Jiggle_ Wiggle Giggle Jiggle_ Wiggle Giggle by gdf57j


									            Book?                       Where?
    We have limited room for
           all this fun,
   So please give us a call if you
          want to come!
     Contact Sara Christie on
          07837 741510
          or email us at
   fun@chuckleproductions.org           When?
     If you’re stuck and without
 transport, please let us know and
                                                  Come and and
we’ll see what we can do to help you
come and jiggle, wiggle and giggle at
         Chuckle Productions
                                                  with us!
                                                  with us!
  Our aim and vision                         Chuckle invite               Over 7 weeks, We’ll
                                                 You and your child        create with you...
     Our aim is to encourage all
                                             (18 months to 4 years old)
  aspects of child development in a
                                                  are invited to a
       fun and imaginary way.

 It’s a musical journey in which we’ll
                                                                             A STORY book
create a book, a song on a CD and do              FAMILY
 lots of other things along the way.             WORKSHOP
   It’s for children aged from 18
   months to 4 year olds with an
                                                so we can have fun
         accompanying adult.                                                A song on a cd
Our vision is to allow families to have
 fun together with music, movement
 and imaginative play and to support              TOGETHER
                                                                           And lots of things
  your child’s learning, social skills,
 fine and gross motor skills, speech
                                                                             to do after...
    and language and imagination.                       on

  THE CHUCKLE TEAM                               A MUSICAL
            Sara Christie                         JOURNEY
          Creative Director
            Jeff Reynolds                 Jiggle - wiggle - giggle
           Musical Director
                                               With chuckle

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