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   Barn quilts becoming more popular
   Barn quilts are becoming quite popular in        miles east of Bloomfield. The blocks were fi-
Davis County, and visitors and residents are        nally made into a quilt in 2008 and placed in
seeing new ones, large and small, cropping up       the Trimble-Parker guesthouse. (The Trimble-
on buildings all over the county.                   Parker Historic District also includes the well-
   Listed below are several historically signifi-   known U-barn a few feet north of Highway 2.)
cant barn quilts that have been installed re-          •“White Cross,” an 8’ x 8’ replica of the de-
cently:                                             sign submitted by Mary Belle Davis in State
   •“Carolina Lilly” has been installed on the      Fair competition in the spring of 2009, can
Augspurger barn one-half mile east of Pulaski       be found on the basement-style barn owned
on Highway 2. The colors provide a stark            by Jack and Mary Belle Davis at 27152 220th
contrast to the red barn on the north side          Street, Bloomfield. Dan and Jessica Davis, son
of the highway. The quilt itself originated in      and daughter-in-law of Jack and Mary Belle,
Middlebury, Ind., and was brought to this area      made the barn quilt. This quilt design was the
by the Rev. W.W. Miller and his wife as they        Davis County winner in the State Fair contest,
arrived in Davis County to serve the Pulaski        and thus was replicated on tiles adorning the
Mennonite Church in 1898. (The church is lo-        new Richard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center on
cated at the intersection of Scarlet Avenue and     the State Fair grounds. The Exhibition Center
270th Street south and west of Pulaski and still    is adorned with one quilt design from each of
has a very active congregation.)                    Iowa’s 99 counties.
   •A quilt design belonging to the Baughman           •“Star Shadow” is a quilt design that has
family has been installed on a barn that is part    been erected on the barn of Orval and Wilma
of the Trimble-Parker Historic District com-        Stevenson at 262nd St., approximately four
plex. The design, one of 23 quilt blocks given      miles east of Moulton. The barn quilt was a
to Harold and Gladys Baughman as a wedding          gift from the daughter and son-in-law of the
gift from the Bonaparte Ladies Club in 1929,        Stevensons.
is erected on a white barn on the south side           •“Rose of Sharon,” a Civil War era quilt
of Highway 2 approximately two and one-half         design, has been erected on the Livery Barn,

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