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Keeping Warm this Winter by gdf57j


									      A D Y A R   June            2000
                                                                                               Newsletter of the Adyar Bookshop

     Store hours                                                                 Keeping Warm this Winter
 Monday - Wednesday & Friday 8.30am to 6pm                                       It is usual to think of Winter as a time when energy is withdrawn. At Adyar, however,
 Thursday                                                8.30am to 8pm           we are gearing up for a very special event that will generate high energy indeed. On
 Saturday                                                9am to 5.30pm           Wednesday June 14th, just a week before the Solstice, the Adyar Bookshop is host-
 Sunday                                                  1pm to 5pm              ing an inspirational Breakfast with Louise L. Hay.
                                                                                 You can find details on page 6.
     Store address                                                               If we've not thanked you, our customers, strongly enough in the past for all the posi-
                                                                                 tive energy you have given Adyar over the years, we'd like to do it now. You see,
 Sydney City
                                                                                 we've known for a while that we are the biggest shop of our type in the Southern
 230 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000
                                                                                 hemisphere, but recently news has filtered in from more than one source that the
 Ph: 02 9267 8509 Fax 02 9267 4719                                               Adyar Bookshop is now the largest metaphysical and alternative bookshop                                                                in the world, and if it wasn't for your support, this could not have come about.
 Email:                                                     Also, if you've been into Adyar since Thursday April 20th, you'll have experienced
                                                                                 the results of our renovations first hand and have noticed that, without sacrificing
                                                                                 the comfort which has always been a feature, we've added a gleaming new spacious-
                                                                                 ness to the shop. So thanks, too, for putting up with the racket and mess while the
  Louise L. Hay                                                                  transformation occurred.
  Inspirational Breakfast!                                                       In this Booknews there is further evidence that there's no sign of waning energy this
  Adyar is to host a                                                             Winter. We highlight a number of high-octane books guaranteed to propel us through
  special breakfast with
                                                                                 the shortest days of the year. Impassioned people like Stuart Wilde, Sark, Rita
  Louise Hay as guest -
                                                                                 Rogers and chanters of the Qur'an are on hand to keep our spirits high, and who
  details page 10.                                       Louise Hay
                                                                                 needs winter woollies during an Ashtanga Yoga workout? There's also plenty of
                                                                                 music to add warmth to the season.
                                                                                 Don't forget to make use of our Friends of Adyar service (see page 14) when purchas-
                                                                                 ing from us. Also, if you would like to receive this Booknews in electronic
                                                                                 format (see page 7), let us know. Finally, our thanks to all the guest reviewers
                                                                                 who have energized this edition!
  Where to find us                                                               Winter seasonal theme: High-octane Energy
            Clarence St

                                                                                                                                                Graham Barr - Editor
                                                          George St
                                      York St

                                                                                 Let the body think

We are here !
                                                                                 Of the Spirit as streaming, pouring
                          Druitt St                                   Park St    Rushing and shining into it from

                          Town Hall and
                                                                                 All sides.
                            Cathedral                                            Plotinus (quoted in Energy Medicine - Donna Eden)

                                                                                 Save yourself time and unnecessary follow-up calls! When ordering from the
                                                                                 Booknews , please check price and availability before sending cheque or
      Adyar Booknews is printed on recycled paper                                money order payments.
                               Adyar News and Rumours                                  New Buddhist Directory

       for the
                            Titania Visiting Adyar at last!
                            Thursday June 15th at 6.30 pm
                                                                                       Ven. Pannyavaro has compiled Buddhanet's new
                                                                                       Buddhist Australia Directory , (Pb $4.95 pre-GST) spon-
                                                                                       sored by the Buddhist Federation of Australia. Purchas-
  Autumn Quarter            At the Adyar Bookshop
   (All prices are                                                                                                                   Buddhanet,
                                                                                       es of the directory support the activities of Buddhanet
       Pre-GST)             R.S.V.P. Tuesday June 13th                                 the largest Buddhist website in the world, which you
Conv. With God V1           It's taken over a year to line up                          may access on
Neale Donald Walsch         Titania Hardie for a visit to
Pb $19.95
                            Adyar, so we're proud to confirm                           On the Road Again With
How to Know God             a date at last! The author of some                         Mata Shirlananda
Deepak Chopra Pb $24.95
                            of the most positive Wicca and
Art of Happiness            Spellcraft books ever written                              When Shirley Maclaine has something new to share
H.H. The Dalai Lama                                                                    about her personal spiritual journey, it's usually well
                            will be visiting Australia in June, and will spend time
Pb $24.95
                            at Adyar to give a talk on Wicca and sign her books.       worth listening to. Now in her sixties, she recently did
Forgiveness                                                                            the gruelling 500-mile Santiago de Compostela pil-
                            Titania has a very special way with magick, her books
Gerald Jampolsky
Pb $15.95                   being the first introduction to Wicca for many readers.    grim's trail across Spain by foot, and her new book,
                            Her Oraqle is also popular for its remarkable accuracy.    The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit (Hc $34.95 - pre
Friendship With God
Neale Donald Walsch         Her visit ties in with the release of paperback editions   GST) is a gripping account of what she learned along
Pb $19.95                                                                              the way. It displays the warmth and non-judgemental
                            of her fabulous titles, Hocus Pocus, Bewitched and
Anatomy of the Spirit       Titania's Oraqle . Come along and be enchanted!            openness to people and places outside her own experi-
Caroline Myss Pb $19.95                                                                ence that are the hallmarks of all her books.
Autobiography of a Yogi     Caroline Myss Lecture Tour
Paramahansa Yogananda                                                                  Special Price Numerology
Pb $10.95                   The dynamic Caroline Myss is returning to Australia in
Mother Mary's Teachings     August with a lecture tour based on her upcoming book,     We have been able to secure stock of the perennial
for the New World           Sacred Contracts (no publication date as yet). This        favourite numerology book Your Numbers Your Life by
Ileah Van Hubbard                                                                      Mark Gruner at the very special price of $9.95. This
                            internationally acclaimed teacher, healer and author
Pb $17.95
                            will be making the following appearances:                  offer is only available as long as stocks last!
Conv. With God V2
                            Sydney: Saturday August 5th, University of NSW
Neale Donald Walsch
Pb $19.95                   Brisbane: Sunday August 6th, Convention & Exhibition       Three Welcomes and a Farewell
Why People Don't Heal       Centre
                                                                                       More bright new faces. Husband and wife team
Caroline Myss Pb $19.95     Perth: Wednesday August 9th, Novotel Langley Hotel
                                                                                       Michael and Melissa have recently joined the staff,
Feng Shui for Australians   Adelaide: Saturday August 12th, Festival Centre
                                                                                       along with Simon - all coming with excellent prior
Gerry Heaton Pb $14.95      Melbourne: August 13th, Camberwell Civic Centre.
                                                                                       experience to add value to your service. And Peter
Indigo Children             All lecture times are 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, registration
                                                                                       has chosen to take off and practice architecture, so
Lee Carroll Pb $19.95       $130.00 (incl. GST). Phone ticket sales only: 1800 440
                                                                                       look out for some elegant new buildings on the skyline!
Conv. With God V3           234. For registration details, contact Inspiring Promo-
Neale Donald Walsch         tions on the above number or (03) 5966 5586, or email
Pb $19.95
                                                          Upcoming Festivals
Astral Dynamics
                                                                                       A few randomly-chosen traditional seasonal dates to
Robert Bruce Pb $36.95
                            Farewell Maurice Firth                                     celebrate or observe, regardless of your religious
The Right to Write
                            Long-time customers will remember Maurice Firth,           leanings. Let's lighten up, light a candle, plant a tree
Julia Cameron Pb $28.00
                            who passed away on Friday April 14th. Maurice was the      and/or party!

