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					Spirit of Hope Happenings
                     HOPE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL

 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                                  October 1, 2010

Homecoming 2010 “Under the Sea” Romans 1:20
For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature—
have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

Homecoming 2010 is just around the corner!             more spectacular this year, we will be cele-
Our entire student body is readying them-              brating the 20th reunion of the Class of
selves for the Homecoming activities and               1990. Welcome back Cass of 1990!                  Homecoming 2010
                                                                                                         •   OCTOBER 4 CHEER AND DRILL, HATS OFF
competitions as well as the crowning of this
                                                       If you are in the Albuquerque area for this
years Homecoming King and Queen from the                                                                 •   OCTOBER 5 COLOR DAY
                                                       wonderful weekend, as it is also the Albu-
graduating class of 2011. The theme for
                                                       querque International Balloon Fiesta, please      •   OCTOBER 6 GAME DAY
Homecoming 2010 is “Under the Sea”.
                                                       make plans to come home and join us for fun
                                                       and fellowship at our 2010 Homecoming             •   OCTOBER 7 SKIT DAY
                                                       Weekend. Our Hope family is not complete          •   OCTOBER 8 8:30 AM
                                                       without you and your family, so make plans            CORONATION HOPE GYM
                                                       today to join us.
                                                                                                         •   OCTOBER 9
                                                                                                             10 AM GIRLS SOCCER
                                                                                                             12 NOON PRESENTATION OF THE COURT
                                                                                                             1 PM BOYS SOCCER
                                                                                                             5 PM FOOTBALL AT WILSON ($5/PERSON

                                                                                                         •   OCTOBER 10 CLASS OF 2000 BBQ
                                                                                                             1 P.M. SENIOR PLAZA
           Color Day—Tuesday, October 5
                    Seniors Blue
                     Juniors Red
                 Sophomores Green
                  Freshman Yellow
                                                                 Our Favorite Husky Mascot
                                                                                                             Inside this issue:

                                                                                                                REUNIONS 1980, 2000       2
The festivities will begin on Monday, October
4 and will continue through Sunday, October            For more details on the schedule please go
10, 2010. To make our Homecoming even                  to www.hopechristianschool.org under up-                 ELEMENTARY EXPANSION      3
                                                       coming events for the most up to date infor-                                       3
                                                                                                                DAWGHOUSE ONLINE
                                                                                                                ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT          3
  Hope Football Program Takes Off                                                                               ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT          4
                                                                                                                CLASS OF 1980
  The Hope Huskies                                     their strength both physically and spiritually.                                    4
                                                                                                                HOPE SCHOLARS CORNER
  Varsity Football                                     At the very first home game, the coaches and
  Team, in its second                                  team took the opportunity to honor service               LETTER FROM SUPERINTEN-   5
  year, has met with                                   men and women for their work to protect                  DENT SANDI BLACK

  success both on and                                  and defend our freedoms and our country.                 ALUMNI TUITION            6
  off the field. The                                                                                            ASSISTANCE FUND
                                                       The Huskies Varsity Football team will be
  team has a winning record of 3 –1 to start
                                                       taking on the McCurdy Bobcats for our                    HOPE GROWING THE          6
  the season and many of the best games are                                                                     FUTURE
                                                       Homecoming! Go Huskies! Beat the Bobcats!
  yet to be played. The team is growing in
News & Notes (October 2010)                                                                                                    ‘87

