Holiday Hw for class V by stariya


									                                       RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
                                     HOLIDAYS HOME WORK OF CLASS – V
                                             SESSION 2011-2012
Instructions:- Home work should be done on rule sheets and kept in the folder. Students to decorate the folder and
bring back on reopening day.

ENGLISH- 1. write three weekend diary entries describing your experiences during vacation.
        2. work book – complete unit 01, 02 and 03.
       3. Everyday English grammar book – ch – 12 ( comprehension – b)
       4. Real English – Read ch- 3 and 5 and write summary in brief in your English lang note book
       5. Project - Prepare Power Point presentation on ..
                    Roll no 1- 8 – nouns, roll no 9-16 – pronouns, roll no 17-24 – verbs and roll no 25-34- adverbs.

Science: Activities
    1. Germination of seed using seeds of gram or pulses.
    2. Draw the pictures of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores on drawing sheets.
    3. Draw diagram of flower on thermocole or chart and decorate it with pulses or dals.
    4. Paste any six dry flowers in scrap book and write few lines about them.
    5. Read ch-2 and 6 thoroughly and frame atleast ten short questions from each chapter in Science note book.

S.Sci: 1. Read ch- 4 and 5 thoroughly and work out exercises given.
     2. Cut out weather reports from the newspaper for a week and paste them in on scrap book.
     3. Paste the pictures of different animals found in the African continent and paste them In scrap book.
     4. Make collage of different seasons (Take Half Sheet and Paste the pictures of different seasons on it)
     5. On a ball make boundaries of all water bodies and continents . Colour the water bodies as blue and land masses
          as green.

Computer: 1. Make a file in Ms-Word based on generations of computers along with pictures.
        2. Take print out ( colour or black and white) at least 5-6 pages and arrange them in a file.

Art:    1. Language of art – pages 18, 20,21,32.
        2. Activity book- pages 6,19,30,38and 28.

Maths: 1.       Make Abacus using thermocol, beads and sticks
        2.      Make a chart of Roman Number using match sticks ( 50- 100)
        3.      Find out the capacity of overhead water tank in your home
        4.      Calculate the amount of milk you consume in one week and also find out the capacity of curd made
        from 1 liter of milk.
        5.      Make the estimate budget of your expenditure of one week on A-4 size sheet
        6.      Calculate the amount of electricity bill of your house of last six months
        7.      Make Piggy Bank of cubical shape and save the money daily. Calculate the total amount you saved
during vacation. Bring the Piggy Bank to school as a proof.
Note: Do the calculations regarding above questions in rule sheets book.

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