                            Blavatsky Lodge treasurer from 1970 to 1991, a position    June 4th Birthday of Socrates
 Publisher details                                                                     June 15th Birthday of Muhammad
The Adyar Booknews is       which included looking after the Adyar Bookshop ac-
                            counts. A true gentle-man, he will be missed by all who    June 24th Midwinter's Day (Sth Hemisphere)
published by the
                            knew him.                                                  July 9th Martyrdom of the Bab (Baha'i)
Adyar Bookshop,                                                                        July 17th Kuan Yin's Enlightenment (Mahayana)
which is a service                                                                     July 25th St Christopher's Day (the Stolen Genera-
operated by The                                                                        tion's patron saint?)
                              Prices                                                   Aug 1st Imbolc (Sth Hemi. Lammas in Nth)
Blavatsky Lodge of the      are correct at the time of printing but due to
                                                                                       Aug 20th Inanna's Day (Mesopotamian)
Theosophical Society        market forces are subject to change without
                                                                                       Aug 22nd Order of the Rosy Cross established, 1623
in Australia - a non-       notice. All prices mentioned in this June 2000
profit, wholly Austral-     issue are pre-GST.
ian organisation.
page   2
     Adventures in Time

Time Lining           Link to item                        Still Here
Patterns for Adventuring in "Time"                        Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying                                  Link to item
By Bob G. Bodenhamer and L. Michael Hall                  By Ram Dass
Bodenhamer and Hall have                                  Ram Dass is guaranteed immortality as one of the leaders
written a stimulating, prag-                              of the modern spiritual revolution - for the 'turn on, tune
matic and very useful book                                in, drop out' philosophy which he famously espoused with
that takes basic NLP patterns                             Timothy Leary, and, even more, as the author of the ex-
and work with timelines into                              traordinary manifesto Be Here Now which has sold more
many diverse applications.                                than 2 million copies. When he dropped acid in the 1960s
Written for those with a pre-                             and went off to India to find a guru, he set an example
cursory understanding of                                  since followed by many thousands. While most other '60s
NLP, this book will be most                               ‘heads’ have since headed towards the business sector, Ram
useful for anyone interested                              Dass has made it his business to serve those corners of the
in utilising time coding,                                 community where people are suffering. He also became so centred in quietude that
language and cognitive patterns to create change for      when he had a stroke recently, news started spreading that he was dead.
themselves and others. Time Lining contains outlines      Well may he borrow the classic Queen Mother quip, "Rumours of my death are great-
of many techniques along with examples of their appli-    ly exaggerated!" At the time of writing, no review copy of his new book was availa-
cation with clients. Historical and current theoretical   ble, but the publisher's blurb states that Still Here (what better title?) addresses the
backgrounds from science, linguistics and psychology      phenomenon of the big issues reappearing later in life, this time demanding an-
provide a comprehensive overview for this exciting        swers. Ram Dass has lived to tell the tale and to take us on another legendary
development in NLP. Pb 281 pgs $44.95 (pre-GST)           journey.
Reviewed by Geoff Dugan                                   Pb     $22.95 (pre-GST)

An internationally certified NLP trainer (INLPTA) and
B.A. (Psych), Geoff Dugan is co-director of Neuroads
                                                          Are We Alone in the Cosmos?                                         Link to item
Pty. Ltd., a Sydney-based company presenting trans-
formational trainings and seminars, counselling and       Edited by Ben Bova and Byron Preiss

consulting. To contact Geoff, ring (02) 9559 7922 or      This is both an interesting and well-constructed overview
                                                          of the Seti (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)
                                                          movement worldwide. Divided into seven chapters, it
                                   Link to item           details all the elements of the search for extraterrestrial
Bones of the Master
                                                          life from speculation about the possibility of life in the
A Buddhist Monk's Search for the Lost Heart of China      Universe through to the metaphysical concepts that drive
By George Crane
                                                          us to search at all.
Tsung Tsai ('Ancestor Wisdom') escaped the Red Army
                                                          Each chapter contains a series of articles relevant to the
troops who destroyed his monastery in Inner Mongolia,
                                                          subject, all by different experts in their fields; Ben Bova,
to flee three thousand miles
                                                          Isaac Asimov, Frank Drake and Arthur C. Clarke, to name a
alone across a China ravaged
by chaos and famine in 1959.
                                                          The best feature of this book, however, is the deftness shown by the editors in compil-
His mission was to carry on
                                                          ing and editing such a diverse range of views into a cohesive work that not only
the teachings of his Ch'an
                                                          explains a complex subject well, but also inspires the reader into further explora-
Buddhist master, Shiuh Deng,
                                                          tion. To this end, the Appendix includes a very helpful glossary, a detailed suggested
who was too old to leave with
                                                          reading list, and directions for linking your PC to the internet Seti search site.
his student.
                                                          This is one of the best general books available. Just pray we don't taste too good!
Almost 40 years later, Tsung
Tsai, now a revered teacher                               Reviewed by Mal O'Brien
                                                          Pb 322 pgs $21.95 (pre-GST)
himself, returned to his birth-
                                                          Mal O'Brien has worked in publishing for 20 years. He has a long-held interest in
place with his sceptical friend George Crane, deter-
                                                          cosmology, having been surrounded by aliens all his life.
mined to find Shiuh Deng's grave and build a shrine in
his honour. China has changed, and spiritual renewal
is in the air.
Bones of the Master is an account by turns frightening,   Contributors