                                             Spirit of Hope Happenings                                                         Michelle Maurice graduated from NMSU
                                                                                                                               in 1991 with a BS in Education. She
Greg Whittaker is currently living in                                                                                          continued at Azusa Pacific University
Delaware and has one daughter. He                                                                                              and received her MA in Education in
graduated from Albuquerque Techno             Class of 1980 Reunion                                                            1995. She teaches in Garden Grove,
Vocational Institute in 1993 as a special-                                                                                     California, where she lives with her two
ist in electronics. He has worked on                                                                                           children.
fighter jets (E-2c Advanced Hawkeye)          The class of 1980 set the
for Northrop Grumman                                                                                                           ‘88
                                              standard for Hope hospitality
‘80                                           when it hosted its 30 year                                                       Kellye Deane is a high school German
                                                                                                                               teacher in Omaha, Nebraska. She has a
Janet Nelson Price is married to Doug         reunion on July 30-August 1,                                                     BA in German and a Masters in secondary
Price. She is a legal assistant and has       2010. They invited members                                                       education. She has received her ESL
worked in women’s ministry for over 20                                                                                         endorsement.
years. She is both a vocal and flute          from the classes of ‘79 and
soloist in her church and gives lessons to    ‘81 to join in on the fun! Paul           They told stories of the days          ‘89
children free of charge. She is the
mother of two boys. She would love to
                                              Kenderdine, who is in the                 when Hope was just begin-              Jodi A. Preston graduated from the
be in full time ministry                      ranks of graduates that have              ning and what pranks they              University of New Mexico with a Bache-
                                              graduates from Hope, hosted               pulled. Today’s kids got               lor’s in University Studies,. She cur-
                                                                                                                               rently lives in Denver, Colorado and is a
‘81                                           a get together on Friday                  nothing on them, that’s for            flight attendant for United Airlines.
                                              evening at his beautiful home             sure! The very first teacher
Kellie Kuykendall Loehr is married to                                                                                          ‘90
Joseph Loehr and they have one son and        in Algodones. The class then              hired to teach at Hope, Bob-
one daughter. They currently live in          celebrated on Saturday eve-               bie Swaim and her husband              David Robinder lives with his wife Kelly
Cedar Park, Texas. She received a BS                                                                                           in Fountain, Colorado. After receiving
from ENMU in Elementary Ed with a             ning with a formal dinner at              Don, both attended as well             an Associates of Applied Science in
minor in Special Ed. She is the church        Tamaya Resort in Bernalillo.              as math teacher, Tom Morris.           Information Systems Programming, he
Children’s Pastor. Each family member                                                                                          continued his education receiving a
is a black belt in karate.
                                              It was a time of celebration,             The family BBQ was held on             Bachelor’s of Science in Technical Man-
                                              fun , music and dancing.                  Sunday at Hope. To the class           agement. He currently works for Booz
                                                                                                                               Allen Hamilton Software Development.
                                                                                        of 1980, you make us proud!

