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					Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011


Situational Analysis
History of the Organization                                Page 2
Service Evaluation                                         Page 3
Competition                                                Pages 4-5
Company Price Rates                                        Pages 6-8
Advertising & Promotions History                           Page 8

Marketing Analysis
Marketing Objectives                                       Page 9
Consumer Profile                                           Pages 9-10
Target Market                                              Page 11
Problems & Issues Summary                                  Page 11
Marketing Strategy                                         Pages 12-14

Creative Strategy                                          Pages 15-16
Positioning & Objectives                                   Pages 16-18

Media Plan
Budget                                                     Page 19
Media Objectives                                           Page 20
Rationale for Selected Media                               Page 20
Media Scheduling                                           Pages 21-22

Sales Promotion
Overview                                                   Page 22
Sales Promotion Tactics                                    Page 23
Consumer Sales Promotion Tactics                           Pages 24-25

Print Materials – Flyers, Advertisements, & Brochures

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Situational Analysis

History of the Organization:
TheSNAPsisters Photography was established in 2004, by two sister-in-laws who are
passionate about the photographic arts. The business runs as a partnership between the
two and is primarily operated between the cities of Seattle, WA and Lynden, WA, but the
owners are open to expansion if the opportunity were to present itself. The company’s fiscal
year runs from January to December. June, July, and August account for the largest
percentage of gross sales, whereas January, February, and March account for the smallest
percentage due in part to the lack of cold weather events that are typically professionally
photographed. However, since the business’s inception in 2004 they have experienced fiscal
growth every year.

They provide several different types of photography to their clients including Senior
Portraits, Weddings, Engagements, Babies, and Families. The owners have identified the
primary market as senior portaits and the secondary market as weddings, with their other
offerings falling into a third market. In 2009 they photographed 20% of seniors at the local
private high school, and just one year later that number grew to 30%. Unfortunately, due to
market fragmentation it is difficult to determine their exact market share. Their average
client can typically be identified as “thrifty,” expecting great photography for a low rate.
Both owners work with each client in deciding which package is best for their photography
needs before a final purchase decision is reached.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Service Evaluation:
TheSNAPsisters Photography is perceived by clients and local residents as a fun
organization. The company is generally known for producing quality photos and has a solid
positive reputation within the local community. Word-of-mouth advertising has been
theSNAPsisters main way of generating business up until this point. This has proved fairly
adventageous thus far based on the rave reviews generated from past clients. The pricing is
reasonable yet competitive within the service area, a draw for their target markets. The
company works to initially attract clients in a young demographic through senior portraits
and engagement photos with a hope to develop longterm and stable relationships in an
effort to increase the percentage of repeat clients. By taking a client’s senior portrait or
engagement photos, theSNAPsisters hope to be chosen as the photographer for wedding
and subsequent baby and family shoots. The main problem with this method is the low
frequency of repeat business because clients are not likely to need theSNAPsisters services
for at least one year after their intial photo shoot.

As an organization, their strengths lie in the commitment to always produce the best work
while having fun and being creative, flexible, and people-pleasers. An added bonus is that
clients are typically provided with twice the amount of pictures advertised in the package
descriptions. While the company does not sell hardcopies of the photos for tax purposes,
they do provide clients with a disk containing all of the images taken during the photo shoot,
as well as a password to order the photographs online through a reasonably priced online
service. Despite these many strengths, theSNAPsisters do not have a formal studio or office
nor indoor lighting equipment. This coupled with their limited amount of spare funds keeps
them from significantly expanding their market share.

  Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
  Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
  TheSNAPsisters have a number of competitors in their geographic market. Being that they
  serve a number of markets, it is difficult to tell which other photography comapny is their
  closest overall competitor. Despite this, a comparison can be made between each market
  (ex: seniors, weddings, children, etc). A list of companies that theSNAPsisters have
  identified as their major competitors follows:
          1. Amy Parsons
          2. Fleming Photography
          3. Medcalf Photography
          4. Courtney Price Photography
          5. Karen Mullen Photography
          6. Brea Bateman Photography
          7. Stephanie Stremler Photography
          8. Joshua Gray

  In general, these companies have fairly comprable prices to theSNAPsisters. The pricing
  breakdown of each company in comparison to theSNAPsisters is displayed in Table 1.

