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					                                   ASSOCIATION of GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTANTS
                                             THE BOTTOM LINE
                                     INLAND EMPIRE OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER
Vol. XXXXI Number1                                                                                    September 2004

             PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                   membership, both as individuals and as a chapter. I want to
                                                                   know what the membership needs are and provide for those
                 Bobbi Albano                                      needs. I want to provide 25 CPE units this year and reach
                      September 2004                               the outlying communities with the opportunity to receive these
                                                                   CPE units. I want to provide information about AGA

F     irst of all, I would like to welcome all the new and
continuing members of the CEC Board: Past President –
                                                                   membership personally to Cities, colleges and universities.
                                                                   Finally, I want to recognize those who have worked the
                                                                   hardest in service to this AGA Chapter. We have an
                                                                   outstanding team this year and I feel that these goals can and
Rose Ann Trujillo, President-Elect – Allison Edmisten,             will be met. I look forward to seeing all of you in September!
Treasurer – Dawn Peterson, Secretary – Christina Havens,
Membership Chair – David Bobbitt, Newsletter Chair –
                                                                   Bobbi Albano
Rhonda Neill, Employment Chair – Al Gonzales, Awards
Chair – Pat Maitre, Community Service Chair – Vicki Dela
Cruz, CGFM Coordinator – Nancy Clarke, Reservations Chair
– Linda Kjeldgaard, Regional Vice President – Daniel Cabet,
Webmaster – Diane Hernandez, Historian – Evelyn Bobbitt,
Community Outreach Co-Chair – Babbie Bhasin, Community
Outreach Co-Chair – Cindy Mendez-Hurtado, and finally, our
Auditor – Mozafar Sharifi.

I would also like to thank the outgoing members for their hard
work in paving the way for this next term. You all did a fine
job and I feel confident that with your help and mentoring, this
next year will be a success for all!

For those of you who are new, I hope this year will be exciting
and educational; for those of you who are continuing
members, I thank you for staying on board with the
Association of Government Accountants, for you are the
backbone of the organization. With the fresh, new ideas from
the new members, coupled with the experience and
knowledge of the continuing members, this year will be
                                                                                         TRAINING EVENT
A little information about myself; I work for the Department of                       GASB Half-Day Seminar
Public Works as a Staff Analyst I. I am currently in school                           Monday, October 18, 2004
finishing up my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public                                         7:30 am to Noon
Administration. I have been a member of AGA since 2000,                                 San Bernardino Hilton
making me one of your “newer” members. I have found that               Speaker: Mr. James Fountain Jr, CPA, CMA, CGFM
membership in this organization has opened doors and                           Cost: $49-Members; $79 Non-members
created opportunities that I otherwise would not have had. I                       Continental Breakfast Included
am grateful that I have been elected President and truly hope                            Earn 4 hours CPE
that I will not let any of you down. Your comments are always                Deadline for registering is October 4, 2004
welcome, and of course, your help is always appreciated!             Please see attached flyer and registration form for more
                                                                    details or contact Bobbi Albano (909) 387-8237 or Christina
This leads me to this year’s Chapter Goals. My goal, as                 Havens (909)885-7980 x369 for more information.
Chapter President, is to promote the growth of the

September 2004 The Bottom Line 1
                                               CUSTOMER SERVICE
                                                   Mark Uffer
                                      Interim County Administrative Officer

Mark is a native resident of San Bernardino, and is currently the Interim County Administrative Officer for San Bernardino
County. Prior to his appointment as Interim CAO, Mark was the Director for Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. He
began his career at the County Hospital in 1973, and then worked in the private hospital sector, both at the not-for-profit
and proprietary level.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Business and Management from the University of Redlands, and a Masters Degree
in Health Care Administration from Chapman University. He also is licensed in the State of California as a Respiratory

Mark currently resides in Highland with his wife and children.

                   SEPTEMBER MEETING                             Rose Ann encouraged all members to visit the updated
SPEAKER:         Mark Uffer, Interim County                      Inland Empire AGA website which was redesigned by
                 Administrative Officer, San Bernardino          Diane Hernandez.
                                                                 Bobbi Albano announced the speaker, Virginia Adams,
DATE:            September 8, 2004 (Wednesday)                   Assistant to the CAO for the County of San Bernardino.
                                                                 Virginia has worked for the CAO's office for more than 9
TIME:            11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.                          years and will discuss the topic of "Ethics." Virginia has
                                                                 set a record by having 3 CAO's in less than one week.
TOPIC:           Customer Service
                                                                 Ethics is a standard code of conduct and some ethics
COST:            $17 Members                                     are universal. Ethics is comprised of honesty, integrity,
                 $25 Non-Members                                 caring, respect, fairness, trustworthy, pursuit of
                                                                 excellence, accountability and truthfulness. Doing the
MENU:            American Buffet                                 right thing is not always the easiest decision; it takes a
                                                                 lot of discipline.
LOCATION:       San Bernardino Hilton
                                                                 As far as ethics related to local governments, we (local
                                                                 government employees) need to preserve public trust
DEADLINE:       Reservations are due by Friday,
                                                                 and set an ethical tone. We need to lead by example
                September 3rd, 5:00 P.M.
                                                                 and not cover up for employees that are doing wrong.
                                                                 Another example is to not abuse email at work.
Please call Linda Kjeldgaard at (909) 383-9627 or e-mail