Greg Kruse currently lives with his wife,    Class of 2000 Reunion
Whitney, and children Jonathon and
Alena (Jonathon graduated Hope 2010)         The Class of                               cupcakes, personalized fortune         Chad Deerman graduated from South-
in Albuquerque. He graduated from                                                       cookies with memories from high        western Assemblies of God University
UNM in 1986 with a BBA, and in 2001          2000 re-                                                                          with a bachelor’s degree in pastoral
with an MBA from University of Phoenix.      cently re-                                 school, and a door prize of an         ministries. He is the lead pastor of a
He owns a building products wholesale        united dur-                                IPOD Shuffle with songs from           multi-site church in West Branch, MI.
company called Kruse Enterprises.                                                                                              He is married with three children. He
                                             ing the                                    our high school years. Saturday,       says that he is “very thankful for the
‘83                                          weekend of                                 alumni, family, and staff gath-        Godly foundation that was established in
                                             July 30th for a weekend of                 ered together at Senior Plaza          my life during the years at Hope.”
Brent Tallent is married to Stephanie
Tallent. They live in Dallas, Texas,         friends, fun, and reminiscing of           for a barbeque as we remem-            ‘91
where he owns Green Room Production          wonderful years spent at Hope              bered great times spent at
Services. Brent has continued playing        Christian. The festivities kicked          HCHS. While not all were able          Rachel Thompson Dohrmann is married
the piano while also being a music direc-                                                                                      to Clark Dohrmann and they have four
tor, music and video producer.               off with a reunion reception held          to attend both events, gradu-          adopted daughters from Ethiopia (high
                                             at Zinc in Nob Hill which included         ates from HCHS traveled near           school age) and four of their own chil-
‘84                                          looking through old photographs,           and far to spend a weekend             dren. Rachel says, “We are greatly
                                                                                                                               blessed by our children.”
Bruce Vogel has a Bachelor’s in Informa-     enjoying green and gold mini-              together to commemorate the
tion Technology Management and cur-                                                     10 year reunion.                       ‘92
rently works as a computer programmer
in Clinical Data Management for NCRA.                                                                                          Jeremy King received a BS in Electrical
He, his wife Sarah and three children        Class of 1990 Homecoming/Reunion                                                  and Computer Engineering from NMSU.
live Norwich, NY.                                                                                                              He has continued to use his experience
                                             Please contact Jennifer at Rudibega@aol.com for information.                      in engineering working as a software
                                                        CLASS OF 1990 20TH YEAR REUNION OCTOBER 8-10, 2010                     engineer for UIE.
‘85                                                                            October 8, 2010
                                                   6:30pm - Dion’s - 8100 Wyoming Blvd NE Abq, NM (patio reserved)             ‘93
Traci Canfield Siler lives in Carrolton,            (this is at Paseo del Norte, not Academy, for you creatures of habit)
Texas with her husband Scott and their                                                                                         Leona Johnson Thompson married
                                              This is an informal get together for people who are in town early and want to
two children. The couple owns the                                                                                              Kevin Thompson, Sr. and they live in
Chick-fil-A restaurant in Lewisville,                                        get started on the fun!                           Vail, Arizona. The couple has two chil-
Texas. After high school Traci attended                                        October 9, 2010                                 dren. Leona says, “I love fundraisers….
El Camino College in Sign Language and                          1:00pm - Monroe’s - 6051 Osuna Rd NE, 87109                    organizing them …hosting them…for
Poetry. She has served in the mission             This is our “official” reunion meal. If you can make it to only one of the   schools, churches, benefits…love it!”
field in Mexico, Brazil and is planning a                             events, try and make it to this one!
trip to Kenya                                       5:00pm - Wilson Stadium - 12200 Lomas Blvd NE, Abq, NM 87112               Matthew Swihart has a BA in English
                                                       Hope Christian HS vs McCurdy HS Homecoming Football Game!               from University of South Florida and JD-
                                                                                                                               Stetson University College of Law. He is
                                                                          Admission is $5 per person.                          married to Gianna Swihart and they live
                                                                               October 10, 2010                                in Riverview, Florida. Matthew says his
Lisa Woods Epp attended Columbus                      1:00pm - Hope Christian School - 6800 Palomas Ave NE, 87109              professions include “attorney, novelist,
College of Art and design. She is a                                  Reunion BBQ sponsored by the school.                      and martial arts instructor”.
photographer in Gilroy, California. Lisa        All events are designed to be family-friendly, so bring the kids along!
is married to Ken Epp who runs a com-
mercial plumbing company. Lisa has
                                             Page 2
two children, one boy and one girl.
Volume 1, Issue 1
Hope Elementary School Expansion                                      by Jim Tate

Hope is expanding its current        the new guidelines for the North       ing to walk from their campus to
elementary campus to include         1-25 Sector Redevelopment              the Middle School campus to
an 1800 sq. ft administration        Plan for zoning and land use.          learn vital computer skills. Their
building and a 3600 sq. ft.          Once the site development plan         time can be better utilized in
Library and Computer Lab.            is approved by the city, the           the classroom without the
We have been blessed by APS          building permits and accompa-          "commute".
to receive the two portable          nying work can proceed. Im-
                                                                            You can get involved with help-
buildings that now sit on the lot    provements for the buildings
                                                                            ing to complete this project by
just to the east of our current      and property include the exte-
                                                                            making plans to attend our
buildings. This improvement          rior being enhanced with                                                            New to the Hope Ele-
                                                                            Hope~Growing for the Future
project has had its delays as        graphics, asphalt parking in                                                        mentary Campus, the
                                                                            Banquet on November 9th,
there has been confusion within      both east lots, and redesign of                                                    new administration and
                                                                            2010 at the Embassy Suites
the city planning group as to        the interior of the Library build-                                                    library buildings
                                                                            (see page 6). All proceeds from
how the project could move           ing for the new computer lab.
                                                                            this event will go to completing
forward because it is the first      The computer lab will have 25
                                                                            this project and providing the
project to go through the ap-        computers and will eliminate
                                                                            computers for our elementary
proval process that falls under      elementary children from hav-
                                                                            student’s educational needs.