Table 1: The
                 Snap      Amy                                 Courtney      Karen        Brea      Stephanie     Joshua
Company          Sisters   Parsons   Fleming     Medcalf       Price         Mullen       Bateman   Stremler      Gray
Senior           $300 or
Portraits          $350     $300       $400        $250          $250        $199-$499     $500     $100 (1 hr)     $250
                  $2,500    $500                                              Starts at                            $2,725
                    or     deposit   Starts at   Starts at      $1,500-        $999-                                (iPad
Weddings          $4,000     +        $2,650       $1,895       $2,000         $1,999       N/A      $2,200       benefit)

Baby               $300     N/A        $450      $150 (1 hr)   $150 (1 hr)     $299         $150    $100 (1 hr)     N/A
Children           $300     $250       $300      $150 (1 hr)   $150 (1 hr)     $299         $150    $100 (1 hr)     N/A

  Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
  Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
                $350 or
Family           $450     $250   $300    $150 (1 hr)   $150 (1 hr)   $299   N/A   $100 (1 hr)   $255
Maternity        N/A      $250    N/A       N/A           N/A        N/A    $70     plan)       N/A
Special          Baby
Packages         Club     N/A     N/A       N/A           N/A        N/A    N/A      N/A        N/A

Engagement       N/A      N/A    $300    $150 (1 hr)   $150 (1 hr)   N/A    N/A   $100 (1 hr)   N/A
1-hr portrait
session          N/A      N/A     N/A       $150          $150       N/A    N/A      $100       $175

  Although word-of-mouth seems to be a main way that photographers gain new business, if a
  potential client does does not have any word-of-mouth recommendations, the next place
  they are likely to turn to is the internet. This is a place where these photography studios
  really seem to differentiate themselves. Amy Parsons, Fleming Photography, Medcalf
  Photography, Karen Mullen Photography, and Brea Bateman Photography all present
  impressive and professional websites for potential clients to review when searching for a
  photographer. Although theSNAPsisters do have a fairly informative website, it could be
  improved upon in a number of areas including professional look and feel, as well as in terms
  of seach engine optimization (SEO). When searching for “photography near Lynden, WA”
  theSNAPsisters do not appear on the first page of listings, giving other photographers a
  competitive advantage.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Company Price Rates
Babies / Kids: $300
       On-Location Session
       50-75 Photos in an Online Gallery with the ability to download, print, and share your
       Photobook (soft cover)
       CD (free) and available upon request
The Baby Club:
       4 or more sessions at $150 each to document your babies first year.
       Example: Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.
       Each session includes:
       On-Location Session
       20-25 Photos in an Online Gallery with the ability to download, print, and share your
       CD (free) and available upon request

Senior Portraits:
Package #1
       On-Location Session
       50-75 Photos in an Online Gallery with the ability to download, print, and share your
       Photobook (soft cover)
       CD (free) and available upon request
Package #2
       Split-session for Senior Portraits (Fall & Spring)
       50-75 Photos in an Online Gallery with the ability to download, print, and share your

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
       Photobook (softcover)
       CD (free) and available upon request

Family Options:
Package #1
       Family of 6 people (or less)
       On-Location Session
       50-75 Photos in an Online Gallery with the ability to download, print, and share your
       Photobook (hardcover)
       CD (free) and available upon request
Package #2
       Family of 7 (or more)
       On-Location Session
       75-100 Photos in an Online Gallery with the ability to download, print, and share your
       Photobook (hard cover) and CD (free) and available upon request

Wedding Options:
"SweetShot" - Everything you need at a great price
       Engagement Pictures
       Deluxe photobook
       450-500 photos in an Online Gallery with the ability to download, print, and share
       your photos
       CD of photos
       2 Photographers for 8 hours

