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					RICHARD (Rick) FIKE, SR.                                           STUNT COORDINATOR / STUNTS
HEIGHT: 5’7 ”   WEIGHT: 180 Lbs                                                 SAG MEMBER # CH - 00572878
HAIR: Lt. Brown EYES: Hazel                                                     
JACKET: 42      PANTS: 33/29                                                    State/Federal pyrotechnics licensed
SHIRT: 16 1/2   SHOES: 8 D                                                      CELL: 440.567.0808 OFFICE: 440.428.7008

The Avengers                              Stunts                                                   Marvel Studios
I Alex Cross                              Stunts                                                   IAC, LLC
Seven Below                               Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Driver                         SBZ Productions, LLC
Fun Size                                  Stunt Coordinator                                        Paramount Pictures
Boot Tracks                               Stunt Coordinator                                        Cuyahoga Brothers Productions
Queen City                                SFX Pyrotechnics / Weapons handler                       Galora LLC
Freerunner                                SFX Pyrotechnics / Stunts / Weapons handler              Freerunner LLC
Take Shelter                              Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer / Stunt Driver   Grove Hill Productions
Unstoppable                               Stunts – State Police Officer                            20th Century Fox – Director Tony Scott
Warrior                                   MMA Referee & Consultant                                 SS 3 Productions
Paper Dolls                               Stunt Coordinator / Weapons/ / Police Officer            New Hollywood Studios
Closed For The Season                     Stunt Coordinator / Special Effects Coordinator – Pyro   Shadow Cast Pictures
Samaritan                                 Special Effects Coordinator – Pyrotechnics               Eric Papa Productions
First Hand Encounter                      Stunt Coordinator / Special Effects Coordinator – Pyro   Two Martinis Productions
Clancy                                    Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer                  Kelly’s Filmworks
The Alphabet Killer                       SFX Coordinator / Pyrotechnics & squibs                  Alphabet Killer, LLC
Graduation                                Stunt Coordinator / Swat Leader / Stunt Driving          Graduation Film Production
True Nature                               Stunt Coordinator / SFX                                  Red Oak Productions
Wid Winner and the Slipstream             SFX Coordinator                                          Gaynor Productions
I Tried                                   Weapons Handler                                          Sunset Edit
Survivor                                  SFX Coordinator / Pyrotechnics / Fight Choreographer     Donald Gregory Productions
Carpet Kingdom                            SFX Coordinator / Weapons & Pyrotechnics                 Orange Boy Productions
Soul To Take I & II                       SFX Coordinator / Pyrotechnics / Weapons Handler         Waterstreet Productions, LLC
Horrors Of War                            SFX Coordinator                                          Horrors Of War, LLC
Big Foot                                  Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Driving                        Bob Grey Productions
Don’t Tell (Raising The Dead)             Stunt Coordinator / Stunts                               Raising The Dead Productions, LLC
Bet Your Life                             Stunt Driving                                            Hour By Hour Productions - NBC
Death4Told                                Stunt Coordinator                                        Fearmakers Studios
Martians From Venus                       SFX Coordinator                                          Ages Productions
Sam's First Movie / BOHICA                SFX Coordinator                                          Serpico Filmworks
Welcome To Collinwood                     Stunts / Fight scene / By-stander #1                     Warner Brothers / Lonnie Smith
Out Of The Black                          Stunt Coordinator / Stunts / Coal Miner                  Diversa Films / DeLaurentiis Productions
A Better Way To Die                       Stunt Coordinator / Stunts / Stunt Driving / Fireburn    Columbia / Tri-Star
The Cut Off                               Principal / Salvatore - Attorney                         Screen Action Pictures
Best of the Best III                      Military Guard / Martial Arts / Stunts                   The Movie Group / Simon Rhee
The Babe Ruth Story                       Cameraman / Reporter                                     NBC - Director Mark Tinker
Enemy                                     Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer                  Pattison Productions
A Summer Story (It Runs in the Family)    Police Officer                                           MGM - Director Bob Clark
Double Dragon                             Police Officer / Fight Scene Stunts                      Imperial Entertainment / Jeff Imada