sad and optimistic - and powerful, thrilling and funny    Graham Barr ( editor ),
- of both the escape and the return pilgrimage, in        Sarah Billinghurst, Chris Burgess. Gillean Dodge, Anna Lynde,
which the wonderful Tsung Tsai shines through as a true   Walter Mason
'heart-master'. Pb 296 pgs $26.95 (pre-GST)               Darrin Potaka ( Layout & DTP).
                                                                                                                                        page    3
  Being Together                                                                        Blossoms of the Dharma
                                                                                        Living as a Buddhist Nun               Link to item
Androgyny                                                                               Edited by Thubten Chodron
                                                                                        In 1993, at the first Conference
The Opposites Within                                              Link to item
By June Singer                                                                          for Western Buddhist Teachers
June Singer's book Androgyny was first published in 1976                                held in the presence of H.H.
with reprints in 1989 and now this year. It is a classic of its                         The Dalai Lama at Dharamsala,
kind, exploring in depth the mysteries of male and female                               Tenzin Palmo gave a moving
energies as perceived from the distant past to the present                              address about the situation
day. Singer writes powerfully from a lifetime of study and                              faced by Buddhist nuns in the
experience and takes the reader through different cultural                              West who were not experienc-
disciplines associated with male-female polarity such as                                ing the support of their local
Taoism, Kabbalah, Tibetan Tantra, Alchemy, and the works                                communities in the practice of
of Plato, Jung and Freud - to select a few. Her book is lucid-                          the Sangha (the monastic life of renunciation, purity,
ly written and, for the most part, easily accessible to the                             restraint and discipline). Whereas in the East, where
lay reader.                                                                             over two thousand years of tradition enables renunci-
Andro - man and Gyne - woman, have always been psychically within but, unfortu-         ates to trust that they will survive on unsolicited gen-
nately, due to exterior pressures, conditioning and the fact of physical gender, have   erosity, in the West there is no such tradition. Buddhist
become very unbalanced. Instead of happily flowing back and forth between the           teachers of Eastern origin who have moved to the West
polarities within our whole, true selves, we react as we have been taught and become    ordain nuns without considering the problems that
rigid and unspontaneous. This is disastrous both on personal/sexual and universal       emerge in the West when neither the laity nor the
levels as we are operating in a closed system - i.e. either/or instead of both/and.     lamas themselves can give the nun food or shelter. .
I was tempted to head this short review "In the beginning were Love and Strife".        Since Tenzin Palmo's address there have been some
These opposites provide the creative energy and opportunity to go within and find       changes, documented at another conference called
that point of balance which both transforms and transcends daily life.                  "Living as a Buddhist Nun" in 1996, which was attended
June Singer's book is one to keep on your shelf, as a single reading does not do jus-   by Buddhist nuns from both East and West. The inten-
tice to the brilliant way she has researched and written about this complex subject.    tion was to improve their status in the female Sangha,
Reviewed by Rosemary Friend                                                             and Blossoms of the Dharma is a volume of all the
Pb 273 pgs $39.95 (pre-GST)                                                             papers read at the conference. This book gives a re-
Rosemary Friend is a poet, essayist, librettist and reviewer who is passionate about    markable inside view of the experience of Buddhist
what lies beneath the surface of just about everything and is hence keen on mytholo-    nuns in a world which is vastly different from that
gy, history and psychology.                                                             where their way of life was originally created. It is
                                                                                        essential reading for Buddhists, feminists and anyone
The Mars/Venus Affair                                                                   wanting to understand more about the life of the Sang-

Astrology's Sexiest Planets
                                                                                        ha. Tenzin Palmo's original address is in an Appendix.
                                                                  Link to item          Pb 206 pgs $34.95 (pre-GST)
By Wendall & Linda Perry
A refreshing change from the usual Mars/Venus recipe
books, The Mars/Venus Affair contains an easy-to-follow                                 Soul Mates
guide to determine your astrological Mars/Venus placements                                                                        Link to item
                                                                                        By Rita Rogers
- then you are ready to discover the ups and downs of your
                                                                                        The delightful Ms. Rogers, medium
sexual love relationships. Stories of the personal lives of
                                                                                        to the stars, is back again with a
many celebrities and well-known historical figures from the
                                                                                        marvellous book on finding your
Enlightenment and Romantic eras onwards shed light on how
                                                                                        soul mate and true life-partner.
the numerous Mars/Venus combinations play out in our
                                                                                        Drawing on more than 30 years of
                                                                                        experience, she lets us in on the
Be prepared - your most secret fears and fantasies are revealed. Woman's Day - eat
                                                                                        secrets of finding your true love
your heart out! What forces underlie the famous Scorpionic reputation for infidelity,
                                                                                        and following your heart to a life-
if such a reputation is indeed deserved? How do Piscean fantasies affect our way of
                                                                                        time of happiness. She advises us on
relating? If you have Mars in Gemini, are you really cruel, as the textbooks are
                                                                                        using our spirit guides to point us in the right direc-
prone to say? And are these all merely stereotypes? Without a doubt, having this
                                                                                        tion, and instructs us on using our intuition and inner
inside information regarding your partner's desires and drives, as well as your own,
                                                                                        voice to help identify Mr. Right.
will do much to enhance the potentiality of your relationship. Pb 455 pgs $32.50
                                                                                        Love knows no boundaries, and in this wonderful book,
(pre-GST) Reviewed by Kate Bekesi
                                                                                        Rita Rogers teaches us to trust in ourselves, open our
Kate Bekesi loves to see her name in print. 30 years of intense involvement with the
                                                                                        hearts to others and let happiness be our guide! Ro-
New Age scene and a passion for astrology as lived experience qualifies her
                                                                                        mance is out there for everyone, and, with the help of
                                                                                        this book, it could soon be there for you!
page     4                                                                              Pb 245 pgs $18.95 (pre- GST)
  Being Together Cont.
                                                                                                                                 Link to item
                                                                                             This book, which is the result of
A New Kind of Relationship
By Hal Stone and Sidra L. Stone                                                              the Stones' own dynamic and
In their latest book Partnering , Hal and Sidra Stone, proponents of the Voice Dia-          creative partnership, contains
logue modality, succeed in presenting a thought-provoking and inspiring work on              great wisdom and insight in the
the dynamics of relationship, turning our relationships into true partnerships with-         form of very practical advice
out forsaking our identity. They challenge many traditional credos on what consti-           for anyone in a relationship. It
tutes a relationship, proposing "a new way to be in a relationship … as a joint ven-         provides a guide on how to
ture. It moves beyond the automatic acceptance of (or even automatic rejection of)           keep the magic, romance and
traditional roles and the personalities that fulfilled those same roles. It emphasises       intimacy alive and at the same
cooperation and equality, mutual respect, and mutual empowerment."                           time sustain a productive, supportive and nurturing
They present complex psychological concepts in simple terms with the aid of case             relationship.
studies, personal anecdotes, maps, diagrams and exercises which make the book                Reviewed by Anne Robertson
accessible to the layperson. These concepts include the importance of choice, pri-           Pb 251 pgs $29.95 (pre-GST)
mary and disowned selves, positive and negative bonding patterns versus partner-             Anne Robertson is an astrologer, counsellor, teacher,
ing, the importance of energetic connection between couples and the challenges               healer and poet. She is also a regular guest reviewer
that can break this vital bond.                                                              for the Adyar Booknews.

