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   t. +44 (0)7855 475758                           Based in Bristol; renting privately in London and with family in          Snail Mail:
   e:                   Cardiff and Liverpool. Ready to work anywhere with my own                 5 Hillside, Cotham                          equipment and transport.                                                  Bristol BS6 6JP

S v e t l a n a Miko
Solution finder, sharp eye/mind, friendly and professional at all times.
                                                                                             FILM &
                                                                                             Digital      2    nd
First Aid, H&S BBC trained, PADI Open Water Diver.
Nationality: British                                                                       ASSISTANT
Selected credits:
Title                  Position               DOP/Operator                  Focus Puller                   Camera                  Prod
“Dr. Who” 11           2 Camera Assistant     Kevin Rudge                   Kevin Scott                    Arri 435                BBC
TV Drama Series        (dailies)                                                                           Sony F35
“Sarah Jane            2nd Camera Assistant   Mark Waters                   Rob McGregor                   Sony HDW-790P           BBC
Adventures” 3          (dailies)              / Martin Stevens
TV Drama Series
“The Queen”            2nd Camera Assistant   Nick Dance                    Rob McGregor                   Sony HDW-F900           Blast Films / Channel4
DocuDrama              (dailies)              / Graham Smith
"Casualty”             Camera Assistant       Richard Mahoney, Jaz          Shirley Schumacher,            Sony DVW-970P           BBC
TV Series              (24 episodes)          Castleton, Peter              Duncan Fowlie, Keith
                                              Chapman…                      Bainton…
“Skins” 4              Camera Trainee         Nick Dance                    Rob McGregor                   Sony HDW 750p           Channel 4
TV Drama Series        (dailies)
“Survivors” 2          Camera Trainee         Alan Almond / Joe Russell,    “Skip” Peter Howard,           Arri D-21               BBC
TV Drama Series        (dailies)              Adam Suschitzky               Sam Smith
"Mistresses” 2         Camera Trainee         James Welland, Lukas          “Skip” Peter Howard            Arri 416                Ecosse Films / BBC
TV Drama Series        (dailies)              Strebel
“Being Human”          Camera Trainee         Nic Morris BSC                “The Vicar” Rod Marley         Sony HDW-F900           Touchpaper Films / BBC
Series 1 & 2           (dailies)              / Roger Pearce
TV Drama Series
“Four Seasons”         Camera Assistant       Tony Imi                      n/a                            Sony HDW-750P           Gate Filmproduktion /
TV Drama               (dailies)              / Guy Littlemore                                                                     Hallmark
“Strongblood”          Clapper Loader         Stephan Pehrsson              Jules Ogan                     Arri 435 Xtreme         Heart & Fire Films

                                  Mob. +44 (0)7855 475758     
                                                             RELIABLE & UP FOR CHALLENGES

Feature Films:
Title               Position                        Camera                           DOP                        Prod
"Bodyguard: A New   Camera Assistant                Panasonic AG-HVX200 HD P2 with   Steven Priovolos           Intense Productions Ltd
Beginning”                                          P&S Adaptor
"The Snare"         Camera Assistant                Sony HDW-750                     Steven Jarod               Ogunde films
"Opus"              Camera Assistant                Sony HDW-F900                    Martin Hill                Tell Tale productions
“Saidi’s Song”      Camera Assistant                Panasonic AG-HVX200 HD P2 with   Harald Beeker              BlackWing Productions
                                                    Movietube Adaptor
ProMix (TV, Commercials, Promos & Documentaries):
Title                Position                        Camera                          DOP                        Prod
“Rapunzel - the
                     2nd Camera Assistant            Red Camera                      Peter Talbot               Sisters Grimm Ltd
final chapter”
 “Silvery” Promo     Camera Loader                   Aaton XTR                       Vincent De Paula           Blow Up Records
“Karma” Promo        Clapper Loader                  Aaton LTR                       Dir Sheridan DeMyers       F2R Films2Remember
“The Plane” Comm     Clapper Loader                  Thompson Viper HD               Dan Mulligan               Inhouse
Short Films:
Title                Position                        Camera                          DOP                        Prod
"Kid"                Clapper Loader                  Moviecam SL and Arri SR3        Samuel Care                NFTS
"Red Hood"           Clapper Loader                  Aaton XTR                       Vincent De Paula           Ambos Pictures and Navin Dev
“The Prodigals”      Clapper Loader                  Arri SR3                        Merritt Gold               Public Pictures
“Punch Drunk”        Camera Assistant                Aaton XTR                       Vincent De Paula           Fidget Film
“Reality won’t bite” Camera Assistant                Arri SR 3                       Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi        NFTS
"Disappearing        Camera Assistant                Arri SR3                        Morgan Peline              Andy Newberry Productions
Training and Other Experience:
      First Aid Certificate 2009
      Health&Safety H&S BBC trained 2008
      PADI Open Water Diver 2010
      GBCT (Guild of British Camera Technicians) Trainee course 2009 - w/ Axel Ulrich, Renee Willis, Milos Moore
      16&35mm Camera Familiarisation NFTS short course - w/ Rod Marley, Ted Deason & Jason Coop (2006)
      Hire Department Assistant/Driver – Films@59 Hire – working with HD equipment and cameras (6 months, 2008)
      Arri Media and Panavision visits – kit familiarisation

Fluent Languages: English, Russian, Romanian
Extras: Own kit; Full Driving Licence and own vehicle.
                                Mob. +44 (0)7855 475758       
                                                     RELIABLE & UP FOR CHALLENGES

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