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
"SuperGreat Shot" - For the bride and groom who want it all...
       Engagement Pictures
       1 leather photobook for bride/groom
       2 leather photobooks for parents
       500+ photos in an Online Gallery with the ability to download, print, and share your
       CD of photos
       4x6 printed proofs of images
       16x20 canvas wrap
       2 photographers from start to finish

Advertising and Promotions History
As previously touched upon, most of the marketing and advertising for theSNAPsisters
traditionally comes from word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied past clients. Currently,
there are not many funds available for alternate forms of advertising and promotion outside
of this word-of-mouth advertising. While theSNAPsisters do have a Facebook page,
accessible at!/thesnapsisters, used for posting photographs
from recent shoots as well as occasional special deals, such as their Christmas card
promotion, that is about the extent of their social media use. They also have a website, where pricing, contact information and a select few of their
most recent images from various shoots are posted. Both social media and the current
website could be great avenues for this company to continue implementing due to the
current state of their budget. In the past, advertising and promotion have been low on the
priority list, but the owners are open to attempting a more aggesive approach for reaching
their target market, but do not have any specific strategies in mind.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Marketing Analysis

Marketing Objectives
There have been four objectives identified that would benefit theSNAPsisters. They are:

   1. Create and strengthen brand recognition.

   2. Increase web presence through website and social media.

   3. Increase market share of senior portraits in local high schools.

   4. Turn relationships with other companies into business partnerships.

The Consumer Profile

Lynden, WA has a population of 12,125 people. The median household income in Lynden, WA
is $47,803. 87.7% of the population is white, 8.0% is Hispanic, 1.7% is Asian and 2.6% is
identified as other. The median age is about 40 with 47.3% of the population being made up
of males and 52.7% being female.

The target high schools for this campaign are Lynden High School, Lynden Christian High
School, Meridian High School, Mount Baker High School and Blaine High School. Each school
boasts similar demographics and identify as predominately white. For a more specific
breakdown, Lynden High School’s population is 77.4% white, 14.5% Hispanic, 4.6% Asian, 1.7%
Native American and 1.2% black. Of the approximately 900 students in Lynden High School,
52% are male and 48% are female. Lynden Christian High School’s population of about 400
students is 93.3% white, 3.8% Asian, 2.1% Hispanic and 0.8% black. Meridian High School’s
population is 85.9% white, 5.6% Hispanic, 4.4% Asian, 3.6% Native American and 0.5% black.
The school consists of 44.7% males and 55.3% females. Mount Baker High School’s
population is 81.7% white, 10.4% Native American, 4.2% Hispanic, 2.2% Asian, 1.1% black and
0.4% multi-racial. Blaine High School’s population is 85.6% white, 5.3% Hispanic, 4.8% Asian,
3.1% black and 1.2% Native American.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011

In terms of psychographics, Lynden, WA has a score of 142 on the quality of life index.
Factors that affect the score in a positive way are amusement, culture, education, medical,
religion, restaurants and weather. Factors that affect the score in a negative way are crime,
earthquake and mortality. The graph below highlights the results from a study group where
the index was calculated based on what variables affect residents in Lynden when searching
for a new home, in addition to how much they would enjoy living in a place and the impact
of each variable.

Many of the high schools located in Lynden, WA or nearby are home to students that
engage in a multitude of different activities. Sports are a common activity for a number of
students. Some other activities that students are likely to participate in include going to
museums and to the park.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Target Market

Although theSNAPsisters offer services for a number of markets, the audience that these
advertising efforts will be primarily directed toward are seniors in high school as well as their
families. In an effort to create repeat clients, theSNAPsisters hope to attract seniors in high
school looking to have senior portraits taken, and then play the role of their “family
photographer,” being the first choice when memorable times in life come around. Being the
first photographer to come to mind when a client needs photos of their weddings, children,
and families is what theSNAPsisters would like to accomplish by targeting young high
schoolers. In hopes of gaining business from those individuals in the community who have
already graduated from high school, theSNAPsisters’ secondary market has been identified
as weddings. In a similar fashion, those who have successfully had photos taken by
theSNAPsisters will hopefully return for family photos later on.

