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									                 Russian Art Gallery Greets Old Friends
In the Spring of 1994 four professors at the Krapotkin Conservatory of Music decided to take their
music on the road. It was a hard time in Russia. Teachers in general were often not getting paid, and
inflation was rampant. These four had played informally together simply because they loved music,
especially Russian romances (ballads) and folk music. And, they were good.
They decided to take their music to Poland, to its capital Warsaw. At that time, one of the owners
of Russian Art Gallery, Olga Korol, was working in Warsaw. One day, walking through the streets
of the Warsaw Old Town, a center of cultural life in the city, she heard familiar music. While, it was
not unusual to hear Russian music on the streets of Warsaw, it was unusual to hear it played with
such talent and skill.
Olga introduced herself to these four professors and proposed working together to promote their
group. They agreed. The group selected a name - I VA - which means a willow tree in Russian.
Olga set about to find a recording studio and produce a two cassette set of their music.
The cassettes, and the group, were an instant success in Warsaw. That original set of recordings has
been re-released in the US by Russian Art Gallery.
Since 1994, the IVA Quartette has become well-recognized in both Russia as well as in Europe as
representing one of the top groups performing Russian music. IVA has since performed before
audiences throughout Europe, from Poland (Warsaw and Kraków) through Germany, Holland, and
Belgium. In Holland they performed for a one-hour special on Dutch Radio Five. They have
performed on television in Europe as well as on the stage.
In 1997 conditions in Russia were improving, and IVA started to tour Russia. They have achieved
near-stardom in Russia, performing for nostalgic audiences everywhere. In the summer of 2004, they
appeared at a command performance for Russian President Vladimir Putin at a state reception for the
Italian government.
The group has released numerous recordings in Poland and Russia since the first cassettes that started
them on the road to fame. They have also provided background music for a number of Russian
Their repertoire is focused on traditional Russian folk music, but is not limited to that genre. They
also perform contemporary Russian songs, such as a much requested version of the famous “Moscow
Nights,” as well as classical music. They even performed with the Polish hard rock band,
Closterkeller, at a special concert that brought rave reviews. Individually, the members of IVA
Quartette are master musicians. Together, they provide their audiences with stunning and memorable
IVA brings to the United States an introduction for some, and a reminder for others, of the deep
Russian folk music and ballad traditions that have influenced American music, especially Broadway
musicals in the mid-1900s. The energy, virtuosity and versatility that IVA brings to the stage has
captured the hearts of audiences everywhere. They are sure to thrill American audiences as well.
Russian Art Gallery takes great pleasure in introducing IVA to American audiences.

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