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									                              By establishing the University of California's
                              first computer science school in 2002, UC Irvine
                              made an investment in the future that reflects
                              its historical commitment to raising the bar of

                               From pioneering computer science courses
                               more than three decades ago to the creation of
                               the Donald Bren School of Information and
                               Computer Sciences, UCI continues to be an
institute that leads information technology education and research across the

The Bren School began as a department in 1968. More than 35 years later, it
was formally recognized as a school - and in June 2004, the School adopted
benefactor Donald Bren's name in recognition of his generous contribution
and visionary leadership.

As an independent school focused solely on the computer and information
sciences, the Bren School has a unique perspective on the information
technology disciplines that allows us a broad foundation from which to build
educational programs and research initiatives that explore the many
applications of the computing discipline; from circuits and systems to
software engineering and human aspects of computing.

Building on our strong foundation of computer science fundamentals, the
Bren School conducts cutting-edge research in strategic areas ideal for
collaborative work.

By blending research with education in multiple disciplines, the Bren School
is leading interdisciplinary efforts in order to meet the challenges of the
future.Donald Bren School highlights »

      Bren School students traditionally lead UCI with the highest average
       SAT and GRE scores

Women in ICS      2006-2007          112                 Mock Technical Interview
      The Bren School offers four undergraduate degrees: Computer Science
       & Engineering, Computer Science, Informatics, and Information &
       Computer Science.
      US News & World Report ranked the Bren School as a Top 12 public
       computer science graduate program
      One of less than 50 independent computer science schools in the U.S.
       Women in Information and
       Women in I endowments n and
Bren gift included most nformatiocreated by single gift to UC (10)
         Computer Sciences

    About us:

          Women in Information and Computer Sciences (WICS) is a non-
          profit organization that has been established to help and encourage
          women to pursue a college degree and a successful career in the
          Computer Science fields. We work together with a common
          ambition: to meet, encourage, and help each other succeed and
          gain equal opportunity for women in a challenging field.

    Our mission statement:

          To encourage women to pursue a college degree and a
          successful career in the computer science field, and to provide
          them with the support to achieve these goals.

    Contact Information:

          Email: wics@uci.edu
          Website: www.ics.uci.edu/~wics
          Mailing Address:
                 Women in Information and Computer Sciences
                 c/o UCI Dean of Students
                 University of California, Irvine
                 Irvine, CA 92697-5125
                 Zot Code: 5125

Women in ICS      2006-2007          212                  Mock Technical Interview
    Company Overview:

          It's about the investor. Individuals, families, businesses and
          institutions look to our companies to guard and grow their hard-
          earned money. Whether in North America, Europe or Asia,
          investors and their advisers find their way to us and tend to stay.
          Why? Quality service and investment results.

    Opportunities:

          Please visit http://www.capgroup.com/careers/index.html for
          information about job openings.

    Representative(s) and Contact Information:

Jamie Kim

    Company Overview:

          Deloitte Consulting, LLP is one of the world's leading consulting
          firms for business strategy, operations, technology, and human
          resource planning. We bring together a unique experience, scale,
          and capabilities to help clients address their most complex business
          problems. Our unique organizational structure and our
          collaborative approach integrate consulting with tax solutions,
          financial advisory services, and risk management capabilities.
          Clients depend on us for straightforward advice and results that
          create value.

          With nearly 7000 Deloitte Consulting LLP employees in more than
          80 U.S. cities, we understand that people are our most precious
          resource. We also know that serving our clients and helping them
          and our people excel demands a diverse range of skills, talent,
          experiences and backgrounds.

    Opportunities:

          Deloitte Consulting is currently seeking Juniors or Seniors
          (December 2007 grads ONLY) for our Summer Internship program
          in our Technology Practice. See next page for more details.

    Representative(s) and Contact Information:

Women in ICS      2006-2007          312                   Mock Technical Interview
          Tom Uy
          Consulting Campus Recruiter
          Deloitte Services LP
          Cell: +1 949 735 8888
          Tel: +1 213 688 3274
          Fax: +1 213 673 6729

    Company Overview:

          Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it
          universally accessible and useful.