Problems & Issues Summary
Budget is a main concern for enacting a marketing plan for theSNAPsisters. Being that the
company is very small and that camera equipment is expensive and constantly needs to be
updated, the current profit margin is pretty low leaving little money for marketing efforts.
Because of this, the marketing employed must be reasonably inexpensive.

Another notable issue is the segmentation of the market that theSNAPsisters intend to
target. Although the main target market is seniors in high school, there is also a need to
continue getting the word out to the other markets that they service. Because of the
limited budget and time available for marketing activities, there will be a need to plan for
allocating the available funds early on.

A final thing to take into consideration is the size of the geographic region to be targeted.
Although theSNAPsisters do have some clients outside of the immediate Lynden
community, most of their business comes from within the town of Lynden. This will be
important to keep in mind throughout the marketing process.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Marketing Strategy
In order to create a strategy that will best suit theSNAPsisters needs, it is imperative to use
more than one media channel. To complete the objectives stated in the marketing plan, the
following channels will be employed: local newspapers and magazines, social media and
local radio. The advertisements will run primarily throughout Whatcom County, because this
is where the majority of their current senior portraits and wedding market is located. In
order to enhance theSNAPsisters brand and tagline we will try to develop ads that will make
the company stand out from the competition and increase popularity within the
forementioned target markets.

With the senior market the focus of much of the advertising will be in local newspapers,
primarily the Lynden Tribune. This is likely to be one of the best way to reach the target
market because Lynden and other county schools, including Meridian, Blaine, Nooksack, and
Mount Baker, are home to the majority of the target senior market. Ads should also be
placed in Whatcom Magazine, which is produced in Bellingham but is distributed to residents
throughout the county. The ads for seniors in Whatcom Magazine will hopefully boost their
representation throughout Bellingham, particularly within the three main high schools that
total over 3,000 students. Radio ads could also be effective in this market due to the desire
for many parents in the area to work with innovative and family-friendly photographers. By
using two local broadcasting stations, Kafe 104.3 and Praise 106.5, theSNAPsisters
advertisements will be able to reach parents as they are leaving work and picking kids up
from school or varioius club activities and athletic practices in the afternoon. Finally, by
integrating social media and hopefully attracting a younger, more internet-based market,
theSNAPsisters will liven up their Facebook page and also create a Twitter account to stay in
contact with other local vendors and upcoming seniors as well as post promotional

Since theSNAPsisters are known fairly-well in Lynden and other small towns within the
county for their wedding photography, it will be to their advantage to use the local

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
magazine Whatcom Weddings, developed by the Bellingham Herald, for their wedding
advertisements. The emphasis of this publication is on local vendors and recent weddings in
Whatcom County, highlighting what the region has to offer. Advertising in Whatcom
Weddings will provide theSNAPsisters with more widespread exposure to individuals living in
different parts of the county, without losing their emphasis of being a “local, family
photographer.” An advertisement in this magazine will allow the company to showcase
examples of their high-end photography, which will likely catch the attention of not only the
average wedding client but also an older target market who may also consider
theSNAPsisters for family and baby shoots in the future. Their social media pages should
reflect the other marketing efforts by maintaining a section geared toward upcoming brides
and grooms. This combination of mediums would hopefully work to effectively showcase
their upscale engagement and wedding photographs.

TheSNAPsisters marketing plan will not include television, out-of-home, and direct mail
advertisements as ways reach potential clients. The main reason for avoiding these
mediums is because they are out of the avaliable price range for these campaigns. In
addition to cost, television will not be used because of the overwhelming number of times
an ad needs to be seen for it to be effective, and because it is not a necessary way to reach
the majority of the target market. Out-of-home advertising including billboards and transit
are not cost-effective given theSNAPsisters limited advertising budget. Also, the number of
billboards in the area is fairly limited, and while a fair amount of the population utilizes public
transportation, it is typically those from a lower income bracket and not our target
consumer market.