The Hope Dawg House Gets ONLINE                                         by Rebecca Seaberg-Barnes

THE DAWG HOUSE IS HOPE               SCHOOL SUPPLIES, BIBLES and          • Middle School hours Monday,
CHRISTIAN’S APPAREL AND              of course the all popular HUSKY                                                       “IT SHAPED ME
                                                                             Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 2pm-
SPIRIT STORE. The Dawg House         DOGS. The plush HUSKY DOGS
is a great store to shop for all     are available in 4 different            4pm,                                                BOTH
your school spirit items. Hope T-    sizes. They make great birthday
                                                                          • Elementary Dawg House store hours            EDUCATIONALLY
shirt day, any Hope sporting         gifts, a prize for getting an A on
event or class reunions, the Dawg    a test, or a nice remembrance gift      Thursday and Friday 2pm-4pm.                AND SPIRITUALLY
House has T-SHIRTS in both adult     for an Alumni.
and child sizes. For those chilly
                                                                          Keep an eye out, as the Dawg                       AND TRULY
                                     THE DAWG HOUSE has three             House will have an ONLINE store
fall nights when you are going to                                                                                          PREPARED ME
                                     locations, one location on each      opening in November. Call Re-
a Hope football game, stop by
                                     campus for convenience!              becca Seaberg-Barnes-Store                       FOR THE LIFE I
the Dawg House and pick up a
                                                                          Manager if you have any ques-
HOODIE to keep you warm at           • High School hours Monday, Tuesday, tions. 856-2709
the game while showing your                                                                                                NOW HAVE.”
school spirit. The Dawg House          Wednesday 2pm-4pm,
also offers a wide variety of