  People of the Book

Approaching the Qur'an                                        “Approaching the Qur'an is a magnificent and indispensable
The Early Revelations             Link       to item          addition to the library of anyone wishing to understand the
Introduced & Translated by Michael Sells
"When a listener challenged                                   religion of over one fifth of the world's population, and out
Muhammad to prove he was a                                                               of which Sufism was born”.
prophet by performing a mira-
cle, the Qur'anic answer was
that the Qur'an itself was the                                The Battle for God
miracle. If anyone could pro-
                                                                                                                                  Link to item
                                                              Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
duce anything like it, then the                               By Karen Armstrong
Qur'an was a human creation                                   Telling the story of fundamentalism requires a formidably
and Muhammad a false prophet.                                 armed scholar capable of not only understanding how reli-
If, however, no one else could produce anything like          gion interfaces with politics, science and secularism, but
it, then the Qur'an was clearly beyond the capacity of a      also of untangling long, complex strands of religious history
human being, and Muhammad was not its author but              and lucidly delineating their interrelationship. As well, the
simply its messenger." Compelling logic indeed.               scholar must be an accomplished diplomat, as the history
A non-Muslim reading previous translations of the             cannot be told without arousing often difficult passions
Qur'an may be forgiven for being baffled by the com-          which must be handled with care in both teller and audience.
plexity and difficulty of the Book. Michael Sells' Ap-        Compassion and objectivity are needed to balance the hostil-
proaching the Qur'an is a stunning remedy, being              ity often evoked by the mere word 'fundamentalism'. A tall order - and tailor-made
nothing short of enlightening. In the short time since        for Karen Armstrong.
its publication in 1999, his translation of the earliest      The Battle for God is essential reading for anybody concerned with where the oppos-
Suras (Chapters) has already been accepted as "the best       ing philosophies of religious tolerance, secular materialism and fundamentalism in
version of Muslim scriptures available in English."           the three religions of the Book are taking us. This requires an intimate knowledge of
Alongside each Sura, Sells provides masterly commen-          the various schisms that have occurred through the centuries as Faith and State have
taries that open us up to the majesty and literary beau-      met, divided, met and become increasingly divided again. The major portion of the
ty of the verse, and its spiritual meaning and power.         book looks at fundamentalism today, as it manifests in some of its most alarming
As well as a fascinating historical Introduction and          forms. Armstrong's mastery is particularly apparent when, without a trace of conde-
very detailed notes about the Qur'an as an aural phe-         scension, she achieves the difficult task of enabling non-fundamentalists to empa-
nomenon, the book comes with a CD of reciters chant-          thise with the distress experienced by fundamentalists as they see themselves sur-
ing selected Suras which can be followed in transliter-       rounded by a world that threatens their most sacred values.
ations provided in the book                                   Hc 425 pgs $45.00 (pre-GST)
Pb 219 pgs & CD $35.95 (pre-GST)
                                                                                                                                         page   5
   Soulwork                                                                             Transformation Soup                  Link to item

                                                                                        Healing for the Splendidly Imperfect
                                                                   Link to item         By Sark
 Cloud Nine                                                                             "Hey! We're all swirling in
 A Dreamer's Dictionary                                                                 the soup together!" Sark-
 By Sandra Thomson                                                                      convert Lula happily re-
 We don't always want to be told "You have to work out for                              minds me as she puddles in
 yourself what your dreams mean." After all, Jung went a                                splendid imperfection
 long way towards proving there's a collective language                                 amongst her paints, crayons
 being spoken there, so surely those dream dictionaries must                            and textas. "You really must
 translate some of it. Anyway, it's fun to turn to dictionaries                         stop suffering over money!
 to see what oddity the author has decided our unconscious                              I'm going to start an 'in-
 has come up with during our sleep. Often they're vaguely                               progress' group about money and invite Stuart Wilde
 accurate, and more often incomprehensible or laughable.                                along for an inspiration sandwich! Why don't you
 Cloud Nine is a dream dictionary with a very important                                 bring your partner! You still don't have one? Then
 difference. Instead of the usual formulaic interpretations, it offers over 1,900 en-   make a God-box and listen to more violins!"
 tries synthesising Jungian concepts, Gestalt, mythology and good, sensible psychol-    Mmm. Pondering that advice, I flick through Sark's
 ogy, while leaving the door open for you to make your own connections. Our dream       new book, Transformation Soup . Lots of stories about
 life offers us a free growth workshop as well, and Thomson gives us excellent advice   healing - some about healing gone wrong - all in her
 on learning how to make the most of it with visualisation exercises, techniques to     own big loud font. Lots of damned good ideas in decep-
 banish bad dreams, invoking healing dreams and heaps more.                             tively playful fancy-dress, and some great ones for
 Pb 575 pgs $24.95 (pre-GST)
                                                                                        dropping self-pity, getting out of the dark caverns of
                                                                                        pain (which she comprehends far more than her noisy
Soul Stories                                                                            scrawl lets on), and getting on with life. "Looks like a
                                                                                        succulent book, Lool." "Yeah, bodacious, isn't it! Oh,
Practical Guides to the Soul                                      Link to item
By Gary Zukav                                                                           and about getting a partner… Why don't you marry
The long-awaited new book by the author of the phenome-                                 yourself! Guaranteed divorce-proof mate for life! Then
nally popular Seat of the Soul is being simultaneously                                  you can adopt a school-class, have a poetry tea and all
released in hardcover and paperback. These 52 Soul Sto-                                 read e. e. cummings together!"
ries, which can be read in a few days, or at the rate of one                            Out on the street, a little dizzy from all the exclama-
a week over a year, are all true stories, though the truth                              tion marks but irrepressibly transformed nonetheless,
may not be evident at first reading. As Zukav says: "… some                             I realise that Lula is perfect to give me away at my
people say that the universe is dead (they call it 'inert'),                            wedding. Just then, her head pops out the window.
and that everything that happens is accidental (they say                                "Hey! And don't forget to put iridescent glitter in your
'random'). Other people, like me, say that the Universe is                              bath!"
alive, wise and compassionate. Looking at the universe as                               Pb 198 pgs $29.95 (pre-GST)
dead is one story. Looking at it as alive is another. Which
story is true for you?"
There are stories about intuition, reincarnation, emotional awareness, love, rela-
tionships, marriage and trust. In other words, something for everyone.
247 pgs Pb $24.95 Hc $34.95 (both pre-GST)