Ultimately, by placing local advertisements in print and broadcast mediums throughout
Whatcom County, theSNAPsisters Photography should see an influx in the amount of
inquires on their website. It will be important to develop a system of handling an increase in
local responses, hopefully by setting up a system to categorize the responses by interest
(i.e. separating seniors, weddings, babies, and family automatically). Placing ads in print

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
media with the Lynden Tribune, Whatcom Magazine, and Whatcom Weddings, will hopefully
be beneficial in establishing a preference for their work in areas they are already known, and
in establishing name recognition in regions where they are not as popular. The radio ads on
Kafe 104.3 and Prase 106.5 will be useful for seniors as fall 2011 approaches, as many
upcoming seniors choose to get their photo taken at the beginning of their last year in high
school. This should help parents develop a preference for theSNAPsisters because they will
know they are family oriented. Additionally, photographers do not normally advertise on
the radio in Whatcom County which hopefully will serve to set them apart from the
competition. Finally, by restructuring and establishing more effective ways for them to
utilize social media, we will help them get more recognition in the local online community.
Through these methods we intend to increase brand recognition, enhance their overall
image, and boost sales in their two target markets: seniors and eeddings.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011

Creative Strategy
Most people in the market for professional photography know that it is hard to find that
“perfect” photographer; the type of person who is willing to take time to work with
individual clients, understanding their needs and wants, and anticipating things they did not
think of themselves, is one in a million. The two owners of theSNAPsisters Photography,
Jodi and Wendi, work hands on with clients to develop a personal relationship, guaranteeing
that customers are happy with what they are getting for their money. By creating an
exciting and carefree atmosphere, Jodi and Wendi are dedicated to providing customers
with beautiful images from special experiences that will remain memorable for a lifetime.
These are the important features of the company that should be portrayed in the creative

TheSNAPsisters Photography is affordably priced, providing an extensive quantity of images
with each package offered. Jodi and Wendi are both passionate about the art of
photography, and guarantee lots of laughter and fun in every photo shoot. They will do
their best to make every shoot a great experience and to capture every beautiful second of
the day. Their expertise in both photography and image editing will guarantee every
customer with both a professional shoot and a professional product. The creative strategy
for this campaign aims to highlight these attributes and design a cohesive message that suits
the company’s already-developed personality.

By striving to become their clients, “Photographers for Life,” theSNAPsisters will work to
build long-term relationships that go beyond the lens. The campiang goal aligns directly
with the company’s goal of emphasizing God, family, individuality and love while creating
unique and special images to suit each of client’s specific personality and needs. Ultimately
theSNAPsisters want to continually exceed their customers’ expectations and desires in
order to produce a exemplary product that will guarantee repeat business and ensure a

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
continual influx of new cliental. This dedication and commitment to long-term service is
exactly what will define the creative pieces included in campaign.

Positioning & Objectives
The advertising goal of theSNAPsisters Photography is to use creativity in order to boost
sales within the primary and secondary markets of seniors and weddings. To set this
company apart from the competition, advertising will be used directly before their peak
seasons in the summer and fall, and in mediums that are likely to reach the majority of the
target market. By offering reasonable rates and package options, emphasizing a fun
environment, and working to create images and shoots that cater to each client’s
personality and needs, theSNAPsisters already have set themselves apart as being a dynamic
and exciting company to work with and now that image must be accurately relayed to the

The majority of clients are very price-conscious, and thus the company’s small mark-up of
only 25% per shoot is very reasonable and hopefully a draw for the target markets. This, in
addtion to being very hands on and spending the time going over all of the packages with
each customer to ensure satisfaction, theSNAPsisters set themselves apart from the
competition. This system is ideal for clients who have a strong desire to know exactly what
they are getting and who want to be involved in all of the details of the process. Positioning
the company as affordable and providing full access to the images without having to worry
about copyright infringement is beneficial for clients who want to be able to develop
multiple images at a low cost. However, the owner’s disposable income is fairly low,
negatively impacting the number of props and backdrops that can be purchased in addition
to making it nearly impossible to afford a studio of their own. Despite these minor setbacks,
the photographers have been able to create a company that has experienced growth every
year, even with economic difficulties and a marketplace where competition is fragmented.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
TheSNAPsisters do not sell prints of their photos for tax purposes but do provide clients
with a CD of all the shots from the photo shoots. This decreases stress that can come with
getting additional copies of images from a photographer that has them under copyright.
For clients who are looking to have photographs taken in a relaxed and enjoyable
atmosphere, theSNAPsisters has become known their entertaining antics and desire to help
clients make the most of the experience. This sets them apart from photographers who are
more focused on producing images and do not take time to get to know their clients needs
or wants. They are also focused on helping clients be comfortable in front of the camera,
which can be a very difficult process. These two women also spend a lot of time researching
new techniques and styles that they can incorporate into their shooting, and their
willingness to try new things makes them very desirable photographers to work with.