              Wednesday, May 12, 2004
                                                                 Virginia has worked as an Assistant to 5 CAO's directly
                                                                 and 3 indirectly. There has been discussion of
Rose Ann opened the meeting and began raffling off
                                                                 corruption within the County organization. The
prizes. Some of the prizes were Magic Mountain tickets,
                                                                 individuals who were responsible for the corruption were
free dinners to various restaurants, free haircuts,
                                                                 not concerned with the long-term ramifications. The
Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom tickets and gift baskets.
                                                                 costs of corruption have been great. When the County
                                                                 loses long term employees they are also losing the
Rose Ann noted that this is the last meeting of this fiscal
                                                                 history and knowledge that these employees have which
year. There will be a reception on June 2 from 6-9 p.m.
                                                                 can lead to a decrease in productivity.
at the Hilton for the Cal State San Bernardino Alumni.

September 2004 The Bottom Line 2
In order to help implement better ethics the County has      added 20 new members this year. The Chapter
developed a Procurement Manual. In April 2000 a              Executive Committee was presented with AGA portfolios
Waste, Fraud and Abuse Hotline was established. To           and thank you cards. Rose Ann was presented with a
date the hotline has received more than 500 calls. Also,     briefcase. The new Chapter Board Members are as
the County implemented an enhanced pre-employment            follows: Bobbi Albano (President), Allison Edmisten
background check. In 2001 the DAC (Debt Advisory             (President Elect), Christina Havens (Secretary), Dawn
Committee) was formed which monitors outstanding             Peterson (Treasurer) and Rose Ann Trujillo (Immediate
County debt. The committee is made up of the CAO,            Past-President).
Auditor-Controller, Treasurer/Tax Collector and other

Virginia urged everyone to think about the long-term
consequences before an important decision is made.
Bobbi thanked Virginia for speaking at our meeting and
presented her with an AGA mug.

The door prize, an AGA T-shirt was awarded to Janet
Chen from MSS.
                                                             Paul Vicknair was presented with the member of the
                                                             month certificate. David Bobbitt was presented with the
                                                             member of the year award. The remaining prizes were
                                                             raffled off and the meeting was adjourned. Rose Ann
                                                             reminded everyone the next meeting would be in

Rose Ann thanked everyone for participating in the sale
of the raffle tickets. A $500 scholarship was awarded to
Bhawinder Kaur Bhasin (Babbie) from Chaffey College.

Vicki De La Cruz awarded the charitable donation to
Make a Wish Foundation. Roxanne Olivas from the
Make a Wish Foundation accepted the award and gave
a brief overview of the organization. The organization
covers San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Make a                        CAREER ARTICLE
Wish plans to grant over 100 wishes this fiscal year.
The organization is made up of a team of 2 full time staff     Is Your Resume Lost in the Great Internet Void?
with 30 volunteers. To date there are 113 individuals on
the waiting list for a wish. The most elaborate wish         With the advent of email and online job services, job
granted was to send a family to Jerusalem so the child       hunting suddenly became much easier. Or did it?
could ask for a miracle. Roxanne thanked AGA for the         Sometimes it’s hard to know if your resume is actually
contribution.                                                reaching someone’s desk—or is lost somewhere in the
                                                             great void of cyberspace.

                                                             If you want to be sure that your resume is being seen by
                                                             a real person who can offer you a real job, here are
                                                             three rules to get stronger response.

                                                             Use the Right Key Words

                                                             More than ever, resumes are stored in a database and
Rose Ann thanked the AGA Board Members for all their         queried for key words to indicate candidate match. If
help and support. She reminded the members that we           you aren’t using the right words to describe your
are the largest chapter in Southern California. We           employment experiences, then your resume might be