                                                                       Link to item
Original Self
Living With Paradox and Originality
By Thomas Moore
50 mini-essays on living with originality rather than con-
formity. Each chapter starts with a concept - e.g. "Live sim-
ply, but be complicated," "Gender is infinitely more subtle
than biological difference and is never static," "Imagination
is more weighty than fact," etc. - which is then developed over
the course of a shortish essay in the style of a meditation,
always elegantly fashioned, and often holding strikingly unorthodox views.
A book to savour slowly that would make a beautiful gift.
Hc 150 pgs $29.95 (pre-GST)

page   6
  Wellbeing                                                                              Passionate Performance
                                                                                         By Charles Kovess                   Link to item
                                                                                         Are you passionate about your
Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual                                                       work? What do you really
By David Swenson                                                                         want to succeed at? In Pas-
Beyond Power Yoga                                                Link to item            sionate Performance , Charles
                                                                                         Kovess presents us with an
By Beryl Bender Birch
David Swenson gives us a direct, pithy quote from Pattabi                                easy-to-read, succinct and
Jois Babaji, master teacher of Ashtanga Yoga: "1% theory,                                passionate book, with proven
99% practice" - and this is how the manual itself is set out.                            strategies to convert your
It is a brief, thorough look at the theory and a complete                                motivation into genuine
look at the practice of First and Second Series in Ashtanga                              success.
Yoga, using black and white photography to stunning                                      The author, based in Mel-
effect (in settings like Maui and Iceland) and giving                                    bourne, left a successful legal career to follow his
learner and accomplished yogis many versions of a pos-                                   heart's desire. With the low-down revealed in this book
ture until the full posture is accomplished.                                             (which is a perfect example of the old saying about not
In Beyond Power Yoga , the term 'Power Yoga' tends to be misleading as the Birches       judging a book by it's cover - the back cover gives a
are actually teaching Ashtanga Yoga. As Beryl Bender                                     more revealing glimpse of the author's spirit) you can
Birch only covers the First Series and just touches on the                               identify how to listen to your passion and find your
Second Series, this is more a book for the novice practi-                                own heart's desire.
tioner. The information includes anecdotes of many of the                                Within Passionate Performance are useful, practical
struggles she and partner Thom Birch have had and are                                    insights for both the individual and for business appli-
going through on the yogi's path.                                                        cation. Simple techniques will yield powerful changes.
Ashtanga Yoga is a useful tool for both advanced yogis and                               Topics that we often associate with the personal path to
beginners, but, as the author says, it should be learned                                 wholeness, such as balancing mind, body and spirit,
under the guidance of a qualified Ashtanga teacher. Be-                                  are integrated with people skills for business success.
yond Power Yoga gives a lighter overview.                           Link to item         The results have been successfully presented in the
                                                                                         corporate world, and are now available to everyone in
Reviewed by Gordon McAllister
Ashtanga Yoga Large format Hc 263 pgs $52.50 (pre-GST)                                   this book.
Beyond Power Yoga Large Format Pb 256 pgs $24.95 (pre-GST)                               Reviewed by Vesna Derok
Gordon McAllister has had spiritual and physical practice in the martial arts for over   Pb $19.95 (pre-GST)
twenty years, and has practised different styles of yoga for the last ten years.         Business Life Coach and recruitment consultant, Vesna
                                                                                         Derok is the director of Vesna Personnel, a Sydney-
                                                                                         based company training people to perform passionate-
Sound Choices                                                      Link to item
                                                                                         ly. For more details ring (02) 9751 4348.
By Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith
The concept of using music to design our environments is
yet another step towards creating truly sacred spaces in                                  10 Bestselling Cd’s of Autumn
which to live, work and play. This beginner's guide suc-                                 Music for the Mozart Effect V2      (All prices are pre-GST)
cessfully informs us how to become aware of sound, music                                 Mozart & Don Campbell $26.95          Link to item
and noise in order to create ambient surroundings. There                                 Music for the Mozart Effect V3
were no instructions as to how to use the enclosed CD sam-                               Mozart & Don Campbell $26.95
pler so I began by listening first, reading the book and then                            Music for the Mozart Effect V1
listening again. It was clear that the composer/performers/                              Mozart & Don Campbell $26.95
writers had taken their own advice in creating composi-                                  Om Namaha Shivaya
tions that were environmentally sound!                                                   Robert Gass $26.95
The book is informative, with contributions and anecdotes from the writers, making       Chant: Spirit in Sound 2CD
it feel as though you are attending a lecture series rather than reading a book - fur-   Robert Gass $29.95
ther evidence of their understanding of the many dimensions of sound. I would high-      Tibetan Monastery
ly recommend this book to those involved in palliative care, as the authors compose      Relax With Nature $26.95
and perform for the C.A.R.E channel which designs ambient music for hospital envi-       Shamanic Healing
ronments, and their knowledge of this field is strong.                                   Kamal $29.95
Reviewed by Melody R. Green                                                              Gift of Love
Pb 222 pgs & CD 48' $23.95 (pre-GST)                                                     Deepak Chopra & Friends $29.95
                                                                                                                               Link to item
Melody R. Green has followed music throughout her life, from singing opera to using
                                                                                         Mystic Angel                       Eternal Om
sound for healing.                                                                       Mike Rowland $26.95                Robert Slap $29.95
                                                                                                                                      page   7
                                                                                              Since the 1980s, New Age music has changed. It has
                                                                                              partially grown up, and partially dumbed down. Bit by
                                                                                              bit, it has taken on characteristics of other music that
                                                                                              initially were avoided. The exciting early days of
                                                                                              innovation are over. Pop, disco and rap have inevita-
                                                                                              bly had their influence. Now we get to hear rock beats,
                                                                                              jazz harmonies, and vocals that often sound danger-
                                                                                              ously as though Kali and Tara are gals in a Country-
                                                                                              and-Western ballad. With global 'shrinking' and the
                                                                                              desire to 'reconnect with our roots' came an amazing
So what's "New Age" about New Age Music?
                                                                                              burgeoning of interest in music from non-Western
When New Age music first hit the scene before CDs were invented (remember Golden
                                                                                              cultures. Someone somewhere is probably recording a
Voyage and those first Steve Halpern tapes?), debate whether it was really New and
                                                                                              quintet for didgeridoo, shawm, Tibetan bells, Andean
whether it was really Music wasn't far behind. If you could prove it was neither, and
                                                                                              harp and organ as you read this.
there was an armoury of arguments with which to do so, then you had won the case
for New Age music not existing at all. Debate over! - except it isn't, as it continues to     The odd thing is, it's still all recognisably New Age

