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					   The 5 Annual Cerro Coso     th

          Kern River Valley
           Literary Awards
                                                                            Poetry and Short Fiction
Prizes for Fiction and Poetry in Each Age Group                  Windows. Make sure to label the disk with your name,
                                                                 contact information, and the title of your entry or entries.
Thanks to the continued sponsorship of the Cerro Coso            The disk should contain no files other than the entry or
KRV Associated Student Body Club, The Kern Valley                entries. If you are a teacher who would like to submit
Review (KVW) now offers prizes for both fiction and poetry       multiple student pieces on one disk, contact the coordinator
in each age group:                                               to make alternative arrangements

     First Place and Publication: $75 award check,              Multiple literary entries per person are accepted. Poetry
      award certificate, and publication in KVW 2005.            entrants can submit up to four poems. Fiction entrants are
     Publication: Writers of numerous other fine pieces         limited to 7500 words of words. Do not send originals for
      will receive award certificates and publication in         literary pieces will not be returned.
      KVW 2005.
Age Groups
                                                                 Two Cerro Coso writing professors will comprise the
       12 & under                                               literature panel. The panel will evaluate and rank pieces
       13-18                                                    based on a general, standardized set of criteria for judging
       19-34                                                    literary merit. The judges reserve the right to withhold
                                                                 prizes in groups lacking adequate submissions.
       34 & over

Literature Submission Guidelines                                 Restrictions

                                                                 Entrants must be residents of the Kern Valley region.
Literary entries will consist of a completed submission form,
                                                                 Literary pieces that have been published elsewhere or that
a hard copy of the entry, and a digital copy on floppy disk.
                                                                 have been previously entered in the KRV Awards are
Follow the guidelines carefully in order to be considered for
publication and awards.

The Submission Form                                              Timeline

Fill out the submission form (found on the back of this flier)        Submission Deadline: April 11, 2005
completely for each piece you are entering. Simply staple             Winners Notified: End of April, 2005
the submission form to the back of your entry. Do not fold            Awards and Publication: May 6, 2005
up the entry form.
                                                                 Send Submissions To
The Hard Copy
                                                                 KRV Literary Awards, ASBKRV
The hard copy of your piece should be typewritten or word-       Cerro Coso Community College
processed and double-spaced on 8.5x11 inch white paper.          PO Box 3204; 5520 Lake Isabella Blvd.
In the upper right corner of each page, type the title of the    Lake Isabella, CA 93240
entry, your phone number, and the page number. Your
name must not appear on any page of the entry itself.            Phone: (760) 379-5501
The Digital Copy                                                 Website:

Include with your entry a computer disk copy on a 3.5-inch
floppy saved in MS Word for Windows or RTF format for

        The Kern Valley Review           

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