September 2004 The Bottom Line 3
rejected before it’s ever seen. Review key words your
resume uses to:                                               They connect to corporate bottom-line objectives.
                                                              How can you help them save time, save money,
Describe your dream job. Do your qualifications match         increase their profit margin, improve sales, or increase
the job description? Look closely at areas listing your       revenue?
technical skills, job responsibilities and core
competencies.                                                 While the Internet is still a great tool for job seekers to
                                                              connect quickly with employers, take steps to insure
Attract your desired industry. Are you using industry         your resume won’t get lost in the void. Before you send
buzzwords? In other words, does your resume talk their        your resume off to the Great Cyber Beyond, use these
talk?                                                         three tips to make sure your resume gets the attention it
Attract your occupational field. Do the phrases you           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
use prove your level of experience in your field?             Deborah Walker, CCMC
                                                              Resume Writer ~ Career Coach
Use the Correct Electronic Version                            To see resume format samples and read more job-
                                                              search tips visit
If your resume can’t be opened as an attachment, then it      Email:
can’t be seen. Because of the threat of computer
viruses many companies only accept resumes through
their own online forms which ask you to cut and paste
(rather than attach) your resume. Make sure you are
sending your resume in a format that will work for the

If a resume attachment is requested: Save your
resume as a Word document (.doc or .rtf). This is the                        MEMBER OF THE MONTH
standard most companies use, and it should retain the
formatting that you used for your resume. But just in
case they use a different word processing program than                        BIOGRAPHY: Pat Sharrit
yours, you should still avoid using too many fancy            It is a coincidence that our speaker this month is going
formatting options, such as columns, boxes and tables.        to be talking about “customer service” because our
                                                              Member of the Month, Pat Sharrit, is also concerned
If an email or online form is used: Use ASCII, plain          with giving good customer service. She values the way
text, or text only. This removes formatting, but the          her employees demonstrate this concept of treating
information is preserved. Be sure to review your resume       people with respect and dignity. And likewise, I’ve heard
before sending it so that it is still easy to read and user   it said that Pat is a down-to-earth, personable and
friendly.                                                     intelligent person who is nice to work for. She say’s the
                                                              best thing about her current job is working with all the
Differentiate Your Resume from the Crowd                      strong, professional people at the Auditor/Controller and
                                                              that she is very proud to be a part of the Department.
There are dozens of fast food restaurants that sell
hamburgers and fries. How do you choose which one             Pat has been a member of AGA since 1987. Speakers
you want? Chances are, one of those restaurants has a         she enjoys are the income tax update speaker and the
differentiating edge, something that you like better than     fraud speakers – I think most would agree with Ms.
all the others. The job market is the same way; it’s          Sharrit that those are the most interesting.
flooded with choices, so you have to make your resume
stand out from all the competition.                           What I found most refreshing about Ms. Sharrit was her
                                                              candidness. She begins her educational background
The best way to differentiate your resume from others is      with a story of a high-school drop-out and a teenage
with accomplishments. And those accomplishments               mother, then goes on to say how she was fortunate
really stand out when:                                        enough to be at home with her daughter in her
                                                              daughters formative years. She went back to school to
They are measurable. Can you define how much you              finish her high school diploma, then begin a course of
accomplished in dollars saved, contracts won, or percent      study which would lead her to be an accountant. She
changed?                                                      finished her AA at Valley College, then her BA in
                                                              business (accounting concentration) at Cal State San
They support your transferable skills. Can your skills        Bernardino, then continued to complete her Masters
be used by this company, even if your job experience is       Degree. She did this all while she was working for the
in a different industry? What skills will transfer from one   County of San Bernardino. I found this to be an inspiring
job to another?                                               story. While mom has made very well for herself, she
                                                              instilled such values in her children that her daughter is
September 2004 The Bottom Line 4
now a Veterinarian near Manhattan Beach and her son,           Interest (105)                         $     .33
born one year and one day after her daughter, is in his        Fundraising Income (107)               $ 180.00
final year of Medical school in Madison, Wisconsin.
                                                                  Total Receipts:                     $1,323.33
Perhaps it was her intrinsic instinct to not appoint         Expenditures:
anyone as her “hero” that has contributed to her               Meals (201)                            $1,005.00
success. For Pat never had a childhood hero and                CEC Lunches (214)                      $ 129.50
always believed that she could do whatever was put in             Total Expenditures:                 $1,134.50
front of her without too much difficulty. She receives the   Ending Balance:                          $7,248.76
periodic insight from co-workers and is quite thankful to
have those people in her life.                                                      May 2004
                                                             Beginning Balance:                       $7,248.76
On Pat’s “life’s-to-do” list remains “I must go to           Receipts:
Antarctica and fly in a hot air balloon, not at the same
time”!                                                         Luncheon Meetings (102)                $1,270.00
                                                               Interest (105)                         $     .34
This was certainly a delightful biography to write and I       Fundraising Income (107)               $ 500.00
certainly hope the readers will be equally delighted in           Total Receipts:                     $1,770.34
reading. Congratulations Pat!                                Expenditures:
                                                               Meals (201)                            $1,140.00
                                                               Fundraising Expense (202)              $ 200.00
                                                               Scholarships (203)                     $ 500.00
                                                               Gifts (207)                            $ 10.84
                                                               Charitable Contributions (211)         $ 500.00
                                                               General Supplies (212)                 $    3.22
                                                               PDC Conferences (213)                  $ 1,775.00
Please give a warm welcome to the following new
members:                                                       CEC Lunches (214)                      $ 205.00
                                                                  Total Expenditures:                 $ 4,334.06
Tony Bellanca – Retired                                      Ending Balance:                          $ 4,685.04

