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					                          KENT TEENAGE PREGNANCY PARTNERSHIP
                              LIG CHAIR / STRAND LEADS MEETING
                                        9th September 2009
                     Ashford Business Point (Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce)
                                   Waterbrook Avenue, Sevington,
                                      Ashford, Kent TN24 0LH

Heather Keen – CHAIR                      KTPP – Teenage Pregnancy Strategy Coordinator
Louise Pantony                            KTPP – Media & Campaigns Manager
Minutes Suzanne Frewin-Clarke             KTPP – Improvement and Development Manager

Lisa Maidment                             Dover, Deal & Sandwich LIG Chair
Vanessa Lowe                              Shepway 1 & Rural LIG Chair
Sharon Clark                              Ashford 1 & Rural LIG Chair
Ian Park                                  Maidstone LIG Chair
Tony Froud                                Tonbridge LIG Chair
Nick Fenton                               Dartford & Gravesham LIG Chair
Kathryn Holton                            Reintegration Coordinator/Acting Young Parents Manager
Laura Jones                               Temporary Representative for Thanet LIG
Catherine Collingwood                     Speakeasy Project Development Worker
Lynne Miller                              Policy Officer SRE (replacing John Taylor)
Tony Haynes                               Thanet 2 representative
Judith Iles                               Young Fathers Worker

Dr Jonathan Sexton                        Canterbury LIG Chair
Theresa Seal                              Cranbrook, Paddock Wood & Tunbridge Wells LIG Chair
Ann Saunders                              Swale LIG Chair
Paul Shallcross                           Sevenoaks South & Swanley LIG Chair
Gill Goodes                               Sexual Health Outreach Nurse (West Kent)

ITEM                                                                                       ACTION
1      Welcome, Introduction & Apologies
       Introductions were made and apologies given.

2      Dissemination of information
       Concern was expressed regarding the amount of information sent to LIG Chairs,
       especially when large documents are attached. The monthly Bulletin has gone
       some way to reducing this and it is anticipated that increasingly only links to
       documents will be provided. The KTPP team are receiving frequent requests from
       individual LIG members for information already circulated to Chairs, particularly
       requests for local data.
       LIG Chairs were asked to encourage all LIG members to register on the KTPP ALL
       Professionals Website, to facilitate information sharing through this route and to
       promote this as a data and information resource.

3.     Media Campaigns Update
       Numbers registered for the Professionals website continue to increase, with large
       numbers from specific staff groups, such as Pharmacists, where presumably it has
       been well publicised. Feedback on the resources on this site is welcomed, so that
       we can ensure it meets the needs of staff.
    Resources have been distributed to Outreach Workers. LP has a supply of ‘Want
    respect’ materials, for use with the 16 – 19 age range only. Members should
    contact LP for these resources.

4   Contraceptive Services Mapping
    The report was compiled using data held by KTPP so any inaccuracies are a
    reflection of problems in data collection systems. LJ highlighted that the report
    demonstrated poor provision in Thanet but felt this was due to incomplete data
    rather than a lack of services. This and similar local concerns should be addressed
    at LIG level, but referred up to KTPP if indicative of a wider problem in data
    collection needing to be resolved centrally.
    The EHC information only details those pharmacies registered on the scheme and
    active within the last year. The report does not include any information on opening
    times so access can still be problematic. This information is included on the 4YP
    website, where it is known, but would be difficult to incorporate in the mapping. It is
    suggested that LIGs use both tools to explore local provision more fully, if this is
    indicated as a local priority. In advance of a wider strategic plan to increase
    provision in areas of need, LIGs could use the tool to approach local pharmacies
    and ask if they would consider becoming part of the scheme. A standardised
    accreditation is being developed, so any Pharmacist trained in the South East
    Region will be able to offer EHC at any approved pharmacy in Kent. This will
    increase access as many pharmacists work as locums throughout the county. A
    prepaid postcard to register when a pharmacist moves to a new post has also
    been developed, as this is a mobile staff group.
    Despite the limitations, the report provides a working tool to support the
    identification of gaps in service provision, and development of services to meet
    identified need. LIGs should use the report to develop an updated action plan. It
    was suggested that future versions should include detail of services provided in
    each of the school based clinics, as there is wide variation. The extra analyst
    capacity has now ended, but this will be taken forward if further funding is secured.

