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                              DAEDUCK ELECTRONICS CO.,Ltd
                              390-1 Moknae-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Kyunggi-do, Korea
                              Tel : +82- 31-481-8114 / Fax : +82-31-491-8543
                              Web : www.daeduck.com    /   E-mail : chengyou@daeduck.com

   Introduction           As a leader in printed circuit board(PCB) solutions, the PCBs Daeduck
                                  manufactures are the core of all digital and network equipment, where
                                  the information revolution lies.
                          Since its establishment in 1972, DAEDUCK ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. has been
                                  a cornerstone in the dynamic Korean electronics industry by focusing
                                  efforts solely on becoming the predominant supplier of PCBs, for the
                                  past 30 years. Daeduck will continue to be a key contributor to this
                                  exciting future ahead.
                          To be one of the world’s top 5 PCB suppliers, we assure we will dedicate
                                  ourselves to meet the needs of the industry with supreme technology
                                  and quality, while providing customer service that is second to none.

     Products                               Products

Bulid-up PCB for Mobile

                                                                 KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                       BUJEON CO., LTD.
                       1494-4, Sa-Dong, Ansan-City, Kyunggi-Do, 425-170, KOREA
                       Tel : +82-31-408-6987 / Fax : +82-31-408-6981
                       Web : www.bujeon.com   /   E-mail : sales@bujeon.com

Introduction      BUJEON Components is an established company with a modern dynamic
                       approach to serving the needs of its customers.
                       We manufacture inductive components, speakers, receivers, buzzers and
                       ECM's. Primarily we serve the market segments of Telecommunications
                       and Computing. This is reflected in our customer base which includes many
                       leading, global, tier-one manufacturers of mobile phones, PDA's and
                       consumer electronics.
                  Our Strengths include
                  1.      Flexibility : designs are customized to meet customers specific needs with
                          the emphasis on quick turn around times
                  2.      Responsiveness : substantial production expertise allows us to respond to
                          change in demand within the shortest possible time frame
                  3.      Competitive pricing : a mixture of highly automated production and well
                          trained highly motivated manual labor give us an edge.


    Speaker       Sound Transducer Feature
                  Lower resonance frequency with high sound pressure level.
    Receiver      High sound quality with lowest cost / Variable design for contact method


                  Electret Condenser Microphone Feature
                  Compact size / Lowest cost / Highest stable performance

                  SMD Passive Components Feature
                  High current & High inductance / Low profile
                  Excellent performance & cost effective / Short term action for customizing request
 Power Inductor

                                                         KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

            Partsnic Co.,Ltd
           #543 Dangjeong-Dong, Kunpo-Si, Kyoungki-Do, Korea
           Tel : +82-31-428-1612    / Fax : +82-31-453-1563
           Web : www.partsnic.com   /   E-mail : sean@partsnic.com


                                              KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                                N-Hitech CO., LTD.
                                #383-1, Yulsaeng-Ri, Daegot-Myeon, Gimpo-Si, Kyunggi-Do, KOREA.
                                Tel : +82-31-981-9958 / Fax : +82-31-981-9950
                                Web : www.n-hitech.co.kr   /   E-mail : tcenter@n-hitech.co.kr

    Introduction            N-Hitech Co., Ltd in Korea is one of manufacturers producing electronic parts,
                                   LED display &indicator, LED BLU(Back Light Unit) & indicator and PCB
                                   assembly as mainly OEM/ODM business for customers. Our factories
                                   are located in Korea and mainland China.
                            And a China factory has got down to mass-production on July 2004.
                            Regarding main certificates of quality management, have reserved ISO 9001,
                                   ISO 14001, QS 9000, TUV and Single-PPM.
                            N-Hitech is one of promising enterprises registered in "KOSDAQ", Korean
                                   local stock market.


