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Grocery Shopping on a Budget worksheet


									         Grocery Shopping on a Budget

The aim of this activity is to give you a realistic idea of how
much grocery items cost and how to manage on a tight

Starter Task – Do you know how much the following
items cost?

Item                       Your Guess            Actual
 Imagine that you are the head of a family of four people (2
adults & 2 children). You have a Budget of £100 to buy all
the groceries your family needs for one week.

A Budget – Is a sum of money that has been allocated for
a particular purpose, in this case to do the shopping.

TASK 1.) – Write a shopping list of things you would like
to buy for your family. You have been provided with some
headings and the list has been started for you.

Household Products             Toiletries           Food
Washing Up Liquid              Toothpaste           Bread
Wants & Needs

Needs (essential expenditure) – Some items on your list
are essential for your family these are known as Needs.

Wants(non-essential expenditure) – Other items you
could quite easily live without. These are known as

TASK 2.) – Look again at your list. Put a star next to the
items that you think your family will need to have. These
are priority purchases and you should buy these first.

TASK 3.) – You are now going to shop online for your

Go to the following website:

Shop online for the items on
your list. Try to buy all of
the essential items first and
try to stay within budget.
TASK 4.) Plenary Questions

How much did you spend in total?

Did you get everything you needed?

If you spent less than £100 what would be the best thing
for the family to do with the extra money?

If you spent more than £100 what could you do to make
the money go further?

Imagine you had to cut the amount spent to £75 what
could you live without?

TASK 5.) If possible print the contents of your online
trolley and show it to your teacher so that they can judge it
      Grocery Shopping on a Budget – Teacher’s Notes


Primarily an internet based exercise where students are given a
budget and have to plan a shopping list for a weekly shop for a
family of four. They then use a supermarket website to “buy” their

The activity can be used to introduce or reinforce students
understanding of essential and non-essential expenditure and is
also useful as an introduction to the concept of budgeting.

Links to Other Areas

The exercise has been designed to cover aspects of wants, needs,
spending and budgeting but could also be used to address issues
of healthy eating and diet. For example students might be told that
their shopping basket should meet various other criteria (eg
healthy lifestyle) and may be judged accordingly.


   To Introduce students to the concept of budgeting
   To develop students understanding of essential and non
    essential expenditure
   To prepare students for family life

Students will have to prioritise and choose between options whilst
operating within a budget

Resources Required

   Students
   Computers with internet access
   Activity sheets

Starter Task

As an introduction to the lesson students are asked to
guess/estimate the prices of various grocery products. There are
various ways by which this might be debriefed:
    Actual prices of these might be researched in advance of the
      lesson by the teacher.
    If laptop / projector is available the teacher might research
     prices with students as an introduction to the Sainsbury’s
    Students could use computers themselves to investigate
     prices. Again this would introduce students to the website.

Main Activity – Workbook

Students are given the workbook. The scenario and budget
concept is then explained to them. They then have to write a
shopping list for a family of four. (this could be done individually or
in pairs) At this point other restrictions could be put upon them –
eg it must be healthy etc. The teacher should explain that they are
ultimately going to judge the students shopping basket.

The concept of essential and non-essential expenditure is then
explained. Students are then asked to prioritise their shopping list.

Main Activity – Internet

When the shopping list has been completed students should use
the computers to shop online for their groceries. There are a
variety of websites that can be used.

Sainsburys has a pretty good site. Students will not need to
register to create a shopping basket but they will need a postcode.
The importance of staying within budget should be reinforced.


Some questions have been provided in the student workbook.
These could be completed by students or could be used as a focus
for discussion. The consequences of not staying within budget
could also be discussed.

At this point the teacher could also judge the student’s shopping
baskets and discuss issues that might come out as a result of this.

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