Javier Carcamo – San Bernardino County Auditor                                    June 2004
Controller Recorder                                          Beginning Balance:                       $4,685.04
Tony Carrillo                                                  Luncheon Meetings (102)                $ 32.00
                                                               Chapter Dues (103)                     $ 834.00
Maryln Catalon - San Bernardino County Auditor                 Interest (105)                         $    .26
Controller Recorder
                                                                  Total Receipts:                     $ 866.26
Marion Haberkorn - San Bernardino County Auditor             Expenditures:
Controller Recorder                                            Meals (201)                            $ 300.00
                                                               Officer & Committee Gifts (205)        $ 107.74
Diane Hernandez - San Bernardino County Auditor                CEC Lunches (214)                      $( 25.00)
Controller Recorder                                            Checking Account Fees (215)            $    25.00
Eduardo Ilarraza – Student                                        Total Expenditures:                 $ 407.74
                                                             Ending Balance:                          $ 5,143.56
Erica Jennings - San Bernardino County Auditor
Controller Recorder

Donna Vickers – San Bernardino County – County

                       FINANCIALS                                              AGA HOME PAGE
                        April 2004                  National Website
Beginning Balance:                        $7,059.93 Chapter Website
Receipts:                                                    Additional Resources
  Conferences & Seminars (101)            $ 99.00            Also, look under “Government Financial Management
  Luncheon Meetings (102)                 $1,044.00          Resources” on the Internet. This section has links to most

September 2004 The Bottom Line 5
of the accounting organizations, standards setting bodies   Sr. Admin Analyst
and federal agencies.                                       UCR
Also:                                                       $3,766 - $5,266 per month
Check out these websites                                                               Deadline: Open Until Filled                                                  MEMBER NEWS                                    Craig    Hughes      was     promoted     to   Cash
                                                            Manager/Investment Officer for San Bernardino County
           EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES                         Treasurer Tax Collector

                                                            Hee Owens has been promoted to Accountant II at San
                                                            Bernardino County Child Support Services

                                                            My Nguyen has been promoted to Supervising
Check the County of San Bernardino Website for more         Accountant II at San Bernardino County Treasurer Tax
information on all positions, and more.                     Collector
                                                            Mike O’Kelly has been promoted to Treasurer - Tax
HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT                                  Collector Finance Officer at San Bernardino County
157 WEST FIFTH STREET, FIRST FLOOR                          Treasurer Tax Collector
(909) 387-8304 TDD (909) 387-6091 FAX (909) 387-            Marty Williams is retiring from San Bernardino County
5792                                                        after 31.75 years of dedicated) service. Congratulations
                                                            and enjoy your retirement!
Cal State San Bernardino Website
                                                            Suzanne Pekar was promoted to Staff Analyst II at San
                                                            Bernardino County Airports.
County of Riverside Website

University of California-Riverside

Admin Analyst/Specialist (Exempt)
$3,490 - $5,235 per month                                                PROFESSIONAL ARTICLE
                                                            By Bobbi Albano
Deadline: Open Until Filled
                                                                            The Art of Schmooze
Principal Auditor                                           What is schmooze? Before listening to a brilliant
UCR                                                         presentation by a talented young lady, I thought of
$4,133 - $5,792 per month                                   schmooze as some sort of lowly activity used only by the            worst politicians. When accused of schmoozing, I would
Deadline: Open Until Filled                                 become offended. The following article brings a short
                                                            synopsis of the presentation that changed my
Principal Admin Analyst                                     perspective on schmooze.
$4,133 - $5,792 per month                                   Susan RoAne, MA, best selling author and keynote            speaker, gave a seminar about how to network
Deadline: Open Until Filled                                 successfully which is based on her book How To Work A
                                                            Room(r) and What Do I Say Next?. This delightful and
                                                            inspiring talk was the perfect medicine for 1,500 people
Admin Analyst                                               who don’t know each other, who are staying at the same
UCR                                                         hotel and who are attending many of the same classes
$37,300 - $52,200 per year                                  for three days together.
Deadline: Open Until Filled

