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									Chess iTech
 December 2009
Innovation We aim to build on our excellent
reputation in key technology R&D

                             Customers Customer satisfaction
                             is central to our business strategy

  People Our world-class team of engineers
  plays a leading role in new critical ICT systems

                                                Insight We are confident that Chess
               is well on its way to become a premium service provider capable of design and
                                    development of hardware, software and integrated systems
 150          employees
 with a high tech ambition

                                      3   business lines from web to silicon

 revenue in 2008

              €19        million
                                      more than   20       projects
                                                 in progress at the same time

        8    products/solutions in
portfolio for handling transactions

                          more than   25       companies from the 100 top NL
                                               are customer
‘Chess is a design and development center whose core disciplines are
     hardware & software design. Chess takes operational
    responsibility for the developed products and applications.’

Chess focuses on the following areas:                        Clients include:
   Critical applications for Internet and Mobile
                                                             ING, Rabobank Nederland,
   Payment products and solutions
                                                             Ahold-Accounting Plaza,
   High Tech HW/SW systems & products
   Sensor network solutions                                 Equens, ASML, Philips,
                                                             Asep, HBM, Sagem, Sepay,
                                                             ApplusRTD, TNO, KNVB,

Chess market segmentation:                                   KPN, Amsterdam ArenA,
                                                             WPS, Grass Valley, Frog
   The financial services industry
   Service industries in need of ticketing, access          AGV, Home Automation
    and payments.                                            Europe, Revab, Krohne,
   Industrial businesses in need of high tech ICT systems   Urenco, ZorgTTP, Heineken,
    and products.
‘Secure solutions and critical systems requires a quality based
    Chess offers
          Software development center
          Application Life cycle Management

          Product design and development
          Total Supply chain, QLTC based
          Production, Logistics, Purchasing
          Components db, tracking & tracing

          15% of resources in r&d
          ISO 9000/2000 certified

Chess has a strong focus on code quality and best practices, and
constantly monitors the software it builds and maintains. A centralized code quality
system (sonar) provides a continuous dashboard view of the quality of all our
      ‘Chess shows continuity with shared objectives that lead to strong
                                         business performance.’

                                                       Management & Staff

                                  n                           iBus          I
                                  n                                         s
                                  o                                         u
                                  v                                         p
                                  a                           iPay          P
                                  t                                         l
                                  i                                         y
                                  n                          iTech






      2004   2005   2006   2007       2008   2009   2010
‘With increasingly connected business, Chess supports her customers
        with     integrated payment services.’

                                                   Chess developed a new Wireless GPRS
                                                    based EMV Payment terminal for debet
                                                    and credit transactions aimed at Europe

    Based on the wallet based engine MiniTix
     Chess realized for Rabobank different
     Online & Mobile payments solutions for
     CtB and P2P transactions.
‘Chess is actively supporting the main objectives of our customers
with our Access, Ticketing and Payment services.

                                                     Chess realized a full service Ticketing
                                                      system for the Dutch Football Association
                                                      and 36 Football clubs and stadions. In
                                                      2010 Chess will enter other markets with
                                                      this full service solution.

    Chess developed a full service Cashless
     environment with readers connected to a
     virtual account system. Succesfully
     implemented at Dutch schools and stadions,
     further roll-out is foreseen
‘Chess actively supports the main objectives of our Industry customers
with our product design services to realize their ambitions ’

                                                  Chess and Serious Toys realized the
                                                   “Tiktegel” (registered trademark), an
                                                   interactive, communicating, self
                                                   motivating learning tool for smart
                                                   education purposes.

   For Applus RTD a world leader in
    research and inspection solution Chess
    realized different Ultrasonic inspection
‘Our expert engineers lead the development and implementation of
new technologies for cooperating objects and smart interchange’

                                                 Wireless Nodes are used in different
                                                  projects for sensor networks in non-
                                                  hierarchy autonomous self organizing
                                                  networks. Working as cooperating objects
                                                  talking ‘Gossip’ for a smart interchange.

    Based on the Chess innovation on
     Wireless Sensor Networks, various
     services can be deployed on a
     unlimited range of objects, such as:
     smart ticketing, messaging , low value
     payments, crowd control and
  Chess the one stop shop: Chess takes operational responsibility from
                          idea till end-of-life

                 Project manager                                               Technical product manager

                   Development                                    Production
                                                                   Production                           Maintenance

                                               Configuration management
                                   Configuration management

                Change Control Board                                         Issue Tracking
                           TPD                                                         Client
Business line                                      iSupply
                      configuration                                                        Service

                        Release                                                                      Assembly
                      management                                                                        Quality & test

                         Change                                                                                   Supply chain
                                                                     Issues in Chess
                         request                                          Forge                                          Design
               “Reducing delivery time and financial commitment for
                   products with production flexibility model ”

                                u    Pro-
                                c   stock
                                o            Pro-
                                i           duct
                                o           stock
                    Component                        Pro-
                      stock                         duct

                                    Long Lead Items Stock


              Parameters such as lead time, long lead items, production and delivery
                  batch size will be adjusted to specific wishes of our customer.
                                                                                            Chess offers
                                                                                                   V-model, Scrum or Prince
   Complete product design including DFX                                                           Design for X
                                                                                                   Signal integrity
    and technical product documentation                                                            Halt
                                                                                                   MTBF
                                                                                                   Field test
                                                                                                   Vibration/shock
                                                                                                   Components data base
                                                                                                   Configurations mgt
                                  Scrum or Prince

Definition                             PMP                                Maintenan

                                        RD                         Validation
                                                                   acceptance                   Test report

             Architecture                                   Integration                 Prototype

                       Detailed         DD
                        design         VEP

                                                                Chess supply chain include
iSupply takes care of your products                                partners in:
                                                                      Netherlands
                                                                      Belgium
                                                                      Czech
                                                                      Malaysia

         Supply chain
                                          Production                            Quality

                       Supply Chain                  Assembly                          Product release
                        management                    Test                              Quality control
                       Supplier                      Repair                            Issue control
                        selection and
                                                      Stock control

                       QLTC
                       Purchasing
                       Logistics
                        (Flexible, JIT,
                        Can Ban)
Company Information

Official name and legal form     Chess Beheer B.V.                     Private limited company
Visitors address                 Lichtfabriekplein 1, 2031TE Haarlem   Netherlands
Postal address                   PO Box 5021, 2000CA Haarlem           Netherlands
Telephone                        +31 (0)23 5149149
Turnover 2009                    Eur 17 million
Number of FTE                    150 FTE
Software development & support   75 FTE
Hardware & Product engineering   50 FTE
Management, Staff & Innovation   25 FTE
ambition camera commercial communicative
  complex digital wireless 3D efficient
 electronics enthusiasm FPGA GROWTH
haarlem hardware high-end well-trained

industry integrity innovative i-Tech
quality low-power fun multidisciplinair
  open products practical professional
pleasant social-networking stabel sensor-
    networks security fast software
           technique trust

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