Despite the fact that much of their work takes place in Whatcom County, theSNAPsisters are
very willing to travel to other parts of Washington State to take pictures. In the last 6 years
they have worked in Seattle, Everett, Anacortes, Port Angeles, Burlington, Mt. Vernon, and
Friday Harbor, and are looking to enter into a more widespread geographic market in
upcoming years. They also spend a significant amount of time scouting locations once they
find out they kind of look that their clients are going for. This enables them to make sure
that their clients needs are being met and helps keep their work unique and special. In past
shoots they have also taken seniors and families from Whatcom County to places like Seattle
and Birch Bay in order to do more “urban” or “beachy” type shoots, which gives clients very
versatile and personalized options. Because Lyden is their “homebase,” the campaign
materials will be distributed mainly to mediums that stay close to home. As the company’s
profit margin increases and there is more money that can be allocated to marketing, we
suggest reaching out to these other communities mentioned above.

Since the creation of the company in 2004, theSNAPsisters have done relatively no
promotion or advertising work which makes this the inagural marketing and advertising
campaign for the company. The majority of their business comes from the word of mouth

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
praise from satisfied customers or individuals who have seen their website or Facebook
page. Due primarily to the very limited budget and need to regularly purchase new
photography equipment, word of mouth has seemed like the only option. However, we
suggest utilizing free resources, creating tight relationships with local vendors, and trying
out inexpensive media in order to boost brand recognition in the community. Using creative
documents like brochures, flyers, and showcasing work online will expose the target
markets to the type of work done in the past, which will hopefully motivate potential clients
into calling for more information in the future.

The creative objectives for theSNAPsisters will be to create the type of documentation that
provides potential customers with insights into the tone of the organization and also
showcases the type of work the company is capable of producing. Additionally, offering
seasonal discounts during the winter time when their workload tapers off and improving
online visibility and social media presence will be key objectives. This will be done by
developing brochures geared toward each of their specific markets, allowing customers to
focus on the services they are interested in. The overarching goal is for consumers to see
theSNAPsisters as their “Photographers for Life,” meaning that they will be there to capture
special moments throughout all of life, from births, to birthdays, to graduations, to
weddings. This will provide a way to seamlessly enter into the family sphere and increase
the client’s consideration of the company when important occasions arise. Marketing in
specific sectors will also help target clients who only need them for specific instances.
Ultimately, by producing creative advertisements, tangible documentation, and other types
of online information, theSNAPsisters should be able to expand their overall market share,
while reaffirming their relationship with past clients.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Media Plan

Keeping the limited buget in mind, the biggest cost for these campaigns will be associated
with print materials. Printing cartridges and glossy paper are the two main concerns. The
programs used to make the flyers and brochures, as well as printing per sheet, are not
concerns with the budget because theSNAPsisters already have the programs and a printer
to create flyers and brochures. Glossy paper can be purchased at 50 sheets for $9.99. A
large portion of theSNAPsister’s advertising will be through flyers, brochures and business.
With an estimated 2,000 flyers/brochures, we will set aside $400 for glossy paper. For
printing cartridges, we needed the HP 41 Tricolor printing cartridge which runs for $41.99.
The HP 41 Tricolor is good for approximately 460 color sheets, so therefore, we will need a
total of four. We will also need about three HP 13 Black printing cartridges which are $28.99
a piece. The total for all printing cartridges would be approximately $255. Budgeting costs
associated with all print materials would be approximately $655.