September 2004 The Bottom Line 6
The author began with the common “road blocks” to             begs the next question, giving the conversation a great
getting to know one another. These are things that we         way to start.
tell ourselves that stop us from meeting new people.
The first is by assuming that we have nothing in
common with the other person. She then explained that
by being in the same room we DO have something in
common. We are in the same place at the same time,
giving ample commonality to begin with. The second
road block is a tradition or formality that we often adhere   You all remember the famous quote, “Good thing come
to, but that keeps us from meeting new people. It is the      to those who wait”. Susan has her own version of this,
idea that we must be “properly introduced”. In a room         “Good things come to those who initiate”. So, after we
where very few people know the vast majority, it is highly    have met someone and introduced ourselves, then
unlikely that there will be anyone to “introduce” you to      what? The best minglers are those who bring something
new people; therefore we must take this on as a solo          into the conversation. Some ways to do this are to read
task.                                                         the newspaper and know what is going on in your city,
                                                              your county, your state, your country and the world.
So, what is the benefit of meeting new people? Why            Taking Ms. RoAne’s advise to heart, an amusing
should I waste my time when I may never see this              (embarrassing) thing happened to me on the shuttle ride
person again? Susan explained that in the “information        back to the airport. There were three groups of people
age” that we live in, if nothing else, people are a           on the shuttle, broken into groups of two. Obviously
resource. There is something to be learned from               these people knew each other, so breaking into the
EVERYONE we meet. Even if that something is that we           conversation would prove to be a challenge. At first I
don’t like to see a man wear a particular color, or that a    made eye contact and smiled. I made an attempt to say
certain word doesn’t sound right when said in a               hello, but the group closest to me was actively engaged
particular context; you get my meaning…                       in conversation. So, when the shuttle arrived and the
                                                              two went their separate ways, I approached the gal who
Susan then went on to give the audience an exercise.          was headed in my direction. Earlier that day, my son
We were to get up, because you “can’t meet a room on          remarked that United Airlines was going bankrupt. He
your tush”, and meet three people in five minutes. There      had read a headline on the local paper. So I decided I
are some things you can do to make yourself more              would use this useful piece of information to start up an
“approachable”, she goes on to explain. Most people           intelligent conversation. I said to the woman, “did you
DO want to be approached, because it makes you feel           know that United Airlines is going bankrupt?” She
like you are noticed. How many times have you gone to         looked at me in a puzzled way, and then realizing that I
an event that you know very few people at and ended up        did not know this, she explained, “they have been for
not talking to anyone? You probably felt like everyone        years.” Oops! I should have read the article instead of
was snobby and ended up feeling as the whole thing            relying on the headline! So, my piece of advise to go
was a waste of your time. Susan gives two tips to             along with Susan’s is, be sure you know enough
making yourself become more “approachable”. One,              information about what you want to talk about.
stand alone. It is much easier to walk up to someone
who is standing by themselves, rather than breaking into      The last thing Susan talked about in this segment of the
a group of two. The second is to make eye contact.            presentation was to notice when you are being invited to
Instead of standing there looking into your drink,            conversate. If someone approaches you and introduces
(portfolio, purse, whatever..), smile at people and make      themselves, don’t excuse yourself to get some coffee.
eye contact. Similarly, look around for those people who      Instead, ask this potential friend if they would also like
are standing alone, because they too, did not come to         some coffee. You never know what you might learn and
the event to stand alone. “The best ideas are not             what opportunities await you by engaging in this
generated alone, they came from people with networks          particular conversation.
outside the organization” (Ratheon).
                                                              Here are some tips that Ms. RoAne offered to keep your
Next, bring “who you are” into “what you do”. By this         networking friends:
she means instead of introducing yourself as “Robert, I           1. Always acknowledge when that person has
am the Senior Vice President of Lawfirms International”,             helped you in some way. Sent a card of thanks,
try something like “Hi, I’m Robert, and I keep rich people           take them to lunch, etc.
out of jail”. So in other words, instead of just giving the       2. Stay in touch, even when you don’t need
“facts”, add some of your personality into the                       anything.
introduction. Susan describes this as relating what you           3. Pick up the phone and touch base. Find out
do to the people you help. This kind of description                  what is going on with them and keep
leaves behind any pretentiousness you may be tempted                 knowledgeable about events in their life.
to put forth and focuses your job (which may have a very
boring title) on who you are helping. Also, when              In her second segment of the presentation, Susan gives
introducing yourself the way I am suggesting, this also       useful tips to keep the conversation going. She does

