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									UXLabs Certified Usability Analyst (UCUA)

UXLabs Certified Usability Professional is a complete usability training and
certification program. Professionals who are interested in usability certification to
kick-of their career or enhance their existing skills can apply for this training.

If you are a professional already working on the usability front and want to enhance
your career move with a UCUA certification, then you are at the right place.

Training Overview
The course will introduce students to the core principles, process and
methodologies of Usability and User Centered Design (UCD) for web, desktop and
mobile applications, additionally it will introduce students to various methods of
gathering information, user research and information organization techniques.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will be able to:

  •   Explain usability principles, methods and guidelines
  •   Successfuly work on various stages of user centered design process like
      requirement gathering, user research, competitve analysis, design and
  •   Implement user research with various methodologies like persona, focus
      groups, interviews, observation, questionairre, field studies etc
  •   Implement information gathering and organizing through various methods like
      card sorting, brainstorming and mindmap etc
  •   Implement competitive analysis using market research and SWOT Analysis
  •   Conduct heuristic evaluations on sites to identify usability issues and fix them
  •   Design usability focused websites, web applications, SaaS applications and
      mobile applications
We follow a very interactive approach for all our trainings with examples, practical
and lab based exercises. We use the following aids for training

  •   Presentations
  •   Audio
  •   Video
  •   Flash Cards

For assessment purpose, quiz, multiple choice and true & false questions will be
used throughout each module.

Training Delivery Mode
We provide various modes of training for the flexibility of the candidates

  •    Lab based Training
  •    Online Training
  •    Onsite Training
  •    Scheduled Training and Workshops

Cost and Registration
Please contact us at training@ux-labs.com for information on pricing and
registration details

Training Giveaway

 •   Certificate (Printed) - On successfully passing the examination
 •   Access to our learning management system(LMS) which includes access to:
       ◦     Lecture notes
       ◦     Lecture slides
       ◦     Lecture videos
       ◦     Moderating Usability testing book
       ◦     Templates and forms
       ◦     Required Softwares
 •   Test Material
 •   A student exercise book
 •   Usability testing resources and glossary booklet
 •   CD with training materials

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