 Business areas

LCD BLU (Back Light Unit)

                                                                    KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                    Orion Electric Co.,Ltd.
                    #257, Kongdan-Dong, Kumi-Si, Kyungbuk-Do, Korea.
                    Tel : +82-2-768-8920 / Fax : +82-2-768-8799
                    Web : www.orion.co.kr   /   E-mail : jane@orion.co.kr

 Company History


Color OLED Module

                                                         KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

               Pilkor Electronics Co.,Ltd.
               #381, Youngtong-Dong, Paldal-Gu, Suwon-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea
               Tel : +82-31-217-2500 / Fax : +82-31-217-7314
               Web : www.pilkor.co.kr   /   E-mail : tsnam@pllkor.co.kr



                                                    KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                                  Joinset Co.,Ltd.
                                 19B-11L, Panwol Industrial complex, #606-1 Sungkok-Dong, Danwon-Gu, Ansan-Si,
                                  Kyunggi-Do, Korea.
                                 Tel : +82-31-495-2601 / Fax : +82-31-495-2693
                                 Web : www.joinset.com   /   E-mail :sunnyorh@joinset.com



                                     - Pnone
- NTC Thermistor(Chip, radial)

- Chip Varistor

- EMI gasket(New Concept)

- Temp. Display Module

                                                                     KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                           Joinset Co.,Ltd.
                          19B-11L, Panwol Industrial complex, #606-1 Sungkok-Dong, Danwon-Gu, Ansan-Si,
                           Kyunggi-Do, Korea.
                          Tel : +82-31-495-2601 / Fax : +82-31-495-2693
                          Web : www.joinset.com   /   E-mail :sunnyorh@joinset.com

     Products         1.Structure & Dimension

Anc Chip Thermistor
  & Chip Varistor

                        2. Comparison between polymer and glass coating

                                                              KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                           Hanwool Information Technology Co., Ltd.
                       #1113, 11F, Gayang Technotown, 1487 Gayang-3Dong, Gangseo-Gu, Seoul, Korea
                       Tel : +82-2-3664-9439 / Fax : +82-2-3665-9439
                       Web : www.hwit.co.kr     /      E-mail : ongs@chol.com, mira@hwit.co.kr



                   EL KEYPAD-1                          EL KEYPAD-2                 EL BACKLIGHT

               REMOTE CONTROL EL-1-1 LED BACKLIGHT-1                                LED BACKLIGHT-2

                   Color        Sign                Brightness (cd/m2)                 Chromaticity(X,Y)

               Yellow-Green     Y/G           Min 60               Typ 80         X : 0.20±0.03 / Y :0.53±0.03

                  Green          G            Min 60               Typ 80         X : 0.19±0.03 / Y :0.46±0.03

                Blue-Green      B/G           Min 45               Typ 65         X : 0.19±0.03 / Y :0.39±0.03

                Deep-Blue       D/B           Min 28               Typ 40         X : 0.16±0.03 / Y :0.21±0.03

                 Sky-Blue       S/B           Min 45               Typ 60         X : 0.17±0.03 / Y :0.33±0.03

                  Orange         O            Min 45               Typ 60         X : 0.44±0.03 / Y :0.45±0.03

                   Red           R            Min 20               Typ 30         X : 0.34±0.03 / Y :0.25±0.03

                Green-White     G/W           Min 45               Typ 65         X : 0.26±0.03 / Y :0.38±0.03

                Pink-White      P/W           Min 45               Typ 55         X : 0.31±0.03 / Y :0.39±0.03

                                                                 KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                     SUNGNAM ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
                    #146-8, Sangdaewon-Dong, Joongwon-Gu, Sungnam-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea.
                    Tel : +82-31-742-1621 / Fax : +82-31-735-9865
                    Web : www.kinori.com        /   E-mail : pkwon@kinori.com