this day, and how can you debate what doesn't exist?                                          music, even if we start making distinctions between
                                                                                              the different types, and call them 'World', 'Meditation',
Early New Age music was criticised for having abandoned melody, rhythm, pulse,
                                                                                              'Relaxation', 'Ambient' and so on. What holds it all
modulation (key-changing) and distinctions in volume and timbral (sound-colour)
                                                                                              together is what we do with it, which is completely
contrast. In other words, all those things that produce shape, movement, dynamism,
                                                                                              different to the purposes to which we have put other
form, development and climax - which give music feeling as we perceive it - were
                                                                                              music. New Age music is used for healing, improving
thrown out the window. All that was left was a long sequence of basic harmonies
                                                                                              excellence, de-stressing, meditating and 'grounding',
coloured by piano arpeggios or a few buttons on a synthesiser, and suspended in
                                                                                              and the various philosophies of the New Age, most
limbo. (At least we were left with harmony and colour, so already the argument that
                                                                                              borrowed from the East, validate the spiritual compo-
it wasn't Music was lost.)
                                                                                              nent of each of these functions.
But the pro-'validity' lobby was able to argue successfully that the critics had never
                                                                                              Paradoxically, and coming full circle in a way, Mo-
felt the need to try and express Cosmic Consciousness in music. Nor had they ever
                                                                                              zart, Riley Lee (who performs classical Japanese mu-
needed to experience the 'accompanied silence' necessary to 'come down' after a
                                                                                              sic) and the monks from Tibetan monasteries are now
rebirthing or cathartic healing session, with music that is devoid of reminders of
                                                                                              bestselling New Age musicians. This proves that, yes,
human angst. These critics may have had spiritual upliftment while listening to the
                                                                                              New Age music isn't New either. But we are listening
world's already-existing great heritage of music, but had they ever had the experi-
                                                                                              to Mozart differently, and to Riley and the monks with
ence of connecting with angelic beings or otherworld entities whose spiritual pres-
                                                                                              Western ears, using their music for completely differ-
ence is a reality that no previous music celebrates? And there's precious little music
                                                                                              ent purposes to those for which they were originally
in the Western classical or jazz traditions that quite does the trick during a massage,
                                                                                              intended. In that sense, what we are hearing is not
colour healing, laying on of crystals, aromatherapy, or aura cleansing session.
                                                                                              their music at all. And it is truly New.

So what's happening in New Age music at Adyar right now?
Adyar has a huge selection of New Age CDs. Whether             Our Classical Music range also includes the magical strains
you need music to distance office babble, ease you             of the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble whose 'Sound
through your yoga, aurally wallpaper your seminar              Health' series includes Music for Thinking, Music for Con-
space, or help you to study, there's something that's          centration, Music for Learning, Music for Productivity,
just right for the job. Amongst our range you'll find          Music to Relax and Music to De-Stress . Their music really
that exact mood-piece you've been looking for that'll          works, too - the buyers often use Productivity when they
encourage your plants to grow, set the scene for mas-          have to increase stock, and we found the last two to be very
sage, awaken your past life as an Aztec princess, or           dangerous at work! The 'Sound Health' series constitutes an
                                                                                                                                    Link to item
simply relax (but not while driving, of course) after          unparalleled, highly-refined approach to the therapeutic
trying to do all the above simultaneously. Speaking of         applications of sound, designed to improve the function
driving, the divine Effect of Mozart is a must if you          of the ear and brain naturally while providing a delight-
want to reach your destination awake, alert and alive;         ful listening experience. Best played at low volume,
a mere by-product is discovering that you're in sync           Music to De-Stress and Music to Relax are two of the most
with your Inner Genius.                                        exquisite New Age albums based on Classical music that
                                                               you'll find. Relax includes selections from Beethoven,
(See p. 10 for the top 10 Music Cd’s of the
                                                               Chopin, Schumann and Bach amongst others, which allow
Autumn Quarter.)                                                                                                                 Link to item
                                                               you to let go after a hard day's work.
page   8
                                                                                                                              Link to item

De-Stress takes relaxation onto another plane, where the rapturous melody of Mahl-       If Deva Premal evokes the
er's 4th Symphony Poco Adagio frees soul from body to tread the fine line between        female spirit, then Krishna
yearning and solace on which we search for God. Variations with soothing waves and       Das does the male equiva-
meandering threads of melody keep our bearings. The effect is like a voiceless guid-     lent in Pilgrim Heart . A
ed meditation. Towards the end, Arcangelos and Mahler bring us back, refreshed and       very earthy CD, it has plen-
hauntingly aware of our humanity. A unique CD, and not to be played when concen-         ty of spirit-deep rhythmic
tration is required. In fact, it is ideal to fall asleep to. Your dreams will be safe.   drumming to accompany

Angelic Music by Iasos was one of the seminal New Age                                    the melody chanted in Krishna's deep voice. So much

tapes, and is now a beautiful CD for meditating with the                                 energy comes through this music that you'll find your

angels as it takes you straight to their realm. High in                                  body involuntarily moving along with it. This is not

resonance, structure and sound, it sends you travelling                                  sit-still music, so feel free to turn it up when you're

through the cosmic heavens with your wings attached.                                     driving and open all the windows of your car! His

Tranquil, bell-like and heavenly, it is reminiscent of                                   version of 'Om Mamaha Shivaya' is the most upbeat

soaring through the clouds. It is perfect to accompany                                   you're likely to hear. This CD is recommended for all

visceral creative activity like painting, as it allows you to                            who love their chanting with lots of spice.
                                                                      Link to item                                              Link to item
keep focus in a no-mind state, just purely centering in the moment. Perhaps way          We can't finish this short
ahead of its time when it first came out, it is very timely for now, and is already      roundup of special music
considered a classic amongst the cognoscenti. One for the heavenly cruisers.             without letting you know