Class of 2000 Graduate Marjon Zabihi
                                           as                 I    currently
Alumni Spotlight University where I servedPub- over 6 years.for am event in
                 the Student’s Association     chair woman      an
Marjon Zabihi-Class of              lic Relations Chair, President          October for Young Texans
2000 (10 year Reunion)              of PRSSA, Social Director of            Against Cancer. I have
                                    my Social Club Ko Jo Kai,               served on executive commit-
I attended Hope for 7 years,        and Welcome Week Execu-                 tees for the Greer Garson
which I consider to be one of       tive Committee.                         Gala which raises money for
the most incredible parts of                                                Parkinson’s, Cowtown Ball
my life. Hope is not only my        After graduation from ACU in
                                                                            which raises money for can-
alma mater, but I still con-        2004 with a Bachelors de-
                                                                            cer, the Dallas Theater Cen-
sider it home. It shaped me         gree in Integrated Marketing
                                                                            ter, and Kimbell Art Museum
both educationally and spiri-       and Communication, I moved
                                                                            to name a few. I attend
tually and truly prepared me        to Dallas to work for Neiman
                                                                            Prestoncrest Church of Christ
for the life I now have.            Marcus. I am now a Public
                                                                            and have served as an                Marjon Zabihi ~Class of 2000
                                    Relations Manager for
After graduating from Hope,                                                 alumni liason for ACU in the          Public Relations Manager,
                                    Neiman Marcus and have                                                              Neiman Marcus
I attended Abilene Christian                                                DFW area.
                                    been with Neiman Marcus for                                                          Dallas, Texas
                                                                                                      Page 3
Alumni News and Notes (continued)                                                                                             bachelor’s degree in Business Admini-
‘94                                                                                                                           stration. She continued her education
                                                                                                                              and received a master’s in Marriage and
Cinnamon Ruvolo lives in Issaquah,
Washington. She has both a BBA and          Spirit of Hope Happenings                                                         Family Therapy. Rachael is married to
                                                                                                                              David Chisholm and they have one son.
MBA from the University of New Mexico.                                                                                        They live in Terrell, Texas.
Cinnamon works today as a Human Re-
source Professional.                                                                                                          ‘02
                                            1980 Graduate Melissa Perkins Gillett
‘95                                                                                                                           Andrea Ulman Tapp married Kenneth
                                                                                    man in the world, Thomas Gil-             Tapp. She graduated from Baylor Uni-
James Johnson says that his post high       Alumni Spotlight                        lett. We have been married for            versity with a Bachelor’s of Science in
school education was “school of hard                                                                                          Family and Consumer Science. She
knocks (in other words, on the job train-   Melissa Perkins Gillett – Class         2 years now and love every min-           currently works in Fort Worth, Texas, as
ing and an excellent work ethic)”. He is
                                            of 1980 (30 Year Reunion)               ute of it....I have 3 grown children      and administrative assistant for the
currently working in South Riding, Vir-                                             and 6 grandchildren and 1 on the          Director of Education at the Jane Justin
ginia as a civil engineer/CAD designer/                                                                                       School at the Child Study Center.
                                            I'm in beautiful San Diego! I have      way!! We love spending time
                                            been here for 2 years now and I         with our grandkids...it’s awe-            ‘03
‘96                                         love it! My husband Thomas and I        some!! We love
                                            own a Refrigeration and Air Con-        to travel, spend                          Meghan Tate lives in Albuquerque, New
Elizabeth (Liz) Schoepke, is living in                                                                                        Mexico. Meghan returned to work at the
Albuquerque, New Mexico and is the          ditioning business mostly working       time with our                             Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa
Director of Sales at Tanoan Country         on yachts and other boats....we get     families and our                          after receiving her BA in Speech Commu-
Club. She received her degree in Com-       to travel to wonderful warm places      church is very                            nications from Baylor University. She
munications and Business from the Uni-      to follow a fleet of dive boats.        important to us.                          works in the Event Coordination/
versity of New Mexico.                                                                                                        Catering Department of the resort.
                                            We have been to North Sulawesi          We are in-
‘97                                         in Indonesia, Singapore, Hawaii,        volved in a                               John Dodd has a bachelor’s degree from
                                            and there is a trip planned to the      great                                     the Univeristy of New Mexico in Sociol-
Chrissy Franklin Jeter lives in Albuquer-                                                                                     ogy. He is pursuing a career in Albu-
que, NM. She is the co-director of a
                                            Philippines in August this year! I      couples        Melissa Perkins Gillett~   querque in the field of Psychiatry.
child care center and also works as a       get the rewards and Thomas works        group at San Diego, California
pastor’s assistant. She has two boys with   hard!                                   church                                    ‘04
her husband of 6 years, Steve Jeter.                                                and it has brought us great
She sits on the Board of the New Mexico      I have a degree in Radiology           friends and a closer walk with            Kjirstin Alton Phillips married Christo-
Child Care and Education Associatio,n       Technology....X-ray technologist! I                                               pher Phillips. She is currently enrolled in
and is a member the Christian band                                                  God.                                      school while being a full time mom and
Echoing Green.
                                            don’t work in that field now be-                                                  child care worker. Kjirstin and Christo-
                                            cause I am a heart patient. I have      God is Good......I believe he is          pher have two children. The Phillips
‘98                                         had 3 heart attacks and don’t           using me to tell others about heart       family lives in Columbus, Mississippi.
,,                                          have the full energy I would need       disease in women....it IS the num-
Cody Greaves lives in Arlington, Texas,                                                                                       ‘05
and is co-captain on a Hawker Business      to lift patients or be on my feet for   ber ONE killer of women. I had
jet that flies out of the DFW area. He      12 hour shifts. I miss it, but I'm      a friend tell me that God has             Charity Toledo earned her BA degree at
earned his associate’s degree in applied    lucky I get to stay home! I work        something big planned for me              the University of New Mexico in elemen-
sciences, Aviation. Cody says, “Hope        for hubby and he lets me take off       and I should be scared! (in a             tary education and a minor in mathe-
helped develop a spiritual foundation in                                                                                      matics. She is currently teaching at
my life, without it I don't think I would   when I want! I volunteer for the        good way, of course!!) Whatever           Hope Christian School.
be who I am today. I try and keep Jesus     German Shepherd Rescue here in          He has planned for me, I know it
the central focus of my life.”              San Diego; I go walk 10-15 dogs         will be wonderful!                        ‘06
                                            that are at the boarding kennel as
                                            much as I can. We are also foster-       Life is good, I live in the most         Danielle Cordova Jordan is currently
                                                                                                                              working on a business accounting degree
Joshua Rider - Captain, United States       ing a beautiful male, River, who is     beautiful city with the best man in       at Colorado State University. She is
Marine Corps, has been accepted into        has been wonderful company for          the world...you'll hear no com-           married to Timothy Jordan. The couple
the Massachusetts Institute of Technol-
                                            our female Mystic. Our dogs are         plaints from me!                          lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Danielle
ogy, Sloan School of Management, MBA                                                                                          says, “I married my high school sweet-
Class of 2012. He will be leaving the       a big part of our life....now that      Blessings,                                heart in June 2008.” She is focusing on
Marine Corps this summer to move to         our children are gone!                                                            getting her degree.
Boston with his wife Rebecca, and begin                                             Melissa
business school. Josh says that he in-      I'm married to the most wonderful                                                 ‘07
tends “to pursue a career in finance.”
                                                                                                                              Chris Ela is at the USAF Academy. He
Jennifer Marney Meisner says, “I just                                                                                         will graduate in 2012 and is pursuing a
started a new job with a non-profit                                                                                           BS in Political Science with a minor in
organization called Christian Legal Aid.    Hope Scholars Corner 2010                      by Geri Cantrell                   Arabic. Chris says that he wants to be
CLA provides legal services for homeless                                                                                      “…the man who chases God’s will over
people, working hand-in-hand with Joy       Kevin Shannon and Matthew               mated to be valued at ap-                 my own.”
Junction and Noon Day Ministries. I have
my MBA and have been married for            Nelson, in the graduating class         proximately $350,000.00                   ‘08
almost 4 years. We just had our first       of 2010, both received ap-              each. Our 2010 Valedicto-
baby, Brianna Kay Meisner.”                 pointments to service acad-             rian, Justin Sena, scored a 34            Jesse Clifton, class of 2008, is married
                                                                                                                              to Caitlin Blea (also class of 2008). He is
‘00                                         emies. Kevin received his ap-           on the ACT and a 2030 on the              studying English/Philosophy at UNM.
                                            pointment to West Point and             SAT. He accepted scholarships             Jesse says, “Both of us are planning on
Amy French Cowdery, currently lives in      Matthew received his to the             at the University of Notre                returning to teach at Hope Christian
St. Ives Chase, Sydney Australia, with                                                                                        School.”
her husband Jonathan Cowdery. She           Air Force Academy. Although             Dame including the Provost’s
says “Yes, I really moved to Australia      not defined as “scholarship,”           Scholarship and the University            ‘09
and married an Aussie!” Amy has a BS in                                                                                       Madison Tabet is the newly crowned
Business Administration with a concen-
                                            the appointments are paid               Scholarship for a combined                Miss New Mexico 2010. She is studying
tration in Accounting.                      tuition for 4 years and is esti-        total of $43,600.00 per year.             dance at Point Park University in Penn-
                                                                                                                              sylvania. Her platform is “Domestic
‘01                                                                                                                           Violence: The Solution Within”. Madison
                                            Page 4                                                                            travels to Las Vegas in January to com-
Rachael Powell Chisholm went to Okla-                                                                                         pete for the Miss America crown.
homa Christian University and received a
Volume 1, Issue 1
Alumni Tuition-Assistance Fund                                       by Tom Crow