          As a first step to fulfilling that mission, Google's founders Larry
          Page and Sergey Brin developed a new approach to online search
          that took root in a Stanford University dorm room and quickly
          spread to information seekers around the globe. Google is now
          widely recognized as the world's largest search engine -- an easy-
          to-use free service that usually returns relevant results in a fraction
          of a second.

    Opportunities:

          Please visit www.google.com/jobs/students/ for information about our
          full-time and part-time opportunities. Please contact Davidson
          Young (davidsony@google.com), University Programs Specialist, if
          you have any questions.

    Representative(s) and Contact Information:

          David Spencer, dspencer@google.com: David is a UC Irvine Alum and
            started at Google Santa Monicain 2005. He has 2 decades of
            experience with various companies.

          Robert Gardner, rgardner@google.com: Robert is currently working
             at Google Irvine on the Google Audio team.

Women in ICS       2006-2007          412                   Mock Technical Interview
    Company Overview:

          Northrop Grumman Corporation is a global defense company
          headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. Northrop Grumman provides
          technologically advanced, innovative products, services and
          solutions in systems integration, defense electronics, information
          technology, advanced aircraft, shipbuilding and space technology.
          With 125,000 employees, and operations in all 50 states and 25
          countries, Northrop Grumman serves U.S. and international
          military, government and commercial customers.

    Opportunities:

          Typical SW position description is as follows:
           Support the design and development of real-time man/operator-in-
             the-loop simulation software and/or vehicle management systems
             (VMS) software. Support of development and maintenance of
             associated software documentation (systems/segment
             specifications, software requirement specifications, software design
             documents, etc.)
           Have working knowledge of real-time embedded software
             development and should be familiar with SEI CMM/CMMI.
           Experience in systems administration, networking, configuration
             management and application integration. Complete
             compliance/verification matrices in support of process audits.
           Experience working with commercial real-time operating systems,
             Tornado development environment, cross-platform software
             development, VxWorks and Integrity operating system and/or
             network protocols is a plus. Experience or classes in C++, C,
             Object Oriented Design, Unix, Linux, Unix internals, OpenGL, XML, ,
             UML, Matlab, Distributed Interactive Systems, User Interface,
             network design/interfaces, Windows/NT/XP operating systems,
             image processing experience and/or Silicon Graphics computing

    Representative(s) and Contact Information:

          Debi Tokarczyk - Software Hiring Manager

          Margaret Paulin - University Relations and Recruitment Manager

Women in ICS      2006-2007           512                  Mock Technical Interview
    Company Overview:

          Relsys is the acknowledged market leader in the area of drug safety
          and regulatory affairs, providing our customers with one-stop
          solutions for:
           Global Regulatory Compliance
           Operational Excellence and Productivity Gains
           Signal Detection and Risk Management

          Relsys has had unparalleled success in the drug safety area, and is
          today considered the “best of breed” for drug safety software for
          worldwide regulatory compliance. Relsys has consistently increased
          the number of Argus Safety customers to 50+ companies at
          present, including the highest proportion of blue-chip companies in
          this industry.

          Relsys is a global organization, meeting the worldwide safety and
          regulatory needs of our customers. We are located in North
          America, Europe, and Asia. Relsys has been in operation since
          1987, and has competed in the Drug Safety market since 1997,
          when the first version of Argus was released. Since that time,
          Relsys has been providing Safety solution, both products and
          services, to the global Pharmaceutical industry.

    Opportunities:

          Relsys International, Inc., the leading innovator of quality software
          solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, is
          seeking highly-motivated, hands-on, entrepreneurial leaders to
          build its world-class organization. If you thrive on challenges, enjoy
          solving diverse and complex problems and have a passion to
          develop and promote products that protect lives, then consider
          joining the Relsys Global Team. You might be interested in
          enterprise web development (C++/ASP/.NET), Oracle database
          administration, testing and quality assurance. Please refer to
          http://www.relsys.net/careers/job_listing.asp for job listing.

