


On which climates flowers tend to grow faster?

 Flowers tend to grow on rainy climates and tropical climates some countries on which

tropical flowers tend to grow are Hawaii, Southeast Asia and part of Brazil. There are a

variety of climates on which flowers tend to grow but the most usual one it's tropical

flowers don't really grow at winter, also depends which types of flowers because some

flowers tend to grow at rainy climates and some not and some flowers an example it's

roses which tend to grow in a climate sunny.

The meaning of flowers

 People seen flowers just as a thing to decorate but the real meaning of flowers its the

sense of being alive when someone gives a flower what that person feel it's the meaning

of the flower that's why flowers are part of how showing your feelings it's an emotion or

act that people feel when they see a flower. Also for a special event or to show someone

love flowers are a big part of feelings and emotion there not only to decorated ,there are

so many flower meaning and we could give a special meaning but what really it's

important it's that meaning that the heart gives to the Flowers.
Why do you need a licensed to become a florist?

 Becoming a florist it's not only about getting flowers and making a flower arrangement

it's about putting hard work to it and being creative, responsible and organizes. To

become a florist people need a licensed to make sure that its on a professional way and

know how to maintain a business it's really a way of showing how responsible people are

also if they don't have a licensed they could get arrested for doing something illegal.

 In some countries it's not necessary to have a licensed but in this country it's necessary

having a licensed has advantage because if they have a licensed they could be more

recognized and they would have the opportunity of getting more customers. Not having a

licensed it's a way of not being professional at the job being a florist is one of those jobs

unforgettable and it's all about hard work and putting effort into it.

 Also as a job it has up and down which it's part of life losing and winning but being a

florist it's showing that flowers are passion and part of life being a florist it's about

taking care of flowers so they would last longer creating arrangement of flowers or fruits,

bouquets etc. Also a florist needs to be creative because sometimes costumers would ask

for help to write a letter and cards to put it to every arrangement showing love to that

person or any other thing being a florist it's about creativity.
There many types of flowers to create an arrangements some of those types are:

1) Tulips

2) Calla Lily

3) Roses


5) Orchid


 This are some types of flowers, with this types of flowers creating an arrangement its

really creative and mixing colors makes it more interesting although people tend to

believed that with any flower they could make a flower arrangement it's not true because

some of them could not resist a big amount of time without water thats why they are

some specific flowers to create flowers arrangements.

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