Introduction   Sungnam Electronics Co., Ltd. has been established in 1973 as a joint venture with Hitachi-Maxell in
               Japan and we have ccumulated manufacturing know-how and ISO 9001 quality management
               system.We are trying to come true zero defect from market and enable to do customer satisfaction
               anytime. Our main items are all kinds of Battery Pack like Handset, Notebook PC, PDA, DMB, W/TV
               and Housing Catapulting like Main Housing, Battery Housing and Special Hinge for Handset, PDA,
               Camcorder, Notebook PC. Especially, MIM(Metal-injection Molding) technique for main production of
               special hinge, cam hinge, accessory, is a strong point and high level in Korea and it is proved from
               LGE, SKTT, TELSON. In addition, our strong point is a one line system from case catapulting to
               main ass'y that its facility can meet customer's request within delivery. We are ready to follow up
               customer's valuable proposal with quick response, gold price, hige quality and looking forward to see
               Have a good luck.

                 ■ Battery Pack - Normal Battery Pack, Loop Antenna Type Battery Pack
                 ■ Housing - Main Housing, Battery Housing for Handset and PDA

               ■ Hinge - Swivel Hinge(Metal Injection Molding Type special Type)

               ■ Multi Battery Pack - Notebook PC Type, DMB Type, W/TV Type, Other Option Type

                                                             KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                      UJU ELECTRONICS.CO,LTD.
                     #565, Banwol-Ri, Taean-Eup, Hwasung-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea.
                     Tel : +82-31-235-8301 / Fax : +82-31-235-9627
                     Web : www.uju.co.kr    /   E-mail : jbbang@uju.co.kr

Introduction   UJU Electronics. Ltd., which has focused on precision connecter and electronic parts since its
               foundation, manufactures products of the best quality through the technology-savvy and
               professional talented and up-to-date automation equipments. Our company, holding cutting-edge
               system, computer automatic control catapult and high-speed precision pressure needed to
               product design and molding development, produces high value added through high-speed
               assembly line and automated plating line.
                 In addition, it strives to become a leading company in the world-class precision connector sector
               through extension of precision connector manufacturing system and development of new products,
               linked with IT makers of TFT LCD, PDP and Mobile, the core industry in Information Society.
                 In order to realize “Happy Company Growing with Others”, all staffs of UJU Electronics. Ltd. is
               aimed at becoming the world-class precision connector maker, with a motto of “technology-based
               value management, earnings-based sound management and information-based transparent
               management”. To this end, we are reinforcing constant management innovation including TPS and
               Six Sigma, and technology and competitiveness based on R&D competence.
                 Above all, we will try to be a company that grows along with customers by realizing customer
               satisfaction through competitive price, good quality and quick distribution, and creating customer
               value through high quality service and swift response to market demand.


                        Type                     Image                      Type                    Image
                 Board To Board
                    Connector                                        2Pin Socket &
                 (0.4mm, 0.5mm                                            Plug

                     RF Switch                                        IO Connector

                                                           KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

           #419 Backto-Ri, Hyangnam-Myeon, Hwasung-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea.
           Tel : +82-31-353-8101 / Fax : +82-31-353-3827
           Web : www.jaeeun.co.kr   /   E-mail :chanra_2000@yahoo.com


                                              KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                            YEONHAB PRECISION CO.,LTD
                           #242-1, Sosa-Ri, Mockcheon-Eup, Cheonan-Si, GhungNam-Do, Korea.
                           Tel : +82-41-620-3100    / Fax : +82-31-620-3240
                           Web : www.yeonhab.co.kr   /   E-mail : dywon@yeonhab.co.kr

    Introduction      Since the estsblishment in 1980, Yeonhab Precision Co., Ltd. Has enjoyed its
                      reputation in Korea as one of leading companies in special cables, military
                      connectors and defense equipments.
                      Our products are focused and specialized in Micro-coaxial cables and cable
                      Each one of our staffs does his or her best to provide our customers with high quality
                      and reasonable prices.