Another CD destined for classic status is Uranus by Klaus                                about Thomas Otten. France

Wiese. This CD has been unavailable for some time in                                     doesn't usually come to mind

Australia and so we are pleased to announce its return.                                  as a home for New Age musi-

This music fits all the criticisms in the arsenals of the                                cians, though it has produced

anti-New Age music critics. It is simply one long, amaz-                                 some very fine ones. If there

ing, mind-altering sound produced by Tibetan bells and                                   is any voice-type that brings disembodiment and ethe-

voice which takes you into the orbit of the most mysterious                              reality to mind, it is the counter-tenor, and Otten is

of the planets in the solar system. Uranus is a huge sky-                                remarkable for being the first counter-tenor we know
                                                                     Link to item        to have recorded an ambient CD. The music on Close to
blue sphere with next to nothing to characterise it. A physical manifestation of di-
vine Emptiness. And Uranus perfectly expresses exactly that. As such, it is ideal to     Silence is otherworldly, pellucid and effervescent,
accompany you on your inner adventures into realms which transcend Earth-con-            synthesising the mysterious quality of light pouring

sciousness, where floating rather than flying is the rule.                               through vaulted Gothic stained-glass windows with the
                                                                      Link to item       zing of a morning glass of chilled champagne quaffed
Master Charles, founder of the Synchronicity Founda-
                                                                                         in a lavender field just after the mist has lifted, all
tion, has begun a series of CDs which adjust sound-pat-
                                                                                         with the characteristic Gallic spirit that we associate
terning to enhance whole-brain function. Called Collabo-
                                                                                         with those other French performers, Patrick Bernhard
rations , these soundtracks give you the benefits of medi-
                                                                                         and Enigma. Close to Silence is perfect if you've been
tating whether you are able to create a quiet corner for
                                                                                         playing Enya and want a change without breaking the
practice or not. The first CD features Riley Lee, men-
tioned above, whose music also confounds Western ideas
of 'music'. Here, what we are swept away by is a long, pure                              There will always be detractors of New Age music, as

strain of melody without harmonic support, regular pulse or (to Western-conditioned      for every other type of music. New art forms (and old)

ears) formal definition. The belief that we know what music is becomes suspended,        will continue to inspire irritation, snobbery and bore-

and a world of another nature opens to us. Giving this music total attention, we         dom alongside exhilaration, loyalty and passion - it's

gently become aware that if our human world is fragmented, then there is still a         all part of the territory. New Age music has had to run

whole world from whence this music comes - a template of wholeness for our human         the same gauntlet as other forms of creative expres-