                                        only be made to families with
                                        returning students, and every             ensure students stay at Hope
                                        family who receives assistance            who might otherwise not be
                                        will have to pay some portion             able to afford it. You’ll also
                                        of the tuition themselves. In             be setting a great example of
                                        other words, there will be no             generous giving by helping
                                        free or full rides.                       your graduating class give the
                                        Also, only Hope alumni and                greatest amount for this effort.
                                        their families will be asked to           Please call me if you have any
Hope Alumni,                            contribute to this fund. We will          questions, or if you would like
                                        keep track of donations by                to make a similar matching
We have some very exciting              class individual and graduat-             fund/grant challenge.
news to report, and a chal-             ing class.
lenge to issue.                         Here’s the best part. The fam-
Given these tough economic              ily wants the fund to have                Tom Crow
times, the family of two Hope           $25,000 in it this first year             President                              The faces of Hope!
Alumni that wish to remain              and they’ve decided to match              Hope Foundation
anonymous have approached               every donation, dollar-for-               Phone: 505.243.2281
us with the idea of establish-          dollar up to $12,500, so each             Toll Free: 866.662.7739
ing a tuition-assistance fund.          dollar you are able to give to            Cell: 505.681.5290
                                                                                  Fax: 505.243.0473                             “YOU ARE A
Hope’s Foundation has estab-            help a Hope family in need is
                                                                                  tom@crowfa.com                              VITAL PART OF
lished some financial aid               actually worth two. You may
every year, but to date, the            contribute to the Hope Alumni                                                                THIS
grants we have been able to             Fund online by going to                   Sandi Leach Williams
provide fall far short of the           www.hopechristianschool.org               Alumni Relations                             COMMUNITY
total need, and cover less than         and select the “Support Hope”             Hope Christian School
25% of a student’s full tuition.        tab and then click on the big                                                         AND WE WANT
                                                                                  8005 Louisiana Ave. NE
This fund will help bridge the          green Donate Here button.                 Albuquerque, NM 87109                            YOU TO
gap between a returning stu-            This is a great way for you               Office: 505-822-5416
dent’s tuition and what their           and your family to help an-               Fax: 505-822-8260
                                                                                                                               ALWAYS FEEL
family can afford. Tuition as-          other family be blessed by                sgwilliams@hopechristianschool.org
sistance from this fund will
                                                                                                                               CONNECTED ”
                                        Hope. Your contribution will

