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IT Consulting: Enabling Organisational Agility

                                             Information Technology should                         Program and Project
                                             support and enable business                           Management – helping
                                             improvements thereby building                         project-dependent clients to
                                             organisational agility. At Clarion                    establish and implement proper
                                             Consulting, our team of experienced                   project management
                                             consultants combine business and                      frameworks and methodologies
                                             technical knowledge to provide a full                 Program/Project
                                             suite of IT consultancy services,                     Management Office Set-up
                                             designed to improve performance                       helping clients to establish
                                             and increase competitive advantage.                   best-practice operations and
                                                                                                   program/project management
                                                              People                               practices
                                                                                                   Project Management
                                                                                                   Mentoring – coaching clients
                                                                                                   in a practical hands-on
                                                                                                   environment and actively
"Clarion worked very closely with                                                                  engaging in project
                                                           Organisational                          management skills transfer
our people and ensured that the                               Agility
[project management]
methodology was clear and                    Technology                     Process         How does Clarion’s approach
usable and worked within a                                                                  differ from other consultancy
healthcare context. Our project                                                             firms?
managers are now able to                     What type of IT Consulting
compete with the best.”                      services does Clarion offer?                   At Clarion, we recognise that every
                                                                                            business requires an IT delivery
Tony Carroll, Director ICT Services,         Clarion Consulting can offer a full            model that is flexible and can meet
Health Service Executive,                    suite of flexible IT consulting                current and future needs. Our
Shared Services Eastern Region               services including:                            multi-layered approach involves
                                                                                            systematic examination and audit of
                                                  IT Strategy – achieving close             IT organisational structure with one
                                                  alignment of IT with key                  goal in mind – close alignment with
                                                  business objectives and                   business objectives.
                                                  examining the entire IT
                                                  organisation encompassing
                                                  structure, services,
                                                  architecture, policies and
                                                  IT Governance – helping
                                                  companies to implement
                                                  accountability models, measure
                                                  Return on Investment in IT
                                                  projects and ensure full
                                                  adherence to the regulatory
                                                  Strategic Outsourcing –
                                                  examining alternative IT                  Our services are designed with a
                                                  delivery models and advising              strong focus on delivery.
                                                  on outsourcing policies and

                                  Program & Project Management ● IT Consulting ●      Resourcing
                                          The process starts with setting clear
                                          and achievable objectives and ends
                                          with    deployment      of   practical
                                          solutions which add true business               Enabling the Agile Enterprise
                                          value to the organisation.
                                                                                          We work closely with our customers
                                          We take a flexible approach to                  to improve operational efficiency
                                          assignments and are happy to use                and obtain competitive advantage
                                          customer resources to complete parts            through the re-engineering of
                                          of assignments where this is feasible.          business    processes     and     the
                                          In addition, we place strong emphasis           deployment of practical IT solutions.
                                          on skills transfer and proactively work         We are committed to developing a
                                          with client to share our skills,                deep understanding of all aspects of
                                          knowledge and expertise as part of              our customers' business and we
                                          any consultancy project.                        implement     innovative,   practical
                                                                                          solutions to real business issues.
Information Technology should
support and enable business               What are the benefits of using                  We combine technical and business
improvements thereby building             our IT consulting services?                     acumen to create customised
organisational agility.                                                                   solutions, designed to add real value
                                          Close Alignment of Business & IT                and increase organisational agility.
                                          We help clients to map their IT
                                          strategy onto business objectives,
                                          ensuring that technology supports               Our organisation is services-led
                                                                                          with a strong focus on project
                                          business processes that lead to
                                                                                          delivery. We employ a team of
                                          greater operational efficiencies and
                                                                                          experienced     Business    and   IT
                                          improved customer service.
                                                                                          professionals and service medium to
                                                                                          large organisations.     We have a
                                          Optimal Use of Scarce Resources
                                                                                          rapidly    expanding     blue   chip
                                          At a time when IT managers are
                                                                                          customer base in both private and
                                          under increasing pressure to justify
                                                                                          public sectors.
                                          headcount or technology investment,
                                          we provide clear cost/benefit analysis
                                          and help clients to make optimal use            Our   business      ethos   is   one   of
                                          of scarce resources.                            partnership with customers. We
                                                                                          believe that flexibility in the design
                                          Better Decision-Making                          and implementation of business
                                          Our systematic approach provides for            solutions is critical to any successful
                                          more informed decision-making which             partnership. We openly share our
                                          reduces business risk. IT consulting            project       methodologies        and
                                          helps to plot a course towards greater          frameworks and actively encourage
                                          operational control and management.             customers to use our expertise to
                                                                                          increase the skill sets of their own

                     Clarion Consulting, Clarion House, Northwest Business Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.
                T: (01) 802 5182 F: (01) 813 0017 W: E:

                         Clarion Consulting (UK), Token House, Token House Yard, London, EC2R 7AS.
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