September 2004 The Bottom Line 7
this with the following trick to remember. “What do you                    CEC MEETING MINUTES
do when you are up a creek without a paddle?” OAR:                         Wednesday, May 19, 2004
O       -        Observe
A       -        Ask questions                              Attendees: RoseAnn Trujillo, Bobbi Albano, Allison
                                                            Edmisten, Christina Havens, Daniel Cabet, Vicki De La
R       -        Reveal                                     Cruz, Diane Hernandez, Rhonda Neill, Dawn Peterson,
                                                            Al Gonzalez, Nancy Clarke, Babbi Bhasin.
If a woman has on a striking broach, she is begging you
to come speak with her. You might approach this             Bobbi opened the meeting by announcing Board
woman with a comment like, “what a beautiful broach,        Members for 2004-2005:
where did you get it?” Likewise, if you are going to an     President – Bobbie Albano, President Elect – Allison
event where it is likely that you will need to meet new     Edmisten, Treasurer – Dawn Peterson, Secretary –
people, wear a unique piece of jewelry, or a brightly       Christina Havens, Membership – David Bobbitt,
colored scarf. These items will help other people to        Newsletter – Rhonda Neill, Employment Chair – Al
approach you. This is an element of OBSERVATION.            Gonzalez, Awards – Pat Maitre, Community Service
                                                            Chair – OPEN, CGFM – Nancy Clarke, Reservations –
Next, ask questions of your potential networking friend.    Linda Kjeldgaard, Seminar Chair – Daniel Cabet,
“How was your trip here? I hope you didn’t have to drive    Historian (Pictures) – Evelyn Bobbitt, Webmaster –
in this morning’s traffic? This is sure to be a             Diane Hernandez, Community Outreach – Babbi Bhasin,
conversation starter because, generally, people love to     Co Community Outreach – Cindy Mendez, Member of
talk about themselves. This represents the above            the Month – OPEN (Rhonda Neill will be the back-up),
component of ASK QUESTIONS.                                 Fundraising Committee – OPEN.
Next, once you have asked a few questions, now it is        Christina presented the financial report and indicated our
your turn to REVEAL something about yourself. Now,          bottom line is continuing to increase.
use discretion when revealing. Some people will tell you
their life story, but we don’t want to do that. Keep your   RoseAnn indicated that for year 2003-2004 we earned
conversation relevant to the reason you are there at that   16,225 points for our Chapter. We were awarded the
particular event.                                           Gold award and “just missed” Platinum. We did very
                                                            well on Community Service Points this year.
Susan reminds us that the biggest talk is small talk…
because, small talk leads to big talk.                      RoseAnn encouraged all CEC members to select a few
                                                            names off the list that was handed out and to call these
Three last tips she gives to be a good schmoozer are:       individuals to remind them to renew their memberships
    1. Borrow other peoples lives. If nothing very          by May 31,2004 in order for our chapter to receive more
        interesting has happened to you recently, talk      points.
        about what may have happened to your Aunt, or
        you neighbor.                                       Bobbi and Vicki are currently in the process of sending
    2. Be a name dropper. If you know someone from          out thank you cards to all the vendors who supplied
        the area that your potential friend comes from,     items for the scholarship raffle. Bobbi has already sent
        ask if she knows her. Stranger things have          out 7 thank you cards. Also, Babbi (the recipient of the
        happened!                                           scholarship award) sent a thank you card regarding her
    3. Be a conversational chameleon. Change your           scholarship she received. This thank you letter will be
        style when your partner changes. Some people        published in the next newsletter.
        are uncomfortable with certain words or certain
        topics, so read that person and adapt to their      Diane will update the website listing all Board Members
        comfort level.                                      for 2004-2005 and will also remind everyone that our
    4. Read the newspaper. Turn on the news for a           meetings will start again the second Wednesday in
        while. Get a good idea about what is going on in    September.
        the world around you. These items make great
        conversation!                                       Bobbi and Nancy suggested a few potential speakers for
                                                            the upcoming year. Bobbi also suggested different
You can visit Susan RoAne’s website and take the            location possibilities for our meetings.
Schmooze Quotient at
                                                            We will have a CEC meeting in July and August as we
                                                            are preparing for a seminar in September.

                                                            RoseAnn encouraged all CEC members to try and
                                                            attend the leadership training on Saturday, August 21 at
                                                            the Radison.