Micro-Coaxial Cable
- 40AWG
- 42AWG

  Cable Assembly
 For Mobile Phone

                                                              KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                Pulsus Techmologies Inc
               Bitville 7F., #1327-33, Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
               Tel : +82-2-586-8063               / Fax : +82-2-586-8103
               Web : www.pulsustech.com.co.kr   /   E-mail : xixiong@pulsus.co.kr



                                                    KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                              SAMWHA CO.,LTD
                              #587-8 Shinsa-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea
                              Tel : +82-2-2056-1748   / Fax : +82-2-2056-1739
                              Web : www.samwha.co.kr / E-mail : rohsamo@samwha.co.kr

                         SAMWHA Capacitor Group is leading the digital revolution in the electronics and
   Introduction        telecommunication industry. Our line of products include high value capacitors such as MLCC,
                       Chip Inductor, EMI Filter, Multi layer Varistor, NTC and Polymer-PTC.

                        We has been able to introduce the new digital era. In this, we were able to live up to our
                       commitments, to our customers and our society.

                        As the 21st century's BEST DIGITAL COMPANY, we are continuously driving our global business
                       based on our R&D and Marketing manpower.

                        We are confident in becoming the supportive lifelong partner of our customers.

Products (For Mobile Phone)
                       MLCC                             Introduction
                                                        Multi-layered chip type capacitors are categorized by the
                                                        use of capacitance and working voltage of its dielectric
                                                        layer and small size membrane electrode area Highly
                                                        efficient and failure-proof due to SMT properties
                                                        1. Available in various sizes
                                                        2. Highly reliability and high efficiency
                                                        3. Applicable at various temperature bands
                                                        4. Surface mountable Reel Tape packaging
                       Chip Varistor
                                                      Multilayer Chip Varistor(MLV) have good nonlinear voltage
                                                      -current characteristics and high surge capability.
                                                      The feature of Chip Varistor is dependent device and the
                                                      resisitance of varistor changes with voltage.
                                                      1. The fastest response time about 300~700ps
                                                      2. Repetitive pulse characteristics
                                                      3. High dischange transient current and energy handling
                                                      4. EMI/RFI Attenuation characteristics
                                                      5. Thermal stability through 125℃
                       Chip NTC Thermistor
                       NTC Thermistor comes Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermally sensitive
                       Chip NTC Thermistors are broadly used in vrious electronic products ranging from
                       telecommunication to OA electronic equipment. Our products have high sensitive
                       resistance value as a function of temperature, and are applied on a wide range of
                       temperature condition.
                       1. Reliable multi-layer structure
                       2. Small products of 1005, 1608 size
                       3. Wide applied range with the resistance value
                       4. Tight tolerance in the constant B   KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

               UBI HUMAN CO.,LTD
               508, Daerung Technotown #6, 493-6 Gasan-Dong, Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
               Tel : +82-2-2107-7940     / Fax : +82-2-2107-7942
               Web : www.ubihuman.com   /   E-mail :snowxunhao@ubihuman.co.kr



                                                KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

           LG CABLE CO.,LTD.
           #555, Hogye-Dong, Dongan-Gu, Anyang-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea.
           Tel : +82-31-428-4414 / Fax : +82-428-4423
           Web : www.n-hitech.co.kr   /   E-mail : tcenter@n-hitech.co.kr


                                               KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

           (4Ma 203, Shiwha Industrial Complex)
           #699-2, Sounggok-Dong, Danwon-Gu, Ansan-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea.
           Tel : +82-31-496-5021         / Fax : +82-31-496-5050
           Web : www.gopowernet.com   /   E-mail :sin8003@gopowernet.com


                                             KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

               #311, Sanmak-Dong, Yangsan-Si, Gyungnam-Do, Korea.
               Tel : +82-55-371-7102 / Fax : +82-55-383-9009
               Web : www.postec.co.kr   /   E-mail : dyjeong@postec.co.kr



                                                   KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

           E.M.W Antenna.Co.,Ltd.
           4FL, #571-57, Kasan-Dong, Kumchon-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
           Tel : +82-2-854-4258    / Fax : +82-2-837-6351
           Web : www.emwantenna.com    /   E-mail : bjmin@emwantenna.com