    Representative(s) and Contact Information:

Craig Eshenko. Email: craige@relsys.net

    Company Overview:

Women in ICS      2006-2007           612                  Mock Technical Interview
          Sony Pictures Entertainment's global operations encompass motion
          picture production and distribution, television programming and
          syndication, home video acquisition and distribution, operation of
          studio facilities, development of new entertainment technologies
          and distribution of filmed entertainment in 67 countries worldwide.
          Sony Pictures can be found on the World Wide Web at

    Opportunities:

          For current openings with SPE, the web site
          www.sonypicturesjobs.com is the official source. The web site
          contains detailed instructions on how to apply for those openings.

    Representative(s) and Contact Information:

          Cynthia Hubbard, cynthia_hubbard@spe.sony.com

David Lowe, David_Lowe@spe.sony.com

    Company Overview:

          Unisys is a worldwide technology services and solutions company.
          We apply Unisys expertise in consulting, systems integration,
          outsourcing, infrastructure, and sever technology to help our clients
          achieve secure business operations.

          We give our clients the visibility to see their business more clearly
          ahead of decision points, investments, and risks.

          We are not just in one or two countries. We are global, operating
          in over 100 countries and in both hemispheres. So no matter where
          you are in the world – we're there too.

    Opportunities:

          Unisys has several paid co-op openings for sophomores & juniors
          available at the Mission Viejo facility. These positions are part time

Women in ICS      2006-2007           712                  Mock Technical Interview
          during the school year and full time during the summer. We are
          looking for students with experience in C++ and JAVA. All
          openings are posted at www.unisys.com.

          Students can apply at the website or e-mail a resume to Paul Salce
          at paul.salce@unisys.com.

    Representative(s) and Contact Information:

          Paul Salce
          University Relations & Recruiting
          25725 Jeronimo Road
          Mission Viejo, CA 92691

    Employers:

          The Career Center team will partner with you to develop a
          recruiting strategy tailored to your unique and specific hiring goals.
          We emphasize personal attention, accessibility, and strong support
          systems in all of our relationships with employers.

          Contact us today to tap into our professional services and resources

              Immediate access to well-qualified candidates for full-time, part-
               time, and summer internship positions.
              Web site job postings.
              Recruiting strategy consultation.
              Coordination of company information sessions, career fairs, and
               special events.
              Assistance in organizing and promoting On-Campus Interviews
               with over 2,500 talented new graduates each year.
              Resume reviews online for pre-select campus interviews.
              Convenient on-campus interviewing facilities.
              E-mail access to students registered with the Career Center.
    Students:

Women in ICS        2006-2007          812                  Mock Technical Interview
          The Career Center provides you with a variety of services including:
          Career Counseling, Career Connections, Occupational Information,
          Workshops, Events, and many more.

          The following is a few workshop descriptions posted by The Career

               How to Create a Resume
               Employers can identify great resumes from poor ones in 30 seconds or
               less! Don't let your resume get overlooked. Learn the "secrets" of
               writing a first-rate resume! (50 minutes).

               Tools to Get an Internship
               Everyone's talking about internships! Find out how to create your best
               internship opportunity. Obtain the resources/websites to find a great

               Interviewing Techniques
               What will employers ask? How will you respond to those tough
               questions? It's not the most qualified person who gets the job, but the
               one who knows how to make a great impression. Learn what you need
               to know about interviewing and lower your anxiety by preparing well.

               Practice Interviews
               Practice your interview while being videotaped and receive helpful

               Job Search Strategies
               Searching for a job or internship? Many great jobs are found through
               the "hidden" job market. Learn creative strategies and discover other
               effective ways to find the perfect job or internship.

          Upcoming workshops sponsored by The Career Center are:

              The Resume Writing Workshop pres. by Lending Tree Loans:
               1/29/2007, 12:00 PM at the Career Center Training Room
              Interview Techniques pres. by Broadcom: 1/29/2007, 4:00 PM
               at the Career Center Training Room
              Peer Consultant Information Session: 1/30/2007, 10:30 AM at
               the Career Center Training Room

          Please visit http://www.career.uci.edu/ for details and contact

Women in ICS        2006-2007            912                    Mock Technical Interview

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