5   Links with Childrens Centres and GP’s
    Support for young parents is included within targets for Children’s Centres and
    links with GPs and Practice Based Commissioning Clusters are important for
    delivery of the strategy and are happening in some areas but are underdeveloped
    in others. LIGs should have a Childrens Centre Representative on their group, able
    to represent and feed back to all the Centres in that district. KTPP will obtain a list KTPP
    of Childrens Centre Managers for circulation.
    Similarly local GP Clusters should be approached and asked to identify a
    representative. Even if they are unable to commit to attending meetings, a named
    individual can still be sought as an information channel. Practice Managers were
    suggested as an alternative contact point, but concern was expressed that,
    because of the volume of information received by surgeries, information sent
    through this route may not reach the G.P.’s. Where there are existing links, Health
    Visitors and Practice Nurses could be utilised to facilitate communication. It was
    also highlighted that most G.P’s are participating in the Chlamydia Screening
    programme, which links with the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy through a Kent wide LP
    Group and this could be an issue for discussion there.

6   ‘Tell me about it’ Project Proposal
    ‘Tell me about it’ is a peer education programme, aimed at year 10 pupils. A
    network of teenage parents will be trained to deliver this programme in
    schools offering non-judgemental information and advice on their
    experiences of early parenthood. A proposal has been drawn up for the

     programme to be piloted in Canterbury and Swale, to commence within the
     next 6 months. It was agreed to develop a local approach rather than to
     contract with a national programme such as ‘Straight Talking’ as a more
     cost effective and sustainable option.
7    YAPs report and Care To Learn Update
     There are now 28 YAPs groups in Kent, details of these can be found on the
     website. There is inequitable access to YAPs groups, as many have developed
     through the personal interest of individual practitioners rather than as a planned
     response to need. Pinnacle Coordinators work with groups on individual learning
     plans and may be able to work with LIGs to identify gaps in provision. Most YAPs
     groups do have contact with a Sexual Health Outreach Worker, and many have
     links with the local Health Visiting Team.

     Thanet has a Sexual Health Clinic that runs alongside the Midwives Clinic, hosted
     by a Childrens centre. This has been a very successful model. LJ has undertaken LJ/KTPP
     an exercise asking young parents if their pregnancy was planned. A report on this
     is being collated and will be circulated shortly.

     Kent is still in a low position nationally for Care To Learn Uptake. KH expects a
     considerable increase in the next figures, expected to be released shortly, boosted
     by the accreditation of courses facilitated through YAPs groups, which will enable
     more participants to apply for this funding

8    Community Service Pilot and opportunities for the involvement of young
     Kent has put in a proposal to become a Community Service Pilot. This is a national
     initiative to facilitate the governments pledge for all young people to do 50 hours
     voluntary work by the age of 19. HK has contributed to the proposal to ensure the
     inclusion of the less engaged young people, including young parents. It is not yet
     known if Kent has been successful in this bid, but it has highlighted the need to
     capture all the various initiatives already happening where young people are
     contributing to the strategy, eg Peer Mentoring and Mystery Shopping schemes. A
     section on involvement should be included in LIG Action Plans.
15   Any Other Business -

     Dates of the Speakeasy Training for Trainers programme are attached. There is a
     focus on Thanet, Swale, Dartford and Maidstone as the high rate areas, but also a
     generic course for staff in both East and West Kent. Please ensure details are
     circulated so that all places are utilised
16   Dates for 2009 LIG meetings

     Thursday 3rd December 12 – 2.30pm after KTPP Board meeting (Lunch

     Please note change of date as the KTPP Board has had to be rescheduled in
         line with Fiona Endersby’s availability as she will be facilitating the
                   workshop to complete the Self Assessment Tool.

     The Willow Centre
     Brookfield Road
     TN23 4EY


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