                                             KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                        SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR CO.,LTD
                       #148-29 Gasan-Dong, Geumcheon-Gu Seoul, Korea

                       Tel : +82-2-2106-7305       /     Fax : +82-2-858-5537
                       Web : www. seoulsemicon.co.kr /    E-mail :kevin@seoul-semicon.co.kr

Introduction   Welcome to Seoul Semiconductor's(SSC's) homepage.
               SSC, founded in 1987, has been producing LED application products since
               established After I took over SSC in Feb 1992, I and SSC's employees have
               increased 11,000% sales growth, from \ 40million monthly sales to \ 5billion
               monthly sales, by introducing innovative management systems, investing R&D as
               well as improving technologies.


                                                             KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

                          Ness Display Co.,Ltd
                         3F KEC B/D, #275-7, Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

                         Tel : +82-2-589-2563          /       Fax : +82-2-330-7525
                         Web : www.nessdisplay.com         /    E-mail : bcsuh@nessdisplay.com

Introduction   "As we face the highly-informative era of 21 century, the importance of information display devices, which
               can providecharacters,animations, and other pictorial information without limitation of time and space, has
               dramatically increased. Ness Display Co., Ltd. was established to meet this general trend of the world and to
               specifically commercialize organic light emitting diode (OLED) - the next generation display technology.
               Ness Display Co., Ltd. is one of the world leading manufacturing companies in the development of
               innovative organiclight emitting diode (OLED) technology for future generations of flat panel displays. With
               its proprietary technologies,the company is providing cutting-edge OLED panels and modules at efficient
               cost and better performance relative to other display technologies. The company as a research laboratory
               of Institute for Advanced Engineering(IAE) initiated its research on OLED technologies since back in 1994.
               Then in August 1998, NESS Center was officially established at IAE in order to research and develop
               Energy storage and display device technologies. In December 1998, the company enteredinto a research
               collaboration agreement with Korea Institute of Technology(KIST), and NESS Corporation was founded in
               Aug. 1999 as an independant legal entity. Then Ness Display was established on July 21, 2000 as a spin off
               from Ness Corporation. With holding over 100 issued and pending patents directly and indirectly associated
               with OLED technology,NDC is one of the few companies in the industry that actually commercializes OLED
               panels and modules. Withits outstanding technological competitive advantages over other companies. NDC,
               in which three core bodies - Seoul office, Yongin R&D center, and Cheonan manufacturing facility - of the
               company are perfectly harmonizedand coordinated, provides the best products and services since its
               establishment. "


                                          OLED Panel Expertise :
                                          NDC has leveraged its expertise in materials and device expertise to develop
                                          and patent its own device and display fabrication process. NDC’s thin film
                                          fabrication process allows NDC to be positioned to provide a means for
                                          mass production of OLED displays at lower costs and higher yields. NDC has
                                          designed process equipment with equipment vendors to meet its specific
                                          process requirements.
                                          This has allowed NDC to reduce its system cost .
                                           Also to optimize their fabrication process
                                          NDC has technology to analyze the electronic structure of the organic thin
                                          films and then make further adjustments to the fabrication process.

                                             OLED Driver & Module Expertise :
                                             In the design of display technology, the driver circuitry that is used to
                                             drive the display pixels is an integral part of the overall display design.
                                             While some vendors have chosen to just fabricate the panel, NDC has
                                             decided to integrate the driver circuitry to create a full display solution.
                                             By incorporating, the driver circuitry allows NDC to provide the
                                             customer greater value in the final product.
                                             The employed initial driver circuitry will be a passive drive circuitry,
                                             which has simpler design compared to an active one, for the initial
                                             market of small and medium sized panels.
                                             The driver circuitry is provided through an exclusive arrangement with
                                             Korean design houses for drivers of strong technical background and

                                                                    KOREA ELECTRONIC PARTS TRADE MISSION

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