September 2004 The Bottom Line 8
Bobbi motioned for CEC to provide Daniel with $1000 to
help offset the costs of his PDC attendance. Nancy                   AGA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
seconded the motion, with the motion carried                               CONFERENCE ARTICLE
unanimously.                                                            Travel tips for Conference Goers
                                                                                 By Bobbi Albano
Bobbi will send all CEC members a copy of the new
CEC Board for next year.                                     For many of you, going to a conference means packing
                                                             a few nice outfits, getting on a plane and enjoying the
Rhonda will provide training for Bobbi and Allison           hotel, food and amenities. However, if you are a first-
regarding the points system for our Chapter.                 time Conference goer, there are a few things you should
If we (Inland Empire Chapter) plan to host the San Diego
PDC in 2006 at least two members will need to set up a
booth for information at the Orlando PDC in 2005. We
will need 20 volunteers to host the San Diego PDC. All
volunteers will have their admission to the PDC paid for
and Daniel will verify the hotel/travel expenses that will
be covered. We have the option of meeting with another
chapter to learn about their experiences hosting a PDC.
 Bobbi and Allison will put a Committee together for the
Orlando PDC.
                                                             When I booked my flight, RSVP’d for the Conference
Daniel asked for volunteers for Regional Coordinator         and made my hotel reservations, I thought that the hard
positions which included Membership, CGFM,                   part was over; that the rest would be a piece of cake. As
Community Service and Education.                             the date got closer, however, I began to read the
                                                             Conference literature and was going over the vast
Bobbi will send all information regarding the September      number of training sessions, workshops and classes that
seminar to Allison.                                          I would be present at. The first item that I had to attend
                                                             to was the suggestion to dress in “business casual”.
RoseAnn suggested that next year an email be sent to         That meant that I didn’t have to buy a new set of luggage
all members notifying them of nominations and                that included a suit hangar. But that did mean that I
applicable deadlines so that members can be more             would have to venture the department stores to discover
involved in nominations. Daniel suggested that we try to     just exactly what “business casual” really was. Now,
recruit 2-4 new CEC members each year.                       shopping is one of my favorite hobbies, so I wasn’t too
                                                             disappointed to have to pick out a few casual, but nice
RoseAnn adjourned the meeting.                               outfits I would wear to all the exciting classes I would be
                   COMMUNITY SERVICE
Please donate whole blood, plasma or platelettes.
It’s the gift of life! Our chapter has an ongoing
blood drive with the Blood Bank of San Bernardino
and Riverside Counties for the community blood
plan. Please write “GCAG” in the donor group or e-
mail Rhonda Neill at if you
have questions. Donor centers are located in San             I packed my bags the night before the conference, and
Bernardino (885-6503), Riverside (687-2530), Ontario         ventured out the next morning at 4:00 am on my journey
(987-3158), High Desert (760-949-6344) and Upland            to Los Angeles International Airport. My idea was that I
(920-0625). You can donate whole blood anytime but           could save money by purchasing an airline ticket that
must make an appointment for plasma or platelettes.          flew from LAX to Baltimore, with two lay-overs, and
                                                             shuttle into Washington D.C. I saved money on the
                                                             airline fare, but little did I realize that shuttle service is
                                                             not “economical” and parking at the airport is not free.

                                                             My drive to LAX was indeed fascinating. I had not
                                                             driven to Los Angeles in quite some time and I failed to
                                                             write down any freeway instructions. After arriving in
                                                             Hollywood at 6:10 am, it was obvious that I was not
                                                             going to make my flight. I frantically called my husband,
                                                             who was enjoying his sleep, to ask him how to get to the
                                                             airport. I arrived at the airport at 6:30 am (my flight was

September 2004 The Bottom Line 9
leaving at 6:40 am), parked in the “short-term” parking         break, I went upstairs to freshen up. I sat on the bed,
lot, and resigned myself to the fact that I would have to       fell over and didn’t wake until lunchtime. I guess I was
call my husband and ask him to pick up the car. I               exhausted!
rushed to the check-in counter only to find out that I
would be flying stand-by.

At 9:00 am, my new flight left for Washington. I was
relieved by the fact that I was able to move the car to
“long-term” parking and still be able to get to Baltimore
with plenty of time to get to Washington and register for
my next three days of professional development.

                                                                I learn something new everytime I travel. Furthermore,
                                                                the lessons I learned this time were so numerous that I
                                                                felt compelled to share them with others who may be
                                                                preparing for a conference in the near future. The
                                                                following are just a few of the items to put on your punch

I had taken my younger son on a trip earlier this year,         1.       Business casual is a term used to describe any
and thought it would be nice to take my older son with          type of attire, ranging from a business suit to Capri’s and
me to Washington D.C. to see our Nations Capitol. Mind          sandals.
you, he is 14. My idea was that he could go and see the         2.       Bring a camera, the stores around the hotels
City while I attended the conference and in the evening         charge an arm and a leg for these type’s of items.
we could go have dinner and see more sites.                     3.       Do Not try to save money! Fly directly to your
                                                                destination and don’t plan on using a shuttle service
                                                                unless it is provided by your hotel.
                                                                4.       Do Not park at the airport. Swallow your pride
                                                                and ask for a ride!
                                                                5.       Bring your bathing suit and tennis shoes. The
                                                                hotel pool will not let you swim without a suit and the
                                                                hotel gym will not let you work out without the proper
                                                                shoes. There is the chance that you will not feel like
                                                                taking the subway to sight-see, so be prepared to stay at
The airplane ride was uneventful and flew straight              the hotel.
through to Baltimore. I gathered our luggage and went                6.       Do Not take a teenager. Enough said.
in search of a shuttle. The shuttle price shook me a
little, but being so tired, I relented to the cost and prided
myself on not taking a cab, which would have cost much
more. The shuttle carried 4 passengers, me and my
son, for a total of 6 people – that required 5 stops. Two
and a half hours later, we finally arrived at the hotel. My
son remarked that we got to see the part of Washington
D.C. that they don’t show on the postcards! How true.           7.       Learn how to tip before arriving at the airport.
By the time we reached our destination, the registration        There has got to be a book that guides travelers on the
booths had shut down and we were starving. After a              persons and amounts to tip. I can’t find it, but it must
very expensive meal, we turned in for the evening.              exist!
                                                                8.       Plan to arrive a few days earlier or staying a few
                                                                days extra if you want to see the area. You will be too
                                                                tired to do it after the conference festivities at the end of
                                                                the day.
                                                                9.       If you attend all the training sessions, be
                                                                prepared to arrive home very tired. Take an extra day
                                                                off of work to avoid having to call in sick.
                                                                10.      Finally, bring a watch. Just in case the hotel
To summarize, the conference was wonderful. My son              does not have a clock.
spent nearly the entire three days in the room watching
television. I couldn’t pay him to go see the City. He did,
however, venture to the McDonalds that sat across the
street from the hotel. I attended every session I could,
taking notes and writing out what I would report to our
Chapter about. By the third day, during one morning