There are also other advertising mediums that we suggest theSNAPsisters should pursue.
To run a radio ad on Kafe 104.3, it costs around $209 for a 30 second spot during the 4 PM to
6:30 PM timeslot. For advertising on Praise 106.5, a 30 second spot can be purchased for
$40 during the 4 PM to 6:30 PM timeslot. Praise 106.5 also has a rate-break of 60
commercials for $1,540. As more customers are aquired, more money can be put into the
budget for this type of advertising. The Lynden Tribune and Whatcom Magazine are other
mediums that will be used to advertised. TheSNAPsisters will also use ad space page ad in
both The Lynden Tribune and Whatcom Magazine. The Lynden Tribune has special rates that
are for “per-week” basis. A six inch ad runs for $80 per week, an eight inch ad runs for $107
per week and a ten inch ad costs $133 per week.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011

Media Objectives
The media objectives for these campaigns are as follows:

   1. Create eye-catching and interesting print ads, flyers, and brochures that can be
       distributed around the local area and placed in local newspapers and magazines.
   2. Utilize radio as a medium to advertise theSNAPsisters services.
   3. Increase web and social media presence.

Rationale for Selected Media
As aforementioned, budget is a major driver for the mediums that were chosen for
theSNAPsisters. In order to increase brand recognition and market share, marketing and
advertsing tactics must be implemented, but at the lowest possible price. Social media and
web presence is something that can be completed without even breaking into the budget.
These mediums require more dedication and time than money, which is a good idea for a
company that is fiscally strained. Radio advertising proves to be the next cheapest medium
for theSNAPsisters to employ. This is a medium that most photographers in the area have
not implented in the past and would be a bit of a risk, but a unique opportunity to catch the
publics attention. Advertising in print publications is the most expensive medium selected,
but also has the longest life and widest reach. If possible, this advertising method is most
likely to boost sales the most.

Although not a traditional medium per-say, a big piece of these campaigns relys on the
relationships built between theSNAPsisters and local companies and vendors. A business
partnership would be inexpensive and a great way to increase the word of mouth
advertising that has been so useful in the past. The only real cost associated with this
method of advertising is the printing cost for brochuers, flyers, and letters.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Media Scheduling
Because of the two target markets that will be targeted by this marketing and advertising
campaign, there will be two media timelines to work with.

High School Seniors & Families:
      Offer to take photos pro-bono at Junior/Senior Proms throughout the various local
       high schools.
           o Hand out business cards to students who get their photos taken.
      The business card will send students to theSNAPsisters Facebook Page where the
       photos will be posted.
      Post a coupon for Senior Portraits in the “Junior/Senior Prom” albums that can be
       redeemed for the Senior Portraits the following year.
      Advertise in the Lyden Tribune for four weeks total:
           o for one week during mid-summer,
           o for one week, the two weeks before most schools start,
           o and for the first two weeks of the school year.
      Advertise in Whatcom Magazine during the month of August.
      Place advertisements on the radiostations Kafe 104.3 and Praise 106.5 to play
       between the 4pm-6:30pm timeslot for two weeks in the late summer/early fall near
       the beginning of the school year.
      Update Facebook coupon at the start of the school year.
      Take bulk amount of photos during the Summer and Fall months.


      In the fall, send out letters to potential vendors to partner with (i.e. Plum Hair
      Place flyers and brochures in these shops during the winter and early spring months.
      Add wedding albums to Facebook throughout the season.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
      Take out an ad in Whatcom magazine in January or February.