National Geographic “Indestructibles”     SFX Pyrotechnics                                         Story House Productions
Attack Attack Music Video                 SFX Pyrotechnics                                         Thunder Roads Productions
Black Keyes Music Video                   Special Effects / Pyrotechnics, Squibs                   Taillight TV
Comedy Central “Night Shift” @ Snickerz   Stunt Skit                                               Archer Productions
Wu Tang Clan                              Special Effects / Pyrotechnics, Squibs & Fire            Hazardous Materials Productions
MTV Music Video                           Special Effects Coordinator                              Gang 22
Learning Channel/Discovery Channel        Stunt Coordinator / Light House Keeper                   Epic Camera Films
A & E Television documentary              The Martial Arts - Stunts in Motion Pictures             A & E Network
NFL Masters of the Gridiron               Stunt Coordinator / Samurai Warrior                      Director Tom Pattison

Brick Street Insurance                    Stunts Ladder High Falls / Jack Knifed Semi              3 Dog Films
Ohio Lottery “On The Spot”                Stunt Coordinator / Wire Rigging                         EDR Media
SafeAuto (multiple)                       Stunt Coordinator                                        SOS Productions
Coca-Cola “Sprite” - LaBron James         Stunts – Paint Ball Gunner # 2                           Ridley Scott Productions
Ohio Lottery - Leslie Nielsen             Stunt Coordinator / Stunt driving                        Bark Productions
Toyota                                    Stunt Driving                                            Saatchi & Saatchi - Director Bryan Singer
Adelphia                                  Stunt Coordinator / Santa Stunt Double                   Northcoast Productions
International Film Festival Trailer       Stunt Coordinator / Stunt driving                        Remington Productions, Inc
Kuhmo Tires                               Stunt Coordinator / Precision Driving                    Cornerstone Pictures
Ohio Health                                         Stunt Coordinator / High falls                              Satellite Films
WPXI TV 11 - Pittsburgh                             Principal / Detective                                       Picture Park Productions
Ford Taurus Commercial                              Principal Lead Actor                                        Massaro Productions

Honda (numerous)                                    Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Driving                           Martin Brinkerhoff Associattes
Primedia Workplace                                  Electrical Safety - Stunts / Lead actor                     ClayMation Digital Production
Alside Corporation                                  Hurricane Effect / Effects Coordinator                      Our Gang Productions
Old Tucson Studios                                  Stunt Consultant / Safety evaluator                         Old Tucson Studios
Yi Gin Ching Tai-Chi                                Principal Lead Fitness Trainer / Narrator                   Fike Video Productions
SLIPNOT Safety Products                             Stair falls / Lead actor                                    Paradigm Communications

Great Lakes Medieval Faire                          Stunt Coordinator / Choreographer / Trainer                 Phoenix Productions
Tom Jones                                           the Highwayman / Stunts                                     Live Stage Production
Bertha the Bartenders Daughter                      The Bad Guy                                                 Live Stage Production
Six Flags – Geauga Lake, Ohio                       DC Comics Batman Thrill Show Stunts                         Six Flags
Paratrooper * 26 years U.S. Army Special Operations * Former Special Agent, Dept. of Defense * Counterterrorism - Operated Internationally * Stunt Coordinator/Fight
Choreographer * Actor * Licensed Referee/Coach – Mixed Martial Arts & former competitor (USA/Korea/Japan) * Stunt driving * high falls, car hits, fire burns * Licensed
Explosives/Pyrotechnics * 7th Degree Black Belt Karate/Judo/Ju-jitsu * Firearms, knife, nunchaku, bo, sword * Bodyguard * Licensed Law Enforcement Instructor *
Certified SCUBA Diver

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