world. (For more on this concept, see Ho'oponopono elsewhere in this Booknews.)          sion, and now that it's a thoroughly tried and tested
                                                                                         musical modality, with millions of listeners all over
Love is Space adds a new dimension to chanting and sing-
                                                                                         the planet, it's here to stay, so we may as well get used
ing sacred songs. This is bubbly, uplifting and sweet mu-
                                                                                         to the idea!
sic, and you will fall in love with Deva Premal's voice as
                                                                                                        By Graham Barr & Sarah Billinghurst
it carries each note into your heart, giving joy to your
whole body. Deva's amazing presence is accompanied by
wonderful musicians who capture the meaning of each                                        Titles within this article (pre-GST)
chant with immense beauty. A highlight is a magnificent
                                                                                         Music to Relax $28.95, Music to De-Stress $28.95,
chant dedicated to Ochum, the Goddess of Love. Deva's
                                                                    Link to item         Angelic Music $34.95 Collaborations $26.95,
first album The Essence is of the same magnitude, and if you love the Gayatri mantra,
                                                                                         Uranus $32.95 Love is Space $28.95
she has two versions, sung like never before.
                                                                                         Pilgrim Heart $34.50 Close to Silence $29.95
                                                                                                                                       page   9
       Wellbeing Cont.
                                                                                             A Healing Meditation CD
                                                                                             By Mahni Dugan                      Link to item
   Home Health Sanctuary                                                                     In a culture within which a
                                                                                             state of harmony and well-
   Weekend Plans to Detox, Relax and Energize                        Link to item
                                                                                             being, internally and in
   By Anna Selby
   It's the weekend and it's yours. Unplug the phone and                                     relation to others and the
   switch off the rest of the world. You deserve it. Grab your                               world, was considered to be
   copy of Home Health Sanctuary and choose one of the                                       normal health, the
   three weekend spa programs to restore your body, mind                                     Hawai'ians of old had a
   and soul.                                                                                 clearly defined approach to
   Do you need a relaxing weekend, a detoxifying weekend                                     and structure for resolving discord - Ho'oponopono -
   or an energizing weekend? Each weekend has a detailed                                     returning things to what was known to be a natural and
   schedule for you to follow and all the information (in-                                   appropriate 'rightness'.
   cluding photographs) you need to carry out techniques                                     Mahni Dugan, an Australian presenter of seminars on
   such as visualisation, hydrotherapy, meditation, lymphat-                                 Huna, relating and healing, has been granted permis-
   ic drainage, reflexology, aromatherapy, recipes for healthy spa cuisine and more -        sion by George Lanakilakekiahiali'i Naope - one of only
   all designed to relieve stress and relax you, boost your energy levels, kick start your   two Supreme Masters left in Hawai'i who teach the
   immune system or eliminate accumulated toxins from your body. (The recipes for the        Kahuna healers themselves - to adapt the wisdom of
   dishes contained in Home Health Sanctuary made my mouth water).                           Ho'oponopono for today's world on this CD. Seamlessly
   You can choose to follow the procedures step-by-step over an entire weekend or            integrating Huna, NLP, guided visualisation and time-
   select those which most suit your needs - it's your weekend. And what's really great      lining in one of the classiest meditation processes
   is that many of the techniques can also be incorporated simply into your daily life.      you're ever likely to come across, Ho'oponopono is the
   Home Health Sanctuary ensures the benefits of a Day Spa or Health Retreat are en-         gentlest possible way to effectively heal relationships
   tirely affordable and totally achievable. Look forward to feeling great!                  with yourself and others. An empowering Huna chant
                                                                                             seeming to come from the stars themselves lifts us
   Reviewed by Carolyn Stubbin
   Large Format Pb 127 pgs $24.95 (pre-GST)                                                  "way, way up" into the realm where Ho'oponopono
   Carolyn Stubbin is the author of Do it Yourself Pure Plant Skin Care reviewed in our      "rights things with balance and harmony, increasing
   last Booknews, and the proprietor of The Perfect Potion, Shop 62 QVB Walk,                awareness of our connection with wholeness" so that
   Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. Ph: (02) 9286 3384 Fax: (02) 9286 3387                   we may resolve emotional conflicts, give and receive
   Adyar customers producing their receipts for Home Health Sanctuary and/or Do it           forgiveness, heal old hurts and create our desired fu-
   Yourself Pure Plant Skin Care at 'The Perfect Potion' will receive 10% discount until     ture. Mahni Dugan's smooth contralto guidance com-
   June 30th 2000 on any ingredients mentioned in those books. This offer is also avail-     bined with Justine Bradley's music, Inner Sense - which
   able to Mail Order customers                                                              subliminally evokes the ethereal warmth and luminous,
                                                                                             turquoise beauty of Pacific lagoons - make our journey-
                                                                                             ing sheer magic.
                                                                                             CD 43' $25.00 (pre-GST)
       Psychic Development
                                                                                             Candles, Meditation and Healing Link to item
   Sixth Sense                                                       Link to item            By Charlene Whitaker
   Including the Secrets of the Etheric Subtle Body                                          Now this is a very handy
   By Stuart Wilde                                                                           little book. Not only does it
   Stewie-baby has written another winner, this time on the                                  contain a wealth of easy and
   ins and outs of psychic development, and especially ESP.                                  effective candle-burning
   Sixth Sense is a film about a little boy who sees dead people                             rituals that you can practice
   … whoops, is an instruction manual linking knowledge of                                   with a minimum of prepara-
   the subtle body, intuition and the positive and negative                                  tion, but it also has sound
   sides of the shadow to produce better relationships, greater                              advice on making sure that
   success in life, and the sense of wellbeing that comes from                               you are psychically protected at all times.
   a heightened perception. As usual, Wilde's talents for                                    After you've read Candles, Meditation and Healing
   iconoclasm, humour and compassion are all to the fore, so                                 you'll be able to send healing energy to those in need,
   that whether he's talking about making money, mastering daydreams or meeting              do valuable readings for yourself and your friends, and
   grays, it's all with the tone of cheerful ratbaggery that we have grown to love. The      give a shot of divine energy to your prayers and medi-
   chapter on "Reading people so you can help them" has to be read to be believed, and       tations. The wax-drop astrology chart readings will be
   deserves to be a little book on its own!                                                  revelatory to those who practice the more traditional
   Pb 255 pgs $19.95 (pre-GST)
                                                                                             interpretative techniques, and the dictionary of sym-
page   10                                                                                    bols at the end of the book is a special bonus.
                                                                                             Pb 154 pgs $14.50 (pre-GST)
                                                         Magickal Herbs                                                    Link to item
                                                         Witches, shamans and healers have used magickal herbal-
                                                         ism in their incense, rituals, charms and spells for centu-
                                                         ries. Adyar has books that give you the recipes and formu-
                                                         las so that you can create your own magick at home - but
                                                         what do you do when you can't find the ingredients in your
                                                         local supermarket?
Ra-el Light Infusions
                                                         Adyar now has an extensive list of 52 different magickal
Beautiful blue/gold bottles contain                      herbs available, from Agrimony to Yerba Mate. All packs
pure illumined waters from Ra-el and                     are 20gms, and prices range from $4.00 to $7.00 (pre-GST). They are of the highest
the Council of Light. Each of the 22                     quality - whenever possible, the herbs have been grown organically or in the wild.
essences is alchemically infused with                    So now there's no excuse … it's time to make magick!
the Ascended Masters' blessings en-
coded in a Sacred light language,
resonating to the strength and mastery
of that essence's individual Angel or
                                                         Answer the questions below and you could win a copy
                                                                                                                            W in
                                                         of one of great title pictured below.
Ascended Being. Dedicated to pro-
                                                         Simply write the answers, along with your name and
gressing within God's light, they cen-
                                                         address, on the back of an envelope and send it to
tre and balance our energies, trans-
                                                         Adyar Bookshop, 230 Clarence St Sydney 2000.
forming us and working towards illu-
                                                         Answers can be found within the pages of this issue of
mination and enlightenment.
                                                         the Adyar Booknews . Six copies of the beautiful
The names themselves evoke aspects of the Energy of
                                                         new full-colour edition of Louise L. Hay's classic
the One Heart: Archangel Michael, Faith, Hope, Chari-
                                                         book have been generously donated by Hay
ty, St. Germain, Buddha - and so on. Also, each infu-
                                                         House Australia.
sion comes with instructions explaining the integra-
                                                         Closing date for entries is August 1 st 2000.                 You Can Heal Your Life
tion of that One Heart Energy with the many vibration-
                                                         1. What is the name of Louise L. Hay's publishing             By Louise L. Hay
al rays connected with our Divine Colleagues. $22.00
                                                         house? 2. What is the Hawai'ian word for 'setting             Pb $24.95 (pre-GST)
each (pre-GST)
                                                         things right'? 3. What is the name of Shirley Maclaine's
                                                         new book? 4. Which Wiccan author is visiting Adyar on
                                                         Thursday June 15th?

                                                         We Invite you to

                                         An Inspirational Breakfast with

                                                Louise L. Hay
                                                    Wednesday 14 June 2000
                                             At the Sheraton On The Park Hotel
                                              161 Elizabeth Street on Hyde Park
                                                    From 7.00 am to 9.00 am
Louise L. Hay, internationally acclaimed metaphysician, author and lecturer, will present
"Millennium 2000: A Positive Approach". This will be a rare opportunity to hear Louise
speak and perhaps get your favourite Louise L. Hay book signed.
It will be her only public appearance as she is here to launch Hay House Australia.

Louise L. Hay is the author of the popular books Heal Your Body, Love Your Body, and the
phenomenal best-seller You Can Heal Your Life, which has recently been published in a
magnificent full-colour edition.

Co-presenting will be Leon Nacson, the CEO of Hay House Australia and author of 10 books
including Interpreting Dreams, A-Z. Leon can be heard weekly on Sydney's No.1 radio station
- 2DayFM.

Tickets are $50.00 each and profits from this event will go to the AIDS Trust of

As there are limited tickets, bookings are on a first-in first-serve basis accompanied by full
payment in advance either at the bookshop or by phone. Please have your credit card handy
if you book by phone. Payment is non-refundable.                                                                                    page     11

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