Sales Promotion

The sales promotions can be directed at the customer, sales staff or distribution channel
members. The sales promotion tactic we chose to use for theSNAPsisters is the consumer
sales promotion. The sales promotion includes several communications activities that
attempt to provide added value or incentives to consumers. These efforts will hopefully
stimulate service and product interest, trial, or purchase. TheSNAPsisters have many
vendors and partners they work with in this Wedding, Family, and Senior portraits industry,
ranging from; event planners, hotels, magazines, gardeners/florists, and hair/makeup salons.
Our main objectives in generating consumer sales promotions are building product
awareness, creating interest, providing information, stimulating demand and reinforcing the
brand. However, because sales promotional tools are so varied in form, no single unified
objective can be identified for them. So we have come up with three major contributions of
sales promotions that have practical influence on the objectives of promotion. The first
being communication. In communication, promotions gain attention and usually provide
information that may lead the consumer to the product. The second is incentive, they
incorporate some concession, inducement or contribution designed to represent value to
the receiver. And finally, third is invitation. With invitation, promotions include a distinct
invitation to engage in the transaction now.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Sales Promotion Tactics:
   1. Building product awareness: There are multiple sales promotion techniques that are
      extremely effective in exposing customers to our service for the first time and can
      also serve as key promotional components in the early stages of product
      introduction. This process will be an added advantage in capturing customer
      information at the time of exposure to the promotion.
   2. Creating interest: Marketers find that sales promotions are very effective in creating
      interest in product. Creating interest is often considered the most important use of
      sales promotion. Another important way to create interest is to move consumers to
      experience a product. Several sales promotions techniques offer the opportunity for
      customers to try products for free or at a low cost.
   3. Providing information: Generally sales promotion techniques are designed to move
      customers to some action and are rarely simply informational in nature. However,
      some sales promotions do offer customers access to product information. This
      access may include receiving product information via email. Through online social
      media we can update our information instantaneously. Inform potential consumers
      about our upcoming events, or past photo shoots. With the use of our Twitter
      account, consumers will know what we are doing and when, what our sales
      promotions are and how we are using them to improve our customer experience.
   4. Stimulating demand: Next to building initial product awareness, the most important
      use of sales promotion is to build demand by convincing customers to make a
      purchase. Special promotions, especially those that lower the cost of ownership to
      the customer, can be employed to stimulate sales.
   5. Reinforcing the brand: Once customers have made a purchase, sales promotion can
      be used to both encourage additional purchasing and also as a reward for purchase
      loyalty. Many companies, including airlines and retail stores, reward good or
      “preferred” customers with special promotions, such as email “special deals” and
      surprise price reductions at the cash register or bill.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
Consumer Sales Promotion Techniques
We have multiple loyal vendors and we believe it is very important to work with one another
in order to promote our products. If we work together, promoting our vendors products,
along with ours through word-of-mouth we can generate a huge consumer sales base.
Working together on social media sources, such as, Facebook, Twitter, online blog etc, we
can mention our work with these vendors and how much we respect and like their product.
We can upload flattering photos of each of our vendor’s sports, showcasing their range and
ability to please consumers, while they promote our service in their hotel, salon, events, etc.
Some examples of sales promotion techniques include:

      Price deal: A temporary reduction in the price of our service, such offering reductions
       on Senior Portraits during off weeks closer to graduation or during the beginning of
       the school year.
      Loyal Reward Program: Consumers can collect points for using our service and able
       to redeem them for rewards, such as a complementary photo shoot etc.
      Price-pack deal: The packaging offers a consumer a certain percentage more of the
       product for the same price. For example, taking 10 percent more pictures than the
       original package.
      Coupons: Coupons have become a standard mechanism for sales promotions. We
       could offer these at senior events, wedding expos, online on our website and
       through our vendors.
      Loss Leader: the price of a popular service (wedding or engagement photos) is
       temporarily reduced in order to stimulate other profitable sales.
      Free standing insert: We could inset a coupon into a magazine or newspaper for
      Mobile couponing: Coupons are available on a mobile phone. Consumers show the
       offer on a mobile phone to one of theSNAPsisters for redemption.
      Contests and sweepstakes: A form of consumer-oriented promotion in which winners
       receives a promotional photo shoot.

Mandy Stephenson, Cory Barnard, Katy Kenealy & Caroline Robinson
Advertising Project – theSNAPsisters – Spring 2011
      Sampling: The use of various distribution methods to deliver actual or trail size
       products to consumers with the purpose to initiate trial.


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