Letter from the Superintendent                                  by Sandi Black

Volume 1, Isssue1: This is so excit-   tional institution in the Albuquerque      opportunity to participate is some
ing to have our first publication to   community. Last summer we re-              of the homecoming activities and
Hope Christian School Alumni! This     ceived our latest accreditation cer-       will feel free to come by the
publication has been in the works      tificate. Our site chairman, Nancy         school anytime. Stop by and say
for a long time and there are          Purtell, was very complementary of         “hello” or come to a game (listed
some people who deserve credit         the staff and administration. She          under Sports at:
for making it happen. Don Swaim,       stated in her accreditation report,        www.hopechristianschool.org ) and
Chairman of the HCS School             “Hope is poised for continued              cheer for the Huskies.
Board, gave his support in open-       growth and impact in its community.
ing up an alumni office. Sandi         A committed faculty and administra-        God has blessed Hope Christian
(Leach) Williams, Hope graduate        tion consistently implement the mis-       School for over 34 years and in
Class of ’85, gets the biggest star    sion and offer an excellent educa-         many, many ways. We are very
for tracking down well over 1000       tion in the context of a biblical          humbled by these blessings and
of our 1738 alumni and putting         worldview to Hope students. The            our desire is to continue to glorify
                                                                                  and honor Him is all we do. You            Sandi Black
together the information in the        administration and faculty are pas-
                                                                                  can be very proud to say you           Hope Christian School
pages of this newsletter. To many      sionate about the ministry of the
of you who sent in updates on          school to its students. Hope Christian     graduated from Hope Christian            Superintendent
where you are today, we appreci-       School is making a difference in the       School and know your alma mater
ate that you allowed us to share it    lives of students, their families and in   is continuing to strive for excel-
with the other graduates and our       its community."                            lence as we “pray for, equip and
Hope family.                                                                      send Christ-centered, passionate
                                       You are a vital part of this commu-        leaders to change the world.”
Hope Christian School continues to     nity and we want you to always feel
be a powerful Christian educa-         connected. I hope you all have the                                     Page 5
 Mission Statement: To pray for, equip and send Christ-centered, passionate, leaders to change the world


