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					Camtasia Studio Exercise

Choose A or B to complete an exercise.

A. Create a PowerPoint with narration
      1. Plug in the headset with microphone
      2. Launch Camtasia
      3. From the Welcome screen, choose “Start a new project by recording
          the screen.”
      4. From the New Recording Wizard, choose Entire Screen.
      5. At the Recording Options, choose Recording Audio
      6. Next, choose the correct headset (e.g., Logitech USB headset) and
          speak to the mic to see if the computer picks up your voice. If you see
          green light at the Input Level, proceed to the next prompt. If not, fix the
      7. Click Finish to prepare recording.
      8. Switch back to PowerPoint and run the slide show.
      9. Hit F9 key to start the recording. Advance the slide and start your
          narration as if in a formal presentation.
      10. When done, hit F10 key.

B. Record an instructional video on how to find the UST homepage
     1. Plug in the headset with microphone
     2. Open a web browser and position it at the center of the screen.
     3. Resize the browswer window to roughly 640 by 480 pixels. If not sure
         how big it should be, resize the browser window to 2/3 of the computer
     4. Launch Camtasia
     5. From the Welcome screen, choose “Start a new project by recording
         the screen.”
     6. Choose Region of the screen and then click Next
     7. Choose Select Region button
     8. Now click and hold the mouse to draw the range of your video. It could
         When you select the range, the dimensions of the region is indicated in
         the lower right corner of your cursor as you draw.
     9. Click Next
     10. Choose Record Audio
     11. Test the microphone volume, click Next and then Finish
     12. Hit the Record button or F9 to start recording.
     13. You will see blinking green corner brackets. That means you can start
     14. Now describe how to find UST home page. Enter the URL in the
         browser as you speak. You can add other information if you like.
     15. When done, hit F10 or the Stop button

C. How to save the video
      1. You will be prompted to a pre-view window. After reviewing the video,
          choose “Save” or “Delete” from the lower right window.
      2. If you choose to save this file, enter a file name and this file will be
          saved at the Camtasia Studio folder inside My Documents folder.
          You will notice that this recorded video clip has a file extension of
          “camrec” which is different from a Camtasia video editing project which
          has a “campro” file extension.
      3. At the next prompt “Post-Save Options”, choose to Edit My Recording.
      4. Now you are at the Camtasia Studio video editing mode. If the video
          clip is not in the timeline, drag it from the Clip Bin to the Timeline.
      5. You can listen to it and make necessary editing. If you are satisfied
          with it, choose Produce Video As from the File menu or the Task List
          at the left side of the window.
      6. The Production Wizard will guide you through the process. To put your
          video on the Web, choose SWF – Macromedia Flash movie or the
          recommended settings.
          (Note on file format: AVI for CD/DVD production. You can always click
          on the Help me choose a file format hint to see explanation on
          various file formats.)
      7. Choose the default settings for the Macromedia Flash Encoding
      8. Next for video size, choose 640x480 or smaller dimensions. If you
          have recorded a full screen PowerPoint and unless the font size is
          small, then you should use the recommended size (1024x768). Be
          aware the file size might be bigger when a higher resolution is chosen.
          The viewer might not be able to fit the video on their screen if a larger
          screen resolution is chosen.
      9. Use the default settings for the next few questions and then click the
          Finished button and provide a file name.
      10. Choose Open Folder to see the exported clip in a folder. Double-click
          on the html file to view the flash movie.
      11. You can upload the whole folder to MyWeb (your UST Web space) to
          share this video with other.

C. Try out “callouts”, title, quizzes, and audio editor for voice narration.

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