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					Rotation Curriculum Goals & Objectives

                                     Pediatric Imaging

3rd Rotation (PGY3 or PGY4)

Rotation Goal

Refine knowledge of congenital anomalies. Expand skills to perform more complicated
fluoroscopic procedures, including therapeutic reduction of intussusception. Communicate
effectively with patients/families and to the referring clinicians. Independently dictate accurate
and concise reports for MRI’s and more difficult CT’s and ultrasounds. Teach and guide junior
residents and medical students.

Level of Supervision

Graduated responsibility based on skill level and medical knowledge under the direct
supervision of radiology faculty.

Teaching Methods

   •   one-on-one teaching by faculty in the reading rooms
   •   didactic conferences
   •   case conferences
   •   journal club/colloquia presented by residents
   •   self-directed textbook study
   •   case-based teaching: residents present one interesting case every day and discuss
   •   prepare one topic daily from “Top 20 Pediatric Emergency Topics” – based on the
       ABR/SPR Guidelines

Assessment Methods

   •   online evaluations by faculty at end of each rotation (New Innovations)
   •   360-degree evaluations by radiology nurses and technicians at end of each rotation
   •   direct feedback from faculty during the rotation
   •   regular meetings with assigned mentors

Program Evaluations

   •   online evaluation of rotation by residents at the end of each four-week rotation
   •   quarterly evaluation of individual faculty effectiveness (online)
   •   bi-annual evaluation of program for review by Medical Education Committee (online)

Educational Resources

Fundamentals of Pediatric Radiology, Donnelly
Fundamentals of Diagnostic Imaging, Pediatric Radiology chapter, Brant & Helms
Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Radiology Modules
   ACR Learning Files – online
   ACR Case in Point – online
   Pediatric Sonography, Siegel
   Pediatric Body CT, Siegel
   Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatrics, Donnelly
   Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatric Neuroradiology, Barkovich

                            PEDIATRIC IMAGING – 3RD ROTATION (PGY3 OR 4)

                                                                                                  Patient Care


                                                                                                                             Practice Based




1 Refine knowledge of congenital anomalies                                                         X                X
2 Refine and expand skills to perform more complicated fluoroscopic procedures, including
                                                                                                   X                X              X               X
  diagnostic and therapeutic fluoroscopic reduction of intussusception
3 Communicate effectively with patients/families the significant findings and be able to answer    X                X              X               X             X                   X
  their questions about further recommendations
4 Contact referring physicians with significant findings and act as a consultant regarding        X               X            X
                                                                                                                                                X                 X                  X
  further imaging studies tailored to specific pathology
5 Independently dictate clear and concise reports for CT, ultrasound, MRI                                           X              X               X
6 Teach and guide junior residents and medical students                                                             X              X               X              X
7 Improve knowledge of congenital anomalies and the normal developmental differences
                                                                                                   X                X              X
  between different age groups
8 Participate in teaching and guiding medical students and junior-level residents                  X                X              X               X              X               X

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