                                          ALUMNI RELATIONS CORNER
                                          ALUMNI RELATIONS DIRECTOR. “

                                          I left Hope upon graduation in 1985 to attend school as a pre-med student at Oral Roberts Univer-
                                          sity. After three years there I returned to Albuquerque, got married and enrolled at the University
                                          of New Mexico. Little did I know that God was orchestrating so many adventures for my life! In
                                          October 1988, I began an after-school program in the Albuquerque Public
Class of 1980 ~ 30 Year Reunion           Schools that was aimed at latch-key kids. The program was designed to         Sandi Leach Williams, Alumni Relations
Click on the above picture to give us     provide educational after school programming in cheer, dance and drill at 8005 Louisiana Ave. NE
your most up-to-date alumni informa-      the school facilities immediately following dismissal from school. My leader- Albuquerque, NM 87109
tion on our alumni questionnaire.         ship in this program gave me the opportunity to take the Spirit Coordinator
                                                                                                                        Office: 505.822.5416
                                          position at the University of New Mexico in 1994 where I coached, adminis-
                                          trated, and oversaw all operations of the UNM Cheerleaders, Chaparrals, Cell: 505.280.9320
                                          and Mascots. It has been fun to see God use something that I am passion-      Email: sgwilliams@hopechristianschool.org
                                          ate about as a ministry for so many years of my life.
                                          I stayed doing both jobs while adding to my own family. God has entrusted me with five wonderful gifts in my children.
                                          They have all five attended Hope since they were in kindergarten and are all proud to call themselves Hope “Lifers”. My
                                          oldest, Jimmy, graduated in May of 2010, allowing me to join the distinguished ranks of Hope alumni who have Hope
                                          alumni. He is now attending Point Loma University in San Diego, California. As for the rest of my kids, Taylor Lynn is 16
                                          and a junior at Hope. Zachary is 14 and a freshman. Abby is 12 and in 7th grade. The baby of the family, Emily, is 10
                                          and in 5th grade as my last hold out in the elementary school!
We’re On The Web!                         In 2007, I became a Hope campus permanent fixture again coaching the Huskettes Drill Team while finishing up my last
www.hopechristianschool.org               year as the Spirit Coordinator at UNM. In the spring of 2008, Huskettes won the state championship title and I retired
                                          from UNM after 15 years. I started to work at Hope as the Alumni Relations Director in the late summer of 2008 while
                                          continuing work with my after-school program and still coaching the Huskettes.
                                          One of the very best things for me has been the job of finding and tracking down where our alumni are, what they are
                                          doing, and how God has used them since Hope. This has been one thing that we have not had the opportunity to do be-
                                          fore now. Every day is akin to sitting in front of a 2000 piece puzzle and looking for each piece to fit perfectly in place
                                          to complete the big picture. Each one of our alumni is a unique and unduplicated piece of the puzzle! If you have an
                                          updated that you would share with me regarding where you are, what you are doing, and/or what family God has given
                                          you please send me an email or fill out our questionnaire at www.hopechristianschool.org/alumniquestionnaire.cfm.

                                        Hope Growing for the Future
                                                                                                                            If you cannot sponsor a table,
                                        Hope Foundation of New                   Christian Schools International            please consider donating an
                                        Mexico and Hope Christian                (ACSI), an accrediting agency              item or service for the silent
                                        School are pleased to pre-               for our school.                            auction. Donated auction items
                                        sent “Hope: Growing for                                                             are fully tax deductible in ac-
                                                                                 You are invited to sponsor a
                                        the Future” – a semi-formal                                                         cordance with appropriate tax
Hope Foundation Ban-                                                             table for this phenomenal
                                        banquet. Funds raised from                                                          legislation.
quet & Auction                          this event will provide fund-
                                        ing for much-needed im-                  Table Sponsorships are $600                If you own a business, please
Tuesday, November 9,                    provements at the Elementary             for a reserved table of 10.                prayerfully consider how you
2010                                    Campus, including a new ele-             Businesses, families, or indi-             might be able to come along-
                                        mentary library and com-                 viduals that sponsor tables                side your alma mater by do-
Embassy Suites Albuquerque                                                                                                  nating to the banquet.
                                        puter lab.                               may fill them with their own
5:00 p.m. – Silent Auction                                                       guests who support Christian
                                        The banquet will be an adult-                                                       If you would like to sponsor a
7:00 p.m. – Dinner & Speaker                                                     education or donate the ta-                table (or even a partial table),
                                        only event that includes a
                                                                                 bles to the school for staff               please contact Katie Connolly
Table Sponsorships                      gourmet dinner, entertain-
                                                                                 and teachers. Table sponsors               at katie_connolly@comcast.net
                                        ment, silent auction and na-
Now Available!                          tionally acclaimed speaker
                                                                                 will be listed in the program
                                                                                 and have signage at their                  If you are able to donate an
                                        Dr. Brian S. Simmons, presi-                                                        auction item, please contact
                                        dent of the Association of                                                          Dee Whaley at 269-1505 or

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