Nail Care Tips 101

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					Nail Care Tips 101
All women love to have fresh and healthy nails as they are one of their beauty parts. However, taking good
care of your nails is not easy. Let’s check out the comprehensive information below for your better nail

Vitamins for your nails

Nails are made up of keratin, a protein form. To grow a long, beautiful and healthy nails, there are
necessary vitamins for your nail growth. They will help you prevent nail problems such as iron deficiency.
Here are the most recommended vitamins for your nails.


As keratin, a protein type, constructs your nails, it will strengthen your nails. Keratin rich foods that you
should add in your meal are eggs, red meat, chicken, etc.


Strengthening your nails, calcium helps you prevent fragile problems. Milk, cheese, almond, etc. contain a
large amount of calcium.

Vitamin A

Lack of vitamin A causes the nails to become brittle and dry. You can supplement vitamin A by consuming
carrots, sweet potatoes, milk, etc.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 promotes your nail colors and growth. If you find your nails darker, you are lack of vitamin B12.
Tuna, yogurt, beef, eggs, etc. can help you to solve the problem.


If there are white spots appearing on your nails, you may cope with zinc deficiency problem. Crabs, chicken,
peas, milk, yogurt, etc. could improve the situation.

Common nail care tools and products you should have

    1.    Nail clipper
    2.    Nail filer
    3.    Orange wood stick
    4.    Cuticle clipper
    5.    Nail buffer
    6.    Nail polish
    7.    Top coat
    8.    Base coat
    9.    Cotton balls
    10.   Nail-polish remover
    11.   Cuticle cream

Quick and easy nail care routine
      Step 1: Cut and file your nails to your desired shapes

      Step2: Soak your hand into warm water

      Step 3: Trim cuticles

      Step 4: Moisturize your hands with cream

Easy tips to take care of your nails

      Always keep them clean

      Unhygienic nails usually have problems as bacteria can attack easier. Keep cleaning the cuticles and
      filing your nails for healthy nails.

      Consume healthy nail nutrition

      As mentioned above, vitamins are necessary for healthy and beautiful nails. You should schedule
      those foods in your daily meals for better nail growth.

      Keep your nails hydrated

      If you usually use nail polish, choose those acetone-free ones to ensure your nail moisture.
      Moreover, drinking an adequate amount of water is another way. You can also try those natural oils
      before bed time.