September 2004 The Bottom Line 10
Inland Empire Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants
Training Events Calendar
                        (May be subject to change, notice will be given and calendar will be updated)

SEPTEMBER                                         DATE            FEATURED                CPE
Community Service event – Donate Blood!
     Regular Meeting                              09/08/04        M. Uffer                1
     CEC Board Meeting                            09/15/04                                0

Community Service event – Please bring your non-perishable food items to October Meeting to participate in this
worthy event!
       Regular Meeting                     10/13/04      M. Scolfield          1
       GASB Mini Seminar                   10/18/04      J. Fountain           4
       CEC Board Meeting                   10/20/04                            0

Community Service event – Donate Blood!
     Regular Meeting                              11/10/04        C. Young                1
     CEC Board Meeting                            11/17/04                                0

Community Service event – Please bring your new, unwrapped toy to the December Meeting to participate in this
Holiday event!
       Regular Meeting                     12/07/04     FBI                   1
       CEC Board Meeting                   12/15/04                           0

Membership Drive – all who become NEW members between January 12, 2005 and February 9, 2005 will receive a
FREE February meeting including lunch! You must provide proof of new Membership to participate.
      Regular Meeting                     01/12/05      Dr. Mintz           1
      CEC Board Meeting                   01/19/05                          0

Community Service event – Please bring new blankets or clothing to the February meeting to participate! These
items go to homeless shelters and safe havens for victims of violence. Bring your proof of NEW membership
purchased between January 12, 2005 and February 9, 2005 and receive a FREE meeting, including lunch!
       Regular Meeting                      02/09/05       Tax Update             1
       CEC Board Meeting                    02/16/05                              0
       Training Conference                  02/25/05       S. Boyars              8

Community Service event – Donate Blood!
     Regular Meeting                              03/09/05        RPD                     1
     CEC Board Meeting                            03/16/05                                0

September 2004 The Bottom Line 11
Community Service event – Please bring your dollar bills to purchase 50/50 tickets! Proceeds will go to purchase
flowers for chronically ill or critical care/intensive care unit waiting areas of local hospitals.
       Regular Meeting                            04/13/05        B. Derrick              1
       CEC Board Meeting                          04/20/05                                0
       Mini Seminar                               04/28/05        TBA                     4

Community Service event – Donate Blood!
     Regular Meeting                            05/11/05        Awards                  1
     CEC Board Meeting                          05/18/08        New Leaders             0

TOTAL CPE OFFERED                                                                       25

       If you have any questions, or would like to comment please call Bobbi Albano at (909) 387-8237 or email at:

September 2004 The Bottom Line 12
     C/o Rhonda Neill
     35484 Shade Tree Road
     Yucaipa, CA 92399

     President                      Bobbi Albano        909-387-8237
     President-Elect                Allison Edmisten    909-387-2275
     Secretary                      Christina Havens    909-885-7980
     Treasurer                      Dawn Peterson       909-386-8875
     Past-President                 Rose Ann Trujillo   909-386-8977
     Community Services             Vicki Dela Cruz     909-386-8804
     Scholarships/Awards            Patty Maitre        909-387-8176
     Memberships                    David Bobbitt       909-798-7520
     Employment                     Al Gonzales         909-387-8180
     Newsletter                     Rhonda Neill        909-387-8125
     CGFM Coordinator               Nancy Clarke        909-386-9043
     Reservations                   Linda Kjeldgaard    909-383-9627
     Website Coordinator            Diane Hernandez     909-386-9020
     AUDIT                          Mozifar Sharifi     909-383-9811
     Western Regional VP Elect      David Bell          916-498-6649
     Western Regional VP            Daniel Cabet        909-358-3778
     Past Western Reg VP            Rhonda Neill        909-387-8125

September 2004 The Bottom Line 13

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